The Truth Will Set You Free

by Mike Doss on July 9, 2014

Eye's of Truth - Buddha's KiteWhy are Christians getting so sick?

During my life I have been around many people whom I would classify hardcore Christians. I began to notice something in common with all of them – namely, that the more intense their Christian convictions, the more they suffered from disease, illness and psychological problems. I didn’t really put the connection together – until now. I don’t profess to know everything or be completely right about everything. This is simply what I’ve found through my research.

The Bible will impart truth but only if interpreted correctly – esoterically, celestially and personally. It is almost all symbolism, metaphor, myth and allegory. I say celestially due to the Hermetic axiom of “As Above, So Below” That’s why the Bible states there will be lights in the heavens and THOSE LIGHTS WILL BE FOR SIGNS, but that is a discussion for another time.

The Bible must also be interpreted personally because, for the most part, what takes place in the Bible TAKES PLACE IN EACH OF US.

Now, after much comparative religion study going back to remote antiquity along with certain experiences I came to the realization that Christianity and Judaism follow diametrically opposite directions from the Bible and, for that matter, all of ancient scripture that I know of.

Remember, the Bible is just a copy of more ancient text/scripture, mostly from ancient Egypt (Khem), the name “Egypt” was a metaphor for the world and the human body and is a place where a soul can be “captured” – temporarily ), Greece and Persia with only the names and places changed. During the closing of the 2nd century A.D. and into the 3rd century the situation was very desperate for many, if not most people in the Mediterranean region being under the heel of Rome’s’ oppression. These people were quite understandably looking for some relief, the quicker the better so the members at the Council of Nicaea ( 325 A.D. ) who put the Bible together gave them what they wanted – a quick fix. What followed? The bloody ignorance of the Dark/Middle Ages that we have yet to climb out of.

This was the time frame when the deeper meaning of scripture was tossed aside for what we have today. A simple act of believing and “accepting Jesus into our hearts” would save the day. But one of the many problems with this scenario is that, who is going to hear us believing?

The First Cause is the Absolute Father/Mother in unity, the Ineffable as One-ness, The Source. From that sprang the Celestial/Christ/Soul Plane, the 2nd Cause (The Son), the seed ground of souls, souls being the oldest of forms.

Then came the physical universe in descending orders of what I call “Action Planes”. These planes are – Spirit Action Plane (Fire), Mental Action Plane (Air), Astral Action Plane (Water) and then actual physical embodiment, Physical Action Plane (Earth). So what is a soul? It is Mind, a unit of Divine Mind from the 2nd Cause/Celestial Plane but only in potential to begin with.

Each “Action Plane” corresponds to 1 of the 3 Causes/Planes above and is where the “action” for that specific Cause/Plane takes place for us. So the Spirit Action Plane will affect who we actually are – a Light Electrical Being which is a part of the 1st Cause. Next, the Mental Action Plane will affect souls descending from the 2nd Cause/ Celestial Plane. Finally, the Astral Action Plane will affect the physical lower/conscious mind which was brought forth along with the primordial creation out of the nothingness of empty space. When we (Spirit) as a fragment of the Absolute descend into the 2nd Cause/Celestial Plane we are encapsulated within the soul potential, so now we have Spirit inside of soul potential. Next, when the soul enters the physical universe it first passes through the Spirit Action Plane where the Spirits’ consciousness is locked. Then, the soul potential/Spirit descends through the Mental Action Plane. The soul potential/Spirit is itself encapsulated within Physical/Conscious Mind. This mind is also only in potential to begin with. This primordial matter (Polyhedrons, the 5 Platonic solids) is the invisible, sub-atomic, inorganic, unsubstantial matter which the elements are formed from. This matter is the real Virgin Mother because it remains un-wed to spirit. This is Isis for the Egyptians and Anna for the Judeo-Christians. Next the mind/soul/Spirit trinity pass through the Astral Action Plane where the 7 powers of the outer conscious mind are locked with the negative poles of their potentials. Our first step is to turn these 7 “Deadly Sins” or negative potentials into the positive potencies of the 7 “Cardinal Virtues”.

These 2 forms of Mind, both virgin at the beginning, untested and untried encapsulate “Us”. So we now have Divine Mind in potential wrapped and completely cloaked within lower physical mind potential. This lower mind is the builder of worlds and bodies, yes, our bodies. These Builders are known as the Demiurge, Rishi, Cosmocrators, Elohim, Archangels, Archons, Artificers, Logos and on and on…, the 7 powers of the physical mind dealing with generation and physical creation.

Matter is like a lump of clay, mindless. Mind is needed to create form from matter and when mind operates on matter it creates the forms with the mind and matter disappearing into the form and then a new life, species, etc., is created. For man this operation is carried out using the archetypal patterns of the constellations of the Zodiac as a guide. Thus we have on the front of the Almanac the Zodiacal Man with Aries in the head and Pisces at the feet, etc. Sorry Anunnaki crowd, just more badly misinterpreted ancient texts/scripture from Sumer and, I believe, Assyria.

These individual units of physical mind are known as the Suras and Asuras, Kumaras and the Five Wise/Foolish Virgins (Five senses in the lower conscious mind) because there were 2 groups, the willing/ obedient and the unwilling/disobedient. This also refers to the story of the Prodigal Son. So, when we operate in the physical realm our conscious minds are these physical mind units, independent of one another at the five senses level. So when a person believes something it stays within that mind unit and the beliefs stay right here in the physical realm (you can’t read minds, can you?). So what good is believing going to do for someone? Same holds true for prayer.

Now to the thorny problem of accepting, according to Christians, a real living person into their hearts. How does that work? How can the Christ/ Light/Consciousness of the entire Celestial Plane be compressed into one human being? How does another human being transfer that Light from one human to another? By simply stating it with mere words through the physical conscious mind? What is the actual mechanism?

It should be painfully clear by now that there are no literal characters/ events in the Bible – or for that matter ANY scripture/text.   The character of Paul clearly states to “not be a minister of the letter”. What does that mean? DON’T TAKE THIS LITERALLY! Jesus is simply a symbol of the Light/Christ/Consciousness that our souls are made up of, or should I say, will be made up of. The exact same symbol as Horus, Mithra, Dionysus, Atis, Tamuz, Krishna, Adonis, Balder etc. All of our souls (Divine Mind units in potential) make up the Christ. So yes, in case you are wondering, your own soul is your savior/messiah. Why? Because the soul is the witness, the one who comes forth as witness for the Spirit. Nobody can learn for us. Nobody can accept truth for us or reject materialism (which is just a worshipping of matter) and nobody can turn our negatives into positives for us, we must do the work ourselves. That is the whole point of physical existence. Being must dissolve its’ unity and split into spirit/matter, soul/body, Adam/Eve or, more specifically, electricity/magnetism to have the polarity/resistance to bring forth the souls’ latent powers. This soul growth cannot happen without this resistance of opposites. Make the 2 into 1 and the 1 into the All. That’s it. The 2 of course are both minds blending together harmoniously with the Divine Mind leading. When this is accomplished the soul earns its’ immortality and is filled with Light and becomes a part of the ALL along with the returning Spirit. Again, WE must do this ourselves.

Ok, I’m leading up to something here so bear with me. The Christian churches ( all of them ) send out the literal/historical message that if we just do what they say and wait until after death, well, who knows, a roll of the dice or some such nonsense. You must “get to Heaven” WHILE YOU ARE ALIVE. You must turn the 2 into 1 and the 1 into the All while alive. There is nothing to guess about. When you do this, you will KNOW without any doubts. This is the Gnostic Gnosis, Hindu Enlightenment, Spiritual transformation. There is ONLY 1 judgment to occur with us – have we earned our souls’ immortality or not? That’s it. If so, we graduate from this very difficult school and move on, if not then we (our own trinity as described above) recycle into a new body and continue learning. Value is what we need to learn. There is no standing before “God” and accounting for every word, action and thought. In that scenario a person will drive themselves insane with worry and make themselves very ill/diseased trying to keep all thoughts, actions etc. as “good” as they can. This will lead to horrible results for anyone attempting it. We must acknowledge and accept our negatives so we can find the cause and eliminate that cause which will then eliminate the effect. But these churches say just don’t have them, or else – sinner!, fraudulent guilt trips then “HELL”… There is certainly no Hell or some such place. How can physical materials such as fire, brimstone, pitchforks, sulphur, etc. trap/injure an invisible, non-physical entity like the soul? They cannot.

We are on a mission here. Think of yourselves as one Elwood Blues – “We’re on a mission from God”. That’s all it is. No original sin, no fraudulent guilt trips, no spiritual beggary and groveling. We are all fully equipped to take care of this ourselves. Scripture states emphatically to turn inside yourself – “Know yourself and when you know yourself you will be known”. So, of course since the Bible tells us to look INWARD what do the churches tell us to do? Look OUTWARD for a mythical personal savior, look OUTWARD to the church.

This “savior” was supposed to have “died for our sins” yet all Christians seem to think of themselves as “filthy rag” sinners so what good did this non-existent blood sacrifice on a cross do? The same can be said for this ridiculous non-existent guilt nonsense. “He” took our guilt? Then why do I hear Christian after Christian saying how guilty they feel and tearing up their own health in the process? Or is this blood sacrifice for something in the future? If so, then why do Christians worry about Hell? Their “sins/guilt” have already been erased before they were ever born, so what’s all this Hell talk? Why are they so down on themselves with this if it’s all been taken care of previously? Don’t burden yourself with any of this, it’s not real and when you have the courage to lift it off of you, you will not believe the relief. Let this nonsense go, if whatever “they” say is fear based then it is not from the Ineffable, but from man.

Absolute Truth is the key. When we go inward we discover the truth about ourselves, our relationships and the world. We begin to see through illusion and lies which, by the way, is most of what makes up this world. This truth, through meditation, contemplation, reflection, self-analysis/inquiry and self-improvement will eventually lead to the opening of the Hindu Seventh Chakra or the Christian 7th Seal – the Spiritual Third Eye or Pineal Gland. Uh-oh, that sounds like the devils work! Except for 2 things, first there is no devil and second, the Bible tells us to open that eye. How do we know this? Right in the Bible. Where did Jacob meet the Ineffable face to face? Right where we’re talking about – Piniel. Sure it’s spelled a little differently but we have many language translations going on here, Greek, Hebrew, English, Egyptian, etc.

