by Joshua Tilghman on February 17, 2013

divinationHave you ever thought about becoming a medium or going to one? If so, you may want to think twice about it. Even though esoteric literature doesn’t always spell out the dangers involved, they are very real, and we should all acquire the knowledge to discern why.

Before delving into this controversial subject, it is important to point out that having a proper knowledge about something is crucial. Many Christians condemn acts of divination with the popular retort: “God said it, and that settles it.”

Personally, I think this is a silly reason to do anything. Your motivation of whether or not to participate in something shouldn’t be because someone else said not to (God certainly doesn’t expect this). You must learn the reasons why. Knowledge is crucial. Without the knowledge of why, human nature is prone to rejecting or condemning something for very stupid reasons.

For example, centuries ago, people were accused of being witches because they could swim. Religious authorities persecuted them because the Bible said not to let a witch live. Innocent people were hurt for no reason other than ignorance.

Possibly just as bad are the teachings from many religious authorities that state divination is evil because it causes spiritual deception. Obviously many people who practice divination are full of malarkey. A few simple searches on the internet reveals that most of what was predicted about 2012 never came to pass, even though people who channeled these messages claimed they came from extraterrestrials or advanced spiritual beings. So yes, divination can and often does cause spiritual deception (more on why later). But again, why? Blaming it on demons and fallen angels isn’t a sufficient answer. Christians and everyone else deserve to have a deeper understanding of how and why this stuff works or doesn’t work.

Reasons divination can be dangerous to the medium

Everything we choose to experience affects us. The law of reaping what you sow is always working. Most of the experiences we have affect us very subtlety, way below our conscious radars. This can be the case with divination.

When a medium practices, they run the risk of damaging their etheric, emotional and mental bodies through the manipulation of their energies. This manipulation can happen when another entity temporarily displaces the medium’s own subtle bodies in order to channel a message. Think of it like this:  a non-physical entity causes a distortion in the subtle bodies of the medium as it merges or displaces the medium’s own subtle bodies. This is the direct manipulation of their energetic subtle bodies. Your etheric, emotional and mental bodies are the cause of thoughts, feelings, and emotions manifesting through the physical body, and all of them make up your individual personality. I don’t know about you, but I do not want these altered. In the long term, this might not be good for a person’s consciousness evolution and development.

We all know how dangerous it can be to join our bodies sexually with someone else that has a disease, right? The disease can be transferred from one physical body to another. With the subtle bodies the process is a little different, but the principle is the same. Mediums are joining their subtle bodies with other discarnate entities.

Is any kind of mediumship safe?

Smart people make sure their partners take bloods tests or use other ways to protect themselves if they decide to engage in sexual activity. A medium that has advanced knowledge of esoteric teachings and exceptional clairvoyant abilities may be able to discern a discarnate entities true motivation. But I suspect this case is very rare. You hear about a lot of people on forums and chat rooms that are interested in becoming a medium even though they know nothing of the subject. Unless you are sure of your abilities to protect yourself, I would stay clear.

The dangers to persons trusting a medium

Many religious authorities would have us believe that we shouldn’t participate in divination because an outside God tells us not to. But the real reason is the exact opposite. You don’t need to participate in it because they power of God is a potential already within you that develops as you acquire higher consciousness. By participating in divination, you give up—either directly or indirectly—your power for self-realization. Sounds crazy, right? Not really. Let me explain further.

It is important to know why you are here on earth. Earth is not so much a testing ground as it is an opportunity for conscious growth. We are not being tested by God; we are being given a great opportunity. Why would you want to disengage from that opportunity in the here and now to immerse yourself under the influence of someone or something else, especially in such a profound way? In the end, how does such an experience help you to grow consciously? It’s really not that much different than giving up your own conscious development by putting yourself under the direct authority of a church leader.

I suspect if a discarnate higher being truly wanted to help humanity to progress, they could incarnate again to deliver esoteric knowledge personally in a physical vessel. That is what many people believe Jesus and Buddha did anyway!

How much of a medium’s information is accurate?

Much of the information ascertained through mediums is probably deceptive. Some of it can certainly be true, and often times it is. But again, how can you be sure?

