Part V: Section Two: The 7-Day Creation, The Flood, and The Birth of Christ

by Jakob Thelen on November 30, 2014

Dove, baptizedGenesis of Life

Illustration Left: The Dove, symbolic of the Holy Spirit, approaches the Grail to be Baptized. Note the three Holy Colours: Blue (Heaven), Scarlet (Sacrifice), and Purple (Royalty).

The 7-Day Creation has been a source of great confusion over the years. Some believe it to describe a literal week in which God created all things, but this interpretation appears quite irreconcilable with reality: for instance, plants cannot survive without light, yet we read that they were created before the Sun. Readers of a more progressive nature take it to mean Ages – God created all in Seven Ages, thousands of years, etc. This is likely done in response to the past 200yrs of scientific discovery, but also finds support in Scripture where we read that To God each day is like a thousand years, a thousand years like a day. But is this what was intended?

Still others interpret it according to the Seed of Life or the Seven Classical Planets. These are also valid, but again one can’t help sense a certain lack of explanatory power. It seems that, rather than seven literal days, Creation occurred in Seven Sets of DaysSeven Months. Below are the Hebrew months in question, with their corresponding zodiac and the harvests of ancient Israel:

Day 1: Nisan, March-April; Aries

  • Separation of Light from Darkness
  • Vernal Equinox: Ecliptic rises above Equator, Light emerges from Darkness
  • Barley ripens, marking the start of Pesach

Day 2: Iyar, April-May; Taurus

  • Separation of waters Above and Below with Heaven (firmament, that which is fixed)
  • Celestial Equator divides Spring (Above) from Autumn (Below)
  • Wheat and Oats in May, Peas and Lentils April-May

Day 3: Sivan, May-June; Gemini

  • Waters below gathered into one place: Earth brings forth grass, herb, and trees yielding fruit
  • Close of Grain harvest
  • Wheat and Oats, Chickpeas, Sesame and Flax in June, and GrapesJune-September

Day 4: Tammuz, June-July; Cancer

  • Let There Be Lights in Heaven
  • Summer Solstice: Ecliptic at Highest Point
  • Chickpeas and Grapes, Sesame and Flax

Day 5: Av, July-August; Leo

  • The Waters brought forth Life in abundance, whales of sea and birds of sky
  • Millet July-August

Day 6: Elul, August-September; Virgo

  • God Created Man in His Image -Male and Female, gave all herb bearing seed
  • Grapes; Figs, Pomegranates and Olives September-November

Day 7: Tishrei, September-October; Libra/Scorpio

  • God rested, Blessed the Day, and Man Fell
  • Autumnal Equinox: Ecliptic falls below Equator
  • Grapes, Figs, Olives and Pomegranates
  • Earth was tilled, as was common at this time

Regarding the Zodiac, there is some slight overlap, but they have been listed with the month that they would dominate. Virgo and Leo would likely overlap in late-Elul or early-Tishrei, for instance. I have yet to see another paradigm capable of explaining why light appears after plants: here we see that they grew between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, which is completely true. The light was not yet in heaven because the Sun doesn’t reach its peak until Tammuz. I suspect that the Jewish Community has long been aware of these correspondences, but it seems that this knowledge was not passed on to Christian Orthodoxy.

New Light On The Flood

Proceeding from Tishrei – meaning Beginning, Sept-Oct, we enter Cheshvan – the 8th month. Methuselah, grandfather of Noah, died at 969yrs on 11th Cheshvan, 7 days before The Flood of Noah. On this same day, Benjamin is believed to have been born to Rachel. (These dates are Talmudic Tradition.) It was Jacob who named him Benjamin, Rachel actually named him Ben-Oni – or Son of My Mourning. Here we appear to find Egyptian correspondence: when Osiris died, Isis was so stricken with grief that she wept for her lost love: her tears flooded the Nile, which occurred annually until the Aswan Dam was built.

Isis corresponds to Venus and is preserved in Virgo. The Nile Flooding reaches its utmost in October, or Tishrei-Cheshvan, but can sometimes last into mid-November, in particularly bad years. This is close to the Olive harvest, beginning in Aug-Sept. In late summer to early fall, Sirius – The Dog Star – rises in the east shortly before dawn. This star is the basis of the Egyptian calendar: when its heliacal rise occurs around Sept 20th, near The Equinoctial Fall, it signals the beginning of a New Cycle – the Inundation or Flood period. If we turn our attention back to Rachel and Benjamin, we may deduce that Ben-Oni is Sirius, child of Venus’ weeping that brought the Flood around the time of his birth.

