Fragmentation and Ascension

by Mike Doss on December 17, 2014

ConsciousnessWe all know what happens to water dropped from a significant height. It quickly starts to break up or fragment and the further it falls the more it fragments. That’s the way I understand what it is that we do when we, as Light/Consciousness/Being, descend/project downward from The Source and I believe the following to be, for the most part, true.

This fragmenting of Consciousness/Light occurs in a downward projection through the Dimensions. This is yet an even greater example of As Above, So Below. Here are the Dimensions mapped out according to the Planes of Existence and the human body:

11th Dimension – Christ Plane. Top of head.

10th Dimension – Spirit Plane. Pineal Gland.

9th Dimension – Mental Plane… Pituitary Gland.

8th Dimension

7th Dimension – Mental Plane ends. Heart.

6th Dimension – Astral Plane… Stomach/Solar Plexus.

5th Dimension

4th Dimension – Astral Plane ends. Base of spine.

3rd Dimension – Physical Plane… Top of legs.

2nd Dimension

1st Dimension 0th Dimension – Physical Plane ends. Bottom of feet.

This corresponds to the Chakra/Seals of Revelation system of the Septenary as well :

4th Dimension – Moon/Cancer/Base of spine.

5th Dimension – Mercury/Leo/Generative.

6th Dimension – Venus/Virgo/Solar Plexus/Stomach.

7th Dimension – Sun/Libra/Heart.

8th Dimension – Mars/Scorpio/Thyroid-Throat.

9th Dimension – Jupiter/Sagittarius/Pituitary Gland.

10th Dimension – Saturn/Capricorn/Pineal Gland.

11th Dimension – Uranus/Aquarius/Top of head.

The Source – Ascends…



Our Pregnant Androgynous Creators’ Body

Seems a bit odd lining up the Dimensions in terms of the human body, Septenary and the Zodiac this way but let me point some things out first before you decide. Think about the Dimensions themselves. Starting from The Source and using the regular, convex polytopes in each Dimension ( n-simplex, n-orthoplex and n-cube ) there is conceptually a straight line of Dimensions extending downward, something like this:

The Source

| 11th |

| 10th |

|  9th  |

|  8th  |

|  7th  |

|  6th  |

|5th… |

But when we cross over into the 4th Dimension the regular, convex polytopes double in number and along comes the enormous 600-Cell ( water ) so :

|…5th |

/           \

4th – base of spine

\          /

|   3rd  | – top of legs

|   2nd  |

|   1st    |

|   0th   |

This is the way I’m conceptually seeing the Dimensions, similar to a pregnant woman/being. This is the Statue of Liberty and Columbia. “Lady” Liberty is a bit of a stretch with some decently hard features. The statue is obviously pregnant and has the solar rays coming out of the head. Add in the torch-fire of spirit and the recording tablet of magnetic-media mind and there you go. Right hand torch-spirit is the right “upper” side of our brain and left hand tablet-conscious magnetic mind the “lower” left side. This is not Isis, Anna, Hannah ( invisible matter ) etc. but their daughters ( visible matter ), the 2nd Fish-Mothers of Pisces who bring forth the Christ Infant us ) later on in 15th Dimensional Pisces. These daughters are Nephtys for Isis and Mary Magdalene for Anna since these daughters are the Mothers who wed with Spirit to produce the Christ Infant. BTW, I’m not so sure about the “male” Virgo representation in Da Vincis’ Last Supper painting either. Now look at the Sephiroth of the body :

Keter —->Christ Plane – 11th Dim.



|                               |

|                               | ____________–>Spirit Plane – 10th Dim.

|                                |

|                                | ____________–>Mental Plane – 9th-7th Dim.


Yesod —–>Astral Plane – 6th-4th Dim.

|  |

|  |

|  |

Malkuth ->Physical Plane – 3rd-0th Dim.

Yesod I believe means Foundation, Malkuth The Kingdom. Not the Kingdom of Heaven but Natures’ Kingdoms. Yesod is the power of connection between higher and lower worlds, it translates spiritual concepts ( 5th->4th Dimension ) into actions ( 3rd Dimension ) that unite us with the Creator. It is at the base of the spine, Cancer, Moon, Virgin Mother, generation/creation Also, after looking at a good image of the Tree of Life, take note of the triangles and squares the Tree of Life structure is created with, this will be significant later on. Our Dimensional Pregnant Creator is having babies – immortal souls. These births are numerical in context for the newly created Christ Baby Soul but transformational for us/Light without a numerical increase. Look at the large 600-Cell, the element of water, the amniotic fluid. We pass downward through it and are projected into the 3D physical world through the 8-Cell Physical Plane.

Manly P. Hall tells us that we are the 8th Sphere removed from Cause. Since we are dealing with the 4th Dimension here it seems to make sense that we can map the Dimensions out accordingly as above. In The Pentagrammaton I talked of this and how, within the 3rd Dimension, we can combine the higher/lower emotional and mental states so that we’re only 6 Spheres removed from Cause within this Universal context. We can do this because we are dealing with hysical mind and after Transformation those lower elements will have already been discarded but with Dimensions this isn’t the case so no such operation takes place here.

It appears we’ll be dealing with matter regardless of Dimension and I say this because of geometry. Since we are projecting ourselves from the 4th Dimension what happens here in the 3rd Dimension originates in the 4th Dimension, again a reflection of true objects but not the real objects themselves. Add to that we have direct 4th Dimensional equivalents of the 3D Platonic Solids which are the very solids which build our existence here. Why do we only have conscious beings in the 3rd Dimension and above and not the 2nd, 1st or 0th? Only 3rd Dimensional objects and above hold volume and that volume is going to be contained within matter.

3D                                    4D Dodecahedron           120-Cell Tetrahedron                5-Cell Octahedron                16-Cell            No Equivalent            24-Cell Icosahedron              600-Cell Hexahedron                 8-Cell

There are several items of note here. The 120-Cell, 5-Cell, 16-Cell and 600-Cell all have tetrahedral cells. The 24-Cell has 24 octahedral cells and the 8-Cell has 8 cubic cells. Also the much larger icosahedron/600-Cell accounts for both our 3D bodies consisting mostly of water/liquids and how heavy our emotions can weigh on us. The 600-Cell is 75 times larger than the 8-Cell which shows up in our physical bodies being around 75% water. It appears the 4th Dimension is the birth place of the soul, water and emotions. Water, in one form or another, is a huge part of 4th/3rd Dimensional Creation. The sea of space, seas on Earth, amniotic fluid of pregnant women, various watery Firmaments etc. The 24-Cell at its’ vertices/corners consists of 1 8-Cell and 1 16-Cell, 4D equivalents of the 3D hexahedron/physical plane and the 3D octahedron/mental plane. According to Wikipedia it is a transitional form between the 8-Cell and the 16-Cell. When the 8-Cell is projected onto the hyperplane of 3-space it forms the Rhombic Dodecahedron which itself contains the 3D versions of the 16-Cell and 8-Cell, the octahedron and hexahedron respectively. Look again at the Dodecahedron part of that name, it’s the Christ Consciousness Plane in the 3rd Dimension. Our 3D existence is in a thought bubble, a consciousness shell. That’s the 3rd Dimension for us – a Divine Simulation for learning and acquiring value. This means that our 3D bodies/universe are in the mind of our 4D selves. Again the concept of mind in body in mind in body…16-Cell/8-Cell Duality. It appears we are locked into the projection until we earn the soul its’ immortality. Actually the Bible is clear on this in that God, in Genesis, created the Heaven and Earth, right ? God in Genesis is the Elohim, the conscious mind. That’s Ildaboath exclaiming – “Hey, I can build worlds and bodies… I’m the greatest and none are above me”. Later Ildaboaths’ mother Sophia ( Wisdom ) pulls Ildaboath aside and quickly clears up this misunderstanding. That’s when the spirit plane/Pineal Gla opens and Ildaboath can now see, looks up in wonder and says “whoa, I had no idea what and who is above me…” That’s when our lower ego/self shatters, kind of like Humpty Dumpty, where all the kings’ ( left, lower side of brain, King – Abednigo ) horses and men could not re-assemble him. Humpty is usually described as a Man-Egg ( quite a surly one at that ) and the fragility of an egg is symbolic of the fragility of the lower ego. The 24-Cell remains in the 4th Dimension and does not exist in any higher or lower dimensions. The Rhombic Dodecahedron can fill 3-space so who knows how many of these exist in the 3rd Dimension packed right next to one another. As for matter existing in higher dimensions I’m looking at the regular convex polytopes as exists in the 3rd/4th Dimensions. From the 11th Dimension to and including the 5th there are only 3 of these :




The n-simplex is the triangle, tetrahedron and 5-Cell family we have already encountered and are self-dual. The n-or lex is the square, octahedron and 16-Cell family and has tetrahedral cells like the n-simplex but has a 16-Cell/octahedron type vertex figure and is dual with the n-cube. The n-cube is the square, cube and 8-Cell family and is dual with the n-orthoplex. So esoterically these 3 give us spirit, mind ( 16-Cell/octahedron vertex figure ) and body.  Notice how in the 5th and above Dimensions we have this constant mind/body duality. We move from these 3 higher polytopes to 6 in the 4th Dimension and 5 of these have direct equivalents in the 3rd Dimension. So the 5-simplex becomes the 4D 5-Cell, the 5-orthoplex becomes the 4D 16-Cell and the 5-cube becomes the 4D 8-Cell. The 120-Cell, 24-Cell and 600-Cell make their first appearance here in the 4th Dimension. Here they are in their descending order:

