So what’s in a number?

by Mike Doss on July 22, 2014

numerologyWe all use numbers constantly, no question about that. But numbers meant so much more to the ancients. Why?

First let me explain who I’m talking about when I say “ancients”.  I want to thank B.K. for bringing this to my attention.  I didn’t answer this very well so I’ll try better here.  We can choose any group, the Chinese, Hindu/Buddhists, Persians, Egyptians, Sumerians, Chaldeans, Mays, Nordics, Druids, Greeks, Polynesians, you name it, they all came up with the same symbols, myths, allegories, fables etc., yet they were all separated by distance, time and interests.  How could this be?  Remember the poem “Man came from the everywhere into the here.” When Man was still in the everywhere, a universal super-conscious state, we gave ourselves this knowledge before “falling asleep”, or rather, temporarily losing consciousness.  So B.K., thanks again.  BTW, since this loss of consciousness (the deep sleep of Adam) is the 1 thing we have lost shouldn’t it be the 1 thing we’re searching for?

I’ve talked about the Septenary, the 7 Powers of the Mind and the 12 Labors of the Zodiac. I should probably explain what I’m talking about. These 7 Powers of the Mind are represented symbolically by the Septenary, descending – Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury the Moon.

Remember we travel backward around the Zodiac to begin with so we encounter the negative half of each sign first so consider this backward movement as descending. So we get the negative aspects of mind first which really are the powers in potential only. The actual powers of the mind are:

Saturn – Prudence, wisdom, abstract thought, moderation. Jupiter – Reasonable, rational mind, righteous judgment which is the ability to value things correctly. Mars – Courage, will. Sun – Energy and vitality. Venus – Love and beauty. Mercury – Skill, wit and humor. Moon – Imagination.

Those are the general areas.  Please note where love is, Venus right?  Venus is below the Sun and is considered a part of the inferior world.  Solar Plexus Chakra/Seal – Venus, below the heart Chakra/Seal which corresponds to the Sun.  That’s not my placement, it has been this way since remote antiquity.  This is not the true, unconditional love of the 1st Cause we will experience after Gnosis/Spiritual Transformation.  This lower love is an emotion.  That’s what I’ve been saying this whole time.  I probably could have been clearer but there’s a great deal of information to get out.

Since these are in potential only we use them unwisely at first – the negative aspect. So, we get:

Saturn – Over-caution, fear, criticism, excess.

Jupiter – Valuing material items over everything else including internal value, irrational and unreasonable actions/ behavior.

Mars – Aggressiveness, combativeness.

Sun – Force, mis-use of energy, pride.

Venus – Ambition, love of self, love of externals, love of?

Mercury – Mis-use of skill/science, sarcasm, “sharp tongue”.

Moon – Illusion, suspicion, imaginary problems.

So this is what I’ve been talking about, these powers of the conscious lower mind that we need to turn from potential (negative) into potency (positive). On the ascent we turn them around:

Moon – Truth over illusion, comprehension over imagination.

Mercury – Turn the 5 senses/skill away from worldly pursuits to higher pursuits, dropping wit/humor completely since these were mainly crutches to help us through this very tough school.

Venus – Love of self becomes love of good, material ambition ends, and we quest for internal value.

Sun – Conservation/wise use of energy, gentleness, move from individuality to universality.

Mars – Courage without aggression, Divine Will.

Jupiter – Ability to value things correctly, reasonable.

Saturn – Prudence, wisdom, moderation and the Hindu concept of Renunciation where we realize that no material item anywhere can fulfill us and make us content.

When we break through illusion we begin to travel through the Zodiac forward so we encounter the positive side of the sign first and try not to fall back into the negative aspects when we encounter them. Here are the 12 Labors of the Zodiac:

Aries – How to have courage without being aggressive and combative.

Taurus – How to be steadfast and open to change with an indomitable spirit without being resistant to change or bull-headed.

Gemini – How to keep mental unity without being mentally divided. We already have the unity so we can’t fall into “yes, but no”, “either/or” and other divisive measures.

Cancer – The tides, ebb and flow, our moods. How to keep the Light within us shining in times of darkness.

Leo – How to eliminate arrogance, pride and force. Force is the mis-use of energy. How to be gentle and kind.

