Neutralizing Generational Conditioning through Meditation

by Raymond Phelan on September 7, 2014

cosmic consciousness“Hindu” is said to be the oldest religion on the planet. As an avid student of the 5000 year old plus Bhagavad-Gita (Hindu Bible), let me quote the verse around which the entire Bhagavad-Gita is premised:

“The Vades’ concern are with the three gunas (forces of Nature). Be without the three gunas, O Arjuna, (you, me) freed from duality, ever firm in purity, independent of possessions, possessed of the Self.” : b.g. ch 2 v 45.

The three gunas represent the three forces of Nature: creation, maintenance, and dissolution of the material world, collectively termed, evolution. They represent ’cause and effect’, ‘action and reaction’, responsible for the material world entanglement and its adversities; the re-incarnations visited upon each soul by way of Cosmic-Self or Christ-within, ignorance. In other words, while the five senses are sources of great joy, they’re also sources of great sin and suffering.

Considering the mountains of accumulated sin from these many incarnations, can we just imagine the memory work involved should we have to submit a “sin-statement” of past lives to God. Now the mind boggles!

Thankfully, the above verse prescribes the secret method of Enlightenment, of “debt repayment”, soul dis-entanglement, of becoming transcendental, thereby gaining the kingdom of heaven, or bliss-consciousness, effortlessly.

Similar verses from the Bible pertaining to soul dis-entanglement from the material world, are:

“And I, if I be lifted up from this earth shall draw all men unto me”. John 12.32

“Where I go you cannot come, but I go to prepare a place for you”. John 13.36

In the latter two scriptures, note the emphasis on the two “I”s :

And I (inner Christ), if I (finite mind) be lifted from this earth (conditioning / addictions), shall draw all men (divine assistance / love manifestation) unto me (live awakening or divine consciousness).

Where I (Christ) go you (material world / ego / duality) cannot come, but I (crucified ego/ “Jesus”) go to prepare (integration of past karma) a place (level of purified consciousness) for you (experiential Christ)”: John 13.36 and 14.2-4

Similar to “be without the three gunas” in the Bhagavad-Gita, the previous two scriptures are advocating the same necessity of meditation: that lower-self “I” be raised by Higher Self “I” leading to integration / purification of our less than noble past into knowing Cosmically – Present Moment awareness – where all past karma becomes neutralized. And, like a line drawn in water as opposed to stone, new impressions on the mind / senses fail to cling for future re-enactment, fail to register as future desire-seeds; thus is dis-entanglement, and the soul’s Nobler purpose of eternal freedom, achieved.

For the duration of meditation, these inner journeys are about ego Crucifixion and surrendering our “material / earth” identity, and nothing else whatsoever: we’re not looking FOR something. An intuitive understanding that we each have varying amounts of personal “sin” baggage from this and former lives in need of purification; but which purification is impossible to our lower-self “earth” identity, to perform.

Transcendence and Altered State of Consciousness

While there are many such wisdom-laden scriptures in the Bible and elsewhere, and we all have our favorites, amazingly, none of these wonderful scriptures actually provide DIRECT experience of “Father’s house”, Christ-Presence, or the Transcendent.

“Readings” indeed feed the mind beautifully; and this is important, for the brain needs to assimilate scriptural language-information, familiarize in words which will later blossom into wiser understanding, thereby make choices on moral / societal issues based on in-formed wisdom. But surface mind intellectual discrimination is only half the picture.

While the conscious mind thrives on facts, figures and analogies, (that’s its job) fulfillment of the Heart transcendentally can only be achieved by entering an altered state of consciousness, know transcendental nature. Such, alone, facilitates soul dis-entanglement and direct experience of divine Love.

To achieve transcendental status within consciousness, the challenge of stilling the thought-racing conscious mind is indeed great. But soul dis-entanglement from the forces of Nature, ‘the three gunas’, is our priority purpose in life, and a challenge easily doable by all, as we shall see.

Direct Joy

The above scriptures are exciting in that they offer ALL souls who undertake the activity of transcending, the opportunity of direct Joy. All the above scriptures are unambiguous in their calling to personal “transcendence”, to rise above past, present, future material entanglement, by way of transformational meditation.

