RIP Sparks (Fran)

by Joshua Tilghman on April 22, 2016


Today I wanted to honor someone who was a very special commenter / contributor to this blog who has recently passed away. She wasn’t active on SOS for the past year, but for two years before that she commented regularly and became a supporter to my efforts here in a way that few could understand unless you regularly read her comments and correspondences through e-mail. She went by the name Sparks, and she passed on the night of the 18th of April.

Sparks wasn’t just a special commenter and contributor of SOS. She was a light that drew people together through her kindness and compassion. She always had an encouraging word. She was one of those rock solid people that handled trials and tribulations in a way that made you understand she was just a special soul that learned to move forward with joy and faith no matter what was going on. She was articulate, intelligent, compassionate, and born with a special gift of pulling people together in tight knit communities where encouragement and support was the main theme. She was a MOTHER to so many of us here, as I am sure many of you who corresponded with her will attest to. We are going to miss her dearly.

There are few people who come along in the world like Sparks. I remember going through a time around Valentines Day a few years back when the money got tight. I wanted to do something special with Jess, but all I could afford was a cheap dinner. Sparks didn’t know this, but somehow got the heart to send a hundred dollar bill with a note that said, “Take Jess out for a special date.” For the next two years she would send little gifts every few months or so. She was just such a giver.

By far her biggest contributions came in with awesome comments that always added another spiritual layer to the discussion of so many articles on SOS. In fact, I believe it was her that coined the term SOS in the first place, and many of us have been using it ever since.

Many of you that come here regularly got to know her on a personal level. I’m sure you guys could add something in the comment section that would make her memory stand as long as this blog is here.

May you rest in peace, Sparks, and may your future journeys be as big and grand to reflect the amount of soul growth that I know you attained during your life on the physical plane. We will also miss you dearly.

Many blessings, Sparks!

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Paul April 23, 2016 at 10:17 am

I met Fran through this blog, and we very quickly became very close. Fran and my wife became very close, as well. Her love and giving spirit are the greatest I’ve personally ever seen in a human being, and we developed a great relationship that will outlast her transition. Her comments on this blog (if you guys haven’t already done so, you can just search through the site for them) are among the best this blog has seen.

Josh, thanks so much for an outstanding article and tribute to Fran. You just made sure that her memory will not be forgotten here, and I hope that many of you who didn’t know her will indeed search out her very encouraging and inspiring words on this website. She was a jewel of the highest quality, and one of the best people you would ever have met.

RIP Fran. We miss you.


Robert April 23, 2016 at 2:11 pm

Like many others I corresponded with her through email. She sent gifts at times that were personal and spiritual, and cherished the gifts sent back. When it seemed she dropped off the map for awhile at the beginning of this year, Anny was concerned and emailed me, and inquiries whet back and forth until many of us were once again connected to her (and with each other) again. The day after she passed, before I knew she had passed, I came across a birthday card she had sent me. It contained a picture of an elephant on a tightrope with the inscription “Anything is Possible”. She had sent it to me when I was in a very rough situation and hoping for an answer. She suffered through a lot of health problems. I said Kaddish (Jewish prayer on behalf of those who have passed) for her today in synagogue and had the impression that she was at last free.


Sheila Roberts April 23, 2016 at 3:20 pm

To Joshua, Paul, and Robert…and Fran’s Brother George!

Loved your thoughts. Fran was not a “mother” to me (I’m older than she was),
and we met just over a year ago, but we BONDED instantly…and spent hours
on the phone, happily blathering together…about life and about our connections
with animals. Our Fran had marvelous intelligence and humor. Oh, the stories!

Now, this is going to sound nuts, But as I wrote to Anny Vos today, I found that
if you have a profound BOND with someone, you can still talk with them…even
if they have passed on. Last night, I griped to Fran out the lousy USA politics..
and I heard her Laugh (inside my head and profoundly agree). Doesn’t feel imaginary.
I think what counts here is the BOND. So, go ahead and talk with Our Fran…then
go “blank” and simply listen. Chances are, there will be a response (happens very fast).
Fran is most likely very busy now (with beloved relatives and animals)…but also
really busy with “thought correspondence” with all the souls she BONDED with!

Love to you all,


anny April 24, 2016 at 12:45 am

Hi everyone,

Like all the commenters above I got to know Fran through the blog and our mutual comments and very soon became very close.

Like Sheila said, I also did not experience her as a mother because I was her senior by quite some years but she became the sister whom I never had. Also to me she sent cards and presents, even though I live in Europe and not in the States. She was like that, always giving and always giving loving, poetic comments on articles and other people’s comments.

She even bonded with my daughter, who has been very sick as well for years on end and still is not completely healthy, as they were/are both very sensitive. During the evening Fran died – night over here – she suddenly woke up and knew: Fran just died and started already thinking about what she could write to remember her on her own Instagram and then suddenly realized but I do not know for sure that it is true. But it was.

Fran may never have married but she seems to have bonded with almost everyone she came into contact with, and not only the human ones. She was that kind of person and we will never forget her.




Maryann April 24, 2016 at 2:16 am

Because of my often hectic lifestyle I’m not SOS as often as I’d like, so didn’t know Sparks. But reading your post and everyone’s comments- what a lovely woman and friend. May you dance and laugh often now in God’s sparkling radiance dear woman.


BOBBIE April 25, 2016 at 1:58 pm

I have a few things to say about Fran!!!!!! What a woman, what a friend, one of the best. I miss talking on the phone with her. ” WHAT A WOMAN”


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