1st Sivan is traditionally taken to be the end of The Flood, around May-June: it is in June that the waters reach their lowest point, beginning to slowly rise again – accelerating in Sept-Oct with the birth of Benjamin. Notice that in the 7-Day Creation Sivan is the month of gathering the waters into one place, i.e., they return to their proper place. The following month, Tammuz, corresponds to Cancer – ruled by the Moon: this is likely because crab populations fluctuate according to lunar cycles, and are subject to the flow of the tides. This is when Lights are put in Heaven, coinciding with the Solstice.

The Grail, Olive and Dove

When the Flood ended, Noah released a Raven and a Dove, the latter returning with an olive-leaf. Corvus and Crater, the Raven and the Cup, are two constellations near the left hand of Virgo, the Virgin: these two are cradled by Hydra, the SeaSerpent. This could easily be The Serpent of The Field, drawing Virgo into Libra-Scorpio. I know of no less than two Greek myths that explicitly allude to these constellations. The first is as follows:

Apollo [the Sun] sent Corvus to fetch him a cup of water from a nearby spring. The bird was gone for quite some time, because he was waiting for a fig to fruit. When he returned with a serpent in his grip along with the Cup of water, he tried to blame his delay on the snake; Apollo saw through this trickery and banished them to their present location in the heavens.

The fig, cursed by Christ in the desert, did not offer its fruit until Sept-Nov, the season in question. He actually cursed the fig for this very reason, its lack of fruit. The second has been seen in earlier segments:

In the chaotic beginnings of existence, Eurynome the Creator was surrounded and bound by Ophion the serpent. As a means of escaping his grip, she transformed herself into a dove and, in emerging, laid the Egg of Creation. The egg was opened by Ophion and released the entire Universe.

2ndEurynome the Dove is Corvus the Raven; the cracked Egg of Creation is The Cup of Water; Ophion and the Serpent are Hydra. Eurynome could also be the evening itself, giving birth to “Night’s Silver Egg” – The Moon. We find these same signs in the legends of the Druids: The Egg is offered by a hoard of Serpents, holding it in the air with their hissing. There is a hoard because Virgo is surrounded by serpents – thus revealing the true identity of Medusa, as well.

Illustration Right: The Raven or Dove stands beside the Grail, atop the low-lying Serpent.


Celestial Correspondence

Virgo is NE of Libra and NW of Crater-Corvus, standing just above the ecliptic, with Hydra under her feet just below the same. Therefore Hydra the Serpent tempted the Virgin and she fell into darkness through Libra-Scorpio during the equinox, when the ecliptic falls below the celestial equator. Not far from here we see VelaThe Ship, surrounded by all sorts of animals. Below is the general order of the heavens centering around Vela, lying just below Hydra:

At Right:

  1. Canis Major&Minor, The Dogs with Sirius (Son of Mourning, Flood Star)
  2. Monoceros, The Unicorn
  3. Lepus, The Rabbit

At Left:

  1. Lupus The Wolf
  2. Centaurus The Centaur
  3. Musca, The Fly
  4. Apus, The Bird of Paradise


  1. Hydra, The Sea-Serpent
  2. Corvus, The Raven
  3. Leo&Leo Minor, The Lions
  4. Ursa Major, The Great Bear
  5. Lynx
  6. Cancer, The Crab
  7. Canes Venatici, The Hunting Dogs

thirdEtc. It’s quite likely that only some of these were visible alongside Vela, but this is certainly remarkable. Thus, from Sept-Nov we see The Equinoctial Fall, Nile Flood, Olive Harvest, Ship, Raven, Cup, Serpent, and Virgin! The Dove of Crater releases the Olive-Harvest signaling death of the Flood Season in November. It was a raven until the waters receded because the raven is a symbol of death, while the dove is one of hope, life, rebirth and purity – like the olive; when brought together they are the symbol of Peace.

Isis, with her myriad symbolic attributions, was often represented wearing a crown of Olive Branches with Ouroboros circling it. The latter reveals her to be a child of Saturn, as the Serpent eating itself is his symbol; the former associates her with the Flood Season, when her tears baptized the world.