Inherent in the above verse “I (Jesus / process) go before you to prepare a place for you” is: that our own inner Christ will work His divine magic and that we’ll be Present in full spiritual attire — White Garb / Direct Joy — at the Wedding Banquet; after all, we did receive an invite at birth! This is totally true, BUT, there is also participatory / preparatory chores to be carried-out on OUR part. Christ cannot be engaged in sin-purification while the ego simultaneously is engaged in soul-destroying sense-gratification. Think about it: soul cannot know Pure Love through soiled consciousness.

Preparatory work simply means set-aside periods of each day where, rather than reciting and digesting volumes of egoistic chatter feed-needs, thereby weave even more web-snares that further entangle the soul, we come into transcendental silence or ego-less communion with the Divine. This is soul “hearing / knowing” its own Silence nature through a faith-filled mind / heart. When the lake is calm the moon reflects (Bliss).

Awakening Inner Spiritual Mechanisms

The term “Jesus” esoterically means “process”, or Way, to inner Christ. In scripture “I”-“Jesus” is always referring to the process of Enlightenment in Christ. Knowing this we can see clearly the need for some conscious preparatory work, some unifying method which engages our inner spiritual mechanisms into awakening, at a practical level.

In other words, “Jesus”, or mantra meditation, prepares the consciousness for the coming, or direct realization, of our Transcendent Savior, Christ within: saving our soul from the accumulations of past, present and future sin / karma. Meditation, being wordless and non-verbal communication, is the most potent form of prayer / union, we can engage in.

To make the above scriptures Heart experiential, a practical functioning “savior”, or mantra is used. The mantra functions as a vibrational sound to awaken our purpose-designed spiritual mechanisms, the endocrine system. The mantra essentially is a thought, a meaningless word or sound, which, through its calming vibratory effect, stills the conscious mind naturally. Eventually in meditation the mind transcends the mantra, (for some it’s the moment the eyes are closed, others, a few minutes or longer) to arrive at the Source of thought, the Unconscious or Infinite Being. This ‘thought’, of course, is one which we do not think ABOUT – but HEAR through the inner hearing sense.

The Bible, as we know, is symbolism presentation of “the Way”. By internalizing scriptural “Jesus” as a personal process of inward meditation, we eternalize Christ within as our daily living Heart consciousness.


Assume, for example, we’re listening through our normal decibel levels to a single repetitive GONG. Now, if this GONG sound were reduced to even quieter levels: GONG GONG GONG …. until we couldn’t hear GONG through our normal outer hearing capacity, we could say that it has gone out of gross perceptible range. But were we to continue “hearing” GONG within, thus the inner hearing perception would carry on to even deeper, subtler levels of experiencing. Thus the conscious mind is brought to the Source of thought, to eventually transcend the subtlest GONG. Here the awareness slips into Transcendental nature, and mind, freed from duality, experiences, becomes as unbounded bliss. Mind is no longer an individual finite mind, rather has gained Cosmic Mind status (all-encompassing). Think raindrop merging with ocean.

This is the method implied in the above scriptures, of directly experiencing inner Christ – Bliss — either at home, work or while traveling. It’s that simple, and that challenging. Page 291, ch 14 of ‘Transforming your life’, deals in more detail with this practice technique. (Details at end of post.) Concentration / contemplation

Can I say, “transcendence” meditation as mentioned here is not about developing concentration or contemplation per-se. Concentration techniques, while beneficial, retain the mind specifically on the surface level of the pond, while contemplation deals with encompassing the whole pond. Transcendence meditation, on the other hand, explores the depths of the pond, of consciousness.

The ability of concentration lies not in its practice as such, rather in the development of happiness or contentment consciousness. Like an arrow drawn fully back on a taut bow-string, the intellect reaches its maximum potential for action, creativity, develops sharpness of mind and inner contentment. Regular meditation brings about resolute intellect: ability to place the full mind on a subject at any given moment and be filled with insightful information on that topic. Known as: ‘consciousness-based knowledge’ or consciousness development’ this, I feel, is the way forward to neutralizing the consciousness of humanity, fulfilling global peace-filled societies.

Love Consciousness

“In my Father’s house are many rooms / dwelling places, but I go to prepare a place for you“ John 14.2-4.