Virgo – How to be of service. Service is the bringing forth of a quality from within another. How to help a person without harm, to do what’s best for them instead of inflicting on them what we think they need.

Libra – How to keep truth, balance, principle and integrity above all else and let the cards fall where they fall. There might be dozens of errors about a given situation but only 1 truth.

Scorpio – How to listen and have a quietness of mind. If to speak is silver then to listen is golden. This is for both people and our own meditation. It is said that when we speak we are interrupting the Ineffable. When Mother Teresa was asked what she prayed about she answered “nothing, I listen”. More on prayer later.

Sagittarius – How to recognize and receive guidance and instruction and use them wisely. This guidance will first come from stored value in the sub-conscious, then later from higher mind. More on this below.

Capricorn – How to be prudent, wise and moderate. To not get too high (the goat) and not too low (the sea). Even a virtue becomes a vice if over-worked.

Aquarius – Aspiration. We all want a better world but how to not rush ahead and beckon others to follow when they cannot. We can only understand what we can understand and we cannot force our understanding on others.  How to take single, gentle steps of progress.

Pisces – Patience, humility. We can only pave the way, we cannot rush or retard the progress of the Divine. With patience we do not get frustrated or angry because things haven’t worked in the time frame we thought they should. How to be strong yet humble.

We cannot keep one of the above by violating another. I very recently violated both Pisces (patience) and Leo (gentleness and kindness) and trust me, it did not feel good at all and it can happen in an instant. It takes constant vigilance on our part. This is the journey of the Sun (Soul) and the Solar Heroes forward through the Zodiac once we have turned the 7 potentials into potencies of the conscious mind.

Now, turning to prayer. I realize how strongly some people feel about prayer so I just want to state here that I’m not trying to attack anyone or belittle their beliefs. I’m only approaching this via a different perspective. So with that in mind here goes. We know we are Light Beings so communicating with the Light of the Ineffable in spoken English isn’t going to get the job done. Our thoughts, including prayer, are trapped right here in the physical realm because we haven’t yet created the link to the Ineffable. We must communicate by using Light. Sending and receiving Light is done through the Pineal Gland. Until that gland is opened the conscious mind is drawing off the stored value of the sub-conscious – the soul. There’s only so much stored value in there so that’s why we’re always learning new value. The soul is Divine Mind in potential only until it unites with the conscious mind and makes it back home, to the Celestial Plane/2nd Cause. Plato states in Timeaus we are here to “weave mortal and immortal natures together”. The super-conscious (spirit) is unlocked after the Pineal Gland is opened. The sub-conscious has stripped the chaff from the wheat so this stored value is invaluable and in no way at all am I denigrating it. If we were communicating with the Ineffable without first going through the entire process of opening the Pineal Gland there would really be no point to all of this. The soul would have no stored value and could never become immortal through receiving consciousness/Light this value brings. The conscious mind is like the intake mechanism, the soul is the filter/warehouse of anything of value coming through. Picture this – we (spirit) at the core, encircled by soul potential which is itself encircled by conscious mind. The conscious mind is rotating clockwise, the soul potential counter-clockwise. This is dis-harmony, conflict, the Battle of Armageddon. Until they rotate in harmony the conscious mind is blocked off from spirit. It was born here in the physical realm and everything born in this realm dies in this realm. Death is a complete illusion and we’ll discuss that in my next post but I’m using it here just for demonstration.  But this is why we cannot communicate with spirit, our thoughts/prayers are in the conscious mind which has no link to higher mind yet. The soul will eventually be this link but until both are joined and get to the 2nd Cause the conscious mind will have access only to that stored value of the sub-conscious/soul aspect. When the conscious mind finally learns value of one sort or another the soul/sub-conscious stores it away and we build on that. When we open the Chakras/Seals this lets consciousness/Light into the soul which raises the soul higher and higher toward immortality. Remember we are here to learn Value. We store it up, incarnation after incarnation and this is how we slowly, painfully make progress. So meditation, contemplation, reflection, self/analysis etc. is critical to access first this stored value, then later on higher mind. We do possess a bare-minimum of consciousness, just enough to live in relative peace and be able to pursue our goal. But the ancients didn’t call this lower mind mans’ animal nature for nothing.