Illustration Above: The Serpent, Raven, Grail, Lynx, and Noah’s Ark are seen here, in a diagram from Urania’s Mirror (1825). Virgo, Gemini, Leo, and other nearby signs are not shown.

Athene and The Olive of The Sea

The Parthenon of Athens was built to commemorate Athena Parthenos, the Virgin Moon Goddess of Greece. According to Morford and Lenardon’s Classical Mythology, on the West side we see “..the victory of Athena (by her token of the olive tree) over Poseidon…” (p.108)

Luna conquered the Sea with the Olive that is still harvested from Sept-Nov in the northern hemisphere. The Harvest Moon is the next full moon after the autumn equinox; after this is the Hunter’s Moon, which – if the former were full on September 22nd – would land on October 21st. (One lunar month is 29.5 days.) It was likely this or the one following that conquered Poseidon, the latter landing somewhere between November 19th-20th. If we count another 29-30 days, we find ourselves at the Winter Solstice. Inanna, the Sumerian Venus, was the daughter of Sin – their Lunar God.

The Egyptian Flood period constituting the first third of their year was as follows, spanning 4 Lunar Months:

  1. Tekh: Sept. 11Th – Oct 10th (Virgo-Libra/Scorpio*)
  2. Menhet: Oct 11th – Nov 9th (Libra-Scorpio)
  3. Hatour: Nov 10th – Dec 9th (Scorpio-Sagittarius)
  4. Karhka: Dec 10th – Jan 8th (Sagittarius-Capricorn)

*According to Funk&Wagnall’s, Libra and Scorpio were seen as one until Roman times (30BC).

To sum up what we’ve already seen:

  • In Tishrei, Sept-Oct, Man Falls below the celestial equator with the death of the harvest season
    • Virgo above the ecliptic is tempted by Hydra below, and she falls through Libra-Scorpio
  • In Cheshvan, Oct-Nov, we see The Flood of Noah
    • During Olive season the Nile Flooding occurs, when Virgo, Crater-Corvus and Vela are seen
  • Athena, the Moon of Greece, conquered the Sea by the olive that’s harvested Sept-Nov
  • The Sumerian Venus (Inanna) was daughter of the Moon (Sin)

This tells us that Venus was likely reborn at some point between November and December in this case, presumably coinciding with the Egyptian month of Karhka. This brings us to the Winter Solstice, the Birth of Christ.

Star of the House of Bread

The Star of Bethlehem, like the 7-Day Creation and 666, seems quite poorly understood. Many have searched for an elaborate series of planetary alignments or something similar to account for what we read in Matthew, but in my opinion this search is unwarranted: I believe that the Star of the House of Bread (Beth-Lehem) is Venus, for a few reasons. Apparent Retrograde Motion is when a heavenly body appears to temporarily reverse direction, not unlike passing another car on the highway. On a daily basis the heavens move east to west, but over slightly longer periods of time all things move eastward: retrograde is when a planet appears to move west, opposite the rest of the solar system.

With Mercury and Venus (inferior planets, between us and the Sun),retrograde occurs when they overtake our orbit. You may recall that Christ was born 42 Generations after Abraham? He wasn’t. If we count, there are in fact 41 Generations: there are only 13 from Babylon. The retrograde of Venus is exactly 41 Days. For 41 days Venus is in retrograde moving west: Christ of 41 generations heads west into Egypt with His Mother shortly after birth.

Where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.” – Matthew 2:2

The Elongation of a planet is its angular distance from the Sun as seen from Earth: the Greatest Western Elongation occurs west of the sun in morning, while the Greatest Eastern Elongation is east of the sun – in evening. First, she is hidden behind the Sun; in one month she is visible, and six months after that she reaches her GEE – foreshadowing the Winter Solstice in this case. This is also an incredible key that may be applied to Genesis: on the 7th Day Adam and Eve are banished to the west; again seeing these as months, after Venus’ 7-months as Evening Star, she falls westward.

