The Resurrection of Jesus

by Joshua Tilghman on April 3, 2013

The Resurrection of JesusDid the resurrection really happen? Was an individual named Jesus really raised from the dead over two thousand years ago? Theologians and atheists both agree that the validity of Christianity rests on this one point alone. Many atheists argue that if Christ wasn’t raised from the dead then there’s no need for Christianity or God because it’s all myth. On the other hand, since Christians believe that Christ was raised from the dead, we too can have eternal life if we believe in him. Both of these arguments are ridiculously short-sighted and they completely divert attention away from the reality and purpose of existence.

The debate isn’t about whether Jesus was really resurrected or not. The debate should be focused on what the resurrection of Jesus represents. Once this is answered, you’ll have no trouble seeing how primitive arguments over Jesus and the resurrection really areJ

To understand what the resurrection is about, let’s briefly explore what eternal life and death meant for the ancient writers of scripture. Eternal life and death had nothing to do with the clinical definition we give them today. Eternal life meant the liberation of consciousness from the lower self, which is a major step towards liberation from the cycle of birth and death (reincarnation) in the tomb of the physical body. Death simply meant the fall from grace when spirit or consciousness incarnated into a physical body and began identifying through the lower self and ego. Even Genesis makes this clear. God told Adam that in the day he ate of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil, he would die. But he didn’t experience a physical death, he was kicked out of the Garden of Eden and had to endure life as a man in a physical body working by the sweat of his brow. In fact, you could even say he was given physical life. The church can sure get things backwards, can’t it?J

Similarly, the resurrection has nothing to do with experiencing a physical death and then being brought back to life. To elaborate, I want to bring your attention to a quote from one of the most brilliant writers of the early church, Origen. An astute scholar and theologian, he is perhaps the most prolific Christian writer and defender of the faith of any of the church fathers. The strange thing is his faith was a lot different than today’s Christian idea of faith. In fact he stated what I have quoted below when he compared the resurrection of Christ to the resurrection of the Greek God Dionysus:

“Or, forsooth, are the Greeks to be allowed to use such words [resurrection] with regard to the soul, and speak in allegorical fashion, and we [Christians] forbidden to do so?”

—     G.R.S. Mead, Orpheus, p. 186.

It should be obvious to us that Origen considered the resurrection to be, as Mead points out, “an allegory of the soul,” rather than a historical event.

Jesus explains the crucifixion, the resurrection as the evolution of the soul

So why would Origen consider the resurrection an allegory of the soul? Let’s illustrate from the words of Jesus himself. We’ll review part of the Gospel of John, chapter twelve:

“And Jesus answered them, saying, the hour has come, that the son of man should be glorified” (John 12:23).

I want you to notice that Jesus identifies himself with the son of man here, not the son of God. This is because the son of man is a symbol of the evolution of the soul to develop higher consciousness, putting to death the lower personality. Jesus continues:

“…expect a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone: but if it die, it brings forth much fruit” (John 12:24)

Jesus is using a metaphor to compare to the death of the ego and the advancement of the soul to a kernel (seed) of wheat falling into the ground to sprout and produce much more. Unless we die to our ego, we will not bear the fruit of life through the spirit, or the higher self and higher consciousness. Jesus elaborates further in the next verse:

“He that loves his life shall lose it; and he that hates (crucifies the ego and lower personality) his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal” (John 12: 25).

Loving life through the lower personality and ego is not only being attached to materiality, but also to the desires and passions of the lower self. It is this attachment which keeps the ego immersed in and reincarnating into the material plane. Eternal life has nothing to do with living forever after being raised from the dead. The soul is already immortal. It cannot die. It is the lower self that dies when consciousness is raised. This is what it means to glorify the son of man. In this glorification the son of man becomes the son of God, for when we are united with the Higher Self we experience a union with God and can truly be called His son again. Subsequently, he who truly crucifies the ego will also experience the resurrection. For Jesus, eternal life meant living through the higher-self by becoming the soul.

Resurrection of JesusNow let’s look at Gaskell’s definition for the resurrection.