Halloween is a really good example of this. The ancients wore animal masks to reflect this animal nature of lower mind (person) with the soul behind the mask.  “Persona” in Latin means mask. The Demiurge (Zeus) rules the personality downward – lower mental, lower emotional and physical. The Demiurge (Elohim – Jehovah) again is the lower conscious mind. Halloween has more spiritual symbolism if you’re interested.  I never really paid much attention to Halloween once I became older. Bobbing for apples has, I think, great symbolic meaning. The apple is usually considered the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (incarnation). The apple then represents the soul being cast down into the water of the body. We must use our mouths instead of our hands to raise it up because hands would constitute a physical effort which cannot work, it has to be a mental effort so we use our head/mouth. The Jack-O-Lantern is another. We carve a human face into a pumpkin and place a candle in it. So we have the head being made of vegetable (one of the Kingdoms/Aeons/”days of Genesis” creation we evolve through) and the candle inside is the Christ Mind. The first 6 Aeons/days of Genesis creation are the natural Kingdoms – 3 mineral, vegetable/plant, animal and now human. The 7th day/Aeon will be the crowning, spiritual one. Nature must pave the way for the Divine. I understand the talk of evolving through the Kingdoms seems strange, it seems strange to me as well but I’m just reporting what I’ve found.

The ancients also tell us that physical life came out of the sea. The reference to water is heavy. First there is the Virgin Meri, Mari, Myrrha, Myra, Miriam, Moira, Venus and others whose names translate to water. This is the same symbol as Isis (Cancer/Moon, water symbol) and is the primordial “sea” of space which creation came forth out of. This is where we get the confusion of the Egyptian Virgin Meri (invisible matter) and the Christian Virgin Mary (visible matter which weds to spirit and is thus not a true Virgin Mother). Our blood has identical composition as sea water but I would advise against a sea-water transfusion. Then we get Adam Kadmon typically shown standing in shallow water (Pisces) and our (mind/Light Being) own upside down Zodiac where we splash down from above into Pisces at the head of Adam Kadmon.  Could the “waters” of Pisces at the head there be the Firmament?  The 4 spinal fluids are symbolically referred to as the 4 Rivers of the Garden of Eden and when in the womb of our physical mothers we are immersed in the amniotic fluid which is referred to as water. So really what I’m trying to say is to have an open mind because it appears anything is possible. Having an open mind is fun also because then we tend to explore everything there is to explore. We’re not shut down with preconceived notions, beliefs, etc.

Numbers are also very important as I’m sure you know. 7 of course is the number of creation. So many things have the number 7 involved like 7 continents, 7 major glands of the Endocrine Chain, 7 styles of architecture, 7 days in a week, 7 parts of the brain/eye/heart, 7 liberal arts/sciences, 7 vital organs, 7 “deadly sins/cardinal virtues”, 7 musical notes, 7 castaways on Gilligan’s’ Island :), 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, 7 letters of AdamEve ( Creation ) and as Pythagoras says the soul itself is a geometric mystery based on the number 7. 12 is the number of potential. The number 12 itself – 1 spirit + 2 minds = Trinity, 12 Greek Titans (signs of the Zodiac), 12 months to a year, 12 cranial nerves (the Zodiac in our heads), the 12 Lights in the body (Book of Revelations), the 12 Cell Salts of the body, the 12 systems of the body, the 12 Days of Christmas (mas from Egyptian mes, birth, messiah – new born god – us ). 40 is somewhat prevalent because the ancients realized it takes about 40 days from when a seed is planted in the soil until germination so we have the 40 days/nights of rain. The water from the rain is our bodies (7/8 water).  Through life experiences (the Eucharist) we germinate the Divine Seed planted in all of us by, according to Plato, the Demiurge (soul/spirit inside of lower mind). So the end of the 40 days/nights, the “Flood”, is symbolic for the Aeon/Kingdom/”day of Genesis” being swept away in the flood-tide of dissolution to make way for the next Aeon (more water symbolism). This is when we go into the Ark (Greek, archer`, beginning, seed, seed ground of souls – 2nd Cause) to await natures’ role in paving the way physically for the new Aeon to follow for us to descend again.  This 2nd Cause is where the soul goes between incarnations as well, just a shorter duration.  Noah (Greek Noe` (Mind) – Hebrew ah (Body), mind in body). This again has been misinterpreted by some as “the end of the world”. The 2 of every animals are the male/female, electricity/magnetism of duality, duality which dissolves back into the One-ness of Unity.  The 3 sons – mind/soul/spirit, the 3 Kings of Orion’s Belt. The 3 daughters – body/matter.  Mt. Ararat translates to “Earth” so when the Ark lands at the beginning of a new Aeon seeds of new life are planted in the world.

