Prophecy, what is it?

by Anny Vos on September 17, 2016

prophoceyProphecy is a subject that I have never written an article about yet, neither on this blog nor anywhere else. Nor have I thought about it much. At most I addressed it in a few lines in a comment, as a reaction on someone else’s views. It somehow did not speak to me but recently I read a comment on this blog that gave some information about a prophecy of Ezekiel which really gave me food for thought. It also made me realize that there are different kinds of prophecy and wonder what it is all about. Some of these I will address in this article but not all of them as that would go beyond the scope of this article.

Below is the first paragraph of the comment, which gives a good impression of the tendency of this prophecy:

  • “In Ezekiel 38 and 39, God is telling His prophet Ezekiel that when the time comes that His people have returned to His land “Israel”, and have made the once desolate land, fertile and fruitful, then He will bring about Destruction. In chapter 39, He says those in Israel (after the battle described), will spend 7 months burying the dead, and will not cut any trees for 7 years, because for 7 years they will be burning the remnants left by the armies that attacked Israel”.  [Who wants to get the complete picture should read these chapters for themselves in the Bible as quoting them (or even the comment) in their entirety would be far too long.]

The writer approached this prophecy respectfully and from a literal viewpoint. I respect his view but for me this approach would be impossible as the literal interpretation of this prophecy goes directly against my conviction that the purpose of life on earth is all about growing in conscious awareness, towards unconditional Love and Unity in diversity.

This prophecy seems to be about the end of the world as we know it. Which could be in fact the time and the world we are living in right now.

  • This world I have often described already as a world of illusion – or Maya – as the Buddhists call it, as a game – Leela – according to the Hindus, or as a deep sleep or a dream – ‘tardema’ – as it is called in the Bible.
  • A world I also described in my article Does God exist? Is there consciousness outside of the body, or life after death?
  • This world is not real and is only meant to be a playing ground for us to gain conscious awareness by the choices we make in our lives and by the experiences we have as a result of those choices. The experience itself is not real either but the degree of consciousness lost or gained might be.
  • This world is a world of duality instead of Oneness. It is also a work in progress but there is no judgment of mistakes or failures as nothing that happens in it is real. So there is no judgmental God either.

I believe in God as Love, Unconditional Love, as Light, as Oneness, as Energy, as Consciousness, as All-that-Is but not as an anthropomorphic figure with mood swings and a longing for revenge, who only cares for his favourite people. I believe in God as One who loves all of his creation unconditionally. Who may warn people for the consequences of their deeds if they continue on the course of action they are on (by prophecies) – and even allow them to experience them if they do not listen – but who would never threaten them with punishment. Whatever will happen if the prophecies are not heeded will be the consequence of man’s own deeds but not an act of God. And whatever will happen, will happen in the world of the dream but not in the Absolute Reality.

Although all this plays out in the world of illusion, this type of prophecy may be taken literally as well as symbolically in my view. Often it applies to situations here and now just as much as to situations in the past, so it would be wise to listen when we encounter a prophecy of this kind that might also apply to a situation we are ourselves involved in at that moment. That is why I did address this kind of prophecy in comments sometimes.

However the type of prophecy in these two chapters of Ezekiel is completely different. For one thing it is not directed at Israel as a warning to be heeded but at their enemies as something that will take place. It is about punishment and wrath and as such can never come from a God of Love, when taken literally that is. That is why I feel it can only be meant symbolically and should be interpreted as such. Therefore I would look at it in the same way as I look at the history of Israel in the Bible, where for instance the command to kill the peoples in the Promised Land proved to be the command to man to become master over his own ego and emotions.  To get to know and understand them first. ‘Know thyself’ is a well-known saying in antiquity. And clothing the message in myths that had to be unravelled layer by layer was a rule rather than an exception.

Within this frame of reference Israel is the symbol of man, and more precisely of the spirit of man. In fact, the story of Israel is our own story, of each and every one of us. It is about our spirit that fell asleep by entering this world of duality when it incarnated.

Israel is the Hebrew – the ‘Ivri’, which means ‘the one from the other side’. As is our spirit. Israel is the one that descended from a realm of high consciousness and incarnated in a body of matter and an emotional body in a cycle of involution and evolution as recapitulated in the first part of my article The Tree of Judgement?. The different peoples then symbolize other parts of man. They symbolize the different emotions and feelings that slowly overpowered man on his downward journey and brought him to slavery / addiction ‘in Egypt’, in the world of matter. Man was delivered from this slavery by God but after that had to start learning how to master these feelings and emotions himself, and how to become master over his ego, during his journey through the desert to and his settling in the Promised Land. This was the onset of his journey upward again.

