The Pentagrammaton

by Mike Doss on August 16, 2014

pentagramThe word Pentagram we all know to be a star. It derives from the word Pentagrammaton. We also know penta means 5. But what about the “gram” part? In the word “tetragrammaton” the tetra portion is a combining form of 4 and tetragrammaton itself means 4 letters, YHWH, the Spirit, Mental, Astral and Physical Planes of existence. YHWH is Yahweh from the Spirit Plane downward and HWH ( trigrammaton ) is Jehovah from the Mental Plane downward, the “leader” of the lower conscious minds’ 7 powers or Elohim just as Zeus represents the same within the Demiurge for the Greeks and the Big Angel Yaldabaoth does for the Gnostics. But there’s that “gram” portion again. We know the word gram to be a measure of weight or volume, could that be the answer?

Gram derives from the Greek grámma, meaning literature or letters which I’m guessing is where we get our word grammar. So we can view the word pentagrammaton as a combining form of 5 letters. We have the first 4 letters in the word tetragrammaton but what’s the fifth? Turns out to be the Hebrew letter Shin with the sh sound as in YHSWH, being placed right in the middle. Being placed between spirit/air on one side and water/earth on the other is telling us that there is a unifying force to bring the 2 halves together. Spirit/air is always considered the superior world and water/earth the inferior world. Also, how do we get a unit of weight/volume from letters? Gram was originally defined as “the absolute weight of a volume of pure water equal to the cube of the hundredth part of a meter, and at the temperature of melting ice” ( source, Wikipedia ). Some interesting words caught my eye in that definition. We have absolute as in the case of the 1st Cause, The Absolute and I only mention this because, to me, nothing born in this physical realm can be absolute, there are too many variables. How do we reach an absolute on anything born in the physical realm? Truth is a very good example since truth is from above and not born in this realm, it already exists and it is up to us to find it. Remember that truth is the Spirit of the Ineffable. There is also the words “pure” and “water”. Why water? When the Moses character meets God on Mt. Sinai Moses asks what name should I tell the people to call you. God answers “I am that I am”. Iam in Hebrew means water or sea so my interpretation of this is Iam – “sea of space” binding with “I am” – “sea of water”, the human body being 7/8 water. The primordial emptiness of space is considered an invisible sea of sorts ( invisible matter ), Meri, Mari, etc – all water symbols. All life comes out of the “sea” whether here or in the Heavens. We already know that what happens there happens here and vice versa. We can all view the Ineffable as Pure, the pureness of virgin space/matter in this one respect. Then there’s the temperature of melting ice in the definition above. Water freezes at 32 degrees and ice melts at 33. We have the number 33 again, the age at which the Jesus character is crucified, the number of vertebrae in the human spine ( Jacobs’ ladder ), etc. Also look where we’re at, 8th Sphere removed from Cause but only 8th if we divide the emotion and mental states into higher and lower. Combining those 2 would make us the 6th Sphere removed from Cause or 3+3 = 6. Could this be a reference to us climbing up from the icy depths of physical existence to the thawing warmth of the 2nd/1st Cause? Space is very cold, perhaps 200 degrees or more below zero but what happens if we were to get close to a star or the Celestial Plane/2nd Cause? Heat, fire, melting… Also, take a look at the definition of a meter, again according to Wikipedia : “the length of the path travelled by light in vacuum during a time interval of 1/299,792,458 of a second”. Space is not a vacuum as scientists tell us but a fullness, a bridge of sorts which binds objects together. If space were truly a vacuum wouldn’t everything just collapse in on itself? These same scientists also tell us that they can only see about 10% of the Universe just as we use only about 10% of our brain until Christ Consciousness. More similarities here. A second is, or was in the past, 1/86400th of a solar day. A meter should be 3.3356 of distance, one hundredth of that is .03356 and cubed gives us a gram at .00003756. According to these definitions a meter is measured in light but the gram is measured in water so it would seem we’re talking about the moisture within a photon of light. This corresponds directly to the Eucharist where the sun raises the moisture up to symbolically represent the raising up of the soul by Light/consciousness. One more thing, I’m not sure if this is anything but look at that number for cubed gram weight, 3+7+5+6 = 2+1 = Trinity. Coincidence?

So in the pentagram we have the 2 lowest points of earth ( physical ) and visible water/matter ( astral ) and the 2 higher-mid points as air ( mental ) and fire ( spirit ). That just leaves the point at the top. Tetragrams are not considered stars, at least as far as I know. But pentagrams are. The difference of that one letter at the top is the key. The tetragammaton is a unit of its’ own, the Physical Realm from the Spirit Plane down to the Physical Plane. The pentagrammaton is also a unit of its’ own which includes the tetragammaton. There’s our units of measure, the gram. Units of Planes of existence. So we might now view “gram” as the water density within a photon of light to correspond directly with each Plane, the more water within the photon the lower the descent. It’s now pretty obvious as to what follows next, the Christ Plane/2nd Cause which is what sits atop the pentagram and is called aether. By simple deduction we can define aether as The Christ or Divine Mind. We all get the tetragrammaton when we descend but the higher pentagrammaton unit we will have to earn. We can view the human body as first a tetragram then, upon completion, as a pentagram. Think of the 2 legs as the lower points, the 2 arms as the higher-mid points and the head as the crown, so to speak, of the finished star. When we complete our mission here we gain the Christ Consciousness/Divine Mind which completes us. Exactly the way a pentagram is defined – aether, fire, air, water, earth. As for the upside down pentagram which is supposed to be a symbol of evil, etc. I think the downward point at the bottom is for physical embodiment and really nothing more. People will make anything into what they interpret it. BTW, have you noticed the upside down pentagrams in the back of the Republican elephant? Curious. Now just a quick look at the rest of the those 2 words – the “maton” portion. What comes to mind for me is “automaton”, a self-operating machine according to its’ definition. Auto is the self operating part so maton should equate to machine so in pentagrammaton we can define it as a 5 letter combining form machine, a machine combining 5 forms. Us.