Aries is the first sign. Why? The Septenary all line up together in one sign every 4,320,000 years and the last time was in Aries according to the Hindu and other Eastern scripture. This will always occur in a Fire sign, once-removed so the next sign skips Leo and ends up in Sagittarius, the Single-Eyed Archer. Notice the Archers’ arrow, pointing directly to Capricorn (Pineal Gland). Every Aeon has 7 cycles each, 6 natural and a 7th crowning cycle for a total of 49 cycles. It appears we have entered the 7th cycle of the 6th Aeon on Dec. 21st, 2012. Speaking of this date, has anyone noticed how white the light from the sun has been? The Maya predicted this along with other phenomena. The next Aeon, the 7th, should be very special indeed. Think Golden Age.

Note that previous number, the 432 is important in and of itself. The ancients played their music at that frequency (432 hertz), today we use 440 hertz. Another aspect is that 4+3+2 = 9, just as the 144,000 in the Bible 1+4+4. According to Gaskells’ Dictionary of Myths and Scripture 9 is the number of consciousness. If I’m accurate here the 144,000 are the “saved” ones, right? The ones who have discovered higher consciousness. 9 always comes back onto itself. Take any number multiplied by 9 such as 3 X 9 = 27, 2+7 is 9. If we add 2 numbers to get a multiple of 9, say 40 + 41 = 81, 4 + 0 + 4 + 1 = 9. My interpretation of this is that consciousness (us) always returns to The Source. Another reference to this is the circle. A circle is 360 degrees and 3 + 6 + 0 = 9. The Zodiac is a circle. We’re in each Age of the Zodiac for 2,160 years – 2 + 1 + 6 + 0 = 9. There’s more to that one but we’ll save it for next time.

The number 4 has significance as well. When we have a domed building the 4 corners of the building are the 4 corners of the Earth and the dome is the Dome of Heaven. 4 is also the Mid-Heaven in the Septenary, the Sun being 4th from above and 4th from below.  That Soul-Sun, Jesus, Horus, Dionysus, etc. – “none come unto the Father save through me”.  They are actually the Light in the soul and they speak out through the material/human heart.  Horus spoke through Osiris. There are also 4 Cardinal Points of the Zodiac which are the 4 Gospels and the 4 elements.

We have 24 Elders and, at times, 24 Knights of the Round Table. These 24 are the positive and negative aspects of the Zodiacal signs. The 12 Knights are the signs themselves. King Arthur is the sun, Guinevere the moon, the Round Table the Zodiac.

Of course we can’t forget 666. Why does this number hold such significance? A close examination of this shows us that 666 is the carbon make-up of the body – 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons. The Beast is supposed to refer to Satan but all through ancient scripture the lower mind/animal nature of man is always the beast. The term Satan can have many meanings. Jesus saw “Satan fall from Heaven like lightening”, or something along those lines. Much earlier Prometheus did the same thing in Greek mythology. That’s the Divine Spark or, us, when we descended. The Fallen Angel symbolism is simply us descending. These “Fallen Angels” found the Daughters of Man pleasing and married them. In other words we incarnated, matter/body being female in ancient scripture because matter receives. Also, 6 + 6 + 6 = 1 + 8 = 9 where the body will eventually host Christ consciousness for every one of us.

Then there is the number 33. Jesus reached 33 before crucifixion. Note that I use the term “reach” for a very specific reason. There are 33 vertebrae that make up the spine. Jacobs’ Ladder. This is also the path “we” take in the body (spinal fluids). What sits atop the spinal column – the Pineal Gland. The symbolism of Jesus dying atop the cross is our old selves (lower nature) dying to make way for the new, Christ nature. Another Jacobs’ Ladder is our DNA (Spiral Staircase) and also, to the ancients, the orbits of the Septenary. Golgotha and Calvary are the human skull. Speaking of the skull the Ark of the Covenant is in the area of the forehead with the cerebrum (Cherubim) as the covering.