Synonymous with literal scripture, this, and the next quotation, seem to be stating the obvious: ‘many levels of love and peace etc. in heaven’. But, here again, note the emphasis on the two “I”s. Here the meanings are totally reversed, more profound and practical. “Many rooms, dwelling places, mansions, in my father’s house” are essentially many levels of generational karma in need of integration. Many levels of previous incarnations of ‘unconscious soul living’ to be made conscious. Many levels of fixed ideologies to be peace-harmonized into Christ-consciousness, hence: I go (“Jesus”/ process, lower-self unto Crucifixion) to prepare a place (state of Love consciousness — Resurrection) for you (unto the soul).

“I would not tell you this if it were not so” John 14:2-4 (New Testament Good News edition 1976).

In other words, If there were not these levels of fixed falsities, ideologies, karmic rooting … many rooms / dwelling places, mansions (mindsets) of previous incarnations, in my father’s house / kingdom, then, lower-self I (ego / son of man), would be incapable of revealing such Higher Self wisdom, understanding. As such, I, / son of man, ego, go for Crucifixion, and come back renewed, transformed as Son of God consciousness, as the living Christ presence. Thus is lower-self redeemed unto Myself — becoming the Christ within OUR heart consciousness, NOW.

Love, or Cosmic nature, needs to be cultured into our physiology, otherwise we fail to perceive, discern, transcendentally, fail to soul function divinely through Spirit-Love.

If soul is not growing, developing, in Love consciousness, thus we’re not “knowing” through direct perception. How then can we say we “know” Christ if we don’t “experience” Christ AS OUR consciousness?

In the absence of direct experiencing, biblical words and rituals can amount merely to popular sound bites and “performances” to appease the paradisiacal mind. Ego is expert at playing tricks; fooling us to thinking we’re making progress in mind expansion, love, or material world dis-entanglement. While manna to the ego, such can lead to a “loveless “or intellectual spirituality. Ego saying: you may have all the honey-pots in the forest but not this Inner Christ Pot, for such which will make you wise, thus heralding the demise of this grand illusion of mine!

Propelling force of ego

Due to inability to perceive, discern divinely, the non-threatening route is always the chosen route of ego (wide gate rather than narrow gate). The propelling fuel of ego is fear which octanes increase through spiritual ignorance. In this regard, ego detests inner silence and transcendence for such bring severance of its fuel-line through revealing its false persona, its non-reality status.

Isn’t it wonderful to know, through stilling the conscious mind in meditation, “be without the three gunas” in the Bhagavad-Gita “and I, if I be lifted up”, in the Bible, that, we’ve actually won this battle over fear / duality – death, illusion. With infusion of Bliss into the mind, wordless ‘meditation’ is partaking of eternal divine nature: consciousness becoming exposed unto Cosmic Self, or, Soul becoming Christ realized. To the dominant ego, such experience is as a dry lake to a fish: drought and demise; to the Realized Soul, Victory in Christ.

Ego can only bear false witness, exist as untruth or illusion. Conversely, Christ is already present within as Truth but which needs realization: Christ knows “only” revelation through the Cosmically-quickened soul. Christ works THROUGH us now, not TO us at some later date. When ego Crucifixion is achieved, either by many incarnations, or many meditation sessions in this incarnation, when the consciousness attains transcendental status in proportion to daily purification, thus, the Promises of Christ-Nature are revealed unto our Awakening soul.

And, while there are “many mansions” or, fixed soul-destroying mindsets and false glorifications to be traversed and healed before coming upon this Purest, tolerable Love state, thankfully, in meditation, this miracle-performing work is carried out through our own indwelling Chris, as in, “Not I (ego / “earth” identity) who do the healing (perfecting, making whole), but my Father (Transcendent Power / Christ) which (State) is in heaven” (Unity Consciousness).

Unstoppable Awakening

As Potential in bliss-consciousness is limitless, thus a limitless Consciousness is required to perceive divinely. And while former conditioning will surface from the suppressed aspect of mind (sub consciousness), conscious integration of this suppressed energy is necessary to be faced, but this facing will be through Higher understanding, Freed Will, through new Self-revealing levels of Kingdom strengths. Qualities which heretofore were non-realized healing aspects of our own inner Christ nature, will raise “our human” limitations, perceived frailties from the mire of sin and addiction. Once “awakening” commences, an invincible conviction of Reality takes root and our spiritual progress is unstoppable, the target becomes something you can’t miss.