3rd Dimension          4th Dimension Dodecahedra                120-Cell Tetrahedra                    5-Cell Octahedra                     16-Cell Transitional                  24-Cell Icosahedra                    600-Cell Hexahedra                    8-Cell


120-Cell Christ Plane

The 120-Cel is composed of 120 3D dodecahedra and its’ dual is the 600-Cell. The dodecahedra corresponds to the Christ Plane in the 3rd Dimension so the 120-Cell is the 4D original. This is the solid from which the soul is created. When our physical representations in the body, the 4 spinal fluids, leave the brain they split, 2 heading for the solar plexus ( electricity ) and 2 for the base of the spine                       ( magnetism ). This solar ( soular ? ) plexus electricity is energy ( soul in this context ) and the magnetism is the conscious mind being raised by this solar energy from the base of the spine to the Pineal Gland, our trip through the Halls of Amenta. The base of the spine is the Root Chakra/Seal of Revelation and is the furthest point we descend yet the physical plane lies beneath beginning at the top of the legs and Earth itself is in the tail of 1 of the Fishes of Pisces/heel ( soul ) of the foot of Adam Kadmon so how does our descent make it to the physical plane itself ? By projection. Projection from the 5t to the 4th to the 3rd Dimension ( as I’ll show later ). When we as Being split into spirit and matter the material world is set up first. This is us projecting the 4D 8-Cell onto 3-space as the Rhombic Dodecahedron which sets up the 3D cube universe and octahedron Celestial Mental Plane. When ready our spirit half projects downward from the top point of this R.D. and goes from there. The number 120 is seen throughout scripture and here are just a couple of references. I will have one more reference to this number later on. There were 120 priests blowing trumpets at the dedication of Solomons’ Temple ( our head ), when the Spirit of God ( Truth ) filled that Temple with Light. The name Solomon is the name of the Sun in 3 languages – Sol, Om, On. Could the name “Om” be the mantra used by people for so long in meditation ? There were 120 disciples in the upper room when the Spirit came. This 4D Soul/Christ Plane would be the highest plane in the 4th Dimension and would coincide directly with our desceding/projecting from the highest 4D plane according to Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn. BTW, how do we cross the desert of our right/Earth foot over to the Promised Land of the left foot? The same as a spark plug, we jump the gap with an electric arcing. This is the man in the Bible carrying the pitcher of “water” on his shoulder. The Jesus character instructs him to enter the house and wait upstairs. The man with the pitcher is the Egyptian deity Canopis and he is carrying the Canoptic Jar. This is Aquarius, right after the Pineal Gland opens and leading up to Gnosis. But the jar doesn’t contain water as you might expect but a strange electrical current. This is a very highly vibrational fluid fired by the newly opened Pineal Gland as an electric arc to remove the stone ( Foreamen of the brain I believe ) from in front of the vault/Fornix ( source: non-Catholic Bill Donohue ) and open this vault for Jesus on Pegasus, the White Horseman of the Apocalypse, Christ Consciousness, etc. According to Renes Descartes, after Gnosis this fluid engulfs our brains to give us the Christ Consciousness in its’ physical form. It is said by some to make our brains vibrate @1,000 times higher than before.


5-Cell Spirit Plane

The 5-Cell is composed of 5 3D tetrahedral cells and is self-dual. For every 5-simplex there will be 3 4D 5-Cells. The spirit plane is the beginning of the 7 powers of the conscious mind and is where the Pineal Gland/Spiritual Third Eye is closed on descent and Man falls into his deep sleep. This is Saturn temporarily losing its’ kingdom to Zeus/Jupiter. It is the nearest element of the conscious mind to the soul and lies between the Christ Plane and the Mental Plane and is now the barrier which seals off the conscious mind from the soul, which is the link to spirit and the Creator. The Christ and Mental Planes produce mind and both of these minds are invisible matter/magnetism which are both negatively charged. All matter is considered negatively charged in relation to its’ positively charged spirit counterpart. When we project downward the conscious mind is traveling through the Zodiac backward whereas the soul is moving forward. This direction of travel is the magnetically charged aspect. But how can both minds, which are created from negatively charged matter, be traveling in opposite directions? Since we’re dealing with magnetism we can consider both minds as magnets. The charge of magnets is changed with an eletric current passing through them. When both minds are first created, before our other half as spirit/electricity descends, both minds are negatively charged but when the “electric wire” of spirit passes through the magnetic field of the Christ Plane it changes the polarity of the soul. Now the positively charged soul is in opposition to the negatively charged conscious mind and Armageddon soon breaks out. Since opposites attract the soul and conscious mind are constantlypulling toward one another, roughing up the soul pretty good. As a matter of fact that is what scripture is talking abut with the bruising of the head/heel so it’s some rough going for a while. At first the conscious mind is the ignorant brute and the soul is the beautiful, delicate innocent so it’s no wonder who wins out in the beginning. The conscious mind will pull the soul down for a while but then the soul wins and raises up the conscious mind. Light itself is defined as an electro-magnetic wave of any length and right there is us ( Light ) and our bifurcated opposites. It seems that our 4D conscious mind projects into the 3rd Dimension, creates the magnetic field of a Rhombic Dodecahedron which allows our spirit/electric half to descend to the upper most point and wait. This Rhombic Dodecahedron ( R.D. ) is a womb and its’ offspring is going to be a Christ-Baby Soul. When this Christ-Baby grows up enough He will depart the R.D. projection/4th Dimension as it is no longer needed and ascend from there. We have now just paved the way for the Creator and when the time is right everything comes to life when the White Light of the Creator shines forth. At this point the 3 legs of life are set up – spirit, invisible matter and soul. The White Light shines down, breaks up into its’ 7 colors/powers of mind and proceeds from there. Now would be the waiting of the Days of Genesis, Aeons etc while nature builds upward and readies itself for eventual incarnation – the gestation period. Spirit then descends from its’ point at the top of the triangle into the soul and drops further into matter. The Divine Mustard Seed/Spark has been planted…

Heaven and Earth Visual

Have you seen a similar image? There is the triangle ( spirit, soul and invisible matter ) of Heaven ( octahedron Celestial Mental Plane ) and the 4 corners of the Earth ( hexahedron cube universe ) which make a total of 7 points when added together. 7 is the number of creation and Heaven and Earth are divided at this point because of the temporarily closed spirit plane. When the conscious mind is ready it and the encapsulated soul/spirit “marry”, the Pineal Gland/Third Eye opens and the Christ Consciousness comes Heaven and Earth become one and merge. Now the triangle and square become one and we get the 5 sided/pointed 2D pentagon pointing upward. That’s the pentagon in this Heaven/Earth context. The other context with a pentagon is the pentagram. Take away the outer 5 triangles and the result is a downward pointing pentagon. The pentagram has to do with the soul and its’ downward projection is to indicate incarnation. The 3D soul-dodecahedron is made up of 2D pentagons with everything else that we’re concerned about made up of triangles and squares. This material uniqueness for the soul is not surprising. In Dimensions 2-11 there are only 2 regular shapes that exist in all – the triangle and the square. The 2-orthoplex and 2-cube are both squares, the 2-simplex is the triangle. The 3D tetrahedron, octahedron and icosahedron are all made of triangles. The n-simplex and n-orthoplex, triangular faces. The n-cube, square faces.


16-Cell Mental Plane

The 16-Cell consist of 16 3D tetrahedral cells, its’ dual is the 8-Cell and is considered the equivalent of the 3D octahedron since they both have 4 cells/faces meeting at a vertex. For each 5D 5-orthoplex there will be 5 4D 16-Cells. Although this is the 4th Dimension this would be a good time to point something out about the n-orthoplex. First it is placed between the n-simplex ( spirit ) and the n-cube ( body ). It has the tetrahedral cells like the simplex but has the Mental Plane 16-Cell vertex figure. The 2 of these together represent fire-in-mind which always means the Christ Mind. This wouldn’t be present on the descent but the necessary conditions for it are present and will be the case on the ascent. The n-orthoplex is the key to ascent and the n-simplex is the key to the gate. That’s why I’m calling the n-orthoplex mind just to clear up any possible confusion by me.