It’s all about truth, nothing else. You don’t need scripture, a church or synagogue, a minister/pastor/rabbi or a religion. The quest for truth always leads to Light 100% of the time but the quest for Light/Spirituality leads to neither. Truth comes first, not spirituality. When you have paved the way with truth the real spirituality will follow and IT will find YOU, not the other way around. THEN it is time for scripture because you will have the consciousness to understand the deep, hidden meanings behind the scripture. But because people are heavily burdened with these issues earlier described AND because they are denying truth (both secular and non-secular), there’s a price to be paid. When our conscious/physical mind blocks the progress of our soul/Divine Mind the soul has no choice but to get the attention of the conscious mind ANY WAY IT CAN. It will do this by manifesting disease, illness and psychic/paranormal disturbances. This is not just Christians. Any human denying truth, behaving very negatively and/or inflicting this fraudulent guilt/sin/worry on themselves will generate these problems. If you’re having hauntings it is NOT just some freak occurrence, it is YOUR negative behavior/denial of truth.

So how do we truly accept “Jesus” into our “heart”? When we (soul potential/Spirit) first descended we first came into contact with the Spirit Action Plane. On the downward path we encounter negatives and on the upward path we encounter positives. When we first hit the Spirit Action Plane that’s when the Tibetan Eye of Dangma (Pineal Gland) closed (or, rather will be closed upon initial physical embodiment) and we fell into the deep sleep of the first Adam, asleep in matter, objectivity, ignorance and forgetfulness. Next is the Mental Action Plane. Here is where the lower physical mind unit encapsulates our soul potential/Spirit. This, again, is the mind of the Builders. Next, we encounter the Astral Action Plane where lower emotions (the rest of the 7 Deadly Sins) are added onto our increasingly heavy burden. Then, final descent into our dense, physical bodies. This descent is the “Fall of Man”. Just a “fall” into these bodies and a “fall” of consciousness, that’s all.

The 7 Chakras/Seals of Revelation are energy centers. They are actually mental in nature but reflect out to various parts of the body. They are like spinning wheels, all spinning downward for our descent. In the body the journey of the soul potential/Spirit begins in the brain at the Corpus Claustrom, also known as the Holy Claustrom, then the Holy Claus, then the Saint Claus. I’m sure you have already guessed what name follows. Santa Claus, bringing gifts down from above. These gifts are the 4 spinal fluids emanating from the Claustrom. It’s the Manna from Heaven and the 4 rivers of the Garden of Eden. These fluids coming down the spine end up at the base of the spine, the root Chakra/Seal symbolically ruled over by the moon. At first we waste these energies through “riotous living” as in the allegory of the Prodigal Son. Over- eating and eating junk/fast food, too much sex, alcohol, drugs, etc. But then we start to wise up a bit. Sooner or later we all feel the need for truth, each at our own pace. Truth is almost like an entity by itself and from what I understand is the Spirit of the Ineffable. This is why truth is paramount. Once the journey for truth is started truth is always with you and the quest for it never leaves us. That root Chakra/Seal represents, symbolically, illusion.

We slowly begin to see through the illusion and lies which, as stated earlier, is what rules our world for now. I discovered the single, most difficult item to find on this planet isn’t gold or diamonds or rare earth elements but – truth. Most of what is considered “mainstream” is illusion/lies. When we begin to see through this illusion the root Chakra/Seal begins to spin the other way, upward, bringing the salts (salt of the earth) and oils at the base of the spine upward. Now we are beginning our ascent.

More truth leads to the next Chakra/Seal, the generative ruled by Mercury and symbolically representing skill/wit/humor, to spin upward and this process continues until we reach the Crown Chakra/Seal, the Pineal Gland. We have now made it back to the Spirit Action Plane on the ascent. When these salts/oils/energy energize this Chakra/Seal, the Eye of Horus, the Eye of Providence, the Spiritual Third Eye opens. Now, this gland has actual rods and cones just like our physical eyes but it lies at the very center, or “heart”, of the brain.

Since it can’t actually see physical objects, why is it called an eye? Eyes receive light and this Third Eye receives invisible Divine Light/Consciousness, or “Jesus”. So we must open the Pineal Gland and let “Jesus” come into our “heart”. 3 of the 4 Horsemen, in this case Abednego, Shadrach and Meshach of the Apocalypse (the Revealing) are placed in the Fornix (vaulted furnace) via the Pineal Gland. These are the Pale/Green (physical energy), Black (intellectual energy) and red (emotional energy). After the Pineal Gland opens we are ready for the white horse (Divine Light/Consciousness) to enter the Pineal Gland “from above”. This then heats up the Fornix/furnace. The Pineal Gland is in the shape of a pine cone, you can see this on the medical Caduceus and a large statue of a Pineal Gland/pine cone in front of the Vatican. So what happens in a forest fire when the pine cone heats up enough? It opens and burst forth seed/new life. The same with the Pineal Gland, it opens, not to receive Light this time but to send Light out and fill the body with this Light. That’s why the Bible states that if your eye be single/simple, your body will be filled with Light/melatonin. This melatonin will heal our bodies of cancer and all types of disease (physician- heal thyself). When this occurs we have accomplished our mission here, earned our souls’ immortality and are now ready for bigger and better things…

Simple, right?

Here are a few more observations:

There is no such thing as talking serpents. People don’t live in the intestines of a whale for 3 days and survive. Symbolism – Jonas and his whale are directly from Cetus and the Leviathan and refers to the same Sun symbolism as “Jesus” dying on the cross and being resurrected 3 days later. The Ancients couldn’t notice the Sun moving in the sky for 3 days between Dec. 21st and Dec. 25th and again from March 21st to March 25th. Just talking about the Sun here. Same with Lazarus, the name of which is from Egypt thousands of years prior, El-Asar-Us. Remember, different language translations, etc.

It’s probably not a good idea to go into a lion’s den and try to actually lie down with a pride for a week – or any length of time. Symbolism – the den is our bodies, the lions are the lower mind/animal nature that the Divine Mind (Daniel this time) tames and makes docile.

Women aren’t made from spare ribs. The Bible states that both the Ineffable and the Kingdom of Heaven are within each of us so we probably shouldn’t be looking outwardly.

Some “guy” dunking you in a pool of (hopefully clean) water does nothing – the Baptism is the souls’ immersion into the “water” of the body (the human body being 7/8 water). So the Vatican’s’ talk of baptizing aliens from outer space, or anyone for that matter, is preposterous.

The name of Israel is straight from Ancient Egypt/Khem (Is) is, Ra, El Mother/Father/God. It is the 12 Orders of Divine Life in which Humanity is but one (Hierarch of Pisces, Angels Aquarious, ArchAngels Capricorn, etc.). Also Israel is the 12 signs of the Zodiac and was never a country before 1948.

Israelite – any human being on this planet bringing forth their spirituality. This was a level of spiritual attainment at the Ancient Mystery Schools.

Jew – any human being on this planet who has successfully spiritually transformed, again another level of attainment at the aforementioned schools.

Exorcisms, séances, cleansings etc. will not end any psychic/paranormal disturbances, only a change of behavior will work.

The soul and lower mind are at odds with one another until they become one. While at odds the line where they collide is the Battle of Armageddon. BTW, why does there need to be an enormous bloodbath somewhere in the Middle East for the “Prince of Peace” to return?

The “Promised Land” is your body as partially described above. People can’t actually walk on top of water. Symbolism – “Jesus” (our soul) doesn’t fall into the water of lower emotions/lower thoughts.


Christianity/Judaism is straight from “Pagan” scripture whether you like it or not.

Nephtys (Egypt – daughter of Isis) and Mary Magdalene (daughter of Anna) are not Virgin Mothers because they, being symbols for visible, organic, atomic, substantial matter are the “mothers” which “wed” with spirit to produce the Christ-minded 2nd “Adam” (human being).

Easter is not the resurrection of a 3 day old corpse from 2,000 years ago but the future resurrection of all of our souls from the “tomb” of the body. If this was a historical event why does the date of Easter change every year depending on the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon after the Vernal Equinox? Shouldn’t this be a fixed date?

Christmas used to be on March 25th but, in approximately 345 A.D. the “Church Fathers” decided it was best to move it to Dec. 25th to align with the Greek Dionysus/Bacchus and the Persian/Roman Mithra. All the same symbols as stated above. If the “birth of our savior” can be moved around at will, how is it a historical event?

Reincarnation was taught by the Christian Church up until about the 6th Century A.D. Why was it removed from the teachings? You might want to find out…

I could go on but hopefully you get the point. The truth seeker needs 1 thing to begin their journey – courage. Courage to have an open mind, to think for oneself, to not listen to and believe the same lies from the same liars over and over again, to not care what anyone else thinks. After at least 1,700 years of this the spell seems to be wearing off a bit so the criminal globalist elites who are temporarily running things right now have a new “religion” for us. It is called TECHNOLOGY. Using brain chip implants, cell phone towers (think Nextel, or is it really the next EL? see Israel above) and other devices they will try and convince people they can have their intelligence and consciousness raised artificially. But these technologies only RECEIVE signals, so a person will only be getting whatever these globalists want them to have. Also, we all should know by now how unreliable technology is with hardware/software bugs, device failure, hacking, etc. Since these modern religions are about control you should understand what it is you will be receiving if you decide to take the “quick fix”.

We fell for that “quick fix” 2,000 years ago with horribly tragic results. Don’t fall for it again.

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Joshua Tilghman July 9, 2014 at 11:19 am


This article is filled with A LOT of meat. I read it through twice. There is so much to discuss and talk about here.

I enjoyed not only how you have explained humanity’s mission, but even the little tidbits of wisdom about how all of our cultural icons are taken from spiritual concepts contained in the physical body and how light and consciousness work within us.