Resurrection from the dead: “A symbol for…the rising of the indwelling or incarnate Self from the lower nature to the higher at the end of the cycle. In relation to the egos, the resurrection signifies the rising of consciousness from the lower mind to the higher in the causal-body at the cycle’s end; or the liberation of the spiritual egos from captivity to the lower nature. The lower nature is “dead,” for it has in it no true life.”

The rising of the Christ in the mind of men is, as Jesus puts it, the reason for his coming.

“Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour.” (John 12: 27).

The Christ, or the indwelling spirit rising in the minds of men, is the very purpose of our existence. The evolution of the soul is an inherent quality within life or existence itself.

I’ll further illustrate by a quote from Jesus in John 12: 26:

“If any man serve me (denying the ego), let him follow me; and where I am, there shall my servant be…”

Obviously this scripture is not literal. By serving Jesus you are with him. How? Because Jesus is already present within those who have denied their lower nature in order to experience the crucifixion and resurrection. This is also why Jesus could say that he was the resurrection and the life!

As Gaskell’s Dictionary of Scripture and Myth points out, it is the Pharisee-mind—dogmatism and literalism—that refuses to allow the Christ-mind to arise in us.

Can we now see how silly any debate is over the resurrection of Jesus is? It’s about raising our consciousness, not a belief in a doctrine. The need to hold onto a doctrine is the fulfillment of the ego.

We have one more post to go in our series on the esoteric Jesus. Thus far we have looked at his coming out of Egypt, his baptism, the transfiguration, crucifixion, and now the resurrection. I will close out this series with a brief post on Jesus’ ascension. Until then, blessings!

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Robert April 4, 2013 at 11:18 am

Thanks Josh. The rising of the Christ within the human soul is certainly a much neglected theme in conventional Christianity. Focusing as you have on the allegorical meaning of the resurrection helps reestablish the importance of that theme. Also the newer definitions of eternal life and death were very helpful to clarify the meaning in Genesis and use of these terms later in the bible. The raising of Lazarus from the dead by Jesus must also be allegorical. Then the exoteric (literal) and esoteric (allegorical) interpretations conflict with each other. Is that because it is easier for people at earlier stages of growth in consciousness to accept the exoteric version? Is that why at some point in our growth we have to detach from the exoteric and search for a better understanding? There is quite a barrier between the exoteric and esoteric versions? What should we teach our children? That the bible has hidden allegorical meanings they won’t understand until they are older? Just curious.


Joshua Tilghman April 4, 2013 at 11:51 am


Glad you asked. The exoteric version has a purpose. I am definitely teaching this version to my children first because the young mind has a hard time dealing with abstract concepts. If you give them something concrete now and then teach them the esoteric version when they are old enough to understand, they will be properly equipped for life. That’s why I believe the scriptures were written in such veiled ways. It’s brilliant, isn’t it?

You are right about the barrier that exist, but it’s necessary because of the way our minds develop. Even knew Christians benefit from an exoteric version first. It is our leaders that should know better. They spend their entire adulthood in the word, but fail to face the contradictions in the Bible because they believe it challengers their faith. A challenge is what is needed to WAKE UP the mind!

I don’t blame our religious leaders. Jesus was harsh, but I think the Gospel writers were so harsh with pharisee thinking because the ego sometimes needs to be jostled in order to begin the waking process. Often when we are traumatized the ego gets paralyzed, and then the real us can come through and see things more clearly.

Robert, something else interesting I want to mention. I visited some Christian sites yesterday that argued Origen did not believe in reincarnation. But even a wikipedia article I read yesterday stated this was the very reason the church council called by Justinian in the 6th century has his views labeled as heretical. I did some more searching and some of his quotes state that he accepts it. It’s a mess. I think Christians are in denial. Every now and then he does make a statement that can be taken either way, but his statements for it are pretty clear. If you find any good research on this, send me an e-mail. I know you like to dig sometimes and you are pretty good at it.