24-Cell Transitional Form

The 24-Cell is composed of 24 3D octahedral cells and is self-dual. As stated earlier it consists of 1 16-Cell and 1 8-Cell. However this form can be dissected 2 ways, by the vertices and by the edges. If only the vertices are used the result is 3 16-Cells from the 24-Cell and if the edges are used then the result is 3 8-Cells. Keep this in mind, it will be very important later. Being a transitional form between the 16-Cell and 8-Cell and containing both leads me to view this unique form as an intermediary stage between incarnations. On the descent, after leaving the 16-Cell Mental Plane, we go through some kind of change which prepares us for physical existence. We enter the 24-Cell at the octahedron level which is above the cube as in the R.D. Then we pass through the 24-Cells’ hexahedron level to complete this change. It could be that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th vestments are added here instead of the 16-Cell. We will enter the 600-Cell Astral Plane afterward and collect the remaining 3 vestments. On the ascent just the reverse, we leave our projected R.D. and the 4D 8-Cell which produced it, discard the shackles of lo er emotion of the 600-Cell Astral Plane, enter the 24-Cells’ 8-Cell, then its’ 16-Cell, finalize whatever changes and the stripping away of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th vestments and move on to the 16-Cell Mental Plane. Here’s the thing, the 24-Cell is made up of 24 3D octahedra. There are 24 positive/negative aspects to the Zodiac with each sign having 1 of each. In my view we ascend back to the 4D Mental Plane when we have filled these 24 cells with consciousness. When we open the Chakras we let consciousness into the conscious mind, that is why it turns around from potential to potency. This is the role of mind, it is a container for us and an intermediary between us and the body and allows us to animate it. We must understand both the positive and negative aspects of life and this is why we get 24. There are 24 Elders and they point right to this. The Bible speaks of eating of the Celestial Food and when Man does this he hungers no more. This Celestial Food is always wheat and since physical wheat does not grow in outer space scripture can only be talking in symbolic terms here. The reference to wheat comes from 2 sources, the star Spica in Virgo and the planet Venus. Both Virgo and Venus represent the true Virgin Mother, invisible matter. Spica from Latin means head or spike of wheat. In the human body Virgo and Venus are the stomach and solar plexus regions, respectively. Virgo->stomach->eating, Venus->solar plexus->Solar Energy. This Solar Energy can be turned upward toward the right side of the brain to attain higher consciousness or be turned downward to be used ( wasted ? ) in physical pursuits. One more reference to the number 120. When both minds are combined we have 120 dodecahedra plus 24 octahedra = 144. Does that number look familiar ? How about a few more zeroes, 144,000, the number of “saved” souls of the Bible. 1+4+4 = 9 = the number of consciousness. To me this is too perfect to be mere coincidence.


600-Cell Astral Plane

Oh yes, what would life be like without emotions ? Especially those sweet, beautiful lower emotions which keep our lives in complete turmoil, disaster etc ? This monster consists of 600 3D icosahedral cells and is dual with the 120-Cell. This duality intrigues me. The other duality is 16-Cell and 8-Cell, mind and body and I can see the correlation here, we are mind in body but also body in higher mind. With the emotions and soul being dual we should get, on the descent, the soul immersed in the water of lower emotions and on the ascent higher emotions within soul. The ancients talked of the soul, upon incarnation, behaving as if it were drunk, taking one step forward and two to the side much like the crab. They decided it was due to a certain what they called humidity and this humidity was described as ignorance. I would classify the lower emotions as a real good source of ignorance. Ever think about the term “being steamed” about something when we’re angry/upset ? That’s the water of the Astral Plane boiling and creating pressure for us just like a pressure-cooker. Take away those lower emotions by ascension and there is no more water to boil.


8-Cell Physical Plane

Instead of actually descending to this 4D Physical Plane what our 4D conscious mind, which lies directly above, will do is to project itself through the 8-Cell and onto 3-space as the Rhombic Dodecahedron. This would account for the 4th Dimension being the mind projecting and controlling 3rd Dimension activity ( Yesod ). The 8-Cell consists of 8 3D hexahedral cells and is dual with the 16-Cell. For every 5-cube there will be 10 4D 8-Cells. This Rhombic Dodecahedron ( R.D. ) is defined as a solid shadow on 3-space. They’re shadows but being solid they can still fill the space. Has anyone ever told you that you are your own universe ? What is a universe anyway ? It’s a collection of planes which are filled with solids, just like our own existence. Universes have spirit planes, so do we. Universes have mental planes just like we do. We ARE the universe, a projected environment in which to learn. We each have our own projection where our body/5 senses are the contact point. Could it be that we all project pretty much the same universe, super-imposed on and interactive with one another, with only certain things that are personal to us being different ? Is this why we can all see say the Moon ( physical backdrop ) but have such differing perspectives on mental issues ? The concept of the Holographic Universe comes strongly into view here. Having been a computer programmer for over 20 years this has all the hallmarks as I’ll discuss in the next section. When we are away from people and not trying to interact with anyone we don’t really exist in other universes. Just like quantum mechanics tell us, an object doesn’t exist if we don’t observe it. Take away all 5 senses and we would never know if someone is speaking or if our body was just run over by a car ( another universe is driving ). We didn’t exist in the drivers’ universe until a 3D-5 senses connection was made. Speaking of 3D conta t points the 5 senses belong in the Astral Plane under Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods and this is the 4D minds’ contact point into the 3rd Dimension. Earth, being in Pisces, is in the 2D Physical Plane which lies just above the 1D Time-Line. Time reflects Motion so we’re being swept along ( tumultuously ? ) by Motion down this 1D Time-Line conveyor belt. So we have a link from the 4D minds’ Astral Plane->Mercury to the 2D Physical Plane in the R.D. In the body this corresponds to a direct line from the generative area to the right foot. Sciatic nerve maybe ? Aorta ? In any case this line represents something of a cord, possibly a type of umbilical cord – a Silver ( Umbilical ) Cord. Look where the Cord plugs in at “our” end – the 2D Physical Plane which is one of the senses, the sense of touch/feel. Why would our higher selves plug in there? This is a life/communication line and 3D sight, hearing, smell and taste isn’t going to feel the vibrational frequencies of thought. We still receive vibrational frequencies from the other senses but they will resonate completely differently than from our 4D mind. This ties in with but is not the same as opening the Pineal Gland and communicating via Light. The Silver Cord bypasses the Moon ( base of spine ) which means it bypasses illusion so nothing gets in the way of truth. The Moon represents illusion on the descent and comprehension on the ascent. The other end of the Silver Cord runs 2D Astral Plane->Moon->5-bit 5D Spirit Pointer. In the body it runs from the base of the spine up to the Pineal Gland. Looks like we never really went anywhere after all. 4D mind will be able to see all as far as the 3-0 Dimensions are concerned. Just as we can see all on a 2D piece of paper our higher mind sees it all. That’s why when we try to lie to ourselves the 4D mind can just sit back and point out exactly what is going on. So here it is, possibly common knowledge I don’t know but the true role of the human body – a 3D mobile antenna for 4D mind with the capa city to send and receive vibrational frequency messages. Now to bring this full circle when we go from the 4th Dimension to the 2nd and when we bypass the next Celestial body in line this is not a descent but a projection, exactly what I’ve been trying to describe. If you conceptually remove the 4D 8-Cell Physical Plane and replace it with the 3rd Dimension you’d pretty much have it. For all intents and purposes the 3rd Dimension is the Physical Plane of the 4th Dimension. The 8-Cell->Rhombic Dodecahedron projection is the womb the Silver Cord attaches to. When we first entered the 4th Dimension we were a descended fragment of the White Light, we split into our 2 halves, the R.D. womb has been set up and the Divine Mustard Seed/Spark has been planted in the “soil” of the conscious mind/physical realm. Then the White Light of the Creator arrives to fertilize this Divine Seed/Spark within this womb. The number 40 will symbolically represent the time it takes for this seed to germinate. 40 / 8 bits per byte equal 5 computer bytes. This Seed/Spark will not germinate until all 5 bytes total 80 and you’ll see why later. When the Christ-Baby Soul is born ( Gnosis/Transformation ) our 2 halves have come together to produce one. This is a form of the Breath of Life, 1/exhale into 2, 2/inhale into 1, etc… That’s the constant back and forth of one-ness of Unity into the two-ness of Duality and back again, just like breathing in and out. This breathing is also both Multiplicity and Motion so all 3 work in tandem. From the very instant the White Light comes forth and issues that first breath there is motion and that motion leads to multiplicity. That is Life. In other words when any of us attain Christ Consciousness, the Creator has just – us/transformationally and Christ soul/numerically – reproduced. Then 1 Christ Conscious immortal soul from another completed projection joins with us and the 2 souls become a kind of super-soul. Then that 1 super-soul joins another…, on up the Dimensional Jacobs Ladder. Then when we are finished with these Dimensions the White Light of The Source will be wrapped in the golden glow of an OverSoul, milk and honey. This OverSoul will serve very nicely as both The Creators’ halo and Golden Wedding Garment as well.