Let’s think about where this information is coming from. As already stated, it’s coming from discarnate beings that usually exist on the astral plane. The astral plane is the emotional plane. Beings in this state of consciousness are manifesting consciousness through the emotional body. The purpose of the emotional body is to help develop the mental faculties of individuals. In other words, the emotional body exists for the purpose of helping develop higher consciousness. More often than not thoughts are the make-up of both mental and emotional subtle energy and matter. Higher emotions help lead to more advanced and evolved thoughts, whereas lower emotions like pure desire for selfish gains will manifest a lower state of mental expression. Emotions are wonderful things, and we could not advance consciously without them. But emotions do not relay the truth. They are highly subjective. So if an entity from the emotional world takes possession of a medium’s body to relay information, what kind of information do you think is going to be relayed? Since the emotional world is so subjective, I am sure the information being relayed would be too. To receive false information would be a type of defilement.

The Bible speaks about it in the following scripture:

“Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them…” (Lev. 19:31).

You become defiled by the false information. The consequence is the slowing down of your conscious development. The Bible means to convey that God hates this.

I also want to make it clear that I have nothing against those who practice divination. I am sure most of them are genuine in their desire to help people cope with emotional instability (which is why people go mediums in the first place). But even though the mediums are genuine, are the non-physical entities that relay information genuine? Possibly, but most probably aren’t.

Closing thoughts

I admit that these subjects are touchy and complex. I do not have all the answers. But until we truly grasp the depth and breadth of what esoteric teachings have to offer, I think it is dangerous to engage in such experiences that can cause a delay in consciousness development.

In many respects, the physical world isn’t much different. Many people who play with fire end up getting burned. Sometimes it is because they got careless, but more often than not it is because they do not know how fire operates. I once watched a hairspray can blow up in a friend’s hand. He wasn’t hurt bad, but he still suffered some minor injuries. The explosion happened because he didn’t understand how flammable the contents of the hairspray can were. It was enjoyable to watch the flame flair up over the lighter each time he sprayed hairspray from the pressurized can onto it. It only took one time holding the nozzle down too long before the fire had enough time to travel through the mist and enter the can.

How can we be sure that something similar won’t happen by allowing discarnate entities to take over parts of our subtle bodies?

You don’t have to worry about loved ones in other states of existence. You are here to develop your own consciousness through the experiences you have in the physical plane. Focus on that. I know you may miss your loved ones and wish to communicate with them. But this is only to satisfy an emotional longing.

Just know that your deceased loved ones are already okay and go on living your life as they would want you to do.

One last closing thought:

There is a difference in receiving intuitive knowledge from the higher self. This is one of the goals of conscious development. Why not focus on that? That way the information you are receiving is coming from a reliable source, not some entity floating around in the astral plane.

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selina February 17, 2013 at 5:34 pm

I have been to lots of mediums in my time and all of them have been spot on with the details with who comes through and not one medium has ever given me anything horrible or untoward s and all of them have been conducted in a loving and compassionate way, Also I have the ability to some extent myself and I know it is natural and every one has this ability should they wish to bring it out and learn how to develop it,meditation plays a massive part in developing this, it is like when you know who it is when the phone rings or you think about someone you haven’t seen for years and then they turn up out of the blue, medium ship is just an expansion on this and a spiritualist church is very similar to a Christian church with the same hymes and prayers the only difference being they have a medium that will bring messages from loved ones in spirit through to the congregation. It is natural and nothing bad about it at all a lot of psychic people have the ability strongly from birth and others just need a bit of help to develop as it is within all of us. Love and light always Selina x


Allen Steinhauer February 17, 2013 at 6:01 pm

Contact with deceased ‘saints of God’ is not only true….. but the Bible actually ‘Encourages’ the saints of God to be in communication and interaction with ‘human spirits’ that now dwell in the spirit land.

Let’s consider this admonition:
“But you are to COME TO mount Sion, and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the SPIRITS OF JUST MEN made perfect,” (Heb 12:22-23 )

(Capitalization is meant for emphasis)
COME (present tense) …not will come (future tense).
So how come preachers today aren’t encouraging the saints on earth, to COME TO ‘Angels’ and the ‘spirits of just men’ made perfect.