motla68 April 4, 2013 at 6:17 pm

Hey Joshua, take it from someone experienced in that area, don’t wait because kids will amaze you how well they will connect with concepts. I think it was somewhere between 5 or 6 yrs old my son since i had taught him well in so many other areas he was not falling for the goblins, santa and the easter bunny bit, although it took him until about 8 or 9 to figure out the tooth fairy deal, he slept way to deeply and did not realize it. Anyways after that I told him if he wanted a tree he would have to create one, turned over a big sheet of wrapping paper and fasted it to the wall so the blank white side was out. I drew the basic outline and had him do the rest, lights, ornaments e.t.c. If you teach them this early that their environment is what they make of it instead of the environment controlling them you will see amazing things come out of your children. At 18 months my son knew how to put new batteries in his toys, his first question he ever asked was how much does a shoe lace weigh, so i got a shoe lace and broke out a scale to show him how to teach himself, by age 7 he changed his first flat tire on a vehicle, I just had to bust loose the lug nuts for him and tighten later. By age 10 he was helping with some classes I taught writing letters, couple people said they learned more from him then they learned from me so don’t hold them back from learning. Lots of other stuff in between, but i believe you can get my point.


Robert April 4, 2013 at 6:56 pm

I was wondering how delicate it might be for a child to go through a transformation from exoteric to esoteric without confusing others who haven’t gone through it. There would have to be some kind of instruction to keep everyone from getting mixed up.


motla68 April 4, 2013 at 10:01 pm

It could be possible that if all is one, differentiating between the 2 is the same kinds of ego Josh mentioned in the article. Further discovery may reveal that even in the material world it is all different forms of carbon, everything that could be created is already created and be nothing at the same time until one can see some pattern – Quantum Mechanics

Joshua Tilghman April 6, 2013 at 8:49 am


This is new territory for a lot of us. I am sure there is wisdom in ancient philosophies about this. I always found it interesting that the Kabbalah was forbidden to be practiced by and Jew who was younger than 40 and single. There’s only so far you can take a young mind if they haven’t had the right experiences yet to begin an awakening. Experience is crucial.

Joshua Tilghman April 6, 2013 at 8:19 am


You are right. They are ready for more than we give them credit for. My son’s six right now. When he asks questions like:
Where is God?
What does he look like?
How big is he?

I don’t sugar coat it. I will tell him that God is everywhere because we all come from God. Sometimes this is enough for now. He wouldn’t understand if I told him about quantum physics (I’m not even sure I truly understand it:)

But my point is, his level of questioning let’s me know what he is ready for. I have seen a lot of parents just tell their children, well, I can’t explain it but we just have to have faith. This is an honest question sometimes, but I was never satisfied with this as a kid. So I try to answer Noah until he seems satisfied. I can tell when I began to lose him or he becomes disinterested so I stop. In other words, I let his level of questioning guide my teaching.

As you point out, I am amazed by his questions sometimes. Kids definitely are ripe for knowledge if we are only willing to learn ourselves and then share it with them.

I also want to point out that although there is nothing that can kill spirituality quicker than doctrine, I want him to learn this historical mistakes of the church. I make sure he learns some of the doctrine now so that when get’s a little older, he’ll ask me why other scriptures that seem to contradict a particular doctrine. We have already has many discussions about God and Jesus. One day my son came home from school and wanted to know why God is the father but why people also say Jesus is God too.

Anyway, it’s fun having those discussions with him. Thanks for the comments, Motla.


Robert April 6, 2013 at 10:10 am

I appreciate Bernhardts compassion for his continent and it inspired me to have more interest in its welfare. I can see what he is facing in terms off strong opposition in the churches. Here is an article by a former professor of the University of the North, South Africa, summarizing all the arguments used against the Shift, referred to in this article as New Age. It can be very convincing to someone who has not experienced higher consciousness. The good news is that there must be substantial growth in higher conscio0usness in Africa for this article to have been written against it. It can also be a useful resource and reference for people involved in debunking these arguments. Remember those games where you looked at a seemingly normal picture and had to find things wrong with it. Well, here is a picture. Let me know what you find.


robert April 7, 2013 at 3:02 pm

Here a is clue to one thing wrong in the article about new age. Names of new age groups that
use the name Lucifer are not devil worshippers. Lucifer is Latin for bearer of light and is used in many positive connotations. But the author deceptively exploits peoples unfamiliarity with this to infer that Sprangler is a Satanist. Can you find other things wrong g with the article.