And, when we consider that “our Father” is always in Heaven, and that we’re made in His image and likeness, our spiritual status thus is not limited to this earthly or star-planetary universe plane. But because this earth plane is the plane onto which the soul chose to incarnate, it is the launch-site from which our further and greater evolution is progressed. Whether in Form or Spirit, Atom or Star, we’ll still be the eternal experiencing “I” consciousness, for such cognition in, is what we came to birth consciously on Earth.

Living the Christ “cosmic birth” through our spiritual mechanisms represents cessation of the never-ending cycle of human / karmic re-births, of “time” re-cyclings, in whichever form that “body” takes. Remember, even Stars, with their enormous life-spans running into multiple thousands of centuries per incarnation, are governed by “the three gunas”, evolution. Transcendence therefore takes the consciousness beyond the Vedes, beyond the laws of Nature, beyond time, space and causation. My book: Transforming Your Life – How to Be All That You Can Be, deals more comprehensively with this subject matter, with instruction on the mantra meditation technique.

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kristy September 7, 2014 at 11:11 am

Spot on! when people ask me how come you’re into meditation and Reiki healing but call yourself a Christian, I tried to explain to them exactly what you just said in this article. other great ExampleS I use is when Jesus was in the forest for 40 days he was meditating and Satan came to him three times that could represent ego or thoughts trying to break his meditative state additionally jesus said when you pray go into a quiet place go within that is stilling your mind and truly meditating. I love your work great Job!!!


Raymond Phelan September 7, 2014 at 3:44 pm

Hi kristy,

Nice to hear from you, and, thank you for your own most insightful comments!




Anthony September 8, 2014 at 10:22 am


This post was just wow…best one in a good while. Your knowledge and enthusiasm on this topic is so endearing and a joy to read as it is made very clear that you are one with your writings.

I have had your book bookmarked on my browser for a couple of months now, just waiting for the right moment to purchase it. I can’t wait to read more of your work.

Thank you.


Raymond Phelan September 8, 2014 at 3:08 pm

Hi Anthony,

Great to hear from you, and, thank you so much for your nice comments. I’m sure, Anthony, you will find inspirational value in the book. Thank you again for your interest in my work and Josh’s SOS blog.




Joshua Tilghman September 13, 2014 at 5:45 pm


Thank you for this piece. As you always point out, the mind is always grasping for new levels of identification. As the mind transitions even from the religious to the spiritual, we still have our ways of believing that we have probed beyond religious truths to spiritual identification, but on the surface this is only another level of mind identification where we can get caught up in our thoughts instead of transcending to the true level of reality, which is beyond thought itself. As you so aptly point out in the Biblical scriptures above, true peace involves going beyond day to day thought to within our true selves. This is the Christ, the way and the truth, which leaves behind this incarnation and all the accumulated karma it brings.

I think it is important to make this subtle yet profound distinction. Meditation is the only way to cross this barrier. We can accumulate and assimilate all of the esoteric knowledge in the world, but this is only good so far as it gives us the opportunity to realize that no matter what religion we embark on, it can only show us what is not peace and bliss. This is as far as knowledge can bring us. There comes a point where we have to go beyond even spiritual identification to realize that which is beyond our own mind and thought processes.

Thank you for such an enlightening post.


Raymond Phelan September 14, 2014 at 3:41 pm


Thank you for this comment, Josh.

I like this: “We can accumulate and assimilate all of the esoteric knowledge in the world, but this is only good so far as it gives us the opportunity to realize that no matter what religion we embark on, it can only show us what is not peace and bliss”.

Powerful insight and understanding in your words, Josh!




Tommy September 17, 2014 at 1:14 pm

I have found meditation with mantras, visualizations or intonations can be very calming, stilling the chaos in my mind. As you say this is very healthy as it quiets damaging stress hormones and energizes helpful hormones. I think of this kind of meditation as ‘tuning out.’ By this I mean tuning out the world.