You also stated:

“Matter is like a lump of clay, mindless. Mind is needed to create form from matter and when mind operates on matter it creates the forms with the mind and matter disappearing into the form and then a new life, species, etc., is created. For man this operation is carried out using the archetypal patterns of the constellations of the Zodiac as a guide. Thus we have on the front of the Almanac the Zodiacal Man with Aries in the head and Pisces at the feet, etc. Sorry Anunnaki crowd, just more badly misinterpreted ancient texts/scripture from Sumer and, I believe, Assyria.”

You have explained something here which I have always believed. The Anunnaki aren’t about aliens. Zecharia Sitchin was a brilliant man, but I believe he completely missed the esoteric meanings of the text. Great points!

As a side note I will say that prayer is still a great avenue for some, even when done with the wrong belief system, simply because everyone has to journey through different stages of consciousness to arrive at a higher awareness. We are all traveling are own path in our on time.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this. I will be reading this one through again. Thanks for the great contribution!


Tommy July 9, 2014 at 4:27 pm

This is a great synthesis of Gnostic insights and the science behind them. Wisdom is universal as its source is Universal Mind, whether expressed in traditions from Egypt, Persia, Greece or Asia. I first became conscious of this reading the Tao Te Ching, and I saw in Lao Tzu the teachings of Jesus – Lao Tzu preceded Jesus by more than 500 years according to legend. Later I found the same wisdom in the writings of Hermes Trismegistus, Plato and others. As I have written, the Roman church took over original Gnostic Christianity with its roots in the great and ancient traditions.

It’s interesting that in the canonical Gospels tidbits of these traditions are evident albeit obscured by superficial orthodox explanations, interpolations and glosses. Besides the esoteric symbolism, there are other hints of Gnostic roots. In Matthew, for example, upon Jesus’ birth an astrological sign, the star of Bethlehem, led three Magi from Persia – correctly understood as astrologers and magicians – to pay homage to the Christ figure. The church calls them “kings” or “wise men.” After all, magic and astrology are of the devil, so they say.

In the same Gospel, Jesus spends 12 years in Egypt, returns to Judea and astounds the priests with his wisdom. What the child prodigy learned in Egypt became the foundation for his teaching and ultimately led to his crucifixion as it ran counter to the Jewish establishment. The number 12 turns up in the Bible repeatedly and is numerologically significant. One of the accusations against Jesus was that he was a sorcerer, something downplayed by the church. Clues of its mystical origins are everywhere in the Bible once you know how to look for them.

As one who had been a devoted evangelical Christian, it was disturbing to realize everything I had learned was half-truths and lies. In the paradox of all paradoxes, I realized that this church is the very anti-Christ it claimed to oppose. The church does not realize the Book of Revelation is a thoroughly Gnostic work, and that they are the whore of Babylon. Coming to understand the truth and pursuing the new path was at once painful and very liberating. I finally felt free. No more sickness of mind and body.

My only departure is that in my view there is a historical basis for the Gospel stories both canonical and in those uncovered near Nag Hammadi, Egypt. The drama and corrections being played out here on the earth plane are a reflection of the drama and corrections occurring in the Spiritual dimensions. We are the ground in which all is being healed through suffering and then will come perfection and unity. “As above, so below.” Every drama has its purpose leading to the Cosmic unity of the All.

Thank you for such a good work and stirring my emotions,


Mike Doss July 12, 2014 at 1:23 pm

Hi Tommy, nice to hear from you and thanks. I can certainly understand how you feel, spending your time and energy on Christianity and feeling disappointed. But look at the facts, these churches give us nothing to grasp onto, nothing real or that we can actually use. Tithing, for instance was never about money. It’s giving your lower minds’ 10% toward the right half of the brain and also storing 10% of the seed for next years planting. I think we have all gone through that before in one fashion or another. As for the Gospels themselves those are just the 4 Cardinal Points of the Zodiac. The 3 wise men are Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. There are no written records of a Jesus, no contemporary writers ever mentioned this person and these Gospels didn’t appear until maybe 70-80 B.C. The Greeks who put the Bible together needed a name for the sun. Their language has numerical value so the sun needs to be 888 and the corresponding letters are iesus which translates into English as Jesus. I’m not trying to give you a hard time and I hope this helps – keep seeking.


Tommy July 14, 2014 at 8:31 am

Blessings to you Mike,

I respect your viewpoint. It is never my intent to impose mine on anyone else. If it seemed that way I apologize. Each person experiences Truth in their own way. No one can possess Truth. Each seeker will find their Way. If I argue and tell someone their viewpoint is wrong, which once was my attitude, this is my ego at work. The opposite of ego is Love.

Knowledge of astrology, numerology, Gnostic mythology, scripture, Kabbalah, and so on, are merely pointers and not the point itself. If we think decoding nature, the planets, history or myth leads us to our Divinity we are deluding ourselves. After all, this is the point. Our fascination with knowledge of these things can be a diversion from experiencing the Christ within, if we allow it. I was once in this place.

Learned mystical knowledge can in effect replace one dogma for another. I found myself doing this. Regarding knowledge, to paraphrase Lao Tsu, another legendary Light bearer, ‘the person who knows, does not know.’ This is my humble view, which can only be described as ‘temporary’.

To clarify my comment regarding Christianity, I distinguish the person from the organized church and its dogma.

Peace be with you,



Mike Doss July 14, 2014 at 5:46 pm

Tommy, no way did you impose or have anything to apologize for. Sometimes I don’t always express myself well enough. I think you make some excellent points. Please don’t ever worry about expressing yourself to me, I think it is I who should express myself better. Thanks for your note.


Robert July 9, 2014 at 4:39 pm


Wow. There is a lot in here to digest. I caught glimpses of your ideas during the first browse through. Mostly what caught my eye is what I agree with. More and more I have been learning that physical and mental wholeness and financial prosperity is fully available and not on a reward system or following the various formulas of the mainline and word-faith churches. It has to do with evolution of consciousness, not directly involving the issue of sin.

I can see that for some people it would take courage to hurdle the obstacles that the church has falsely imposed. Some people just generally do not want change as much as others… it is a personality type thing. These people need courage and encouragement because they suffer trauma when they fear they are being kicked out of their comfort zone, even if they know it is illusionary.

Others are brought to challenge the status quo by their intense curiosity, desire for truth, or because they crashed and burned trying to make it using the old ways.


David Gantt July 9, 2014 at 8:48 pm

Dear Josh,
I remember going hard in the paint for Christ. But I did it in ignorance! Spiritual ignorance. I tried spreading the word, going to church, paying tithes hoping for a blessing, the whole religious act. I realize that all of this was like a religious dance or more like going on a date with the harlot from the book of Revelation. I used to believe that Romans 10:9 if you confess the Jesus is Lord, you shall be saved… By the literal(letter). Deep down inside I knew Yahshua(Jesus) meant something more then what was taught in the churches. I just didn’t know how to express it. This website is da boom because at the end of the day, it’s about Luke 17:21 i.e. The Kingdom Within! Not Religion. Religion kills… Spiritually lives. Halluajah and Amen :-)!!!


Alisa July 9, 2014 at 9:18 pm

I really enjoyed this article. Lots of interesting information. I was drawn to the question: “Why are Christians getting so sick?” I grew up in a baptist church and I slowly drifted from it as a young adult. But, I used to wonder that same question when we read in scripture that all diseases are healed. I couldn’t understand. I also couldn’t understand saying “grace” or a prayer before a meal, to bless the food, when what they were eating caused them to be on diabetic medication. I began to realize that it was the belief system of trusting an external being in the sky for healing.

I appreciate your explanation of the single eye/pineal gland and the light/melatonin filling the body to heal disease. This is the second time I’ve heard this within 2 days. Truth heals, beliefs gives you a bandage, an illusion of healing. So I’m learning to know the difference myself. This reminds me of the lyric in Stevie Wonder’s Superstition-“If you believe in things that you don’t understand then you suffer”.

Great post! I too will read it over again.


Mike Doss July 14, 2014 at 3:50 am

Hi Alisa, great to hear from you. You know, about beliefs, you hit the nail right on the head. I was already thinking about an article on just what you mentioned. They are not only a bandage but a bondage as well. When we believe we close the door to knowing. Another thing is your reference to music, Stevie Wonder in this case. Songs are filled with hidden meaning, Kansas, Elton John, Spandau Ballet, John Denver, The Moody Blues and on and on. Great insight there! Since Christianity ( Council of Nicea ) started in Rome/Vatican ( notice how Rome converted around this time ) all Christian churches are lead by the Vatican. The Vaticans’ motto is something like “let he who would be deceived be deceived”. They know but they are the scribes etc hiding the keys but we know the keys are simply going within, not outside. Really nice talking with you and thanks.


Sparks July 10, 2014 at 11:19 am

Hi Mike,
Great work here! I also agree with all of the above comments, and had some questions come to mind while reading, one in particular concerning the descending & ascending parts of our journey. This is where I see a strong correlation or bonding of DNA, whereas, religion/spirituality has a synchronization with science. Not only pertaining to our own individual bloodline, but that of our particular soul group.
For some reason I keep getting this thought of helping/aiding those on either side of the El-ladder?
Do you have any particular thoughts on this? Especially in the realm of suffering?
All myths have a major theme of suffering involved, so that intricate pattern is what keeps popping up in my consciousness. In other words, its not for nothing, especially if one is on their individual spiritual path, knowing or unknowing is the essential difference. “Prayer” makes its entrance here, if heartfully directed through our electrical energy, they will go exactly as intended.
El meaning God/Love/Electricity, thus science bonding or forming w/Spirit.
I remember when my spiritual quest/yearning started around 15 years ago, being Catholic raised , then various Christian based branches, I was being labeled a Pagan, finally I just gave up and agreed, “I am a Pagan on a mission”!
Yes! Courage, Fortitude & Strength will pull us through…



Mike Doss July 12, 2014 at 12:51 pm

Hi Sparks, how are you? About suffering really the best way I can describe it is the only way we learn and store the value in the sub-conscious is the hard way. Before Transformation the conscious mind is pretty much on its’ own until we slowly get higher mind involved. This is on purpose because the soul/spirit come from a place without ignorance, negativity, etc so a real impact needs to be made. For physical beings DNA is huge, you’re right. That’s Jacobs Ladder in the body, it’s how Shamans communicate with plants/animals, it’s the messenger of the body when we receive Light from above – Pineal Gland to DNA to cells. I hope this answers your questions. Take care.


anny July 11, 2014 at 10:16 am

Hello Mike,

Welcome to SOS as yet again a new contributor.