The Link with Computer Programming

Computer programming is logic, creativity and many other things but it is mostly math and of course so is Sacred Geometry. I began thinking about how we all project our own universe yet seemingly experience the same things. If I see fireworks and you’re next to me you will see them as well. Then I began thinking about this in terms of programming. Programs are built in a modular fashion using something called functions, for the most part anyway. These functions are designed to carry out a specific task. The finished program will have some functions from the languages’ libraries and some will be user-written but a function is a function. I’m viewing the 4th Dimension 16-Cell Mental Plane as the program itself or at least where the program is loaded on and each function is one of our 4D mind units/copies within that program. A variable is an address space which will hold a value that can change unless made static. There are 2 types of variables, global and local. The global type is declared and set up outside of any function so all functions know of this global variable and can reference it. A local variable is the same thing but declared within a function and is private to that function. It cannot be referenced by any other outside code or function. That is how our world is, some things are global and some are local. Each of our functions ( minds ) will have a Create Process function                       ( embedded functions ) within so it can spawn children. The thread is the backbone/workhorse of a process but it seems to me the full process space is more suitable here. The function/mind calls the create process function with certain criteria and executes, launching a child program running in the address space of the 4D parent program. So this child process is the womb and since it is in its’ parent space it is protected. This applies to the womb of a woman which is in her and protected. The R.D. consciousness shell womb of our projected universe will protect that environment. When these Rhombic Dodecahedra fill 3-space they do not overlap or leave spaces, just like contiguous blocks of Random Access Memory ( RAM ) in a computer. The parent 4D program/function which launched the child can communicate with it via directional communications channels – pipes. These pipes are bi-directional so the child and parent can both receive and transmit, just like the Silver Cord to our R.D. womb. This womb is isolated and without these Silver Pipes no communication is possible. Highest priority level Kernel mode code can communicate with the child if necessary but as for our client-side user-mode environment, the child is isolated without these pipes. I’m thinking objects like the Moon, Sun etc. are global variables we as 4D program function/mind can all see but what happens in the function itself is local to only that function/mind. As a matter of fact it’s likely that all objects on Earth are global variables if we can all interact with them including our bodies. The program running on the Mental Plane would probably be a stand-alone executable like we have today where the source code is first compiled then linked to form the executable program. DNA is source code for the body and is modifiable at any time whereas I’m assuming the parent program would already be machine-code and not modifiable. When our 4D mind sends instructions etc. to our 3D bodies as vibrational frequencies the parent program/function/mind can modify the DNA source code because it is not compiled-linked into machine code like the parent. 20+ years ago the stand-alone executable was not the norm. Source code had to run through an interpreter which would first syntax check the code, turn it into machine code to be executed, load it and then finally execute it. A very slow process by todays standards but that is what is happening here, the human body-conscious mind is that slow, sluggish interpreter which receives the message from the DNA after transmission, interprets it and puts it into action. Now let’s look at mind. Notice how mind is always made up of magnetic material much as the discs of hard drives, CDs, SD cards and the rest ? Magnetic Media, we’ve seen that. Our minds appear to be a magnetic media of some type and magnetic media can not only hold and execute programs but obviously store and retrieve data. What are our computer devices doing, with their magnetic media inside, when the power is off ? Nothing, absolutely nothing but when magnetisms’ opposite electricity passes through the media springs to life and is now accessible and ready for use. That’s life and life doesn’t exist without this polarity. Then with this in mind when electric spirit descends into the negatively charged soul and changes its’ polarity the soul-mind is now “turned on”. The conscious mind doesn’t get this electric charge until Gnosis so it is turned off. On/off, true/false, 1/0, lit/unlit – binary. One mind is on, the other off. Don’t get me wrong, the off mind is still functioning, barely, but there is at least some kind of activity ( see image below ). Now we know the true meaning of a “white” Christmas. Snow in the desert… Beth ( Hebrew – House of ), ( Hebrew->lehem/Egyptian->anu(y) – bread ) which results in Bethlehem/Bethanu(y) being the House of Bread which is Virgo where the Guiding Star Spica is leading the 3 Wise Men ( Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces ) to the birth of the soon-to-be adult Christ deity ( Aries ) once past the Firmament of Pisces. In the Dimensional Growth Chart you’ll see regular Pisces->Firmament/Cancer->womb occurences. This is Multiplicity, a constant renewal of life and we will get brighter and brighter as we grow. There is only 1 object in programming which is “lit” and that is a bit and this computer bit represents truth. How ? Because this bit can hold only 1 value, true or false. That’s it, no maybes or any other ambiguity. It is or it isn’t. The seemingly lowly bit is the mighty decision maker in a computer and when both minds become one and are filled with Light that is 1 bit that has been turned on, lit up. Decision making at this core level is also the basis of free will. One can choose 0-ignorance or 1-knowledge. 8 bits make up a byte which is a character. 2 of these bytes make up a computer word, a 16-bit or 2 character value. Is this the Word of God, 2 characters ? This is the God of Genesis, the Elohim/conscious mind/16-Cell Mental Plane/4D parent program. If so, which 2 ? What other 2 could it be than the first two characters of, I think, every alphabet known to man – 0 and 1, the first 2 characters. When a 0/off mind is tested against a 1/on mind the result is a 1/on ( unified ) mind. In programming that operation is known as a bit-wise OR. The Word of God then is the number 1 – true, yes, on, set, lit… The 5-orthoplex will fragment into 5 16-Cells upon arrival into the 4th Dimension. This is 5 bytes/characters since we’re dropping the 0 from 01 and the 1 is a single byte. The 16-Cell is the Mental Plane relating to Jupiter and the Pituitary Gland, the 6th level of consciousness. Can there be 5 things we must do in order to satisfy 5 certain conditions ? Is it something like this :

Chakra/Seal Opened True False Generative Chakra        1/0    1/0 Solar Plexus Chakra     1/0     1/0 Heart Chakra                  1/0     1/0 Throat Chakra                1/0      1/0 Pituitary chakra              1/0      1/0

When all of those conditions are true the related 4D 5-Cell is updated which will then update the middle 5 bits of the 5-simplex Spirit Pointer and the Mental Plane is ascended to. Next Spirit Plane conditions must be met in order to ascend to that plane. Since there are no 5 ( 5-Cell ) bit entities in programming this told me to look at the 5th bit of 3 of something, but what ? The 24-Cell is 3 bytes – the 3 8-Cells on descent described earlier. The 24-Cell is the key to the Spirit Plane. On ascent the 5th bit of each byte is set. This bit has a value of 16. Here is the layout of a byte :

Position 0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7

Value     1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128

The Spirit Plane is a part of a while loop with the Christ Plane, possibly something like this :

while ( 1 ) {

if ( ( pointer1->mental_byte & 0x10 ) and

( pointer2->emotion_byte & 0x10 ) and

( pointer3->physical_byte & 0x10 ) )


break out of loop.


else Loop forever in R.D. projection – It’s Ground Hog Day…Again.


While ( 1 ) in programming is an infinite loop which will theoretically never end. No conditional testing, that is done in the body of the loop. This while ( 1 ) loops forever because it is, that’s it, just like the Creator – unconditional. If the code were while ( 0 ) the body of the loop would never run because 0 isn’t. The ampers(and) is a bit-wise AND test to find out whether a bit is on and the “0x10” is hexadecimal for the number 16. Computers use a base 16 numbering system. Notice how a ‘1’ still represents true in this way – 0x10. There is a coming together of worlds, so to speak, in the 4th Dimension. The 5-Cell is the key and points directly to The Binder. Take the (3) (4)D (5)-Cells that the 5-simplex fragments into and one can immediately see something of a pattern. 4 being in the middle is of course where the answer lies and both the 3rd and 5th Dimensions are linked in together there. The Binder is the unique 4th Dimension only 24-Cell because it is, in fact, a 24-bit buffer with 3 1 byte addresses that all 3 Dimensions tie into. Since the 3rd Dimension is a R.D. projection it will have its’ 24-Cell end at the 5-Cell which points to the lowest 5 bits of the Spirit Pointer. The middle 5 bits of the Spirit Pointer belong to which ever 5-Cell points to it and the last 5-Cell will point back to the high 5 bits of the 5-simplex in the 5th Dimension. This is the thread which binds Heaven-Savior-Earth, the Silver Cord. The RGB value of the Silver Cord is 240 and this is because we are looking for 16/value truth bytes for the soul so this means that for this cycle the top bit of the lower 5 bits of the Spirit Pointer are tied in with the 4D 5-Cell which communicates with the 3D Silver Pipes in the R.D. As you can see further down this is the exact bit for the Root Chakra/Seal of Revelation, our first hurdle. 120 soul buffer value from the previous cycle plus 240 for this one is the Circle of The Zodiac which we are in right now. This clearly points to an Awakening. Here are the bit values of the lower 5 bits of the Spirit Pointer :

–>bit 4: 16 <–Current cycle, soul byte 16/truth value.

bit 3: 8 <–Gnosis value.

bit 2: 4 \

bit 1: 2  Creation.

bit 0: 1 /

Breaking through illusion is how the whole process begins and this is done with truth. Truth from contemplation, meditation, reflection, self analysis/inquiry etc. The Silver Cord will change positions at the higher end as we ascend and will darken by bit values, 256-16, 256-32, 256-64… I want to point out the difference that sometimes occurs when dealing with Dimensions. Are they defined 0-5 as the 5th or 6th ? I’m assuming the 0th Dimension so the human body Zodiac will be the standard arrangement in terms of the body and the signs, Aries at 1 ( head ) and Pisces at 12 ( feet ). The Silver Cord is plugged into where our needs are at the high end so the 16 soul truth value we are looking for is the 0-5 Dim./human body 6th sign, Virgo. We are missing that particular Light/soul truth byte. Virgo is service, how to help another without harming them by inflicting on them what you want instead of what they need. One way to accomplish this is to be a 0, go dark, stop existing. Take yourself and all self-interest out of the situation and you can then more easily focus on the true needs of the person who(m) you are trying to help. Our 4D Adam Kadmon ( mental ) Giant self is the real creation of mind. This mind is beyond comprehension in scope and ability from what I can see, that is why we must learn value and discipline, among other things, before we have it’s full capabilites at our disposal. This 4D mind is our Eve-magnetism side projecting the magnetic field into 3-space. The n-simplices are the bit-chained Silver Cord which are bound by 3’s. Here’s the previous cycles’ Spirit Pointer dealing with visible matter Creation, the descent :

5-simplex Spirit Pointer ( S.P. )

High 5 bits S.P. <–>24-Cell byte 1 <–>related 4D 5-Cell <–>4D updates.

bit 14 – Uranus ( Ouranos ) – Heavenly Father.