Then Herod, when he had privily called the wise men, inquired of them diligently what time the star appeared.” – Matt 2:7

Most seem to interpret this as meaning that ‘Herod’ did not know when the Star rose. I disagree. I believe he inquired diligently because he knew what star it must have been,and feared the thought of being overthrown. If it was the Evening Star of the East, the Heavenly Venus, this would foreshadow his downfall. She has always foreshadowed the birth of the new King, and with Herod’s determination to learn what time it rose, Scripture gives us a third clue that this is indeed the Star in question. Why else would he care what time it was? -Unless it were Evening, prophesying his death.

This is The Star of Bethlehem – the name itself also alluding to Stella Maris: wheat being used to make bread, man traditionally attributed its discovery to her. This contrast of Western Morning and Eastern Evening Stars is incredibly enlightening and will come up again, but consider The Wizard of Oz in relation to the Books of Matthew and Genesis: the “Good Witch of the East” and “Wicked Witch of the West.”

A Speculative Reconstruction

To conclude this section, I offer the following interpretation of Christmas / Hanukkah:

On the Eve of the Solstice, under Capricorn and ruling Saturn (Herod?), the Magi perceive the Evening Star, Virgin of the Sea rising in The East. In the Cave of Greatest Night Our Lady stands at Her absolute brightest, shining down upon us. At dawn She gives birth to The Light of The World, who lay among the hay borne by the Hand of The Virgin Maiden- the wheat of Venus perpetually held by Virgo.

The Magi, in witnessing this Great Omen, pitch their Tabernacle and send their burnt offerings of Frankincense and Myrrh, signs of their devotion to The House of Bread.This offering sits atop the copper of Stella Maris (copper being the metal of Venus*), andis accompanied by the Golden Bread of Microcosm, reminiscent of the same Venusian wheat. Fleeing in retrograde, Lady of Saturn and Child of Capricorn enter The Land of Darkness under cover of night. Egypt called itself Khem, meaning Black or Darkness – a reference to the soil that was a direct result of the Nile Flooding. Though this isn’t the word used in Scripture, it here transforms Egypt into Land of Darkness, in line with the Book of John. Egypt is often called The Black Land.

*The Tabernacle Altar consisted of three metals: Solar Gold, Lunar Silver, and Venusian Copper.

This concludes Section Two, Venus and Wheat will become increasingly relevant as we proceed.


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Joshua Tilghman November 30, 2014 at 7:22 pm

Thanks for another great post, Jakob! The illustrations were especially helpful.


Robert December 1, 2014 at 6:17 pm


Thank you for continuing to share these connections between our religious themes versus the zodiac and the agricultural cycle. I am sure I missed a lot the first read through, and that some of these details may come up in the future. In general, after reading these posts, I am more likely to consider scriptures and theologies as developing partly from ancient narratives about stars and harvests. We have such an ancient, rich legacy of wisdom, and without studying these connections, it would be lost to us. I think it is now scientifically accepted that most people’s DNA traces back to a common ancestor or two, over 100,000 to 300,0000 years ago. We have come a long way, and there is such a heritage along the way. I am going to remember that the next time I eat lentils, the most ancient of grain foods, and on Christmas, culminating an astral and harvest cycle to which we have been inspired to add great meaning through various narratives, man’s creative attempt to understand who were are in the great scheme of things, and why some of us gazing up at the stars sometimes feel we are not alone, even when there is no one else around.


Jakob Thelen December 10, 2014 at 5:35 pm


It has been my great pleasure, don’t worry if it doesn’t all soak in the first time around – this is completely understandable. I certainly didn’t realize or learn all of it in a night! 😀
I’m very glad you feel that way, and I strongly agree: this rich source of wisdom is the Perennial Philosophy, the one thing that appears consistently all throughout human history.

You will find it at the core of the Mystery Schools – the Bacchic/Dionysian rites, for instance, all major religions, as well as Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism- the Sacred Theatres of Spiritual Development. You will also find it in things like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings etc., both of which have a borderline religious fan-base. This is no accident, the former is very Zoroastrian. Saturn has been called the Lord of the Rings, this is the Black Sun/Eye in Tolkein’s stories. We’ve also seen the Venusian elements of The Wizard of Oz. This paradigm can serve as a tool of decipherment, applicable to nearly any work of fiction.

Regarding our genetic heritage, I cannot say for certain whether that is true or not, as I know little of phylogeny in general, but I wouldn’t necessarily deny a common ancestor of some sort or another. Our history is rich, though, and worthy of intense study.