Preachers today should be encouraging the saints of God to have intercommunication with these ‘righteous men’ in the spirit land. But I have yet to meet one that does.

I feel that preacher today are in contempt of the above verse because they want the laity(church body) to look to them as their leader, rather than have them to follow the instructions of those in the spirit realm. The priest and today’s preacher are working hand in hand to keep the laity ignorant and dependent upon them. It’s all about their next pay check.
It’s difficult to get a preacher to understand something….when his salary depends on him to not understand it.

Jesus himself spoke with (2) dead guys, Moses and Elijah on the mount. He then said,
“Come and FOLLOW me, DO the works that I do.’

I have chosen to follow Jesus’ words and his example. I have found it to be real and the rewards are wonderful…especially helping those “in-between” souls/spirits to move unto the light of God.
Now to answer the question, “What about the dark spirit that you may encounter?”
Of course we’ll encounter them…Jesus dealt with these dark spirits on many occasion.

If we are willing to follow Jesus’ example…we’ll meet lots of them. Read the Gospels.

Do not fear…just help them along. Talk to them…Be their friend…Love them…Point them to the light.
They are simply departed human spirit that have lost their way.

I’ve found that this missionary field (DARK REGIONS) in the “in-between” world is the most exciting and fulfilling work of God that I do on a continuous basis.

Blessings, allen…


selina February 17, 2013 at 6:18 pm

Blessings to you Allen for your work in helping spirits back to the light a truly wonderful thing to be able to help them in going back home and not hang around on the earth plane as i know many do for different reasons and some just need to be shown the way is through the light. Love and light always Selina x


Allen Steinhauer February 17, 2013 at 6:34 pm

Thanks Selina, I have to leave the house right now.
But, I’ll soon give (2) examples that I’ve had recently.


selina February 17, 2013 at 7:08 pm

Thanks Allen look forward to that x


Jessica February 17, 2013 at 7:20 pm

Very interesting discussion above. I am eager to hear more.

Also, very interesting blog post, Joshua, and all the more to me, because I was *just* saying the same thing to my husband.

For me, the issue is “mediation”. You hit the nail on the head when you said, “It’s really not that much different than giving up your own conscious development by putting yourself under the direct authority of a church leader.” To me, going to a medium when I have the ability to know all things, to discern all things, and to, as Allen said above in so many words, come to Zion myself, I do not need to put myself under any other mediator. I think to do so is akin to giving away one’s own power and substituting direct revelation, self-realization, and divine connection for someone else’s experience.


Allen Steinhauer February 17, 2013 at 11:25 pm

Ahhhh, my favorite thing to do.
Not because I have great knowledge or power, because I am yet a novice.
But, because it is so rewarding to help the poor, the blind and the naked.
Don’t get me wrong…it is hard work, and once you start with someone…you need to stick with them until you bring it to the finish for yourself.

Rule #1…always ask for protection from the Divine b/4 starting.
However, you may suddenly find yourself smack dab in the middle of the process of bringing a prodigal home. This may happen when you least expect it.
Always be in control of yourself…and you will, if you believe it so…thus, simply stop…anytime and execute Rule #1. If you sense a problem, re-affirm Rule #1…I’ve been there and had to do that.

Sometimes I initiate the liberation, and other times it just comes upon me.
I prefer it to come to me…then I am not in charge of the course of action.

— I had previously read that we as earthlings can initiate, by asking God to bring to us a spirit of His choosing.
— So, I asked the Spirit of God to bring to me a confused human spirit of His choosing – if He so willed it.
I asked for Divine protection.
I asked the Father to help me minister to a lost soul of His choosing – that now exists in a darkened twilight plane.
— As I began to wait on the Lord, I sensed I was greatly hindered. Strangely, I found I couldn’t even hold my head up and my thoughts seemed very confusing.
— After a few moments of this – I asked Jesus the Master for insight.
It was revealed to me that a confused spirit was trying to rob me of a victory and that it was greatly confused and restricting me from advancing.
— So I began to quietly and gently talk to that spirit.
I began by telling this soul/ spirit – that it was my fellow human spirit…that it had died to earth life…that it need to move on to the World of spirits.
— I told the spirit that I loved it – and forgave it for trying to confuse me with thoughts.
I explained the plan of salvation…(i.e.)who the Heavenly Father was. Who the Son of God, the Prince of Peace was and that he had come to earth and what Son of God wants to do for it.