Killing in this context is therefore always a symbol for transformation and never meant literally.

When we look at this quote at the beginning of the article again, we see that the number seven figures hugely here and must therefore be important. It also figures hugely in the stories about our salvation.

First of all the number seven points to the world of the seventh day, as this world of illusion, this material word, is also called. And in this case to the end of it. The final phase of it. The Gethsemane and Golgotha of it, as you can read in my article An esoteric interpretation of the crucifixion of Jesus. Both stand for the number seven as Gethsemane (oil press) leads from the number six of the descending, involution part of the cycle to the number eight of the anointing oil / messiah [‘shemen’ (oil) = ‘shmona’ (8)] by the crushing of the olives, the 6th fruit or the fruit of the sixth day. Hence the act of crushing the olives stands for the number seven. And of course this is a symbol for the most difficult phase of our lives in which we have to become master over our emotions and let go of all resistance and bitterness over whatever happens to us. During which we learn to see how much we have grown in conscious awareness by going through all this with a loving attitude. The same is true for the deeper meaning of Golgotha.

Golgotha, the bitterness (‘mar’) of the cross (400), the 400-mar’ in Hebrew, proved to be the ‘tamar’, the 7th fruit, which after eating and digesting it proved to be a sweet date. As such it also stands for the process of the number seven.  And the other description of the word cross, ‘tselav’ = ‘tsel – 2’ – world of duality – turned into 90-lev’, the birth of the heart, after this process.

Therefore all these aspects of the number seven together lead to the eighth day, the day of resurrection and ascension in the evolution part of the cycle. In this case on a global level instead of just a personal level.

In this story of Gethsemane and Golgotha everything that seemed to be so painful proved to be something beautiful, just like the punishments of Adam and Eve after they had eaten from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, at the beginning of the world of the seventh day turned out to be promises instead of punishments [see the closing part of my article Hidden Symbols and Patterns Inside the Bible: Part 2 ]. So I am sure that the same has to be be true for this negative sounding prophecy for the end of time and I believe that the prophesied destruction will not be a destruction of people but a transformation.

Often when speaking of these ‘last days’ the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem is subject of discussion. Personally I believe that when this is mentioned in the Bible, it is not about a building of stone and precious metals. The temple of God on earth is the human body, which should be fit again to house the divine spirit that is waking up from his sleep in these final days. And as we might be living in these last days, our bodies may be changing from one with only two active DNA-strands to one with 12 active DNA strands (no more ‘junk’ DNA) and from being carbon-based to crystalline right now.

The message that this is going to happen or is already happening was given at some time during the last century as far as I know. At least then it started to surface more and more. This could be seen as a modern-time prophecy although that never occurred to me before now. Prophesying proves to be not a thing of the past but something which has been going on all the time, though at one time more frequently than at other times, I guess. These days however more often than ever before. It is called channelling nowadays, which is not something weird, something to be distrusted, but tuning in to a world of another frequency in order to receive messages from that world. How this works should be much easier to understand to us these days, as we do not really do anything different when we switch on our favourite channel on radio or television or are surfing on the internet. We choose which channels or sites we like or not and lots of messages stream into our homes through these channels.  Just as there are wholesome and helpful programs on both radio and television, and even more on the internet, there are also awful and degrading ones on all of them and the same goes for channelling / prophesying.

The important thing is therefore to be always discerning as to what programs we choose to look at or listen to (or what books or messages we read) in all cases. We should only expose ourselves and others to messages or prophecies that teach unconditional love and unity instead of hatred and division.

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Obinna September 24, 2016 at 4:22 pm

I believe in God as Love, Unconditional Love, as Light, as Oneness, as Energy, as Consciousness, as All-that-Is but not as an anthropomorphic figure with mood swings and a longing for revenge, who only cares for his favourite people. I believe in God as One who loves all of his creation unconditionally”

Finally. As a son of God, I couldn’t have said this any better. You really are a blessing and a Melchizedek priesthood giving the people TRUE bread and wine to wake them up to the truth of who they are and live out of that union and source.