I have found contemplation with the intention of allowing universal wisdom to speak to me about scripture, some teaching or an existential question to be very practical in terms of spirit-soul development. I think of this as ‘tuning in.’ In this second kind of meditation what comes from the unconscious becomes conscious. This interplay is important as long as we remain human personalities.

I don’t give enough time to meditation-contemplation, so thank you for writing about its importance.


Raymond Phelan September 18, 2014 at 6:19 pm


Great to hear from you. Thank you for your well set out description of both meditations, which indeed are both accurate. Just to add extra insight: what you’re terming “Tuning out” I call “transcendence”: same affect: transcending the chaotic ego; where the mind is left alone in its own stillness nature, which nature, on contact, is bliss, resulting in bliss-consciousness or soul-awakening personality.

Contemplation, as you say, Tommy, is indeed a powerful technique for unfolding the esoteric wisdom of scriptures etc. Josh in particular, and others, including Anny, Robert, Paul, and your good self, of course, have exemplified this approach dramatically, resulting in many amazingly-insightful and Truth-revealing esoteric posts here on SOS. We’re so blessed, through Josh’s blog, to have all these fine posts at our finger-tips!

To all.

By way of deepening this subject a little more, let us qualify contemplation and concentration as separate practices from mantra meditation.

“Con” meaning to join, and, “template”, an idea or known facts: reflecting upon known data. “Con” in concentration meaning to join “centrate”, our centre or, awareness, with a specific subject. Both activities keep the mind, to varying degrees, on the surface level. A little analogy may be helpful: As I’m writing this reply to Tommy, I’m reflecting / contemplating upon his fine comment in order to reply. But, when replied to, I’ll close my laptop and prepare for mantra meditation. This will not involve contemplation or concentration, simply I’ll go through the same repeated practice of mantra meditation leading to transcendence. Here all thought of God, scripture and the world, cease, for, a thought of God finds fulfillment in its extinction. So, we could say: contemplate these last nine-words for a few minutes, then, leave them. Now, preparing for meditation, and, using our selected mind-stilling mantra, or any mind-centering technique, commence meditation and, when transient thought or, contemplation-feedback arise, simply witness and return to our practice. The mind, when sufficiently cultured through regular practice in soul silence, transcends automatically. Thus is how capacity of conscious mind expands, thereby affording greater capacity of understanding into our symbolized scriptures.

Imagine a deep ocean. Imagine from the surface to about ten meters below the surface as representing the conscious mind. Next, below this level, we have the subconscious layers of conditioning, programming, addictions, (“original sin”) etc. Then, the Unconscious, or, Infinite Being, the healing state (inner Christ). The mantra, essentially being a vibratory thought-sound, travels from the conscious mind through all these levels of subconscious layers (subconsciousness) to eventually reach the Unconscious, at which point, the mind transcends the mantra — goes beyond time and space. The mantra, in other words, gradually, on reaching the bottom of the ocean, fades from awareness: the mind thus transcends the object of thought (the mantra). At this level, through the infusion of bliss into the mind, on coming out of meditation, the deeper layers of subconsciousness are nudged out of hibernation, awakened unto Conscious Awareness. Thus is Christ-healing nature active as Presence-Consciousness in our daily lives.

Blessings, Tommy,


Tommy September 19, 2014 at 7:03 am

Your expansion of the subject is great teaching and easy to grasp. I’m going to return to it often and remember the ocean visualization. This is gold, my friend.
Thank you so much,


Christina k. November 14, 2014 at 11:27 pm

I would like to inform you that Hindu means the person practising Hinduism. It is VEDAS and not vadas. In Hindi, the language vadas mean a fried batter snack made of lentil. Hope you make the changes. The write up made good reading thanks.


Raymond Phelan December 26, 2014 at 5:48 pm

Hi Christina,

Thank you for the clarification between the words “Hindu” and “Hinduism” in my article. I did, of course, mean “Hinduism”. My apologies for misuse of the term.

“Vades” was a misspelling, again, I did intend it to read “Vedas”, oops!

Delighted, Christina, that you enjoyed the overall article. Lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for those nice comments.



sampa March 16, 2015 at 8:39 am

nice work


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