Ancients placed a Firmament here.

bit 13 – Saturn

bit 12 – \

bit 11 –   3 byte color data of 24-Cell, each byte with a value of 8.

bit 10 – /

Middle 5 bits S.P. <–>24-Cell/byte 2 <–>related 4D 5-Cell <–>4D updates.

bit 9 – Jupiter.

bit 8 – Mars.

bit 7 – Sun.

bit 6 – Venus.

bit 5 – Moon.

Low 5 bits S.P. <–>24-Cell/byte 3 <–>related 4D 5-Cell <–>3D R.D. Silver Pipes.

bit 4 – Physical manifestation, the souls’ 8th power according to Pythagoras.

bit 3 – Gnosis bit.

bit 2 – \

bit 1  – Creation.

bit 0 – /


Truth bit

The ‘n’ in n-simplex is the bit position in the Spirit Pointer of the current cycle we are in. But the 5th position is being pointed to in the 4th Dimension instead of the 4th bit to match. That’s because our 15 soul tests are split, 9 in the 3rd/4th/5th Dimensions and 6 Dimensions 6-11. That’s why the n-simplices are bit-chained together and for each we will gain a 16/truth value for the soul buffer which increases our brightness, consciousness, etc. These simplex bit-chains are called linked lists which use pointers. So I guess what I’m saying is that we never left the 5th Dimension, or any Dimension for that matter. We projected down from The Source like a telescopic antenna into coarser matter to learn the negatives of low consciousness and how to recognize and overcome them. As we complete each stage we will retract back into ourselves just like that antenna. There are 3 5-Cells in the 5-simplex and 5 16-Cells in the 5-orthoplex and f you’ll notice I’ve been describing both of them in re-assembled 4D format. The 15 tetrahedra of the 3 5-Cells represent, 5 bits each, 5D Father/Spirit, 5D Son and 5D Holy Spirit. In our dim reflected version there is the Mental, Emotional and Physical to correspond. “None come upon the Father save through me”. The “me” is the n-orthoplex and its’ byte/color value truths for the soul, the key to ascent. Here is how a 24-bit color is created :

RGB( Red byte, Green byte, Blue byte ) ( ( ( unsigned long )Red byte << 0x10 ) | ( ( unsigned int )Green byte << 8 ) | ( unsigned char )Blue byte )

5-simplex pointing to 3 4D 5-Cells

High 5 bits    Mid 5 bits     Low 5 bits Red                  Green             Blue Spirit               Soul                 Mind Mental            Emotion         Physical 3 5th bits set  5 Conditionals Root Chakra/Gnosis/Creation bits    Light furthest Intermediate Local away distance

An unsigned long is a positive 32-bit variable to hold our 24 bits. The Red byte is shifted 16 bits to the left into the high ( for 24-bit color ) position. Also look at how the Father/Red byte is being shifted, or red-shifted. Red-shifting is the stretching of light and this is The Source reaching down through the Dimensions. We know this otherwise we would never receive the colors/Light needed to ascend, they wouldn’t form. When the soul first starts out each of its’ 15 bytes has the 4th bit ( 8 ) set because in the last cycle the soul/truth value was 8. This cycle that Gnosis 8 will complete the last cycle, 3rd/4th Dimensions are inter-linked this way. Now 16 is the current soul/truth value. With that in mind the 120 value from the previous cycle starts the initial soul value out. On the descent the 24-Cell is 3 bytes x 8 for a value of 24 and then 120 + 24 = 144(000). When the 3 bytes of the 24-Cell have their 5th bit set that is the signal for Gnosis. The middle 5 bits of our Spirit Pointer have already been set by the 5 Chakra conditionals so they’re ready. The lowest 3 bits are set because they dealt with Creation and we got to this point by busting through the illusion of the Moon/Maya. So :

5-simplex Spirit Pointer ( S.P. )

High 5 bits S.P. <–>24-Cell byte/1 <–>related 4D 5-Cell <–>4D updates.

bit 14 – 3rd Greater Rite, 23rd Dimension Leo 5 Mental Chakras.

bit 13 – 2nd Greater Rite, 15th Dimension Pisces Great Green/Reed ( not red ) sea.

bit 12 – \

bit 11 –   3 24-Cell color  bytes/Gnosis 8 – the 1st Greater Rite.

bit 10 – /

Middle 5 bits S.P. <–>24-Cell/byte 2 <–>related 4D 5-Cell <–>4D updates.

bit 9 – Pituitary Chakra/Seal of Revelation.

bit 8 – Throat Charkra/Seal of Revelation.

bit 7 – Heart Chakra/Seal of Revelation.

bit 6 – Solar Plexus Chakra/Seal of Revelation.

bit 5 – Generative Chakra/Seal of Revelation. Low 5 bits S.P. <–>24-Cell/byte 3 <–>related 4D 5-Cell <–>3D R.D. Silver Pipes.->

bit 4 – Root Chakra/Seal of Revelation.

bit 3 – Gnosis number.

bit 2 – \

bit 1 –   Creation.

bit 0 – /


Truth bit

This opens the Spirit Plane and we wake up as Christ Baby Souls. Now that the conscious mind is plugged into the soul another reason for the Star of David to rest on the Spirit Plane as a 3D self-dual tetrahedra/stella oblongata and its’ n-Dimensional equivalents emerge. Notice how the Spirit Plane isn’t looking directly at the 3 bytes of the 24-Cell but at pointers which point to the address of the 3 bytes. The Spirit Plane is not those 3 bytes, just looking at them from above by indirect reference. Planes are stationary so referencing indirectly is the only option and pointers are designed specifically for this task, one address pointing to another. All self-dual polytopes are pointers and I’ll explain what they’re doing further down. This self-duality is important here as it allows the soul to begin transferring color data to the 24-Cell byte addresses. Every ascent will require certain Spirit Pointer bits to be set depending on the task. The way to ascend – physical life experience/learning value, the Eucharist, leads to the satisfying of whatever n-orthoplex condition( s ) that await us and when we have earned enough color points the tetrahedral cells will light up. The reason is because those 15 points are the key to the gate. The bits must match the Creators’ bits on which ever Spirit Plane we’re encountering and there are more match-ups coming down the road. The Spirit Plane/Capricorn/Pineal Gland is this Star of David bit-gate so anywhere we encounter Capricorn we will find a gate to pass through. The 10th Dimension is both the Dimensional Bodys’ Pineal Gland and Capricorn as well. The difference between the 1st bit-gate and the rest is that we don’t go back to sleep and re-awaken. There are at least 4 known gates – 1 each for the physical, soul/mind, spirit and Christ. I think these Stars of David gates will merge through one another, ours ascending through the Creators’, with only 1 way access and when through will form something of a seal so we can never descend/project downward again. Let’s hope so… Why 15 spirit bits and 15 soul bytes ? Recalling the 7 powers of the mind which become the 7 powers of the soul after Gnosis there are colors attached to these powers. We are starting off in 8-bit color with 7 of the 8 bits so that leaves the high 128 bit open for the Gnosis to set it. Computers use 3 1 byte values to store color data. 24-bit color is true color with 16.7 million variants. The 24-Cell has 24 bits and this is why. Those 3 bytes are the Red, Green and Blue values which will indicate our brightness, aura, consciousness etc. Now that the link has been established with the brighter soul and the Star of David bit-gate is open between the 2 the color data from the soul will come down and brighten the conscious mind. As the soul buffer gains 16/truth bytes this will update the conscious mind. 3 byte values of 255 each will produce pure white. Here are the percentages of Light regarding this RGB value :

RGB :  8                24                  192

526,344        1,579,032        12,631,565

%:  3.13 %         09.41 %              75.29 %

Look at this :

Mind Color based on Era

The 75.29 % after Gnosis results in 7+5+2+9 = 23, which 0-23 is 24-bit true color. We will earn that bit at the end of the 23rd Leo Dimension and 24-bit color is our goal for now, thus the 24-Cell. The 2+3 aspect of the 75.29 % leads back to the 5th bit position 16/truths to finish this cycle because they were divided between Dimensions. Then the message is the bigger goal is 32-bit color. That is a Cancer womb leading to the 0-32 Aries bit/Dimension. RGB 8, no wonder the Intellect-Horseman of the Apocalypse is Black. 15 soul bytes x 16/value = 240. This is our target number for now. Last cycle it was 120, now 240, next the 32 value of the 6th bit with 480 and on and on… In addition, the value of the 3 bytes of the 24-Cell starts with 24 but ends with 72 at its’ brightest before Gnosis and, since I believe Allah is Jupiter, this total of 72 would correspond to the 72 virgins in Islam. Getting back to the earlier 144 reference we now have :

120-Cell bit-buffer + 24-Cell bit-buffer = 144(000). – Spirit ( Pointer to 24-Cell ).