You provide us with an awful lot of information to digest in one article, part of which I knew already. I agree with you on a lot of things, especially the need to interpret the Bible symbolically and on a personal level. All this is about us, about our process, and nobody is going to do it for us.

That having been said, I clearly recognized two different sections in your article or two different flows. The majority is a lot of knowledge, informative and carefully researched. Of course it is your choice from a wide variety of material. It is very interesting and I see it as your truth and not necessarily the truth. My truth, also not the truth, is slightly different, since I use different sources (see my articles if you are interested). That does not bother me at all though as in my view each person should follow his own path and make his own choices, without any judgment from anyone else. As long as we are all oriented towards return to our Source, we will eventually meet up and reach the same destination.

However, I also recognized parts of your article as being more subjective and driven by emotional undercurrents. I probably recognized that because they triggered me in some way.

The way you write about Christianity and Christians feels less than respectful to me and at the same time it seems to point to some deep hurt inside you. This is not meant as a criticism but somehow I need some clarity on this kind of thing that keeps triggering me. I do not know about your experiences with Christianity and with churches but I, as an ex-Christian, do not recognize myself or our type of churches in that at all. And I cannot imagine that all churches in the US are that way either, so I cannot come to another conclusion than that you must have been hurt in some way in order to write about them the way you do.

We all create our own world and within the context of that world somehow the most (to others) outrageous things are believable and as such I do not think it is any use at all to make an appeal to reason to a person who is still firmly entrenched in such ideas, even less so if you try to do that by making these ideas seem ridiculous. However, I cannot believe that all Christians are as naïve as you make them out to be. In fact I know they are not, as I never was, nor the people around me. Even if they still believe(d) in church doctrines, they do/did not bother with them much; their focus often is/was on love as they want(ed) to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and – as I was reminded of again when I visited the concentration-camp Bergen-Belsen in Germany last week – at the time of World War II some ended up getting enlightened/resurrected right then and there while being ‘çrucified’ in their own way before being shot or dying in another way (the right order by the way). They turned into shining examples of light who had lost all fear and hatred. That is why it somehow hurts me when I hear ‘all Christians’ being talked about in the way you mention them in your article, as we cannot hold a candle to them.

The people in those camps were both Christians and Jews and also people without any religion, as were others who tried to save their own lives by turning traitor.

Another thing that struck me was that you seemed to make an appeal to the mind more than to the heart; you did not use the word Love even once, as it was all about truth. But Love is a big and essential part of truth. In Hebrew truth is called ‘emet’ written as 1-40-400, (Hebrew characters are also numbers). From Hebrew numerology I learned that when you leave out the one (the One), all that is left is ‘met’, which means dead/death. One as a word is ‘echad’, which shares its total numerical value with the word ‘ahava’ (in Greek ‘agapè’), which means love. In short: truth without love, truth without being aware of being One with all, is not truth at all, it is death.

Again, I am sure that is not what you wanted to convey. I am sure that you did not mean to leave out Love at all but that you just wanted to provide the knowledge as concisely as possible and you are obviously more mind oriented than I am.

As a final remark: you do rather lightly about belief as if it is something ridiculous, something that cannot mean anything. I do not agree with you there. It is the contents of a belief that may be meaningless but not the concept of belief or the verb believe themselves. We all believe and believing has very much power indeed. If you believe you are going to die of cancer, chances are great that you will. If you believe that you are never going to amount to anything, chances are you won’t. If you firmly believe that some medicine will cure you, then your body will heal you, even if the medicine turns out not to be a medicine at all. When you start a project, you have to believe in it and if you do not, you probably will not succeed. “Miracles will happen, if only you believe” was once the title song of the film the Prince of Egypt, I think. And it is so true. You must believe in things to be possible in order to accomplish them and if you do and act on it, then you will probably be successful.




Mike Doss July 12, 2014 at 12:24 pm

Hello Amy, nice to meet you. The fact you posted that comment then signed it Love I find remarkable. You’re right, I didn’t mention love. That’s not what the article was about. It was more along the lines of a nice, big bucket of ice water right in the face to wake people, like you, up. Truth comes before anything else. As far as camps are you speaking of the fake nonsense in Germany or the real Holocaust on the Ukranian people 1932-33? You might find it interesting that the 6 million number was being bandied about during WW1 by the Sun newspaper in New York in 1915, then by the Times in 1918, 1919, 1921 but the lie didn’t stick then. There weren’t enough people like you around to believe it. The elitist criminals who call themselves jews ( not the common jews ) declared war on the German people in the 1920’s. It is in a great deal of literature of the time. The the world-wide jewish boycott of German goods in the early 1930’s,, the scientific proof that Zyklon-B tablets could NEVER kill the way your beloved liars say, that captured Soviet tank engines could NEVER kill the way the liars described, the non-existent Soviet sub used for such purposes. The fact that carbon monoxide poisoning leaves the blood and skin bright, cherry red except the paid actor/liar survivors stated always that the bodies were black and blue. They also stated they never actually saw ANY of the non-existent murders being carried out, they only assumed. International Red Cross states the total number of deaths in all German camps at 272,000. The World Jewish Council had the number of jews world wide in 1933 at 15.3 million and at 15.7 million in 1948. 6 million in WW1, 6 million more in WW2. I guess these “survivors” were quite busy little bunnies.

Since all Christian churches spew out the same message, how is there an argument? You talk of emotions but you, being the ex-christian, simply can’t accept the fact that all of these people believe the most ridiculous nonsense imaginable. Find some truth, then we’ll talk about love. Have a nice day.


Justin July 18, 2014 at 9:16 am


I have to respectfully disagree with you here. You say to search for truth and then to talk about love. However, truth without love is no truth at all. It is apparent that you have a problem with Christianity, I know many that do, but those problems should not blind you to love. It seems to me that you have amassed a great deal of knowledge, that is commendable and of great help to us who are seeking the path to enlightenment. However, with love you are left just facts, and facts alone will drive you into the depths of hell.

I’m not sure how into New Age you are, personally I see it as a new religion that holds many truths but those truths are hidden in allegory much like they are in all other Love based religions. In New Age, there is the belief, from what I have gathered, that there the a race of individuals known only as the Hebrews came to earth to settle with Men. These individuals had obtained all there was to know about the universe and its very intricate working but they could not ascend because they had not learned to apply their knowledge in Love. This goes hand in hand with the Bible, which again is all allegory. We are told repeated that God is love, we are told that without love all the knowledge of universe, all the wealth you can imagine, and all the power that could be amassed mean nothing if we do not have love. No I understand that you are on a path for knowledge, I too have walked that path and felt it the bliss that it can bring. It is intoxicating and fills the bearer of the knowledge with power and pride.

I know that if you continue to seek truth that it will lead you to love, but in the mean time it is making you harsh. You told a very loving woman to seek truth and then talk about love. I the opposite is true seek love and then well talk truth. For without love, all is vain.

Be Blessed;


Mike Doss July 18, 2014 at 1:08 pm

Hi Justin, you are right, that comment was harsh and I regretted it very soon after and I also apologized to her and asked her forgiveness. But 1 bout of temporary insanity does not determine love. What I’m saying is that we all have love, forgiveness, harmony etc but that it is concealed and we need to remove this concealment through truth->consciousness. Truth is concrete and there is only 1 truth for any given situation. There will be many different perspectives on that 1 truth but it is still just the 1. How do we find love? Truth comes from learning/life experiences which leads to awareness which then leads to recognition. Does love come from learning? Learning what? We eventually know when we have truth, you know, “the truth will always come out”. How do we know when we have love? Love is an emotion and emotions change, truth never changes. Either something is, or it isn’t. Also I’m very sorry to all of you for that lousy comment several days ago, it won’t happen again.


Sparks July 19, 2014 at 4:16 am

Here’s the catch of the day…Love is not an emotion. Love is not an emotion.
Love is an awareness, an attitude, a context for understanding life. Love is the leading edge of reality, the oneness and essence of Spirit. To deny love, is deny God/You/and all of us sharing this planet with you.
It is and sadly so obscured by positionality and judgment. Viewing love as a weakness or even questioning its value in each of our lives is very dangerous territory. If you believe in anything Mike, believe in Love. Look deeply in the eyes of a dying person, all you will see is love, look in the eyes of a baby or child, all you will see is love, listen to the birds outside your window singing, all you will hear is love, feel the breath giving you life, all you will feel is love, trees unconditionally give us our breath every single day of our lives. Do they ask? Give of yourself to others in need, without reward or praise. This really is doing nothing mentally or physically, you are observing/aware and through this love will pour into your heart, and you will never, ever forget it,
Be the transformer; gratitude, gentleness, appreciation, kindness, respect. Not only to others but also to yourself. Realizing how powerful the wondrous force of the love within
you actually is.
Love never changes, it never fails!
This I give you from my heart and soul, be the love you were born with and will die with.
We here at SOS, agree, disagree, learn, share our truths w/o reservation or judgments, and in doing all this we sincerely love and respect each other. I have made many true heart friends here, my treasure is their love.(above all that I have learned here)
Plus, we all forgive you and thank you for apologizing to our Anny and all the love that she is.
Shine forth Mike,

Sparks July 19, 2014 at 3:31 am

Hi Justin,
You stated at the end of your comment to Mike “without love, all is in vain.”
I am in total and absolute 100% agreement with you, love before truth.
The spirit of love is all powerful and it will give you all the truth you need and want, but knowing the truth of love is premier in our spiritual journeys.

There is so much love here at SOS, it pours through each of us to the other, w/o all the love I have felt here I would not have sustained as well as I have.
I thank you and everyone here for giving so unconditionally of this, of this, what we live for.
Be well and know more love each and every day!