Robert April 8, 2013 at 4:01 pm

Another clue. The author on the criticism of the “new age” claims that the consciousness raising activities throughout history and around the world are the result of a grand political conspiracy of people with evil motives who want to control the world. The truth is a good deal of the groundwork for quiet contemplative activities exploring the inner Christ was actually laid by Christian monks who flocked to desert hideaways to get away from the political corruptions of the mainstream church during the middle ages. A surge of interest in mindfulness meditation in the modern age came about when psychologists verified its mental and physical benefits using reliable testing, publishing their results in professional peer-reviewed scientific journals. No conspiracy here, just plain facts.


Robert April 8, 2013 at 4:14 pm

When I traced down some of the conspiracy groups named by the author I discovered that the same organizations are accused by online hate groups of being Zionists, rewriting history by lying about the extent of the holocaust, being communists, being Satanists, being guided by demons, promoting sexual immorality… it goes on and on.

motla68 April 4, 2013 at 1:39 pm

Knowledge is the treasure upon which our estate is built:

1 Ch 17:17 ” And yet this was a small thing in > thine eyes <, O God; for thou hast also spoken of thy servant's house for a great while to come, and hast regarded me according to the estate of a man of high degree, O LORD God."

The top floor of Noah's Ark had windows too.

There is much to be had in that book of life describing ascention from the low estate to the great estate, it also speaks of a royal estate for the stewards of the kingdom. On that note the kingdom is internal not external as you have noted directly and indirectly here on this blog many times. So then that would make the low estate the benefice of ones creator. As children under the wing of a parent we act as children Galatians 4.


Bernhardt Adjedi Cadbury April 4, 2013 at 6:53 pm

Hi Josh,
Fast question here, can one experience with his higher – self, hence a union with God and at the same time experience an uncrucified ego?
Once upon a time, on my way to Jericho, like most unawakened indoctrinated with mainstream dogmatic understanding and belief of the birth and death of Jesus as the way to eternal life. On the way to Jericho, like the parable of the good Samaritan, humanity have been robbed, hurt and tormented etc. So this heavy stone of divisive religions, blocking humanity’s progress from the essence of spirituality or existence.
Let’s consider the many dividing walls which need to ‘come a tumbling’ down , so that humanity may be united in love and brotherhood:
· The glaring wall of missiles, tanks and bombs which separate East and West.
· The walls of national greed and short-sightedness that divide North from South.
· The barriers of selfishness which —- even within nations —- stand between rich and poor.
· The ancient walls of bigotry blocking the way to union between Eastern and Western religions.
· The walls of lust and chauvinism between male and female.
· The barriers of tradition, prejudice and fear between social castes and classes.
· The walls of pride and ignorance erected between the aspirant and the common man.
The question we must face is this, what in the world will cause these walls to ‘‘fall down flat’’? We must know that nothing in the world will accomplish this, short of the divine Plan, to be worked out by us in putting into practice the Hierarchy’s blueprint of love and sharing, justice and brotherhood. Do we honestly believe that this will accomplish the herculean task before us?
It appears to me that we had better believe it, understand it and work at it with all our resources, for there is no other alternative. One day, we can only account for working and accomplishing out the divine – plan.
Let us searchingly ask ourselves, are we intended to be among the heralds of this Plan —- to issue a clear trumpet note that all may hear? And dare we share in the ‘shout’ of victory, even while the tottering dividing walls are, nonetheless, still standing? We are told that when ‘‘Joshua fi’t the battle of Jericho and the walls came tumbling down,’’ there was unified action, the expression of unity of purpose. Can we, the aspirants and disciples of the world, achieve such unity of purpose and such united action? The answer, my fellow pilgrims, lies within us —- and the tremendous resources of faith and love which are at our disposal. I AGAIN ASK YOU JOSH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HUMANITY THAT MIGHT NOT ACCESS YOUR WORK VIA THIS BLOG IN ORDER FOR MANY AWAKENING SOULS TO COMPLETE THE CRUCIFIXION, TRANSFIGURATION AND RESURRECTION OF THE CHRIST to save humanity from the world’s trouble.