Starting value Soul/120, mind/24 = 144(000). – Soul.

120 Dodecahedra + 24 Octahedra = 144(000). – Body/Physical.

The way that the Spirit Pointers and the 24-Cell addresses work is that a pointer is a vortex. The way I understand a vortex to work is that one can place an item at one end of the vortex and that item will come out the other side/end. A pointer points to another address and these 2 can be separated by billions of bytes/universes/us/R.D.’s but as long as they are within the same system the instant a value is placed at the address of the target the pointer has it. It doesn’t matter if the sent side object didn’t vanish into thin air, as long as the receiving side/end retrieved the data we’re good. The value is actually being copied, not sent although an automatic “delete copied item” flag could be set very easily. When the 72 value of the conscious mind joins with the 120 of the soul a color value of 192 is the result. Not only are we a universe but a byte as well.

The upper 4 bits are :

Bit          Value                                         7                128 – Christ Plane – 1+2+8 = 1+1 = 2 unified minds.

6                   64 – Spirit Plane – 6+4=1+0 = 1 – truth, unity – The Creator.

5                    32 – Mental Plane – 3+2 = 5 Chakra conditionals.

4                     16 – Astral Plane – 1+6 = 7 vestments/Deadly Sins/Cardinal Virtues.

The lower 4 bits are :

Bit           Value                                        3                 8 – Gnosis bit, value 8/previous cycle + 120/previous soul total = 128, thus the highest bit value – Christ.

2                   4 \

1                     2 – Creation.

0                    1 /


Truth bit

The Creator will set bits 0, 1 and 2 and we will set bit 3 because 3 is the 3rd Dimension, our furthest projection that we consciously know of. Bits 0, 1 and 2 have a total value of 7, the Days of Creation including the resting day and 1 + 2 = Trinity. The 192 value is the highest 2 bits, 128 and 64. That’s why we brighten so much. Our target is 240 and our conscious mind starts with 24. 10% of our mind usage becomes 100% when we find all 15 truths of the soul. The 24-Cell doesn’t leave the 4th Dimension simply because it’s another linked list ( vortex ) with the 15-bit Spirit Pointer and can stay put yet still receive color data for the conscious mind. The previous cycle accumulated 120 color/truth points so here is the progression of soul/truth bytes and what we will encounter to attain them :

Previous                Current                     0             +               01 = 01, Creator/Unity.

1                +                1 = 2,  Breath of Life.

2               +                 3 = 5,  Motion & Multiplicity.

5               +                10 = 15, 5+1=6 – Time, 1 1D Time-Line pulling the 5 planes/senses.

10             +                20 = 30, 1+2=3 – the Trinity/triangle of spirit, soul and the 1st invisible matter.

20             +                 40 = 60, 2+4=6 Days of Creation. Invisible matter progression.

40              +                 80 = 120, 12 Archetypal patterns of the Zodiac. Invisible matter and mind creation complete.

120             +               240 = 360, Visible matter/elements. The circle of the Zodiac and its’ 12 Labors.

240             +                480 = 720, 600-Cell Astral Plane. Blending higher emotions with 120-Cell soul.

480              +                 960 = 1440, Mental Plane mind usage of 10% so 1440 / 10% = 144(000).

960               +                1920 = 2880 / 15-bit Spirit Pointer = 192. Gnosis.

1920              +                3840 = 5760 / 144 = 40, symbolic germination, 5 byte Chakra/Seal conditionals.

” ”                                       “”      = 5760 / 120 = 48, ASCII ‘0’, more below.

The higher Dimensions are mappable in this manner so now it is just a matter of time. We accumulate 6 Mental Plane 16’s and 3 from the 24-Cell to give the soul 9 of its’ 15 truths. That leaves 6 with 6 Dimensional Planes to the Dimensional Christ Plane, 1 truth per Dimension. Long duration evolutionary cycles ( Yugas ) happen every 4,320,000 years when the Septenary all line up in the same sign and each will be represented by a half-byte. This sign is always a fire sign and happened in Aries last so the next start will skip Leo and end up in our friend, the Single Eyed Archer, Sagittarius. Sagittarius->Capricorn, Christ/128 and Spirit 64, just as the Gnosis color number 192 tells us. Take note of this. We are traveling backward through the Zodiac up the Dimensional 0-11 Ladder until the 11th Dimension Aries Christ Plane. When Sagittarius takes over as the Christ Plane on the 12th Dimensional Plane, a Capricorn Star of David bit-gate will follow, Aquarius at the 14th Dimension and finishing up a larger cycle in 15th Dimension Pisces. When we cross that Firmament we can send one another 1st Happy Birthday wishes as we will be 1 year old. We’re growing up, and brightening, as I’ll show further down. Capricorn stays put as the Spirit Plane but we will encounter the positive side – prudence, wisdom, moderation. This current Aries Christ Plane->Taurus Mental Plane pattern will change to Sagittarius Christ Plane->Capricorn Spirit Plane, an ascension. As you’ve seen, each cell is a computer bit – for us. Then when we are finished here we will be a Lit Bit of Mind plugging back into the byte we came from. A bit cannot exist without a byte. Somebody, somewhere is writing/sending data in binary and we, in the form of experiences and stored value, are that data. That somebody is us. Long, long ago Man came from the Everywhere and into the Here symbolized by the Ancient Rishi of India. When he was in the everywhere and in a super-conscious state he gave himself certain information stored in various places in which to help him wake up and remember who he is and where he is from. Barry Manilow sings about this – “we have to go out on our own so we can find our way back home”. He made it through the rain, he knows. That is how all of the ancient cultures came to essentially the same conclusion in scripture. Sacred Geometry and binary are such places. Now, before the everywhere – ?

The 4D polychora work out this way in programming :

120-Cell 120 bit/15 byte buffer.

5-Cell 3 pointers to color data/linked Silver Cord list.

16-Cell 5 1 byte true/false conditionals.

24-Cell 3 1 byte color value data.

600-Cell 600 bit/75 byte buffer for all sorts of lower emotion goodies. Plenty of space for “water”.

8-Cell Gnosis bit.


A Greater Circle of Life

People have their various ideas about why we descended and all of that is fine but what about the more scientific and physic( al ) reasons. I’m not a scientist, physicist or mathematician but really just some guy however the following strikes me as plausible. If we look at The Source as a head of sorts and the Dimensions as the body I’m proposing that there is a strongly charged positive side to The Source and a weak positive side, maybe something like the hemispheres of our brains. The same with the Creators’ Dimensional body with magnetism and the strong/weak sides of each are opposite one another. So this gives us a weak positive charge on a fragment of the Light from The Source and right across in the 11th Dimension is a strong negatively charged material dimensional body so this strong magnetism pulls the weak Light across and into the geometric patterns of material solids we are in right now. The 11th Dimension will have the 11-simplex ( spirit ), 11-orthoplex ( mind ) and the 11-cube ( body ) so this is the beginning of our journey just like the souls’ circle of life journey. This would explain why our early bodies were etheric/transparent, the geometric patterns of Light within hadn’t yet broken up like they are now. So the greater the breakup of this matter, the denser the body because of the absence of Light and its’ replacement with coarser geometic material. These bright, transparent bodies are the Light Bodies you may have heard about, our bodies descending/ascending. The 4th Dimension is going to have the strongest magnetic pull with the 600-Cell and all of the geometric matter of the 4th and lower Dimensions. We are pulled down by magnetism to be reborn with an immortal soul and then when we are finished here what does scripture tell us we will do ? It says we will rest. Can this mean that our outer material shell, on the ascent, is “darkened” with a negative magnetic charge so that we repel away from the strong pull of the 4th Dimension and back up to The Source ? Now we are negatively charged matter on the outside being pulled up by the strong positively charged side of The Source. Just like when the soul incorporates the magnetic conscious mind and they blend the same thing happens here, we will be pulled into The Light of The Source and blended in. Then look what we are left with, a positive Source and a negative Dimensional Body, duality. Is this the original duality or is there more to this story ? At some point, when the 7 Days/Aeons of Creation have passed, the lower Dimensions will no longer be needed. We will move from the physical to the mental. Our minds will have been turned on with an eternal electric power source within. Earlier I had Aries at the 11th Dimension with Keter, the Christ Plane etc. When Gnosis/Transformation occurs we will have met the Father so now the first sign moves up one to The Source and the next higher Dimension becomes The Source. This puts the Fathers’ head right on top of the Dimensional Adam Kadmon, much like a totem pole. Is there a connection ? Here is the earlier described ascension :

The Source/Spirit Plane         – 13th Dim.


? ——->Christ Plane – 12th Dim.



|                              |

|                              |                                                ___Keter____         ->           – 11th Dim.


13th Dim. – The Source/Capricorn.

12th Dim. – Christ Plane/Sagittarius.

11th Dim. – Aries.