Robert August 24, 2014 at 4:36 pm


My apologies. I’ve been preoccupied with personal problems and missed all the fun. I am catching up and glad to see how the SOS community members tolerate each other and move quickly to mend mistakes.

I wanted to add an additional perspective for what I understand about the Holocaust. Not trying to scratch open a healing wound. Even which side is right or wrong is not the issue I’m trying address. I am addressing the problems we all experience when we obtain information and direction from sources that may be biased or corrupted by secret agendas.

I am a Messianic Jew and have a certain amount of loyalty to Jews and Israel… but it stops when humane principles have been violated. I am currently in a bible study in my Messianic congregation where the leader is highly autocratic and leading the study group into developing antagonist feelings an attitudes toward all Muslims. I spoken out abut it to the group whenever I have been able to get a word in, but have now been suppressed by the leader I a very cold and manipulative way. I am learning that the leader and many people in the group are getting their Muslim bashing information from ultra-conservative right wing sources, including journals that have the credibility of a cheap tabloid. And I find myself the only liberal Christian in a sea of fundamentalists. I have never really understood until now how bad sources can lure people into bad behavior, thinking they are the righteous good guys saving the world from evil. The twist is that I was once a fundamentalist and I was lured and took the worm with the hook, line, and sinker….and never knew it. So, understanding how we can all be fooled when we are impressionable and naïve, or impassioned by subconscious forces to the point of blindness, helps me find compassion for the misguided.

So I am battling one form of out of control Zionism at one extreme, and trying to keep from being asked to leave, and sucking it up when I am told by the leader I cannot read an a short article to the group from an enlightened Baptist pastor about non-terrorist Muslims that places them in a better light.

Now at the other extreme ( at least the extreme on my baseline, maybe not someone else’s) I find it impossible to keep quite about holocaust denial. My first encounter was with Arab activists going around college campuses in the 1970s introducing their platform of denial. I looked in to their claims and found them to be inaccurate and without an honest foundation. There was also a highly quoted PHD researcher who was a Western historical reconstructionist also publishing his work in non-credible journals and being referenced…. his research grant was funded from a Saudi Arabian faction. Historically, this all resulted from the resurgence of Islamic political ambition around 1920 after several Islamic nations had been exploited by Western imperialism, causing a reaction after centuries of Islamic political non-reaction, and which has been gaining momentum ever since, and unfortunately using terrorism and deception in the name of Allah(which is acceptable under certain situations according to parts of the Quran and they way it can be interpreted).

I cannot go over all that I have researched. All I can say is that I have tried to be objective. I am a retired chemist and the information I compiled about the color of the bodies that were claimed to be exterminated in the “death trucks” agrees with them being blue, not red as would be expected by carbon monoxide poisoning. Without a lot of technical background, we tend to think of these death trucks as the same environment as when a person locks themselves in a car with the motor on in a sealed garage and dies of carbon monoxide poisoning, turning red. But the truck environment was not the same. The diesel exhaust which contained very little carbon monoxide, but was depleted of oxygen and rich is carbon dioxide, was recycled into the sealed truck beds, and in a continuous cycle so that the oxygen level in the truck bed was depleted and replaced by carbon dioxide. The victims died of oxygen starvation which, as in a heart attack, causes convulsions while the sufferer is conscious and turns the body blue. This is a much more excruciating way to go than passing out from carbon monoxide poisoning. The testimonies of the people who saw the bodies removed from the death trucks was accurate…. they saw blue corpses.

As the war progressed, resources became more scarce, so that wasting diesel fuel to murder small truckloads of victims was not affordable. A more massive solution was developed. The masses and masses of bodies that were dragged out of the showers were not clean….they were naked and dead. Too many of them to incinerate…so multitudes of the overflow were thrown into mass graves.

There have been a lot of allegations about the number murdered. It is generally believed that mass genocide, known as Hitler’s “final solution” was a plan developed to hide it from bad press. The brutal executions in the Warsaw ghettos were very bad press. On the Eastern front with Russia, multitudes were put into forced labor farms to supply the army and when they were no longer needed and became weak and sick, they were told to dig long trenches and then lined up on top of them and shot in the back so they fell in. This continued because the Eastern front was not as visible to the press. I have a family of relatives who were killed that way, all with my same last name.

People can argue about the count. Statistics can always be tweeked to lie. But the proof of the enormity of the massive genocide still remains, not just in the concentration camps that were kept as a remembrance, but even more so by the nations that were once rich with Jewish populations and culture, synagogues and yeshivas…..the home of millions, not thousands, all gone like a ghost town. There were not that many escapees like one of my relatives who made it out… and then with nowhere to go where they could be accepted and safe.

I needed to tell that. Not just because of the Holocaust, but more because the danger of living in a delusion fed by deluded sources. Our hope individually is to keep growing spiritually to escape the pull of delusion from the environment we came from. When enough of us escape, we can exert an influence that counters terrorism and massive civilian collateral damage.


Vernon McVety July 13, 2014 at 9:01 pm

I wonder how many bible based Christians (meaning specifically those who are learning to apply the esoteric meanings through the literal) have ever been introduced to the doctrines of Marcion? Marcion was the first to compose the New Testament. Marcion was also one of the first to oppose the concept of the Demiurge (the God of the Old Testament) as the Father of Jesus. The true Father of Christianity, according to Marcion, never wanted to create a material world, but only the spiritual. And there will be no final judgement over Christians, since the true ineffable Father is pure love and can only forgive. The Final “Judgment Day” is false theology. And the “Judgment Day” is condemned as a fear instigator by many metaphysical thinkers of today, and in some ways unjustly so. I’m thoroughly convinced that evil (fear) carries the seed of it’s own destruction. But it carries more than that along with it within the spiritual conflicts of our being. The concept of the “judgment Day” does indeed induce fear in the minds of Christians. But I don’t think we will ever know the complete wisdom and intellectual assessments of Marcion’s dealings with the written Word, as it was back then, because of so many interpolations and changings at the hands of Church authorities, especially the Romans. I believe Marcion had a unique way of explaining the falsities implanted in the bible, showing reasons for them as how they effect the souls of Christians, rather than totally revolting against them. “Judgment Day,” although I believe is false, has it’s purpose as part of the bible, and is not a totally negative concept, as so many believe. Why? Because it has something to do with love, love as experience and action. I cannot explain it in any metaphysical way, I feel it intuitively. In other words I am actually saying that fear, which was so solemnly condemned as being totally negative last month, just may, in some way, have a positive. Why couldn’t it be so that fear, to a certain degree, plays an incentive for human respectability, responsibility, compassion and mercy? If life itself is illusion (Maya) as they say, why isn’t it possible that certain illusionary beliefs can play out a part in the perfection of the soul?

It’s often noted as biblical principle that love knows no fear. But exactly what kind, or level, of love and fear is meant in context and principle? Christianity is more about Love than any thing else. In this light I cannot see Truth, or the value of it, as a qualifier standing before and more important than love. To me Love is infinitely more important than truth. I will end with an immanently quotable line by Nicolas Berdyaev: “Being is life, life is mystery, and not a metaphysical category.”
Love and Light, – Brother Vern


Mike Doss July 14, 2014 at 3:36 am

Hi Vern, how are you? I haven’t seen anything myself on Marcione but he? is right about the Demiurge not being the Ineffable. The “leader” of the Demiurge is Zeus, just like the “leader” of the Elohim is Jehovah, lesser mind employed by higher mind. I understand what you’re saying about love, it is enormous and I agree but, how do we get to love? That’s all I’m trying to say. In a new article entitled “Is there a middle ground” I touch on that. Love and all the other positive qualities come from consciousness which really is the awareness of what we already have but has been temporarily concealed. We already have those beautiful qualities, we just need to become aware of them. Truth is the key here right now because it breaks through the illusion and let’s us start to remember what we have temporarily lost so love, etc is the ultimate but we have to get there first. I hope this gives you what you’re looking for. Take care.


Vernon McVety July 14, 2014 at 10:14 am

Hello Mike, doing well. I cannot explain love to it’s utmost meaning except to say it’s God in action. Love is a conditioning process within us which I don’t think it’s something we have to reach, or get to by means of deserving. The acquisition of truth may be a part of that process, but love is mostly a choice we make. Although I could be wrong. But like Plato implied we always ascend to a higher truth. Have you ever heard the saying “There is no way to happiness, happiness IS the way.” I think the same thing is true about love. I don’t see why some things are exalted above others, since the interconnectedness of life makes everything dependent on each other.

I wanted to make a short statement about the title in this issues post which I forgot in my last article. I believe the passage “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” is an altered scripture. I believe the real and original passage read: “You shall know YOUR truth, and YOUR truth shall make you free,” or something to the effect. Much of the potency of individual realization in the scriptures has been deleted and replaced for the purpose of collective standardization. In love & my light, – Bro. Vern


Mike Doss July 14, 2014 at 5:53 pm

Hey Vern, how are you? Glad to hear from you. About happiness if I understand you correctly we make our own, hopefully I got that right. You know in that post I came across a bit rough but only to try and wake some people up, that’s all. Sometimes I do that and I need to watch it. I have some more posts pending review so, we’ll see. I know that is not what you are saying, just my own self-observation. I really enjoy talking all of this with you and others and I hope we can continue for a long time. Take care and write whenever you feel like it,



Sparks July 14, 2014 at 7:29 pm

Hi Mike,
WOW! I see and feel you are integrating very well, wonderful, am glad you also have seen and felt that the dark can be entwined with the light in very fruitful and harmonious ways!!
Anger divides, understanding is the key…knowing this will help you express your opinions to unite.
Love & Blessings,

Chris July 13, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Hi Mike,

Wow, this is a lot of good information. I also like the couple of quotes from the Gospel of Thomas. What do you think about the Gospel of Mary, and the four powers… with the fourth power branching out into seven powers? I think that it is strange that most of this text was destroyed forever, except for those powers that are named. Just curious what you think about it.