— I explained to that spirit what my desire was. That I was it’s friend and wanted to see it be set free, changed, transformed into a new creation… to be set free by God’s only begotten Son…Jesus the Christ.
I began by asking the my Heavenly Father that His will be done and for power to be given to break the chains that bound this one, to open the prison doors so that this beloved darken soul may escape it’s prison.

— I told the spirit it needed to confess it’s past faults and further believe and genuinely seek the Master Christ , the Great Life-Bringer, because Jesus would surely accept him/her.
I pointed to a little speck of light ahead, which is the Glory of God and informed it to keep its focus on the light.

–I then began to encourage it…. whatever I could do to help that one to begin to move towards the light.
After much prayer and words of encouragement, I sensed a breakthrough that this one was moving forward, but, oh so slowly, in the right direction.
I got underneath and pushed this one along. It was difficult work and its movement was Oh so slow.
I felt encouraged within myself that all was going to be O.K. for this one.

–But then, I suddenly began to experience great doubts and lack of faith and confusion in my mind …about what I was seeing transpired.
These negative feelings stopped me in my tracks.

–After a few moments….I realized that this was either a different spirit trying to obstruct and block the work that had just been done or this same spirit was again trying to hinder me.
I immediately began to pray that this doubt and confusion to cease.

–Then all of a sudden, I felt utterly overwhelmed with darkness – and that a great struggle from the underworld had begun.
I did not see any dark spirits, but perceived that numerous evil spirits (dark human spirits) had gathered around this last spirit and myself – not only to try and hinder its progress, but to bring havoc and destruction upon us.
Not knowing what to do,
…I immediately cried out to the Father for help, because we were in immediate danger and distress and needed a great power to help us.

–Instantly, I experienced a tremendous rush of ( almost explosive) power that enveloped both I and that spirit.
The power was so great I was literally thrown backwards into my chair.
I felt to be almost over whelmed by an incredible sense of power.

–It seemed as though, even the very air I was breathing was seething with great power.
As strange as this may seem…it was as though I could taste it and smell the power.

I then sensed that there was like an instant hedge built around both of us.
I believe that numerous holy angels (holy saints) had come to our aid.
–When the struggle of darkness ceased,
I knew that God had prevailed…for both that spirit…and I.
Whether it was a hedge around us or that the darkness was simply driven back…I am not sure of.
After this relief was acknowledge…I experienced a time of rejoicing, laughter, weeping for joy and hand clapping.
–I then saw a most beautiful thing. A long white cord coming down from above – began to wrap around this spirit, like a cocoon, from the bottom upward towards the top. The wrapping process took a lot of time. To the point that I almost became impatient.
–Because of the length of the time it took the white cord – to wrap around this spirit, I tried more than once to concentrate, very deliberately – to get a clear view and vision of the substance of this spirit – but, as strange as it sounds, it was like there was no definite substance or shape to this spirit.
— It was something that constantly changed structure, form and shape.
The only way I could describe it…would be like a liquid mirror, constantly moving, twisting, winding, and changing from long to short to wide and then bending every which way. There were definite shades of blackness and grays and then flashes of white light mixed throughout it.
–I think the only thing I could say with surety about this spirit, is that they are not stagnant, but very active and constantly changing shape. They are utterly unearthed like.
–A further thought…
Perhaps, because my own spirit is inexperienced with this phenomenon – I was not yet able to wholly distinguish a fully dark spirit either,… nor be able to gaze on a brilliant holy angelic spirit.
–This is my concept or impression of that experience……accordingly, I understand that someone else seeing the very same scene….may have an entirely different perceptive.
–I sensed that the wrapping of the white cord…around that spirit that it was needed for its protection, because it still existed in a dangerous area.
I then told that newly released spirit that I would come to it during my sleep tonight, where further encouragement would be provided and we could get better acquainted.