Robert April 4, 2013 at 9:34 pm

Bernhardt, you have brought up an interesting issue about saving humanity from its troubles. Hope you don’t mind if I input something that might be helpful. Have you heard of “The Shift”? This refers to a gradual awakening of higher consciousness on a global scale… the increased awareness and appreciation on this planet that we are all connected and that each can increase the good of all by growing in higher consciousness. Millions of diverse souls, each discovering his or her path, each in their own time, each in their own way, and yet all discovering a sacred respect for each other and a commonality of belief and purpose. The Shift is like a giant cloud of spirits that makes room for whoever joins it, in whatever way they are ready and willing to contribute to it. If we are talking about reincarnated souls, then we can believe they came into this present troubled world to grow amidst the trouble, to make choices and learn from the results, and perhaps leave the world a little better off than when they came into it. Leaders arise in their own way when it is their time and choice to use their special talents when they have been honed, to help others as they work out their own karmic potential. Groups of enlightened people interested in global change can voluntarily meet and plan together what they think will do the most good, try to institute some positive social changes. I think at this stage of the game the “walls” that must come down are the walls of billions of egos, a progressive invisible process that must occur in order to support any stable improvement manifested in the material world. The first generation of liberated Jews who left Egypt were not ready to circle Jericho. Sometimes it takes generations before changes fully manifest. So we teach our children the best we can to prepare them for their journey.


Joshua Tilghman April 6, 2013 at 8:47 am


Thanks for your honest questions. First off, I have not completely crucified the lower ego. Their have been situations in my life throughout this year that have let me know how attached I can still be. This blog is great because it gives me the chance to share knowledge about the things I am learning in my own life with others who are on the same path and at the same point in their lives. I have gained a lot of head knowledge over the years, but the spirit is still working out the lower ego that I sometimes still cling to. I have grown tremendously in the past year, but there is still a ways to go.

And you’re right. The world will always go through suffering when humanity is divided. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It would probably take the suffering of the likes this planet hasn’t seen in a long time to “jolt” the world into wanting true change. But even then, the ego would refuse to see that it brought that suffering upon itself. Such is the balance of life sometimes – the seeker continues to be the seeker (even when it doesn’t know it) until it discovers that that which it is seeking was within the entire time. If the whole universe were liberated in an instant, would creation stop? It’s certainly interesting to ponder.

As for myself, I have to make sure I am faithful with the little I have been given before I branch out with more. I have a family with young children that I am still committed to. I have big plans in the future, but the timing has to be right and I have to finish the crucifixion process in myself. Sometimes being too passionate about seeing change can be the ego itself talking. Everything has a time, place, and purpose. I also know that sometimes we have to just move on and step into what we were born for. But we must also remember that we were born for this moment right now.

Blessings, my friend. I admire your passion to see true change in the world!


Laurie April 7, 2013 at 8:21 pm

YES, Joshua. Right now you are right where you are supposed to be. You’ll KNOW if and when you are to make changes and I so agree with you, that sometimes listening to Good intentions is in fact listening to our Ego. “The FLOW” has a way of letting us know.

On a much smaller scale I had something similar happen to me. I always try to post uplifting things on my facebook page. One of my friends commented and said I really needed to start a blog. It was very “Flattering” but I realized it was toying with my Ego. I let go of it. If that is what I was supposed to be doing, the FLOW was going to let me know. Nothing. Nada. It was no big deal. Before? I would have stewed over it and played with it, with my Ego and it totally would have taken me out of the NOW.