Quite a bit has changed. Our immediate objective is the 15th Dimensional Pisces Firmament, the Egyptian Great Green/Reed Sea. At this point we’re close, but not quite there. Earlier I pointed out in Dimensional progression the 5760/120 = ASCII ‘0’. ASCII ‘0’ has a value of 48 and ‘1’ is 49. There are 7 Days/Aeons of Genesis, each containing 7 sub-stages for a total of 49 sub-stages. Even getting to the 48th sub-stage still gets a 0, only full and final completion of the 49 gains the ‘1’. Doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me. Sagittarius is the 1st sign/Christ Plane at this point and waiting right in front of Sagittarius is a Star of David bit-gate through Capricorn. Once through The Source ascends to the 14th Dimension/Aquarius and finally 15th Dimension Pisces. Pisces is the current last sign coinciding with the final 16th bit of this current computer word/cycle. Computers always begin at 0 and another reason for the 0th Dimension emerges. The Dimensions are representations of the bits which we are climbing, they’re a Dimensional Bit Ladder also known as the Tower of Babel. When we build this Tower of Consciousness we can do anything we can imagine but of course the usual suspects ( Ildaboath/Zeus/Jehovah/Yahweh/Humpty ) are standing right in the way, hurling lightening bolts and throwing monkey wrenches into the works. This 3D conscious mind really, really likes to rule so these boy/girls are going to hang on to the bitter end. All of our suspects represent Jupiter, the “leader” of the conscious mind/Mental Plane. Jupiter is one of the boys along with Saturn and Mars yet the Hebrew Elohim is feminine/plural. Then there is neuter Mercury right in the Astral Plane at the generative section. It could not be any clearer what’s going on. As for the Tower of Babel scattering it was Light that was being scattered, not people. The confused languages was physical speech vs Pineal Gland Light communication. Not a very solid match up. Could this scattering Light be Zeus’ lightening bolts ? Since the Elohim/God is magnetism, god-dog is Sirius the Dogstar, the faithful follower of Orion. Sirius is the human body, Orion ( spirit/soul ) is hunting/being drawn by the magnetism of Pleiades ( 7 powers of nature/conscious mind ). Orbiting Sirius A is Sirius B and, from what I understand, is one of or possibly the heaviest objects known to us in the universe. It has an enormous magnetic field which affects the Earths’ rotation at times. In our orbit with the Sirius Star System, known as the Great Platonic Year and is the outermost band of the Zodiac, we will come somewhat close to Sirius B and its’ very strong magnetic field and 2 things occur to me. First, if we have been having cataclysms, which seem likely, can it be Sirius B getting too close and causing a crustal shift or some such catastrophe ? The ancients saw Sirius red-shifting away from us but now it is coming toward us and is blue. 2 of our 3 RGB colors with the Venus green sea of space filling in for the 3rd. Fire-spirit in mental-mind in physical-matter. Sirius is only red and blue so what else can it be ? The RGB colors are :

Red    – Mars – male/female.

Green – Venus – female/female.

Blue    – Earth/Physical, Jupiter/Mental – male/female.

Icosahedron Hexahedron Octahedron

|                      |                    |

Blue/Physical Orbit – Venus,            Earth,          Mars.

Blue/Mental Orbit –   Venus,             Mars,      Jupiter.                                                           |                      |                    |

Icosahedron Octahedron Octahedron

Octahedron – Mental Plane.

Icosahedron – Astral ( Emotion ) Plane.

Hexahedron – Physical Plane.

This RGB value is our color value and before Gnosis bits 0-6 are lit totaling 127. The 120 soul value + the Gnosis 8 = 128 which lights the top bit. We achieve Gnosis by a value of 1 – the Truth bit ( bit/0, value/1 ), the Creator. Also this female/magnetic 2 to the male/electric 1 gives us a heavy magnetism which, if I’m correct, would tie in with how we descended, at least possibly in some way. As we ascend our Light will gain more higher fire-sign red values and lower earth blue values but not any of the green. Is there something with water and magnetism which brings negative energy ? Since we’re ascending with only the red and blue – purple – colors it seems likely and this should be the humidity of ignorance the ancients were talking about. You can see this in the Dimensional Growth Chart, red/blue after red/blue. There is some speculation that the closer Sirius gets to us the higher our consciousness due to the increased light from the star. The opposite is actually true. The ancients lived in a higher conscious world when Sirius was red because Sirius was pulling the heavy magnetism of Sirius B further away from Earth. Now that Sirius is coming toward us we see it as blue indicating a more natural, lower conscious world. It’s a signal or traffic light of sorts and somewhat looks something like a traffic light as well when the colors are imagined vertically. Are there any places other than Earth with traffic lights ? This current cycle is a byte. Once we have that final 15th bit we will have completed an entire 16-bit computer word – the Word of God. Is this when we become small ‘g’ gods ? We know where we’re at because during this stage the soul is looking for 16/truths, 16 soul byte value = 16 bit us. When we are looking for 32/truths we will become 32-bit Light Beings. Once we have expanded into 2 bytes the RGB function will change to support this so instead of RGB( 255, 255, 255 ) with 16.7 million colors it will be RGB( 65535, 65535, 65535 ) with ? colors. An attempt at an operation such as this might just melt most computers. After we gain this bit we will become 16-bit entities. When people talk of each of us being Brothers at the core level, which we are, it is because we are sending out fragments of ourselves, 8 billion each. My 8 billion bits are learning at the same time your 8 blllion are. Then, when complete, those bits will re-assemble to form 1 spirit-mind-nano byte. Notice how the 4D polytopes all have the name “cell” like the 120-Cell ? Cells which form various parts of bodies. These 4D cells are made up of 3D solids. I could probably go on but I’m hoping to display, in part at least, who and what we are and I hope I’ve been at least partially successful.


3 Greater Rites

I didn’t realize there are 3 trips through the Halls of Amenta so I apologize for that. The 9 Lesser Rites/spokes of Ezekiels’ Wheel are the natural side of existence, the body. The 3 Greater Rites/missing spokes are the 3 trips, one for the conscious mind, one for the soul and one for spirit. So :

Here is the bit lineup :

Creat/1st GR 2nd GR 3rd GR Rest 4 Creator bits +
/ \ /\ /\ /\ 4 Resting bits.

0123 456789ab cdef 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 1a 1b 1c 1d 1e 1f
| | | |
Adam|Kadmon | 0-1f=0x20 – Interrupt 0x20 –
| Sagittarius Christ Plane Program Termination. Our
Gnosis bit child process R.D. is being terminated.

Each bit is a Constellation. 4 Constellations per Zodiacal Sign x   12 = 48.  4 Creator Constellations, 4 Resting and 24 for us = 32-bit color. This leaves 12 bits yet to go to the 48. 48 is the size of a far pointer, 32-segment, 16 offset.  This is how programs access addresses out of their own segment. If just offset is used the Instruction Pointer would never leave this 1 segment, it would just wrap around to the beginning again. We need to be far pointers to make calls into, apparently, Kernel Mode-Heaven.
Hexadecimal Notation
a = 10
b = 11
c = 12
d = 13
e = 14
f = 15
10 after f is 0x10 = 16
11 = 17 etc.

Time Frame                           Type                     Judge

Macro Libra-

Macro Sagittarius           Conscious mind       Osiris/n-cube/Heart Chakra-Scales of Libra

Macro Capricorn-

Macro Pisces                        Soul                Horus/Jesus/n-orthoplex/Heart Chakra-Scales of Libra

Macro Aries-

Macro Gemini                     Spirit                Creator/n-simplex/Heart Chakra-Scales of Libra

Our Dimensional Growth Chart

1 Dimensional Year = 17,280,000 Earth years ( below ). 1+2+9+6 = 1+8 = 9.

# – Creator Bits.

+ – Our Bits.

Bits 0-7 begin Creation.

Bits 4-12 begin life for the soul.

Dim/bit # 48 – Red, fire of Leo. Sagitarrius Aries

Dim/bit 47 Scorpio Pisces

Dim/bit 46 Libra Aquarius

Dim/bit 45 Virgo Capricorn

Dim/bit 44 Leo Sagittarius

Dim/bit 43Cancer Scorpio

Dim/bit 42 Gemini Libra

Dim/bit 41 Taurus Virgo

Dim/bit # 40 – Red, fire of Sagittarius. 3 Dimensional years old. Yuga. Aries Leo

Dim/bit 39 Pisces Cancer

Dim/bit 38 Aquarius Gemini

Dim/bit 37 Capricorn Taurus

Dim/bit + 36 – Blue, earth – Virgo. Yuga. Sagittarius Aries

Dim/bit 35 Scorpio Pisces

Dim/bit 34 Libra Aquarius

Dim/bit 33 Virgo Capricorn

Dim/bit 32 – Red, Aries. Yuga. Leo Sagittarius

Dim/bit # 31 – 32 bit color and 4 bytes tall. Cancer Scorpio

Dim/bit 30 Gemini Libra

Dim/bit 29 Taurus Virgo

Dim/bit + 28 – Blue, earth – Capricorn. 2 Dimenional years old. Yuga. Aries Leo

Dim/bit 27 Pisces Cancer

Dim/bit 26 Aquarius Gemini

Dim/bit 25 Capricorn Taurus

Dim/bit 24 – Yuga. Sagittarius Aries

Dim/bit # 23 – Red, fire of Leo. 24-bit color and 3 bytes tall. Scorpio Pisces

Dim/bit 22 Libra Aquarius

Dim/bit 21 Virgo Capricorn

Dim/bit + 20 – Blue, earth – Taurus. Yuga. Leo Sagitarrius

Dim/bit 19 Cancer Scorpio

Dim/bit 18 Gemini Libra

Dim/bit 17 Taurus Virgo

Dim/bit 16 – Word of God, Aries. Yuga. 16-bit color. Reason for sweet 16 birthday? Aries Leo