–I now understand that this kind of work might be done as a regular duty for the every believer.
There is virtually no excuse for a child of the Light to not work – to set as many captives free as possible.
I now know that my mission world is no longer – limited to the physical life of human souls on this physical earth…but that I / we all can and must move forward /advance for the liberty of all souls – everywhere.
–I also understand that no one can work without divine aid in the dark areas, and no one can work in the most darkest regions except in a group…and even these holy ones must be covered with a veil…lest the darken spirits freak out.

Remember even Moses, had to be veiled because of the Glory of God.
–Spiritual progress is ever upwards; very slowly though it may be, and much personal effort is required. The Master has helped and continues to do so but, our own personal effort is also essential.
–There are numerous brothers and sisters in darkness….and remain in darkness until, fellow children of the Light, aid them in coming into the Light of God. This deliverance / reconciliation ministry may involve millions of lost souls…and each one needs special individual attention.
–When Jesus said the fields are white unto harvest…he truly meant it…both on earth and beyond earth.


selina February 18, 2013 at 8:08 pm

Allen, Thanks for your experiences, I think some people tend to think spirits as evil and harmful and maybe forget that once they were some ones mum or dad,brother or sister etc and are just the same in the spirit world as they were here, I think there is still a lot of people who think that when you die that is it and people who believe in the spirit world and reincarnation are a nut case hahaha,(I speak of experience here) 🙂 I have over the years got some to realise that we do not die when our body dies we leave and go back to spirit world until we re incarnate. Love and light always Selina x


Allen Steinhauer February 17, 2013 at 11:51 pm

The following is taken from my journal:
Dec 26, 2012

When I awoke this morning, I was aware of an awful, dirty, stinky smell.
When I lived in Seattle, I worked with Gary, and we would video sewer lines. I would go down the manholes and set up the equipment. So I understand very stinky smells

Then I realized, that this was a spirit that was before me…and he had the stench that reminded me of a terrible sewer smell. It smelled so strong, as if it was burning my nose.
Right away, I knew what had to be done.

As I concentrated on the spirit… I had a very clear vision….I became aware that this spirit was so filthy that I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman.
So, I begin to address it as ‘friend.’ I spent much time, talking to it about the love of God. And the importants of receiving God’s Divine Love. I told this one that I love it, but that God’s love far exceeded mine.

Please understand my conversation was only one way…I couldn’t hear it speak.
I explained that it had died to earth and was now stuck in-between two worlds.
That it needed to make a decision to leave all the old material earth behind and follow the light of God that was before it.
When I finally understood that this one was ready for help…to be helped…I told it that I was going to clean it up.

I asked for help from someone, and immediately, a long scrub brush appeared and with soapy water, we began to start at the top and begin to work our way down.
Finally I realized it was a man.
I sensed, just knew that this man had lived a terrible life. Drunkenness, coarse talk, wild orgies, and violence.
The scrubbing actually took awhile, because the filth was thick. I found that some of the filth had spilled on me, as the one with the brush and I deliberately cleaned him up.
Eventually, he was cleaned. Now he needed inspection. Every part of him was inspected.
Once I was satisfied, I stepped back.

When I did, I had the surprised to see who the one was that was holding the scrub brush.
I was so excited to see who was helping me (unnamed)…there is no greater joy…I was happier than I could ever be…seeing you next to me…working with me. There is nothing I could ever desire, more than to see you with that scrub brush.

I then asked my helper to bring a robe for the man, they left and quickly returned with a wonderful blue robe for him.
Together, we carefully placed it upon him.
Then the man was taken away by his spirit guides to go to his new home.
My friend and I stood together hand in hand, with our garments a bit soiled, watching the man leave, and we shouted, “We love you.”
This is one experiences that I had – with helping those caught in the in-between worlds.
Obviously the above was experienced as a strong vision form …but I have also dealt with folks that spirits have talked through them to me also.


Christine Hoeflich February 18, 2013 at 1:34 am

I think there is benefit to receiving information from a medium. I certainly have benefited from messages channeled especially for me from the Counsel of Light, particularly early on when my connection with my higher self was not yet strong or “proven.” I don’t think I could have come up with what was channeled for me on my own, not in a lifetime, even. (Besides, we aren’t alone anyway but already operate with their assistance and this is according to divine plan, is my understanding.)