I’ve learned not to do things out of fear or being anxious. That’s not being in my Higher self. Josh, make no mistake, what you do is having an impact on people and it’s the people that you are supposed to reach. Right here and NOW. Later? I have no clue, but I know that you’ll know within yourself. 🙂

The Similar thing with me? I’m to reach the people in my little world. I’m a housewife, Mother and GrandMother. My world is not as large as others’ but it’s no less important. I truly know that deeply. It’s not my Ego trying to make me feel better nor complacent. It is important. It is living in the Beauty and the Wonder of the NOW and the people that we share that space with. It’s just BEING in my higher self in my world. Truly, what could BE more important then that? Everything else will fall into place, in it’s time. 🙂


Robert April 7, 2013 at 8:28 pm

Laura. I agree. Well said.


Laurie April 8, 2013 at 7:38 am

I’ve been passionate and excited and wanted to SHARE it with everyone, it was how Ego got me. I kept hearing from the FLOW (Shut up…be quiet), but “MY” excitement wouldn’t let me. I had to learn the hard way. Everyone is on a journey and out of “good intentions” we can get into our EGO and share too much. It’s not helpful to the other person at all, it’s only helpful to our EGO. 😉 This might sound simple, but the way I saw it was like going back in High School. There is a Big test and a friend didn’t study for it. They want a Cheat sheet from you. You don’t want them to Fail and give them one. They might have passed the test, but did they actually LEARN anything? Did you REALLY help them out or did you just help each other’s Egos out? lol Sometimes we do that with our excitement to “Share”. We give a person a “Cheat Sheet” and think we are being helpful, but we aren’t. Then there are other times when you least expect to share (Eckhart Tolle explains this as the NO MIND place) and all of a sudden stuff comes out of your mouth and the other person receives it and also gives back to you. There is no way to explain it…it’s the FLOW.

I think the EGO is going to take a Long time to totally understand it. It has layers to it. I never realized how much I/We were trained to automatically respond with our EGO to someone else’ Ego to get what we want (or “think” we want). Compliments are not a bad thing when being “honest” about them and not going on and on…otherwise, you are trying to pump up someone’s EGO for something. It’s not just being nice, it has a purpose. Stroking a person’s Ego is never a good thing, even if your intentions are “Good”. Needing to have your Ego Stroked isn’t either. I knew this in part, but never realized the depth to it in every day life. I’ve had to do a lot of “soul searching” of myself. As I have shared before, My oldest son is battling a Drug Addiction. Guess who the enabler was, who had “Good intentions”? 😉 Yep…ME!

How is my Son doing? He went to rehab and has been out of rehab for awhile. We have not talked since right before he went into rehab. I hear he is doing WELL! 🙂 We aren’t mad, upset or hurt at each other. We both are working on ourselves first. He’s actually been away from the “Family” and doing things on his own. Away from the automatic Ego responses and so have I. Soon, we will get together and my husband and I will take him out to dinner and start a NEW relationship with him. Without the Old behaviors and attitudes (EGO) and with the respect that he, too, is on his own Journey. “Cheat Sheets” are not helpful for him. 😉 God/The FLOW gave me “Grace” on my own Journey and I must do the same for my son. I’ve learned to “Let go” totally out of Love. Before, my EGO would have told me it’s failure…it’s not at all. 🙂 I have no idea why I just shared all that! lol I’ll just “Go with it”. Have a Great Day!

Dayna April 8, 2013 at 10:57 am

Thanks for sharing Laurie. I totally agree. Your comments (both of them) are truth!

anny May 8, 2013 at 10:06 am

None of us can ‘save’ the world. Not even Jesus could do that. He came to show us to ‘save’ ourselves and that is all we can do and are supposed to do. The word saving and salvation has acquired a somewhat bitter taste, however. It is all about experience and growth without judgment.

As you already said, to try to accomplish something big is probably only the ego talking. I certainly notice that in myself, both when I think I am not good enough as when I think that now at last I can accomplish something. Important is to keep watching ourselves, and only ourselves, in this respect. What we do might be less important than how we do it.

Just BE all you can BE and that is enough. Everything else will follow from there and flow through us as if we were just channels.