I wish you would put to rest in your reply to this comment (hopefully 🙂 ) also what the secret of Mary Magdalene really is!

About Christian churches: I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness and then church and then lost and then, after turning from myself to within myself, my mind is almost bombarded with explosions of understanding, like lightening at certain times. I have family that is still JW’s, and you know what?… I hate to say it, but it’s just absolute self-aggrandizement and a lack of love that keeps these people, some afraid and some egoistically preferring things to be the way they want them to be because it feels so good for them to flaunt “the truth,” from questioning their own beliefs.

Any and all current “religion” can be brought to its knees with a few common sense questions, and it is those questions that those who are locked away in doctrine are so fearful of asking. Common sense questioning destroys all religion. And then I have pity on these people, because then “where do I go from here,” is all that is left when the rug is swept out from under them. I honestly do not think it’s safe or profitable for people to have this proverbial rug suddenly swept from beneath them, if that would even be possible to start with.

As far as prayer goes, it is very powerful, but I firmly believe that it is nothing more than a person “organizing” their own thoughts, searching for a piece of dry land to dig their heels into. When thoughts are organized and a person “believes” in what they are doing, then right or wrong (think Hitler) they have almost supernatural power. It doesn’t matter if they want to rule the world or save the world, if they believe, then for the moment they have made the above like the below and no conflict exists. In the absence of a conscience, then look out for the one who has realized his own power.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts. Enjoyed the article and will be reading it and branching out to the various areas of study that you mentioned. I have to take it slow though, because in the long run, it’s all just to experience life in the best way possible isn’t it?


Mike Doss July 14, 2014 at 4:20 am

Hi Chris, thanks for writing. I have read through the Gnostic Gospels a while back and I know they speak truth but we have to be careful with them. They present a picture that really needs a great deal of time, understanding and exegesis. I don’t think I can comment on individual Gospels, I’m more of an overview type of person. Now regarding the secret of Mary M., well, I don’t really see one. “She” is a symbol for visible matter and is the Fish-Mother of Pisces who brings forth the 2nd Adam – the Christ-minded human. Pisces is the last sign and so it is the completion of tasks, the tying up of loose ends, the paying off of debt, etc. That’s where we finish, at least for this Aeon. Mary, Nephtys etc. are the 2nd mothers. In my pending article I deal with this a little more. Her casting out 7 demons is humanity ridding itself of the 6 “days of creation” plus the 7th crowning “day” in Genesis – the lower natural aspects of our animal being to make way for the crowning, 7th spiritual Aeon. These 7 “days” or Aeons of creation each have 7 stages to them with the 7th being the crowning, spiritual one which synthesizes the previous 6. When you speak of the 4 powers tuning into 7 what I know of is the 1 Light of the Ineffable hits spirit/soul/body( lower mind ) and breaks into the 7 powers of creation, the 7 physical energies of nature, the Elohim/Demiurge. 4 is usually, but not always, a center of some sort like the sun being 4th from above and 4th from below in the Septenary. Trust me, I don’t know it all so I’m just giving you what I do know. As for our boy Hitler, here is some illusion busting for you. He was a bankster setup to destroy Germany. This had been planned in the 19th century. WW1 was supposed to do the trick, the Russians were supposed to steam roll into Germany like they did in WW2 but it didn’t work out that way. Hitler spent 1912-1913 in England, why? He was noted then to always be glassy-eyed and dazed by the people around him, a sure sign of trauma based mind control which the Brits are famous for. Hitler double crossed the bankster criminals by printing his own money. We see this today, take a nobody, give them all the money and media time possible and get them elected. Anyone come to mind? Look what happened to Quadaffi when he tried to develop the African Gold Dinar currency , Saddam Hussein tried selling oil in Euros and he paid the price. Anyway I hope I was of some help and thanks for reading.


Sparks July 14, 2014 at 7:11 pm

As you are describing your overview on MM, I can’t help but be reminded of the “Statue of Liberty”, who bears a crown of seven solar rays, she was made of copper and was originally a copper color, 2 pennies in width of material, she weathered to over time to the color “green verdigris” (crystals of Venus), which is the color of balance and harmony and is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart.
She was a gift from France, where she was known to have lived the rest of her life out after exile, a shrine to MM exists there today as her final resting place.
Am sure there are many more correlations hidden in plain sight.
Nice to see they are keeping her in repair, restoring her legacy of hope and love.
We can only wish the same for our Constitution…


Mike Doss July 16, 2014 at 1:16 pm

Hey Sparks, great to hear from you. Very good points on the Statue of Liberty. Much symbolism going on that you picked up on. One aspect of her is that she is the Virgin Mother, Isis and yes, Venus like you said. The Mother who conceives the Christ-minded human but does not bring forth. Would you say she looks a bit pregnant? We see her all the time on TV. She’s Columbia. All of these symbols are inter-related. The copper you spoke of is as close to gold as they could get, gold being the color of Christ-consciousness. The 7-rayed crown being the 7 powers of the immortal soul, I think but also with many other interpretations. H.P. Blavatsky said there are 7 different interpretations for 1 truth, all on different levels of consciousness. Some very good points you made and I had fun talking with you. Thanks for bringing those up. Take care,



Sparks July 16, 2014 at 3:29 pm

You mentioned FUN! All this is really a good way to feel/view/take into our hearts and souls. God/Universe/Source can be quite the comedian with us heh?
We are the kids putting the great big puzzle together, different cultures, nations, folks and we’re having a good time doing it. Once in awhile someone likes to be mischievous and mess up the pieces again ; ).
Today, as I was out and about, I was seriously contemplating and the comedian showed up and next thing you know I am laughing like a gleeful child. Reminds me of the movie Ice Age, where the little squirrel is chasing the acorn/seed, throughout the entire disaster! Talk about a self-sustainer…lol
Just read your new essay/writing and will go back to re-read, am in the squirrel mode right now.
Squirrely Sparks

Sparks July 16, 2014 at 3:35 pm

Mike & ALL!
Couldn’t reply to my own comment so this one should be below my last comment to Mike
Here’s Scrat…
Enjoy 🙂

Sparks July 14, 2014 at 6:26 pm

Hi Chris,
Like Tommy and yourself, I also share a passion to research and study Gnostic Christianity, which was divided into Roman Catholic Christianity because of the distinct differences of Christ’s teaching’s, enter MM, the other half of the Christo’s, thus creating a whole human.
She was exiled to France as she continued to preach the Gnostic tradition in the Holy Land, after the Crucifixion. The disciples were divided on their understanding of her role in Creation, and as we have discussed here before, Peter hated her. Other disciples were initiated into the secret teachings of the Gnostic Sophian wisdom (whom which the Master knew were ready to receive the Divine Feminine). Without these particular teachings, Scripture or the Gospels are not whole or truth. All was hidden, destroyed and MM was exiled.
She continued to do her work in France and today there are initiates who teach the Sophian Tradition of Gnostic Christianity. (which I recommend you research). Tau Malachi is an author of some fine books on Gnostism and MM.
He states: “There is a need for a Divine Feminine influence and power of womanhood in the world today. This book (St. Mary Magdalene; the Gnostic tradition of the the Holy Bride) is one voice among many proclaiming the Mother Spirit and Holy Bride and the coequality of women and men in the Christ Spirit”.
She is the female embodiment of the Christ revelation: Christ the Sophia (wisdom) is embodied in her and Christ the Logos (word) is embodied in him.
The cycle of her incarnations is not complete as she remained behind to bind below which has been sealed in heaven. When this does in fact occur, humans will have fully evolved, as the Age of Aquarius moves forward into fruition.
There is still much work for males as well as females to integrate their entire Christed being.
Until then our interest and passion for “truth and freedom” (both divine feminine aspects of creation), will continue to have its rewards for all of humanity.
Her Roman feast day is July 22 and her Gnostic feast day is May 1st.
She is an endless divine mystery of life power…She herself said “He is the sun and I am the moon, and I am the space in which the light shines”
The apple has not yet ripened, on that day our life begins!



Tommy July 15, 2014 at 10:29 am

Hi Sparks,

I love where you went with this. We are so of the same Heart and Mind. Yours is the view from my little window as well. I thank Mike for initiating this wonderful discussion. It’s great seeing so many rays of Light streaming from so many directions. I’ve learned a great deal.

People reading the New Testament, because of their conditioning by the church, miss the clues of Mary Magdalene’s intimate relationship with Jesus. I did. This is puzzling, because it stares us in the face. Who anointed Jesus with expensive perfume before his crucifixion? Who among other women stood by the Cross when the men scattered? Who stayed by Jesus’ tomb and wept? Which disciple was the first to see the risen Christ? Who REALLY was the ‘beloved’ disciple? Is she really just another Jesus groupie as portrayed by the church? Certainly not.

If conspiracy theories are your thing, who is the effeminate figure sitting to Jesus’ right in Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’? Mary Magdalene. Was Da Vinci communicating a Gnostic tradition, yet hiding it from the Roman church in plain sight? In effect thumbing his nose at them? Yes! What an irony that a Gnostic painting became one of the most iconic symbols of the Roman church and its Protestant offspring. Did Dan Brown’s novel on this subject open Gnosticism to a wider public? No doubt curiosity was aroused in many, and some perhaps became serious seekers.

The honesty of MM’s relationship with Jesus, her teaching role and her significance as the embodiment of Sophia Wisdom only survives in the Gnostic gospels as you point out as well as in the oral tradition kept alive and carried on by the Cathars in southern France and northern Italy, where as you said she continued the teaching. Nearly all Cathars were slaughtered in the 13th century by the Roman church, yet their spirit and tradition have survived. Shrines dedicated to MM and relics remain there. The important thing to take away as you point out is the two becoming one, the Divine feminine and the masculine, as we find our Christhood.

I’ve read Tau Milachi and occasionally follow discussions on his on-line forum. They’re open to anyone. It’s good stuff, but a lot of it is over my head. For anyone else reading this post, his book “Living Gnosis” is easily digested, so I recommend starting there for anyone interested in learning about the Sophian tradition. When you’re ready to go deeper, “The Cosmic Christ” is a fantastic introduction (I hesitate to call it that) to Christian Kabbalah and the significance of Hebrew letters.