Dim/bit # 15 – Great Green/Reed Sea, mistakenly called Red Sea. Pisces Cancer

Dim/bit 14 Aquarius Gemini

Dim/bit 13 Capricorn Taurus

Dim/bit + 12 – Green. Moving forward thru Zodiac. New Yuga. Sagittarius Aries Our upside down Zodiac – Dim. Creator

Dim/bit 11 – Project downward to acquire value. Upside down Zodiac for us. Pisces Aries

Dim/bit 10 Aquarius Taurus

Dim/bit 9 Capricorn Gemini

Dim/bit 8 Sagittarius Cancer

Dim/bit # 7 – Blue marble Earth/Jupiter. 8-bit color. Scorpio Leo

Dim/bit 6 – Divine Spark/solar energy, false Virgo. Libra Virgo

Dim/bit 5 – Lowest Dimension simplex-Spirit Pointer. Virgo Libra

Dim/bit + 4 – Blue. Adam Kadmon ( concsious mind in body ) is born, starts thinking… Leo Scorpio

Dim/bit 3 – Gnosis bit. Projection of real self. Cancer Sagittarius

Dim/bit 2 – Archetypal patterns. Gemini Capricorn

Dim/bit 1 – Time. Taurus Aquarius

Dim/bit 0 – Creator, Breath of Life, Motion, invisible matter.             Aries              Pisces

Bit 0/value 1 = 01 = TRUTH, the Truth bit. Lights up Pineal Gland of Adam Kadmon —> Christ Consciousness/Gnosis.

We, as Light, are projecting downward so our Zodiac is upside down compared to the body, another aspect of backward travel. As both minds descend to the lowest point of matter toward Gnosis/Transformation the salts and oils in the bodys’ spine are traveling upward toward the Pineal Gland so there is a circle drawing out. The Chakras/Seals are mental in nature but reflect out into the body and this is why. The Gnosis is the 1st Greater Rite, our 1st trip through the Halls of Amenta with Osiris/n-cube and his bright, luminous ( Peacocks’ ? ) feather at the Scales of Libra. The Libra/Judgement bit is bit 6, right before the top bit. Our souls need to be as Light as a feather and we’re just squeaking by on the Gnosis with not a whole lot to spare. Bit 3 of the Dimensional Growth Chart is the Gnosis bit and the 0-7 first bits, with the blue Earth/Jupiter bit on top, is the cycle/byte we’re in. That top bit is the 120 soul + Gnosis 8 = 128 top bit that beats out the lower 127 by 1 and tilts the Light in our favor. The downward path to and including Gnosis is the 1st Greater Rite. The 2nd is the upward ascent through the Halls working our way through the 12 Labors of the Zodiac and crossing the Great Green Sea of the 15th bit. The 3rd is the 5 Greater Chakra conditionals, Leo->Mental Plane. After the 15th bit we’ll be 16-bit color beings and 24-bit after the 3rd Greater Rite ( 0-23rd ). 3 trips through the Hall, 3 Gnosis on 3 levels.



///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Cycle Progression Levels from earlier :

bits 40-47 – 11520 cycle. 115-S, 2-B, 1+1+5+2= 9-i. sbi is an assembler computer instruction which sets a bit – the Gnosis bit.

bits 32-39 – 5760 cycle. 57-9, 60-‘<‘. 9 and the less than sign. A conditional test. Dimensional Christ Plane. 40-bit color, symbolic germination period ends.

bits 24-31 – 2880 cycle. 2+8+8= 1+8= 9, test value. Macro-Dimensional Pineal Gland/Spirit Plane/Star of David bit-gate. 32-bit color.

bits 16-23 – 3rd Greater Rite, 1440 cycle. 1-A, 4-D, 4-D, add instruction in assembler. 5 Dimensional Chakra consitionals. 24-bit color.

bits 8-15 – 2nd Greater Rite, 720 cycle                          ( 600-Cell/120-Cell ). add instruction, see below. 16-bit color.

bits 0-7 – 1st Greater Rite, 360 cycle. 3 color bytes/24-Cell at the 0-6 Libra judgement bit. 8-bit color. 120 cycle. Creation bits 0, 1 and 2. The cfi instruction is the beginning of our computer program mind/function.

Plane/                       Actual                       Meaning Value                          Code

368640                        edi                  – extended index register.

// edi is a greater while loop, 3 operations for such a loop.

STOSB – storing \

MOVSB – loading <–>operands

SCASB – scanning/

ESI register->ES register.

EDI register->DS register.

edi register receives copied data from memory pointed to by esi.

// symbols are written at start or program line from which a sub-routine starts or where a jump should be executed. This is the 24-Cell and its’ symbol/label is 3 iii’s – 3 Eyes, 3 Gnosis. Since the route of travel is up the triple i’s we know we are not entering but rather ascending. This is the link from the 24-Cell vortex/addresses to the higher Dimensions.

184320                # iii                    – 3 eyes, 1+8= 9, 4+3+2= 9, 1+8+4+3+2=1+8= 9. 9->I. This is a label/symbol. The 3 eyes of the Spirit Plane watching the 24-Cell indirectly.

92160                      cfi                   – cfi_startproc is used at the start of functions. Our minds.

46080                     ahi                  – add half word/1 byte.

23040                      edi                  – extended index register.

Father         √           sbi                  – set bit instruction, sets the Gnosis bit. Ascend to iii and jump. This is the 128-127 Victory bit described earlier.

Christ          +           cba                  – While < 9 loop until 2 are added to the 7. (C)ompare (B) to (A) operands in registers.

Spirit                         =CL                 – test value – 9 in CL register.

Mental                       add                  – adds together 2 operands storing the result in the 1st operand.

Astral                          add                 – ASCII 27 left arrow/shift left 1 bit. 720->1440, add instruction.

Physical                       cfi                   – cfi_endproc is the endpoint of a function/mind.

This says it all. This code is us, trapped in a while loop until we set/get a bit of Truth. This code was written before any of these events occurred so assembler programming, computers and maybe even the English language were around in remote ancient times when this was first written. We are finding 16/truths for the soul and interrupt 16 ( 0x10 ) is the Video interrupt. We are trying to gain color and brightness. That makes sense…

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


When we find truth it all starts from there. “Know yourself and when you know yourself you will be known”. A great Gnostic verse. Here’s the Gnosis verse itself :

“Seek the truth and keep seeking it until you find it. When you find it you will be disturbed and when you are disturbed you will be astonished and rule over the all”.

Dimensional Cycle and DNA DNA backward is AND – the bit-wise AND which tests if a bit is true. Our higher 4D conscious minds will bit-wise AND parts of our DNA to test if they are on and proceed from there. That sounds like a control mechanism, conditional testing. Conditional testing of bits which will decide the 3D course of action for any arbitrary task. Earlier I spoke of the Yugas each lasting 4,320,000 years and a half byte represents 1 Yuga. I’m using the Yuga value to calculate a Dimensional Year, 4,320,000 x 4 = 17,280,000 Earth years. When the 12 signs are divided in the result is 1,444,000. I hope I’m not too redundant with this number but it’s the number of consciousness and it’s everywhere you look.



0th Dimension – Beginning of physical existence for any number of universes. Multiplicity, Motion and the Breath of Life.

1st Dimension – Time. Time follows Motion and reflects what Motion does. Time is actually Duration of Motion. When Motion ceases, time stops and everything stands still.

2nd Dimension – Archetypal Patterns. Just as we build 3D objects from 2D paper drawings.

3rd Dimension – Visible elements/solid form. Physical Plane for the 4th Dimension.

4th Dimension – Visible complex elements/solid form.


Conclusion To me The Source resembles both a brain and a byte. There’s something going on and it’s very exciting. The Creator projects Dimensions for Macro-learning and we project universes within these Dimensions for Micro-learning. Essentially we as Light Beings descend to the 4th Dimension and split into electricity and magnetism. The spirit/electric half steps inside of the 120-Cell soul, the magnetic/mind side prepares to project and we descend to the 4D Astral Plane, engineer and project into the R.D. and marry both minds together. Marriage in the Bible is between 2 minds, not 2 people. What is inside of this newly unified/married mind ? Electricity from spirit that was already present in the soul and magnetism from conscious mind – Light, us. After attending and graduating “Hell Universe-ity” we come back together inside of the now immortal soul and the soul then becomes the Golden Wedding Garment over us. Now we/Light will be brightened immeasurably ( Enlightened ) by the Gnosis/Transformation and the unconscious mind of soul becomes the conscious mind of soul.

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Robert December 26, 2014 at 2:09 pm

Thank you Mike for connecting geometry, theology, and computer source code. It takes a certain amount of inclination towards mathematical patterns to fully appreciate this. When I keep seeing these kinds of posts, it reinforces the concept of connectedness. After sampling a little here and there of some technically based information, the realization that there is a connectedness in all this starts to gel in the subconscious. It takes more intellectual effort than some of the sensory and emotional routes to revelation. Not everyone is suited to this path. It sometimes helps if sensory and emotional images are combined with it.


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