Bernhardt Adjedi Cadbury April 5, 2013 at 9:19 am

Hi Robert,
I am well in-tune with the Great shift and integrating. Now just as you said, “The Shift is like a giant cloud of spirits that makes room for whoever joins it” The shift in consciousness will not and never impose reality upon the free will of humans that are not ready, since they still belief in a God out there and running for miracles here and there, more especially in the continent Africa were i reside christian s (church goers) still preach separation from Source and never want to here any New Age teaching concerning “ONENESS”. Even ET’s cannot violate cosmic laws to advance human’s spirituality. It is to this point that i still ask the question – The harvest is great, but the laborers are few. What then shall we the awakened do to even tell them about this “symbolic truth of Scriptures” that relates to Josh’s mission – an eye opener of not taken scriptures literally. Remember, Ascended Masters still wait on us so we can perfect and go home together.


Joshua Tilghman April 6, 2013 at 8:56 am


It seems here that you feel the main message we should spread is to do more about teaching people that the scriptures are not literal. Like you, I do feel that this message desperately needs to be spread. I am still learning about how to do this more effectively. Don’t worry, this is a passion of mine, and I work towards it daily.


Vinícius Otaviano June 26, 2017 at 12:27 pm

Bernhardt, I may be a bit late for this conversation, I just recently discovered Josh’s blog (which is one of the most incredible things I’ve discovered in the internet), so here’s my personal answer to your question “What then shall we the awakened do to even tell them about this “symbolic truth of Scriptures” that relates to Josh’s mission – an eye opener of not taken scriptures literally.” I believe that each of us has something that we really love, be it writing, singing, dancing and so on, and when we start to know ourselves, we can start from there, do what you love and everyone else will see the light that will start pouring out from you, this is what I believe living by example is. Follow your bliss, as that wise man Joseph Campbell once said, and the rest will come. Art is one of the answers for this question, and the more I study, the more I meditate, my eyes and ears are more and more opened to understanding the true meaning of what was previously hidden in plain sight, and I find it amazing that even though we live in a material world each passing day, there are blessed souls out there, such as Joshua, who are telling us the same thing, and the most incredible thing that I see in this, is how they were able to translate many of these ancient mysteries to modern concepts.


Robert April 5, 2013 at 8:05 pm

The mainstream Christian churches in most continents also separate man from the Source. The exception are some isolated monasteries. The Hindu and Buddhist missionaries were the ones to bring oneness, meditation, and higher consciousness to America. Psychologists, New Agers, and a branch of Catholics picked up on it and have made it popular and more acceptable. But the fundamentalist Christians in America have opposed it the strongest. Some businesses discovered they could enhance productivity by training employees in mindfulness techniques or TM. So there have been many avenues through which consciousness has spread. Discovering the esoteric code of consciousness in the bible is a specialized gift and appeals to people who have some background in the bible but have had major problems with mainstream religious doctrines. I can tell from the internet that TM and Buddhists outreaches are active in South Africa. Unitarian churches are open to consciousness and exist in South Africa. Don’t know that much about central Africa. There are a lot consciousness blogs and youtube presentations in English accessible worldwide on the internet. Reaching third world people must be difficult. Evangelistic Christians spread what they had very effectively by sponsoring missions funded by home churches and translating their literature into the native languages. They were very focused and power driven to do what they believe was the work of God. Such a vehicle does not seem to exist yet for spreading knowledge of consciousness to bible literate people who have fallen out of the mainstream churches and searching for meaning. Those people seem to find enlightenment somehow in the most interesting ways. I do not think the SHIFT is going to happen around the world using the same power tactics, guilt induction, arm twisting and ego oriented motivation used by Christian evangelists. Here is how I think it will happen.
This was graffiti written on a girls bathroom wall at a high school in Colorado.


Joshua Tilghman April 6, 2013 at 8:57 am


Thanks for sharing this. It seems someone at that high school is on the true path too.


motla68 April 5, 2013 at 9:15 pm

That is also a quote from good ole Jimi .