Thank you Joshua,

Be blessed,


anny December 24, 2016 at 1:19 am

Hello Obi,

Thank you for your comment on my article which however only appeared online this morning, so I am sorry I could not react to it earlier. However, although this is Joshua’s blog he is not the one who wrote this article.

I appreciate your comment and am glad to hear that you feel the same way I do.




Brad September 24, 2016 at 4:52 pm

Good article Anny, I enjoyed it!

Here are a few things to further your research if interested.

Israel, misunderstood today, and of course by the founders of the random man-made lines on a man-made map, actually represents the final merging so to speak. That is, the merging of the masculine and feminine energies back into a unified being; the collapsing of the poles/polarities; the elimination of duality.

“Israel” is an Egyptian symbolic representation of:

Is – Isis – Egyptian Goddess of Love/Fertility/etc. – Femininity)
Ra – Ra – Egyptian Sun God – Masculinity)
El – to be “of God” when used as a suffix – e.g. MichaEL, GabriEL, RaphaEL, etc.

Thus, the union of Isis & Ra (feminine and masculine energies) is to lift one back into unity “with God”. Is-Ra-El.

And the “Temple of Jerusalem” is referencing the “Merkaba” or “light body” (5th Dimensional consciousness – the Angelic realm).

Thus, to raise the “Temple of Jerusalem” points to the return of our consciousness/awareness dwelling primarily within the light body.

What has never happened before, as I understand from the channels, is what is now happening. And that is, human beings will be “activating and dwelling within their light body” while simultaneously continuing to occupy a physical body, rather than going “poof” in a “whirlwind” like the stories of Enoch and Elijah being whisked away in their Merkabas.

What this might look like or how it might look is entirely beyond me. But it sounds fascinating! It’s the whole shifting between 3D and 5D experiences so many channels bring forth today, and so many of us have recently experienced, although we don’t quite now how to translate it into anything “sensible”. 😉

The “3rd dimension” and “5th dimension” aren’t “places” so to speak. They are different vibrations (frequencies). Within the heightened frequency of 5D, perception and awareness are heightened far beyond the highly dense and limiting 3rd dimension. And it is from this level of awareness, that true love and unity are experienced and lived.

All the death, destruction, punishment is what is happening now, and has been happening for all of what we would call “recorded history” as humanity continues to dwell deep within the illusion of fear, judgment and separation. This is not a prophecy of “what is coming in the future”.

However, the death and destruction is now accelerating. We are smack in the middle of the “releasing” of all that humanity holds within that is not loving. And there’s still a ways to go for many.

Those that do not accept love, compassion, kindness, etc. in their hearts, and instead opt for control, domination, judgment, fear etc. will simply be incapable of surviving on a planet whose frequency is rising into 5D as well. The light and love will be unbearable to the few remaining holdouts and the planet will be incapable of supporting third-dimensional frequencies. Those that cannot accept love will simply be transitioned to a realm/planet supportive of 3D energy where they will continue on their chosen trajectory.

It’s all good and it’s all fun!

Thanks for the great article Anny.




Christine Hoeflich September 24, 2016 at 7:51 pm

Enlightening article, Anne!

We’ve been living on a “dry, desolate” planet, one where the people have had little or no connectedness to their hearts / souls / higher perspective and are finally waking up to Truth and Reality. I think we still have a ways to go before positive things start happening on a large scale on this planet. That’s pretty obvious to me. Also, the chaos happening everywhere right now is actually a catalyst for people to look within themselves for answers … to connect with their heart and soul, as that is the first step.

Ok, so we connect with our heart and soul and step by step we gain a little insight here and some guidance there, and maybe over the course of several years of being consistent in our studies and following through promptly and courageously with our inner guidance we can begin to put things together so that we can have some peace, clarity, understanding —and a sense of Real Hope for this Planet. But I’d like to offer that I have already written a book about this topic, titled: Activating 2012: A practical guide for navigating 2012 (“the great shift” in the heavens) with confidence and clarity. So what can take many years to figure out (if one makes a real effort), one can get in a very short time with a bit of effort just by reading my book.

I’m not writing this comment here to “market” my book, but to HELP PEOPLE. I’ve sacrificed and spent several very intense years and my savings putting together two books that can help people through this extremely difficult time. Reading those 2 books makes the process of awakening (something very difficult) considerably easier. It’s a small price to pay for a book, but what you get is priceless. I’m making the books available to the public on my website. (A link on my website will take one to Amazon for the hardcover.)