I’m so happy to read that your religious celebrations have been enriched by this information. In my opinion it is through allegory that we come to understand the nature of Nature, its Creator, and its interpreter – Man; when we come to know the higher meanings of Scripture, the historical paradigm – whether true or not – seems to shrink to insignificance in many ways, overshadowed by the beauty of the spiritual. When man looks up, whose presence does he feel? In this vast sea of living wisdom, are we ever truly alone?

Best wishes,


Sparks December 3, 2014 at 1:57 pm

Hi Jakob,
This has truly been an amazing journey & learning experience, and I have made many connections. The outstanding being a confirmation that we are the Stars indeed. “As above, so below” makes more sense than ever before.
The ancients interest in them way long ago was not for nothing or even mapping the sky’s, somehow they knew if they understood the stars, they not only understood the Earth, but who they were in relation to the entirety of the universe.
Why does that shooting star always appear as I deeply contemplate a thought or in need of confirmation? Is it one’s self speaking from afar, or a deceased ancestor from long ago?
What I do know it is always a very powerful sign of being in alignment with the destiny of the Stars…

Thank you for your unique way of exploring the subject connecting religion’s to the heavens.
Although, yes, I have had to go back and re-read a few times to totally integrate with my own religious programming, but after a few reads I began to “imagine”, as I did this the movie of words you have given us became alive and the life it gave was a magnificent view.

In this particular writing, you mentioned:
“The light was not yet in heaven because the Sun doesn’t reach its peak until Tammuz. I suspect that the Jewish Community has long been aware of these correspondences, but it seems that this knowledge was not passed on to Christian Orthodoxy”.
As I thought on this I found at least one correlation with Christian Orthodoxy…
Being one who was raised Roman Catholic, we as children received the sacrament of Holy Communion in first grade, 6 or 7 years old. The communion wafer (made of grain and round) was ingested for the first time. This very special event always took place in May for the children. Just before Day 4, Tammuz! As I see it in my movie you have created, this was an assurance through the children that indeed a new year of plenty could be celebrated.
Also, I have found more in depth meaning to the taking of communion each Sunday at mass, as Jesus himself said: “Do this in remembrance of me”.
A continual ritual in remembrance of Life itself, which was a highly revered one.
If only more Catholics/Christians understood the truth behind the ritual then, perhaps now many more would understand and hold in their hearts our oneness with the universe and all of mankind.

Again, Jacob, thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us, you have helped make my little star shine so much brighter and it does seem as if all the rest of them are shining brighter, as you have ignited the beauty of the night sky!

With love, Sparks


Jakob Thelen December 9, 2014 at 12:33 pm

Hi Sparks,

All I can say is Wow! -Thank you! Your generous complements have effectively left me speechless, I literally cannot express how happy I am that you’ve enjoyed it so much. You’re certainly right – we are Stars, even scientists will agree on this to a degree, which leaves only one thing for us to do: Shine!
I absolutely agree, the Stars not only guide man through the seasons of Nature and Life, but they teach us about ourselves: it was the Stars that told us the Universe LIVES, and Teaches; that we are inside a vast, beautiful Being.

What a wonderful thought, a passing Light shining with our Insight; you have a lovely mind, Sparks. Like the Stars, Destiny is a very strange and beautiful thing, lighting our path with reassurance even in the heart of darkness. Simply put, dreams really do come true in my experience.
Thank you so much, you could not have offered a greater complement than this. I’m so glad you were able to ‘enjoy the view,’ there is still much to see and, hopefully, the movie keeps playing for you. 🙂

That’s a very beautiful correspondence – and a logical one at that! -Thank you for sharing it with me/us. I can’t help but wonder when the Sacrament of Holy Blood is first taken, is it before or after the Body? -I’m inclined to think after, and as a Roman Catholic I should certainly know these things, but I was not raised in close proximity to the Church. I’ve always loved it, though. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to enrich the Eucharist in your mind, you have done the same for me.

I agree wholeheartedly: the Catholic Sacraments are some of the most Sacred Rites in existence, and can be very unifying – especially when Understanding accompanies Devotion. When both of these are brought together, the true power of religion is realized: a deep Love for All Life is experienced directly.
One can only hope that the fullness of the Sacraments be realized: we may offer love, and guidance, but we can only point to the door; whether the Little Christ may enter is between them and God – it cannot be forced, or the whole Temple might crumble. It is Light that determines what the Seer sees, and only when they are ready will their eyes be opened. With Loving Guidance all will enter in their proper time, and we should count ourselves as Blessed that we have been permitted to see with eyes of Understanding.