Robert April 5, 2013 at 9:44 pm

Jimi was singing about using the power of love to come back from trips away from reality. “With the power of love, anything is possible”.


Bernhardt Adjedi Cadbury April 7, 2013 at 9:44 am

Great thoughts and insights shared by all. There is one main point that i wish to bring to the attention to those of us who are awakened to our Christ Self, thus in Matthew 13:25 – but while men slept, (spiritually sleeping) the enemy (ego) came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. This is such that the young awakened Christ during various levels of initiations is not threatened by the ego.

Way back to similar questions that my 9 year old girl persistently ask about – who is God, Where is God, can we only go to Him after death, etc. and if she is not satisfy with her expectations, she tells me we shall revisit the matter when she finds another way to put it to my understanding, to the point that she said ” daddy, if you are saying God lives in me/us, why is it that it was recorded that people saw Jesus rising up in the clouds going to God?. Is her incarnated soul not looking for the esoteric truth in other to evolve. Is it not then time these children who ask questions that even adults don’t dare to know or ask are told and taught the esoteric truth considering – Luke 11:52 Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.

I recall at age 7, after many had danced round the offering / offertory basket and made offering in church to “God” i asked my step mum “how will the pastors make sure the money they have collected for god from us reaches God”. My step mum said, the pastors would pray over the collections and the money will evaporate to God. My point is that, if i had someone to tell me the truth about tithing, i wouldn’t have at age 35 – 13 years ago carried thousands of dollars to church, thus suffering as a result of ignorance and brainwashing, until i myself upon diligent seeking got to know the truth that had set me free and saved my soul from false prophets as the Bible puts it. Now, where was my parents to have told me the truth when i needed it most. I could as well have wallowed through life endlessly ignorantly perceiving false god’s as the true God and not having the opportunity in this life time to experience self awareness and for that matter the spark of Christ consciousness that is the essence of life itself. At this point, i think these children who ask pertinent questions regarding the nature of God should be told the esoteric truth when they dare to know. Some may be “rainbow children”.


Robert April 8, 2013 at 7:00 pm

Josh, Even though we can learn so much by ignoring the debate about the literal resurrection (did it really happen, was it a physical resuscitation or did Jesus just appear as a manifestation or vision, etc). and just focusing on the allegorical meaning. But still it is very important to most of us what happens to use after physical death. So in the long run, we can’t ignore it. We can come to believe in one of the many metaphysical explanations, including the traditional biblical one, or just accept that we don’t know (if we are still able to keep our sanity after a funeral or when getting close to taking out last breath). Or is there a state of higher consciousness where it just doesn’t matter anymore?


Christine Hoeflich April 20, 2013 at 11:10 pm

Wonderful comments everyone! I know I could be doing more to get the message of the Great Shift out into the world. For me right now it’s about being more consistent, about more consistently living from creation rather than survival. I have a plan on what I need to do in order to increase that %, which includes an exercise program that takes only minutes a day and an even healthier diet with more raw food, to increase my energy (I have teenage girls I am parenting and other projects I’m working on). I think it’s important that our bodies and minds function really well for our soul to fulfill their potential.


mary kozar July 29, 2017 at 11:01 am

How can one say that Jesus did not literally die and resurrect from the dead after the horrendous death on the cross…The Shroud of Turin clearly states with the aid of forensic science (2017) that the blood is that of a man about 30’sh who obviously had suffered a torturous death. His blood group was AB negative…Also another discovery was that Jesus had half the amount of chromosomes that a normal individual has…The paternal chromosomes are missing…A clear indication that his father was not Joseph; the missing chromosomes perhaps explains his divinity..I do agree that the bible is written on many levels and you are probably correct that it all leads to an explanation of life, conscience,
and many other paths which are correct..But you do a disservice to claim that the literal does not exist…Even archaeology correctly brings the exodus to a literal degree by finding the chariots and wheels in the sea from which the Hebrews were delivered..However I do enjoy your articles……………


Joshua Tilghman April 6, 2013 at 8:52 am

Yes! Part of the problem is thinking I, the individual, can save the world. Only the Christ can do this within each individual.


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