Blessings and Love as always,



Robert August 24, 2014 at 6:12 pm


In the case of reputable biblical scholar and professor Bart Ehrman at North Carolina State University, who converted to agnosticism due to an impasse he experienced in dealing with the question of why a benevolent God would let people suffer; his response was a sigh of relief to be rid of what he considered to be a slippery rug. Better to be on solid ground than a lie…by his way of thinking. He still teaches bible scholarship and publishes reputable journal articles, and considers the bile to be the most influential in the genre of sacred literature ever written by man. And he has started many humanitarian philanthropic projects as a response to the rug being removed. I think many good people who turn from religion when it soesn;t cu the mustard for them, and turn toward agnosticism or atheism, often go the same route. They take responsibility for making the world a better place instead of waiting for God to save it. That’s the high road. Here is from Bart Ehrman himself /

Then again, there are others, once they suspect the bible and religion is full of holes, become narcissistic and exploitive, seeing no reason for a conscience to restrict them from greed and breaking or bending rules, in the name of immediate gratification, as long as they can get away with it. That’s the low road.

Myself, I didn’t jump out of religion. I found some way to carefully expand and redefine religion to include new age truths and cut out the malarkey. I felt the spirit leading me to do this. I found I could deal with suffering easier once some of the sacred cow doctrines of fundamentalism were exorcised. My interest in reincarnation, for instance, even though I have not made any final conclusions about it, takes some of the edge off what happens to innocent infants who die….that sort of thing. I can’t find it within myself to accept that after all is said and done, all that is left of every part of me is worm food and an impression in a few people’s memories until they become worm food. I believe wormholes, not worms, are at the root of existence somehow.


Chris Kidd August 27, 2014 at 4:29 am

Hey Robert,

It’s strange that you mention Bart Ehrman from North Carolina State University. I watched a show on one of the channels (A&E, History, etc.) called something to the effect of “Bible Mysteries Unveiled.” I heard him speak about these things that we are all so unsure about, and there were also about three more guys with Ph.D’s, and I actually wrote down their names and kept them for awhile.

I looked up Bart Ehrman’s e-mail from the NC State University Directory and was going to write him a letter and ask some questions about some of the things he said on the show…. but I never did. I haven’t watched the YouTube video that you suggested yet, but will tomorrow.

I believe exactly as you do really, more and more each day to be honest. I’ve just seen so many supernatural occurrences in my life, intelligent responses to instant words while in the process of speaking, flashes of light while meditating, two spirit forms (human forms, once when I was three, and then another about a year ago), and have had some very strange premonitions. Yet, I can’t prove anything. I can’t prove the existence of God, and I can’t understand why God would stand back and allow so much suffering.

It’s like the order of material creation and the laws of physics and nature are on a perfect cycle, and the only thing that creates the only visible madness is us. As far as reincarnation, I kind of have to believe in it, but yet, I have zero proof of it, and am not sure anyone does. So how do we teach it or preach it with a clean conscience if it’s just like any other belief that can’t be proven by scientific method?

I think, like you, that this life and these sufferings CANNOT be for nothing. When the body dies, surely something of myself must remain other than the spirits and memories that I’ve placed into the souls of others, who all are eventually going to wind up worm food (as you say), and probably the entire cosmos all swallowed up back into the single point of light that it probably all came forth from.

It almost isn’t fair. We talk about it, we think about it, we study it, some go crazy over it, kill over it, yet no one can really say anything when confronted with the words “Prove it!”

But to me, the high road is to Love and help one another as best as possible. I do not judge anyone, and therefore I am not judged, not for ANYTHING, because I do not judge myself, and I can stand before any “judgement day” knowing that I did my best, and my best has sometimes times purposefully not been worth too much.

It is written that if we ask we shall receive, and that has been my request for some time now, which is: If reincarnation is a fact, then prove it by restoring some previous lifetime memories, as some claim that they have. I have to admit, I’ve had some mighty strange dreams featuring some mighty strange characters that I’ve never seen in my life since I asked the cosmos to prove it, lol.

Thanks for writing though Robert. I’m glad I was still subscribed to this thread or else I may have never seen it.



Robert September 8, 2014 at 11:36 am

Chris Kidd,

Thanks for sharing your responses to my comment on Bart Ehrman and reincarnation. There seem to be many of us who burned out trying to be fundamentalist evangelicals and have taken different paths as a result…agnosticism, Gnosticism, liberalism, other religions. I find two advantages in being uncertain about some big issues. First, it is better for me than being dogmatically certain and blindly committed to things I now know are uncertain or full or error. Second, it draws me to the one virtue that is above all other virtues and principles, the one I can always trust and believe in …love. If all else fails, love does not fail. And that works for me, as long as I don’t get mixed up trying to over-define love or reducing it to a biological phenomenon. With regard to evolution of the soul and reincarnation, I am more certain of it than uncertain. If you google Ian Stevenson and Jim Tucker at the is University of Virginia, there are a tremendous number of scientifically documented cases of people remembering past lives, especially children, and not one of these has been shown to be an intentional fake. So there is a lot there that strongly suggests reincarnation. The only reason it is not considered proof is that skeptics have found minor faults with the method…. not fully controlled, double blind kind of thing to the letter. And I respect skeptics…science is supposed to be skeptical until proven beyond all doubt. But the imperfect evidence leans strongly toward either reincarnation of the same soul or transfer of memory from the past life of one soul to the present life of another soul. You can also google “past life regression” and find interesting and still controversial findings. You can do your own past life regression through self hypnotic suggestion. I have done this myself. I am not sure they were actual past lives, but I am sure the information I got from them is very helpful for resolving issues in my present life. It is either real, or my subconscious is making it up as a way to communicate to my conscious, much the same way some kinds of dreams work. Meanwhile, documentation of out of body experiences has become a very exact science, multiple thousands of these occurring throughout the world each year, and each incident carefully investigated and recorded in detail, and reports and books written on common trends. This also strongly suggests existence of an afterlife, and not limited to the fundamentalist version, but again the scientific skeptics claim that these experiences can also be illusions caused by biology of the brain under stress.


Chris July 14, 2014 at 8:25 pm

Thanks Sparks for sharing that. Some good insight to consider 🙂


Chris July 15, 2014 at 1:52 pm

Hi Tommy – all,

I’m glad you mentioned Da Vinci because I didn’t want to bring it up, ha. But yes, it’s obvious that the one to Jesus’ right is not a man, and their hands are together, and the shape of them is a V. Whether that stands for the divine feminine like Dan Brown states, I do not know.

It’s interesting that the book mentions how the Gospel of Philip says that Jesus used to kiss her (MM) on the lips, BUT… BUT, he fails to mention how the Gospel of Philip also gives esoteric insight as to what it means to “kiss on the lips,” comparing it to how humans kiss one another, saying that it is how we receive nourishment from the place we came.

The Gospel of Philip is a good read for gnostic learning, and also a very good text that is preserved in the Nag Muhammad library called the “Exegesis on the soul,” which also explains how the soul fell down into “prostitution.” It also talks about how the soul, once turned from her former ways, becomes male again, which as we know the Gospel of Thomas has Jesus saying that he would make Magdalene a ‘male.’

Exegesis of the Soul – Nag Hammadi Library

I do not know the history of the particular text on the Exegesis of the Soul, but I do know that it points out many scriptures in Jeremiah and Ezekiel which clearly are talking about the soul being a prostitute, as MM is also portrayed.


Chris July 15, 2014 at 5:18 pm

And I didn’t mean to say Nag Muhammad library either lol. Right click – check spelling… Got me 🙂


Tommy July 16, 2014 at 4:10 pm

Laughing with you Chris. Proof Dan Brown is a Gnostic wannabe. To see if I’d get the same thing, I typed Hammadi and Muhammad came up. You’re off the hook. : ) Seriously though, you triggered something important. This is getting further off topic, so my apologies Mike. You never know how the thread will unravel.

Understanding the esoteric meaning behind Jesus and Mary Magdalene as spouses is said to be one of the keys to the Kingdom. The kiss in this Gospel gives away their true relationship, yet there are strong hints in the canonical Gospels downplayed by the church. Their kiss is clearly an intimate expression of love between lovers. It’s not only an expression of love between them, it expresses God’s love for us through them. As such, it’s a seal and sign of salvation, redemption and oneness. It anticipates a return to wholeness. Boy, that was some kiss!

“Great is the mystery of marriage,” said Jesus. “Without it nothing would exist.” — Gospel of Phillip.

Long story short without getting into the whole lengthy cosmology of the thing, the story begins before there was a Mary and Jesus. The fall of the soul into matter, our fall, is the story of a marriage gone bad — not the first Human couple caught eating from the “wrong” tree. The mythic figure Sophia succumbed to desire, resulting in her divorce from Christ, her heavenly spouse. She was banished from heaven (the Gnostic word is ‘pleroma’). She realized her sin and fell into agony. The Father seeing her anguish sent the Savior to redeem her. Jesus the incarnation of Christ and Mary the incarnation of Sophia, the repentant Harlot, are reunited.

The marriage of Jesus to Mary Magdalene is the consummation of God’s Divine Intention (cosmic unity) even as the cosmos groans with birth pangs (pregnant separation). It’s the beginning of the end to matter-bound suffering (death) and the return to our original Divine nature (rebirth). Mary as the Divine feminine (cosmic-soul-substance) has intercourse with Jesus as masculine Spirit (cosmic-soul-form). They conceive the new androgynous Human Ones (perfect souls). It’s the mystery of “two shall become one.” The myth of Sophia’s fall explains our predicament on one hand, and gives us hope for immortality on the other.

Be happy and well everyone,



Chris July 16, 2014 at 8:07 pm

Thanks Tommy. My last comment was just my ego saying, “Hey y’all, please don’t think I’m stupid,” LOL.

Everything you just said about Magdalene and Christ is everything I’ve been trying to get out, but just couldn’t express it or put it together that well. You said it PERFECTLY. I’m going to copy and paste that comment to my notebook and read it again more thoroughly later. Very much appreciate that contribution.