However, I myself really do not and did not have any desire to channel other entities and to have them speak through me. What I was interested in is developing my relationship with my higher self and strengthening that relationship–and that was the topic of the messages channeled for me.

Yes, there is danger in blindly believing channeled messages that make predictions of great things to happen–and then waiting for them to happen rather than taking responsibility for creating them. I am glad Dec. 21, 2012 is over and no more triple dates either, no more 10-10-10, 11-11-11 or 12-12-12 dates are possible for quite a while. Now instead of waiting we get to connect within and make changes that align with our inner being rather than just going along with what we were told we needed to do by the outside world (the powers that be, the vested interests, peer pressure and societal conditioning).

Thanks for opening this topic up, Josh!


Jessica February 18, 2013 at 8:49 am

Allen, thank you so much for sharing your insights and experience.

I have had one occasion where a friend of mine had a deceased spirit in her home, causing her some trouble. I had the very distinct impression that I could go and do exactly what you described above and minister to that one. I made myself available to do so, but of course, obviously it was the home owner’s decision, so nothing came of it. However, I think even that NDE’s corraborate your experience above and I think it’s neat to think that we still have the opportunity to minister to those who have passed over into darkness. These still have opportunity even after “death” to transition to Love.


Laurie February 18, 2013 at 9:28 am

Interesting Topic. I don’t think we can get all the answers, but interesting, none the less.

My Grandmother was a Medium. As a little girl I had felt and seen things because of that. I experienced phenomena.

Then I went into a Fundamentalist church and was told it was nothing more then Demons and you should never do that. That it was totally EVIL.

After coming out of that Church and relearning things…I don’t need to know all the answers. I’ve let go of that.

I Don’t know what it is. But I don’t want any part of it. Not out of “fear” (I used to have that) but because it seems to be Ego based. Power driven and Ego driven. (for MYSELF, that’s how I see it in my own life) Just as in life…it seems to have it’s UPs and Downs. Both Good and Bad come from it (circumstances) But what’s the main point? It’s going outside yourself and trusting another person, because you perceive that they have power or something you don’t have. OR…you feel you have this yourself. Doe it unite or separate people? Wasn’t that the old churches we came out of? There was good and Bad in there. There were phenomenons that happened in the Churches as well, but did that bring us any closer to the higher power or was it truly ego based? I’ve done many Good things in my life that were based on EGO. Yes, they did help someone…but…Did it bring them any closer to their own journey with God? Did it bring me any closer? Um…No. That’s the basis for an enabler. lol It was just the EGO saying “Look what I did”.

I guess it’s a Non-issue for me. I don’t need to have the answers as to WHY it happens nor what it truly is. Is it Demons? Is it the Spirits of Dead people? I don’t know. I know that the phenomena does happen and is both good and bad. I don’t need to worry about someone else doing it and putting a judgement on it. That’s someone’s else’s journey and not mine. So…it’s must BE part of their Journey. Not my Journey. I’m certainly not going to tell someone not to do it, no would I tell someone to do it.

I don’t have any of that old phenomena in my life anymore. No more spooks. 😉 So, it’s a non issue for me. I also don’t have a “FEAR” of not knowing. I’m just continuing to seek the Kingdom of God which is within me.


Joshua Tilghman February 18, 2013 at 10:25 am


You’ve all made some great comments. I thank you for that. I know I am learning more each weak from you guys 🙂

One of the motivations for this blog post was to protect people from unnecessary negative experiences and vibrations. I do believe, as I indicated in this post, that there are exceptionally gifted people who know what they are doing and do relay truth from a higher plane. I don’t think anyone doubts this. But a lot of times people go to a medium to get emotional healing. They may feel better for a while, but what about when the next emotional crises arises? If they haven’t learned to balance themselves, people will remain at the mercy of others. So be cautious. Check your own motivations and make sure you are true to yourselves. I definitely do not think it is evil or wicked to go to a medium as fundamental Christianity has said it is.