My blog:

Thanks from my heart,



anny September 26, 2016 at 4:42 am

Thanks for your comment, Christine. I am glad it contributed something for you too.

We each have to follow our own path and what is enlightening for one may not make much sense to another. So it is always a matter of wait and see if an article can be of help to people. I wish you success with your blog and books and hope that they can help many people.




Joshua Tilghman September 25, 2016 at 9:25 am


I am reminded of the great and terrible day of the lord. Traditionally, this has been interpreted as terrible for all people who do not follow him and great for everyone that does. But in reality it is terrible because ego death always is. But at the same time it is great because of the spiritual transformation taking place.

I think your interpretation is spot on. One thing for sure, it is not, as you said, about the literal killing of people. I have not looked into prophecy that much. It is an entirely new area that I would like to explore in scripture, and you have opened up a great door and some insight on how to begin. I find it insightful that you related it to the waking of up people on a global level instead of individually. There is a lot on the net which says this is the case, but unlike a lot of what’s on the net, I think we have a loooooong way to go. 🙂

Thanks for this. Great job.


anny September 26, 2016 at 5:13 am

Thanks Josh, for publishing the article and for your comment.

I believe we had already a discussion about this great and terrible day of the lord. I think we agreed that the Hebrew word for terrible, ‘nora’, which is in the original text, can mean both awful as awesome in English. It is a kind of birth which also has both aspects. It is undeniably painful but awesome as well when you have the result in your arms. It is so worth the birth pains you go through then as well as we do now on a global level. “We are smack in the middle of the “releasing” of all that humanity holds within that is not loving.”, as Brad wrote in his comment above, which is part of the birthing process.

Like you I have not been involved in prophecy much till now and I also do not plan to start a study of this subject. I have learned during these three years of writing an article for your blog occasionally that if an article wants to be written, it announces itself to me. And if not, then nothing much comes to mind when I should try.

Yes, people are awakening on a global scale now, even though we do not see it on the news just yet. But it is happening nevertheless. Whether we will reach the stage that it will be obvious for everyone and that the world will be totally transformed soon or not, is not for me to say. I do not say that it will but I also do not rule it out.

Think of the phenomenon quantum leap. Or of the seasons for that matter. After December 21st. the light is returning but people who expect that now spring will start immediately will be disappointed. As many were on December 22nd of 2012. The turning point has been reached and we turned the corner but to begin with it becomes colder and winter starts and everything seems to be dead. That is what we see and feel but what we do not see is that inside the trees and under the ground a lot is happening and while the light slowly keeps getting stronger temperatures also slowly start to rise and then all of a sudden spring is upon us with a riot of colours. I believe the same is happening on a spiritual level so who knows?


anny September 26, 2016 at 3:36 am

Thanks Brad for your comment and all the additional information.

As far as Israel is concerned, I keep the political reality of today and the esoteric interpretation of the name for use in my articles strictly separate.

Thank you for your explanation of this name which appeals to me. Joshua also explained it in this way once, a couple of years ago, but in a shorter version, I think. This really has a deep meaning. Of course there are also other ways to explain the name, coming from the Hebrew language, the verb ‘sara’, which means to wrestle. Jacob was given this name after he had ‘wrestled with God’. The KJV does not connect it with this verb however but with the word ‘sar’, which means prince and as such leaves the element of struggle completely out of the explanation of the name in Genesis 32:29. A rabbi later also explained it as: ‘yashar El’, straight to God. I always find it interesting when you can approach a word / name from different sides, with different explanations which may all be true.

I like your explanation about the Merkaba and its connection with the raising of consciousness. I can agree with your conclusion but still think that the physical body is becoming involved in this too as it is envisioned that at this time in spite of this raise (and extension) of consciousness we will still be living in our physical bodies as well. However, those bodies seem to be changing too from being active on a basis of two DNA strands to a basis of twelve DNA strands and will become crystalline instead of carbon based. But as you say, that is beyond me too at this moment.

Thanks for all the other information as well. It would be too much to go into that extensively as well but I completely agree with you on that.




Marie September 26, 2016 at 7:27 am

I love reading what you write……….do you have any suggestions for additional readings/books/authors that follow your thread of esoteric explanations of the bible and it’s teachings….


anny September 26, 2016 at 8:59 am

Hello Marie,

Thanks for your comment and your question. I am glad that what I write is of use to you.