Then we can go back to the Celestial and human Pineal Glands. When we open this gland and allow the White Horseman of the Apocalypse ( Divine Consciousness ) into the Fornix the Pineal Gland heats up and showers the body with light – melatonin. When the Celestial Pineal Gland ( Orion ) heats up it showers the Universe with light – stars, us. Same idea here. So after the Spiritual Transformation/Gnosis we are already stars of sorts but still in the human microcosm. The ancients tell us that stars/suns are born and planets are embryos. Our Sun is a lesser Solar System star ( no offense to the Sun ) and above it are the Cosmic stars like Sirius which, since we are locked in orbit with it, appears to be our Suns’ father star. Then above Cosmic stars/suns are the Universal stars/suns and still larger ones above them and we can trace them all the way up to 7 unbelievably gigantic stars/suns which make up the whole Universe. They are so vast that our entire solar system wouldn’t even constitute one cell in its’ body if we compare that body to our own human body.

According to the Kabbalah at a certain point we won’t need to eat food and drink water. Is that possible while still in human form? We can get by on herbs, minerals and other items that, I guess, aren’t really food but going without water seems impossible while still human. So could the Kabbalah be talking of us after we have left incarnation altogether? Also esotericists such as Manly P. Hall tell us that the constellation Pisces, which we’re a part of, is considered 1 or more Blessed Souls. We know the soul is mind so right there we have some very good confirmation about stars being living, sentient, benevolent, thinking beings. He only mentioned Pisces but I’m sure they will all fall into that category. Blessed because they endured what physical existence brought and succeeded in their mission and earned immortality.

It seems a little bit out there us becoming stars and such but some good evidence of this very idea exists throughout scripture. All of the begatting in Genesis and elsewhere aren’t humans, they’re stars. Manly Hall talks about the Greeks stating that some humans were picked up directly and honored in such a way. Since souls come from the Celestial Plane to begin with it seems to make sense. When a person does reach Christ Consciousness the whole Universe is impacted and brightened. If that happens just here then the Universal impact would be significant to an extent but happening in the Heavens would be very significant. Thus, when we hear that title “A Star is Born” it means something very special indeed.

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Tessa August 16, 2014 at 3:40 pm

I really like this post. A long time ago when I was a Christian, I read some verse that immediately made me think of having been a star before being born. This explains a lot of how that might be possible.

Thanks! 🙂


Vernon McVety (Bro. Vern) August 16, 2014 at 6:22 pm

I find this particular sentence of Mike to be especially interesting: “The ancients tell us that stars/suns are born and planets are embryos.” Because there is also other scientific speculation that the stars are actually the embryos which turn into planets, coalescing into hardening spheres after millions of years. Check out the science of Marshall Gardner in Dr. Raymond Bernard’s classic book “The Hollow Earth.” However, both views could be right, or is that absolutely right? Isn’t it intriguing how the relativity of human thinking takes its toll over us? – Brother Vern


Brent Emery Pieczynski August 17, 2014 at 3:27 am

This makes Christianity look as though it is related to witchcraft. With people accusing others that find patterns of being insane people. While actual Christianity is much different than the tele-evangelist that is out to maximize personal gain.


Robert September 4, 2014 at 1:57 pm

Mike and Friends,

Thank you for the post and comments. I thoroughly enjoy numbers. There are so many numerical connections and correlations that can come to mind when we start to study them. There are definitely meaningful patterns to those that are gifted and open to see them. And even if some of the correlations are guesses or coincidences, the exploration process using numbers is a beautiful method for opening up the mind to grasp the deeper things that are already in the our spirits. I especially related to Mikes explanation of “I am that I am” meaning the vastness interfacing with the water of our individual consciousness….. something like that. I got the gist of it even if my words are a little off. It makes a lot of sense. I’m going to look up the Republican elephant, of course,…. upside down pentagrams. And yes, when our minds our expanded by mediation, study, numbers, other wonderful methods, we are better able to comprehend what the spirit of redemption is all about, what Christianity in it’s non-institutionalized sense is really about. Upside down pentagrams…. I like that revelation.


Robert September 4, 2014 at 4:39 pm

Mike and Friends,

The pentagrams on the Republican elephant were originally right side up but got inverted just before George Bush, Jr. took office in 2000. They are still right side up on the Democratic logo. Flying the American flag with the stars inverted is supposed to be a signal of distress or dire emergency.


Tommy September 17, 2014 at 9:50 am

Not taking away but adding to what you write. The pentagram was a Christian symbol before it was replaced by the cross. The five points represented the five wounds of Christ. It was banned by the church when it was recognized that pagans also were using it.

In Gnostic circles the point of the star pointing upward represents spirit, and below it the four elements derived from spirit or Godhead, which is how you have depicted it. It is related to the Hermetic axiom “As above, so below.” The entire pentagram represents completion of the new temple, Christ-self as opposed to ‘I-self’ and perfected humanity as divine beings – the return to our original nature before the fall.

The two points up pentagon represents the supremacy of matter over spirit, sometimes identified with the demiurge. It is used by satanists and practitioners of black maggik as their symbol sometimes with the addition of Baphomet depicted in its center. Whether one sees the upright star representing ‘divine nature’ and the upside down star representing ‘earthy nature’, or none of the above, is a matter of individual orientation. I’m not judging.


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