It has been my great pleasure, you have made it all worthwhile. I really can’t express how appreciative I am for what you’ve said: what more could a writer hope for, than to read that he’s created a ‘film’ igniting a reader’s heart with love or understanding? -Thank You, Sparks, sincerely, for your uplifting words; your comment was like a ray of sunshine, to know that I’ve brightened another Star with my writing is Heartwarming Beyond Description, and gives purpose to this series.

With Love,


Robert December 3, 2014 at 6:06 pm


I am wondering. We have so many religious and mythological symbols associated with the Zodiac in the end of our present age when the sun is in the constellation Pisces on the first day of Spring. The Age of Pisces, the fish. This dates back about 2000 years. A predominant religion during this time has been Christianity, a symbol of which is a fish, and a mission to be fishers of men.

The age before that was Aries. And the Age before that was Taurus, the bull. I just read something about the Mithraic Mystery Religion that has the religious hero Mithras defeating a bull as its theme, and that this may have started in the age of Taurus, when the sun appeared in the constellation Taurus on the first day of Spring.

There are tremendous similarities between the Mithraic religion and Christianity, perhaps owing to the fact the Mithraic religion was the major pagan religion in Rome when Christianity was introduced there.

Mithra was born on December 25th of the virgin Anahita.
• The babe was wrapped in swaddling clothes, placed in a manger and attended by shepherds.
• He was considered a great traveling teacher and master.
• He had 12 companions or “disciples.”
• He performed miracles.
• As the “great bull of the Sun,” Mithra sacrificed himself for world peace.
• Mithra ascending to heaven in his solar cart, with sun symbolHe ascended to heaven.
• Mithra was viewed as the Good Shepherd, the “Way, the Truth and the Light,” the Redeemer, the Savior, the Messiah.
• Mithra is omniscient, as he “hears all, sees all, knows all: none can deceive him.”
• He was identified with both the Lion and the Lamb.
• His sacred day was Sunday, “the Lord’s Day,” hundreds of years before the appearance of Christ.
• His religion had a eucharist or “Lord’s Supper.”
• Mithra “sets his marks on the foreheads of his soldiers.”
• Mithraism emphasized baptism.

So we have an example of the sign of the zodiac during Spring equinox being a center around which various narratives were formed, but the themes of the narratives are the same.

But was this form of Christianity that resembles Mithraic religion the form that the Jews originally followed?

Now that we are at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, where the Water Bearer will become more prominent at the Spring equinox, the Piscean world is being shaken, traditional institutions are being challenged to make way for love, brotherhood, unity and integrity. What religious hero will arise then. What narrative will encompass the Water Bearer? Will mankind have genetically modified everything we are used to, including us?


Robert December 8, 2014 at 10:10 pm

I should note that I have learned that this information on the similarities between Mithrais and Jesus is disputed with what might be some legitimacy as far as I can tell so far. I am longing more and more to detach from this informational war between atheists and religious apologists, to which there is no end. Both sides have enjoyed making a point that as far as I can now understand, makes no point at all to me directly anymore. But it does for them, for which I am happy for them, for which I care about them in this universal mystery of a connection I have with them. I keep remembering a strong impression I had not long after I said the sinners prayer to receive Jesus long ago. I went to a roller-skating rink to get some exercise, but instead I just watched the people skating in a circle, all kinds of people, and there was soft, dramatic music in the background from a TV soap opera, and I caught a face or two in the circling crowd, living and full of passions, skating as if in slow motion around and around to the music. I knew this meant something, but I could not quite put my finger on it, not then. Neither could anyone else I related it to, then. But it makes more sense now, the connectedness of everyday vulnerable people of all types circling around and around, that for a moment we were not strangers to each other, even though off the rink we were. This circling network had a life of its own, some people bumping into each other at times, some falling, some helping each other up while others swerved around them, others holding hands, some individuals doing skating tricks, others like statues of fashion statements whizzing by. It was somewhat unpredictable but flowing. It is an image that has stuck in my mind.


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