We also have the enigma of the 5 + 2. There are 5 vowels, sometimes 7 with the “w” and “y” uncertain. According to the Kabbala the vowels are the Mythos, the spoken word. There are 5 week days with 2 weekend days. 5 levels of planetary consciousness with the 6th and 7th hidden to be eventually unlocked by us. 5 planets of the Septenary with 2 luminaries. 5 loaves of bread (Virgo) and 2 fish (Pisces) multiplied to feed the masses. Multiplicity was a term used throughout scripture as the renewal of life, not just procreation but it can be cell division, redeemed mind, a new Aeon etc. The celestial bread comes from the constellation Virgo where we have the Virgin Mother holding the Christ babe in her left arm and the star Spica which is Latin for a head or spike of wheat in her right hand. The 5 loaves can be viewed as the 5 senses. When natural man eats of this “bread” (consciousness) he hungers no more. The 2 fish of Pisces can be viewed as the marriage of the higher and lower minds. The ancients have wheat coming from Venus. Venus is another Virgin Mother similar to Isis, Anna etc.

10 is supposed to the Union/God number and it makes sense, 1 + 0 = 1 – the All, Totality, the Ineffable. Union of dissolved duality into One-ness. When we put the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse into the Fornix/furnace we get 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 1 + 0 = 1.

So what’s in a number? Meaning. I hope this has cleared some things up and I also hope you have enjoyed it.

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Joshua Tilghman July 22, 2014 at 9:00 am

Another interesting article, Mike. I learn something new about astrology and history every time I read you work. Thanks!


Sparks July 22, 2014 at 12:32 pm

As I am reading here, I am also listening to the sounds/music of the Planets, Sun, Moons of our home universe, while birds are chirping outside. really a beautiful harmonic!
Any Christian religion, as you are probably aware of absolutely forbids the teachings of Astrology.
When first introduced to it in my teens, I was so very drawn to its seemingly simple instruction.
Religious conditionings had a way of making me feel guilty in my pursuit of more knowledge, missing out on a unique opportunity with my young mind. Since I have studied, taking peeks here and there, especially while understanding Myth, they fit hand in hand, all the while still not making sense of Scripture/Bible content. As I began to discover through continuous learning, mega reading/researching scientific and esoteric knowledge, only then was the miracle of understanding the Bible given to me. So it was indeed all a process, when I was ready to receive I was given. Of course, I was also living life and learning via experience. Having knowledge alone is not enough, it must be brought to living form through our understandings, actions and intent.
Getting back to your writing here, I am glad you have brought forth some important components of the planets & astrology, numbers, ancient gods, etc., they do give more fluidity to the big picture.
I do in fact know that Jesus taught, although indirectly (even secretly), through his knowledge of astrology and the planets. If your beliefs may happen to include him being a human who lived and taught on this Planet and not just as Myth.
Thanks for this contribution and your knowledge of the mysterious Cosmos!



shawn July 22, 2014 at 12:34 pm

Loved the article. A true blessing.


Chris November 6, 2014 at 1:17 am

Hi Mike,

This article is full of good stuff and good to help unlock the symbolism hidden in the scriptures.

I MUST ask you one thing though: Surely you did not mean that we “drop wit/humor completely.” That is absurd in my opinion (respectfully said). Wit and humor at the expense of others, yes, most definitely.

I am NOT a star trek fan, but remember seeing one episode in my life, and I think Whoopie Goldberg played the part of a woman (alien or whatever) who did not understand why people laughed. They tried to explain it, and they tried to say that you compare two things, or something just clicks, and it’s funny. She never cracked a smile, and never understood the “mechanics” behind laughter.

The brain is the antennae into the realm of the unknown and/or unseen. Laughter, tears, etc., are things that lower creature’s brains do not let them experience. When someone does opiates (or other drugs), they are only manipulating their brain in order to take something from the divine realm that they have not earned (thou shalt not steal). Our brains allow us to experience joy and laughter that is a part of the divine, and as our brains develop or where ever our journey takes us, whatever form we take will surely only enable us to experience more and more attributes of the divine, like humor and laughter, which Whoopie couldn’t grasp.

Eye has not seen or ear has not heard what is in store… right?

Just my thoughts, but I would like to know why it is that you think laughter and humor must go.


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