Allen’s experiences are interesting. I truly believe that when a person dies physically, they may remain disoriented in the emotional world. I also believe that sometimes these people may not even know they have physically died yet, especially if the physical death was traumatic. Perhaps these people are greatly benefited by activities from the experiences that Allen relates. Thank you Allen for sharing such interesting experiences.

One other point I want to bring up is the many different levels of divination. We have psychics, mediums, channelers, etc. There is a difference in them, even though it may be hard to pinpoint. Channeling seems much less invasive than the person who becomes the medium. By that I mean that the non-physical entity doesn’t take over the entire body of the one channeling, whereas it does to the medium. Thinking about this now makes me want to go back and do more research on each subject. I’ll do that this week and see what I can dig up in esoteric literature.

Again, I thank you for all your comments and I solicit more from any other reader who has knowledge of the differences between the different practices of divination. Thanks.


selina February 18, 2013 at 9:53 pm

Joshua, As I came to understand the difference in a person who is a Psychic is whatever they tell you whether it is about the people in your life,situations etc the information comes from them, their higher self/ spirit guide. A Medium is psychic and can get the information the same way but also picks up messages from the spirit world who usually are connected to the person who is having the reading/sitting be it their loved ones in spirit or spirit guides (usually both)the medium does know who is coming through and knows who another spirit is if they come through,a medium is always in control as they do not give their body up, A Trance medium is when the spirit comes through the mediums body and speaks through them in their voice just how they would have spoken while on the earth plane,sometimes the spirits features etch on the mediums face as well as this takes place and some mediums have a body tremor while they allow spirit through. A Channeller is someone who gets messages from non earth human spirits so it may be Archangels, entity’s that have not been human form, angels,aliens, humanoids, elemental s ,source, a future self, etc etc.(not 100% on this though) Any one who does know what a channeller does please correct me as it would be nice to know:-) Love and light Selina x


Allen Steinhauer February 18, 2013 at 1:58 pm

When it comes to someone functioning as:
(b.) the gift of the word of knowledge/wisdom – 1 Cor. 12,
(c.) mediums or channelers or psychics,…I am not sure on this, but, I don’t think there is really any difference in them. They all get their information from the same source, the spirit world.

The biggest difference I perceive, is in the quality of the character of the person providing the information.
A good tree cannot produce bad fruit…and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit.
A person of good character quality, will be more careful where their information comes from.
A person of low quality, doesn’t care…where they get their information from.

Paul the apostle may have had an OBE – out of body experience (2 Cor. 12:2-4). Which may be another topic.
I had a most remarkable OBE recently…if you are interested…I’ll share it.

How one interprets a message received either from a prophet or a medium, can also make a huge difference.
Many years ago, my pastors wife’s mother…who was a strong believer in her Christian faith, was in great distress when her son didn’t return from the Korean conflict in the 50’s. He was listed as missing in action.
A traveling prophet came to her home town and she went forward and wanted to receive a ‘word’ about the status of her son. The gist of the word was that she would “see her son again.”
She took that to mean that he would be coming home soon.
Well as the years went by, she became more discouraged and finally quit the church and called the prophet a false messenger. And later in life, she became so angry that she gave up on God too.
Obviously, we know that she will ‘see her son,” someday…just not in this lifetime.


Christine Hoeflich February 25, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Great points Allen!

The traveling prophet was too general and the woman did not ask any questions about the “when.” In many cases, people who get readings ASSUME they understand what the psychic reader is telling them , which is not always the case!

There is another problem with PREDICTIONS, and it has to do with believing (falsely) that just because a personal event is predicted, that it’s an automatic. I wrote an article about this four years ago, and would like to share it here:


Thanks! Christine


Robert February 18, 2013 at 7:22 pm

Great discussions. Many people who were former skeptics, or who are breaking out of the restrictions of traditional Christian teachings, may be interested at some point in counseling with psychics or mediums…. especially at times when they feel stumped. It may never occur to these people to be cautious because they might be engaging in misdirected spirits. On the other hand it seems like people like Christine might have been led by their higher consciousness to a specific psychic source to make a breakthrough. That’s a lot different than acting out of impulse to visit a psychic booth in the mall or getting a reading from ads on the internet. There does not seem like a good rule for everyone here, except to be cautious, get more input before making a decision to counsel, and if you do counsel, to continue to be cautious and then try to learn from the experience.