Ask and you shall receive.


Tommy July 17, 2014 at 7:58 am

I’ve enjoyed this conversation with you, Chris. I hope other SOS members got something out of it as I have learned a great deal from them.

“Ask, and it (Gnosis) shall be given you; seek (turn inward), and ye shall find (Christ-self); knock (cooperate with Grace), and it (the Way) shall be opened (revealed) unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it (the Kingdom) shall be opened.” Matthew 7: 7-8 KJV.

Note the parallel structure used by the author(s) of the Gospel. There is a shift from anticipation to apprehension; from promise made to promise kept. Gnostic understanding makes scripture come alive and even more beautiful!

Stay thirsty my friends : ),



Sparks July 17, 2014 at 6:23 pm

Tommy, Chris & All,
As a beautiful addition to MM and her final resting place on Planet Earth, I came across the most accurate details of her later life. (Courtesy of Mystics of the

The miraculous events surrounding the rediscovery of the tomb of her holy remains

In the year 710, the Monks of the monastery of St Maximin were forced to flee their Monastery because of the invading Saracens (Moslem tribes from Arabia). They knew that they could not leave the holy remains of St Mary Magdalene for the invaders to destroy, so they devised a plan to move her remains into a more humble tomb next to the original as a disguise, and then bury the entire Chapel with earth and sand so that no part was visible.

Finally, the Arab occupation came to an end in the 10th century, but while the citizens remembered the events surrounding the burial of the Chapel and the tombs, the exact location was not known.

In 1279, Prince Charles II of Salerno, nephew of King Louis IX of France, resolved to find the tomb of Mary Magdalene. Under the direction of a number of Church dignitaries and nobles, the search began in earnest, and workmen began the excavation work inside the church of Saint-Maximin and the land surrounding it.
The search continued for many days, and the prince himself joined in with the laborers removing mountains of earth. At last, they came upon a crypt that dated back to the 1st century.

The crypt was filled with earth and sand and they began removing this. On December 9, 1279, as Prince Charles was displacing the earth from the middle of the Crypt, the workmen digging on his right discovered a marble tomb buried deep in the sand. It was the sarcophagus-tomb of Sidonius, the one into which the holy remains of Mary Magdalene had been placed prior to the Monks fleeing in 710.

Before they were able to open it, a most marvelous fragrance rose up from the tomb that made all those present believe they had not found the treasure they were searching for.
On December 18, a number of Bishops, including the Archbishop of Arles and the Archbishop of Aix, came to Saint-Maximin, and in the name of the Church, officially witnessed the opening of the tomb.
The body was found to be complete except for a bone of the jaw that was missing. Among the dust particles at the bottom of the tomb, a small piece of cork was found. Inside it was a message written on parchment. It read:
“Year of the nativity of our Lord, 710, this sixth day of the month of December, under the reign of (not legible) and during the ravages of the Saracen nation, in fear of the Saracens, the body of the well-loved and venerable Mary Magdalene has been transferred, to be better concealed, from the alabaster tomb to the one in marble, out of which the body of Sidonius has been removed.’

The prince, overjoyed at having found the holy remains of Mary Magdalene, called together on May 5, 1280, in the town of Saint-Maximin, the prelates and a great number of religious of Provence and of France, together with the counts, barons, knights and persons of high rank in his kingdom and the nobles attached to his court, in order to proceed to the solemn elevation and translation of the relics.

The prelates having come to the tomb to remove the holy body, and while in the process of performing this venerable task, discovered a small ball of wax that contained a piece of bark. On it was a message more ancient than the parchment, and hardly legible. Written in Latin, it read:
“Hic requiescat corpus Mariae Magdalenae” (Here lies the body of Mary Magdalene)

The finding of this second testimonial caused great rejoicing among all those present and also the vast number of people outside who had come from many parts to assist at this solemn occasion.

There were several signs that were remarkable considering the body had been buried since the 1st century. It was found that the tongue still adhered to the mouth cavity, and from it had grown an aromatic plant. On seeing this marvel, the prince burst out into loud sobs. And overcome by deep emotion, he wept openly, bringing on the tears of many of those present.

The most remarkable sign of all was the small piece of skin that was found to be attached to the brow. It was smooth, clear, and lighter than the remainder of the body, and was the size of two fingertips. As it resembled live skin, it was subsequently named the “Noli me tangere” (Do not touch me)-the words spoken by Christ to Mary Magdalene at the Resurrection; it was believed to have been the touch of the risen Lord on the brow of Mary Magdalene.

This small particle of skin remained unchanged for another five hundred years, and no suitable explanation was ever found for the phenomenon. Five centuries after its discovery, it finally detached itself from the brow, and was placed in a separate reliquary.

And so we have in Mary Magdalene one of the first (if not the first) women mystics and hermits of the Church. Her cave-grotto with its remarkable view is now a large Chapel where Mass is celebrated each day. It houses an extraordinary reliquary containing part of her tibia bone and also the chapel boasts several beautiful statues and a beautiful altar. The Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalene in nearby Saint Maximin, Vézelay, France contains the tomb and the blessed remains of Saint Mary Magdalene. Since the 11th century the Basilica of St Mary Magdalene (known in French as Basilique Ste-Madeleine) in Vézelay has been one of the greatest European pilgrimage locations, especially during the middle ages. It is a large Basilica, only a few yards shorter that the great Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.
What this fragrant plant was is unknown, but what is known that even in death the soul of Mary Magdalene brought forth the “fragrance of earthly and eternal life”.



Tommy July 18, 2014 at 6:29 am

Wow. That is very nice. Thanks Sparks,


Marie July 21, 2014 at 8:55 am

Were the ancient authors of the bible blessed with such wisdom, or are the words of the biblical wisdom in the interpretations of the reader? It seems the ancient authors couldn’t process what this site is suggesting.


Sparks July 21, 2014 at 9:05 pm

Hi Marie,
Very good question you are asking here! Thanks for thinking/contemplating on that.
Personally, I think we are all “ancient” and our consciousness has expanded over many incarnations.
I can remember studying the Bible and thinking why can’t I understand any of this?
On and on that went and I became so frustrated, even angry. Then, one day, a miracle happened and I knew exactly what it was all about. US! I thought I was onto a big secret, but actually I was beginning my spiritual journey and spirit was leading me, not my mind.
That is my personal story, maybe some of our other SOS family have their own personal story for you.

Joshua, the creator of SOS, also has another site “Content from Within” and this one particular writing of his may help your understanding a bit more…

Love & Blessings,


anny July 22, 2014 at 7:51 am

This is in comment to Sparks’s wonderful ode to Love. Poetic as always, as only she does. I totally agree with her in this respect and can even add other descriptions of Love I have heard or read over time.

Love is the strongest force there is. It is the Life force itself. Love is Light. Love is God. Love is Energy. Love is the Field of Potentiality, the stuff we are all made of and more like that that I cannot instantly recall. And of course, Love is Divine Consciousness as well.

That having been said, there also is the love that Mike mentions, that however has nothing in common with the Love mentioned by Sparks and Justin. It is something in the realm of emotions that varies with the state of awareness you are in. For the person who still is totally asleep love might be nothing more than physical attraction. Or possessiveness within a relation between partners or parents and children. The loved one is considered a possession and is needed for your own wellbeing. They need to supply the qualities that we ourselves lack. Or to take care of us when at the end of our lives. It is about claiming and not about giving. Whereas real Love is willing to let go, if need be; to consider what is necessary for the loved one, no matter what that means for yourself. Real Love is a force inside you that emanates from you towards everyone. It is like the sun, that shines on everyone. So towards the higher end of the scale it is directed at everyone, regardless of their attitude towards you.

We speak about two opposite ends of the scale here and during our journey toward more awareness, our love gains in Love quality. That is why the unconditional Love that is the highest form of Love there is, has always been my guide in my search for truth. Because, as I wrote before, truth without Love is dead.

About Truth however you might say the same. Truth as in Absolute Truth exists only in the Highest Realm. We cannot possibly grasp It yet but are striving to come nearer and nearer. The truth of the totally unawakened one has nothing whatsoever in common with the Absolute Truth. On our journey towards it though it will start resembling this Truth more and more. As we all come from different starting points however, our steps/truths in between will necessarily also not be the same but going in the same direction. I think that is why those who have become aware of this are talking about my/your truth, and even about my/your truth of this moment, as we realize that we are involved in an ongoing process and that we have not caught hold of the Absolute Truth yet, nor will we as long as we are still part of this dream world, this world of illusion. In the end though we will.

In that respect it is just as important to constantly monitor how much truth our love contains – as in carefully examining our feelings and emotions and our [un]willingness to face unpleasant facts – as how much love our truth contains. I believe Love without Truth also is not possible. Our Love should be unconditional in spite of unpleasant truths but not in denial of them.

Love and Truth are two sides of the same coin. Neither is possible without the other. On our way towards that ultimate state however everyone should be allowed to walk his own path and to find his own truth. Once we have freed ourselves from the dictates of religious and other authorities, we should not replace those dictates for others with our own claims to absolute truth.



Rick Kline August 26, 2014 at 8:37 pm

Mike could you explain how the council of nicea created christianity? I know some of it came out of Egypt/khem. I’m curious about this. You are very knowledgeable on this. Share the wealth


bob October 22, 2014 at 12:57 am

First off I thank you for the many insights you share. However, you often leave out or even flat disregard the Bibical negatives. You state there is no hell, and at the same time state many of Jesus teaching as your basis. Jesus speaks of hell more often than he speaks of heaven. To disregard this is to take away the fear of the Lord. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw that it was good: and God DIVIDED the light from the darkness. So it is apparent that the first thing God created division. Heaven and Hell. Physical and Spiritual are two sides of the same coin per your own words. Also Jesus said Matthew 10:28 Fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell. Don’t shed darkness on this Light (TRUTH). In electrical circuits, leakage or waste is designed out of the circuit to give a positive or productive application. So it is with life and spiritual matters. Not all enter the kingdom so don’t dumb down the negative!


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