I regret though that I do not really have an answer to your question as my work is pretty much a one-woman-show because I am not following any teachers. I base my articles partly on my knowledge of the numerical value of Hebrew letters, and on what I still remember from books I read in the past. But most of it I receive intuitively when I am in a meditative state, so I do not know beforehand what I am going to write exactly.

I did learn the little I know about Hebrew numerology from books written by prof. Friedrich Weinreb, who wrote books about the subject more than half a century ago. You might get hold of one of these from Amazon. But his approach was different than how mine turned out later. I also looked for the possibility of translating Bible texts myself, in a way that is different from the translations used in the Bibles in my possession and that also provides possibilities for a different interpretation.


robyn October 23, 2016 at 9:15 am

“A Course In Miracles” is an amazing book that represents these ideas and this website. It doesn’t have an author, because it was ‘channelled’ by Jesus. After studying this book for many years, I find I have increased inner peace and joy. It has 365 lessons to do, and it slowly transforms one’s focus to forgiveness of everything.


anny November 2, 2016 at 4:14 am

Hello Robyn,

Thanks for your comment.

It has not been the first time that what I share has been compared with what ACIM teaches. I myself have not studied the book but I have read books by people who did. And what they wrote resonated with me too.

I completely agree with you that forgiveness (of others and of yourself) is essential. Over time I have recognized Unconditional Love and Unity in diversity as my main theme, but of course forgiveness is an essential part of that.


Robert October 2, 2016 at 11:16 am


I’ve come across a lot of individuals who are drawn away from religion and the bible because they expect God to be loving on both an individual and global scale, and they cannot accept that such a God would actually punish, destroy, outcast, and threaten. You have provided an interpretation that they could swallow a lot easier than what is traditionally presented to them, if they were able grasp your concepts of involution and evolution of the human soul.

I like your idea that Israel in the bible can be interpreted as the self. It opens up a lot of useful understanding.

I agree generally with your insights. The only things I have a question about is that Israel as a nation is literal, and it does seem that national Israel has been severely chastised by God while still remaining in a special relationship with him. The events prophesied about national Israel have been historical up to the present day to a large degree. Therefore, from that perspective, it is a little more difficult to dismiss that the literal end time purging is destined to occur in some way related to prophecy.


anny October 3, 2016 at 3:13 am

Hello Robert,

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it because I already knew that you probably would not be able to agree with what I wrote completely. But I think it is important that everyone shares his views honestly so everyone can make up their own mind.

Of course you also know that I am completely with you on the status of Israel as a nation. And that my view on the prophecies meant for Israel is still different from yours.

My interpretation is that this world is not a real world but a school or playground to get to know ourselves by experiencing the results of what we set in motion by our words or actions. If we deviate too much from what you could see as the optimal course God warns us for the consequences this course of action will have. Then it is up to us whether we listen or not and if we do not, then we will just have to accept the consequences. And learn the lesson it teaches us. God however did not bring these consequences on us nor threaten to do that. We ourselves did. And God does not love us any the less because of it because God’s love is unconditional.

That is true for any of us personally but also for Israel as a people, I believe. And other peoples too, probably shown in another way. Just like parents who have many children and who love each of them in a different way because the children are different and have different needs and talents. And get different tasks because of that.

I agree with you that there is a lot of end time purging going on, not only for Israel but for all of us, but the we are the ones who have to do the purging. Of ourselves that is. And I agree that there are prophecies about that but I do not interpret those prophecies as a threat with punishment but as a warning of what certain actions might lead to.

I believe that all that purging is going on right now – as everything that has not been resolved yet has to be cleared up now. But I also believe that not all that is happening can be retraced as a result of something the people involved have done themselves during their lives or previous ones. There is something much larger that binds us all together and that involves all of us who are here on earth right now. Do not ask me what that is exactly. But we are One after all and the idea that we are separated is only an idea to play around with. No more than that. We, as a whole, have to resolve what is left to clear and each entity, including Israel as a nation, might have a special role in that. And one of these roles might be helping others to resolve their issues by taking over part of them. Well, that is just what is coming to me right now, while I am thinking about it.

I for me cannot change my view that God is Love and therefore does not threaten with punishment. But also does not interfere with what we create ourselves during our process of gaining conscious awareness. We ourselves have been given the tools to work with and can always ask for help. Do you remember the example of the computer game I once wrote about in a comment to you, with the Help desk and Some one coming to us to play a game with us in order to help us play the next ones on our own again? You liked that at the time.