Rhonda February 19, 2013 at 4:33 am

Wow! Well…what an interesting ‘can of worms’ this blog opened up, Joshua!
I have no experience nor opinion regarding mediums, psychics etc… like Laurie I do not need to nor desire to ‘go there’. My focus is on the One that encompasses ALL and is vast enough, limitless enough to contain ALL. I do not know where my loved ones who have passed from this plane are, nor do I need to for I know they are still one with the One and I leave it at that, quietly confident that since the One is Love they are fine, whatever their journey.
I have a sister who experiences interesting phenomena. For instance she was on a long road trip with her daughter and was one of the first to come upon a terrible accident. A young girl in her early twenties had rolled her car and was lying mangled in the middle of the road. My sister organised other motorists to stop traffic and rang the police. She went to the girl and covered her modestly and sat and talked quietly to her, holding her hand. The girl was not alive. Then she noticed the insubtantial figure of a young woman standing across the road looking at the scene. She looked at my sister, and my sister felt her say “Thankyou”. Then she turned and walked away, simply fading.
Another event was the Bali Bombers execution. She felt very strongly the hatred and anger of so many people towards these men would keep them from going ‘home’. So in spirit she attended the execution and saw them, lined up. She told them she loved them, that they were greatly loved and that she forgave them and that they could go home. She discovered she was not the only one there doing the same thing. There were many shining white ‘figures’ and she felt their presence doing the same thing she was. Then at the moment of execution she ‘saw’ a great light and the bombers became one with the light and then were gone.
There are many other experiences she has had that she has told me about…including visiting a cemetery with ‘holy water’ to bless and set free the spirits of people there that didn’t know they could ‘go home’ because of the teaching of their particular religious denomination. Another of my sister’s accompanied her on this mission and experienced very definite responses…telling me that some of them (particularly the ministers) would actually argue the point and refuse to go!….
Now this is beyond my experience, so I am intrigued, but content to know that there is more to life and existence (or Being) then any of us can imagine or conceive of! and what my sister feels called to do, is for my sister to do. I do not envy her, nor desire to do as she does. I am simply awed by the wonder of creation in all the seen and the unseen and accept that it passes my understanding. I know that one day I will know more then I do now and each moment of my life is another step in that process…and before each of us lie’s the potential for limitless curiosity, exploration, discovery, appreciation,wonder and joy and that each of us has the privelage of bringing these things of the spirit to whome ever we come in contact, with love, understanding and acceptance.
As to the voice of caution…Joshua, I agree there has been little understanding coming to us of these things through religion, and much hype, superstition, falshood and confusion abounds over these things.Because of this people can be exceedingly hurt mentaly, emotionally and even spiritually. I look forward to reading what you can dig up esoterically on this subject. Namaste 🙂


selina February 19, 2013 at 9:51 am

What a loving soul your sister is in helping them go back home, as you say we do have the privilege of bringing love,understanding and acceptance to whom ever we come in contact with,how much better the world would be if everyone did this as there would be no more wars or starving millions and Love does conquer all. Blessings to you and family. Love and light always Selina x


Bernhardt Adjedi Cadbury December 7, 2013 at 4:28 pm

Well, all said and done, what about accessing Akashic Records Readings


Joshua Tilghman December 8, 2013 at 1:32 pm

Berhhardt, I see now problem with this and believe this type of knowledge is beneficial.


Cathy April 26, 2015 at 8:34 pm

Hello Joshua, did you get to do additional research on this subject? As I have always had a interest towards this but was afraid because of my former religious background. Ive read what you said about being new to,this and to leave it alone, and all of this is new to me but I would like some answers on whether it’s good or bad, demonic, or against God and the bible teachings? I would like to know your views on this subject now two years after this post. Thanks and God bless 🙂


Joshua Tilghman December 25, 2015 at 3:43 pm

Cathy, thanks for your question. I would stay away, especially if you are on a journey of self-discovery. It is unnecessary. That much I am sure of.


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