Well, this is my view on things but of course you are perfectly entitled to yours.


Robert October 4, 2016 at 7:54 pm


Yes we have different perspectives about prophecy, but I am inclined to believe yours is more valuable to people like us who hold love in such high regard. It may be that in this game different doors open up to players who have acquired or are seriously seeking the higher qualities of the sacred human. You just introduced a new concept – that the great cosmic cleanup has elements in it that supersede simple individual karmic cleansing, and that it has something to do with our connectedness. I think you are really on to something there.

I have been thinking about the life is a learning game idea. In some respects I think we play a game thinking that life is a game because doing that exercise and temporarily suspending the desperateness of it all and the dire consequences sets us free to experience higher consciousness and deal much better with our present little life play. It helps create some degree of detachment which we would otherwise not have to evaluate and conduct ourselves. You have to really let go and give yourself over to the exercise for it to really help.

In other respects there is the possibility that what we experience every day really is a dream of some kind, and that we have an identity beyond the dream. But this is speculation. We don’t know if this is the case or not.


anny October 5, 2016 at 2:19 am

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply. You write: “… You just introduced a new concept – that the great cosmic cleanup has elements in it that supersede simple individual karmic cleansing, and that it has something to do with our connectedness. I think you are really on to something there.”

That is something that had already occurred to me once or twice but I have not been able to work it out yet. It may be something on a global level like Jesus did before. I would rather use that image than that of taking on our punishment, which implies a punishing God.

The concept of life as a game or a dream I take more literally than you do. You know that of course. The dream is the ‘tardema’ that is mentioned in Genesis. I believe that our identity beyond the dream is that of a divine spark of God. And for me that is not speculation either, I am convinced of it because I more or less experienced it during my NDE. But of course that does not mean that you have to be as well.

Of course this world has also been called a hologram, a fractal hologram, as I described in my article Does God exist? Is there consciousness outside of the body, or life after death?
And that idea I have seen in articles about science as well because no matter how deep down you go into matter each smallest particle or whatever you call it proves to be energy again. And what our senses perceive is only an interpretation of (only a few out of many) signals from the brain, which are influenced by memory, belief, intentions and preconceptions as well. That is why and how we each create our own world, purely by the way we look at things.


Robert October 8, 2016 at 10:07 am


At times I have clung to different models of the world beyond. I am convinced it exists. More recently I am content in not knowing all the details. Some measure of uncertainty is healthy for me because it encourages me to focus on the one aspect of all existence that is most important – unconditional love.


anny October 8, 2016 at 12:37 pm

You’re so right in this, Robert. I totally agree. In the end unconditional love is the only important thing and we should all strive to live it. Then all else follows, whatever that may be.




Robert October 15, 2016 at 1:39 pm


I have a spare moment to make a comment that I could not make before. The Way of Unknowing and the Cloud of Unknowing are two publications, one modern, the other several centuries old, that guide Christians who are seeking more enlightenment to empty themselves of all the doctrine and personally preferred beliefs. It is in this emptying that a sweet, peaceful sense of total humility and freedom from presumption are experienced, and the indescribable awesomeness of the Goodness, Oneness and what we might be inclined t0 refer to as Truth or Divinity are mystically revealed This is where flashes of the incomprehensible become clear to some faculty of the soul that is not intellect. There is a sureness of goodness that dispels all fears of mortality and suffering. It gently compels us to try to remain in its presence that so easily eludes us as we fall back into involvement with lower levels of the everyday world. But the memory of the experience has a positive influence on how we live in that world, how we think and emote, what we choose to believe and hold most important. It teaches us to keep a low profile and to appreciate this partial mystery.


anny October 16, 2016 at 1:03 am

Thanks, Robert, this is beautiful. And so true! It is total trust and surrender to the love of God as well, I believe.


gary November 6, 2016 at 12:37 pm

Higher Criticism is the most dangerous threat to Christianity today. If not crushed, it will destroy the Christian Faith. Here is a perfect example of the disastrous consequences of introducing Higher Critical Thinking into Christian churches:


anny December 24, 2016 at 1:28 am

Thank you for your comment, which for one reason or another only appeared online today.

I understand from your comment that you do not agree with my view on this subject or of esoteric interpretation of the Bible at all. You are fully entitled to your view but surely understand that it is not mine. I only share what I have received to be my truth at this moment in time with those whom it may help in their own search. All others are completely free to just leave it.


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