Welcome to The Spirit of the Scripture, a blog dedicated to discussing the hidden meanings beneath the literal interpretations of the Bible. This blog is written and maintained as a personal spiritual development tool, and it is my hope that traditional Christians may especially benefit by making a paradigm shift from religion to true spiritual development. Here you can read articles that encourage you to ditch religion and embrace the inner or esoteric meanings of the Biblical text. Most religious leaders have encouraged people to connect to God from the outside. This is impossible, and the Bible has always been a road map showing us the way to God from the inside, through experience, and only by understanding the spiritual (abstract) meanings found within the Biblical text can you receive spiritual and consciousness maturity; a literal interpretation has never produced spiritual growth! The Biblical stories are some of the greatest stories ever recorded, but millions of Christians and non-Christians alike have been taught to interpret them in a way that produces religious-minded individuals and sacrifices their true spiritual development.

What You’ll Learn Here

This blog is quite different than many of the spiritual blogs you’ll find among the many thousands across the internet, and it will probably take a lifetime for me to complete. My ultimate goal is to dig out the hidden treasures contained in all the stories, parables, and wisdom sayings of the Bible. Learning to understand theses awesome spiritual revelations—many of them highly abstract and therefore requiring a certain amount of intelligence and right-brain thinking—is the key to unlocking a more abundant and healthy life. But isn’t the Bible relatively straight-forward? many of you may be asking. The answer is no, it is most definitely not; hence the many thousands of Denominations in Christianity alone which all proclaim that their view is the right view. The literal, straightforward interpretations are the MOST SHALLOW understandings which bring little or no blessings to your life whatsoever. Think about it: what good does it do you RIGHT NOW to know that Jonah literally survived in the belly of a whale? Or that Noah literally survived a global flood with all the animals in the ark? Absolutely nothing! But what good would it do you to understand the spiritual revelation that the original author of these stories was trying to teach you? Not only does it do you a lot of good, but it produces an upgrade in your consciousness. The list below is just a handful of topics that are discussed in this blog:

  • The true origins of the universe
  • Where man came from
  • The reason for your existence
  • How to find out your life’s purpose
  • What is Heaven?
  • Why you should stop worrying
  • What happens to consciousness at death
  • Is there really a hell?
  • How to co-create a better reality
  • How to become a Son of God
  • What did Jesus really teach?
  • What did the Apostle Paul really know about Jesus?
  • Why the world is in such a mess
  • Who is Satan, really?
  • Learn the knowledge to thrive in life!

There are many personal development blogs on the internet that discuss these subjects, and many of them are quite good. But some people just need to have an anchor (e.g., the Bible) to help give them the confidence to see that this information is true. And that’s part of what makes this blog so different; it’s based entirely on the Bible.

What Qualifies Me To Present This Information?

I have studied ancient history, philosophy, all the world religions, quantum mechanics, and many other various disciplines, but none of those things truly qualify me to discuss these topics. While they are important and helpful in one’s spiritual journey, I have learned that none of these ideas are the ultimate truth because truth cannot be comprehended with thought. Rather, truth is an experience. So if anything qualifies me to write this blog, it would be the courage to question the status quo, and, perhaps most importantly, my experience. Experience is the greatest teacher there is! Without experiencing the freezing cold you could never appreciate warmth. Without experiencing sickness you could never truly appreciate health. This list goes on. Experience is the greatest reason for existence, and hopefully, it eventually teaches us what love is. Even Jesus HAD TO LEARN OBEDIENCE THROUGH THE THINGS THAT HE SUFFERED. In modern day language, this translates to: “Even Jesus had to learn through experience!” I am grateful for the experiences I have had, especially for the religious ones, because I now KNOW it was not the right course of action for my life. After many nights of questioning, research, praying, and meditating, I gradually came out of the religious prison. I hope you can make the same leap of faith as I did if you haven’t already. I considerate it a great blessing and honor to bring you the sacred info presented on this site!

Where to Start?

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  • Many people like to start with the article, Adam and Eve: The Story of Human Consciousness.      This is a good beginning point because it discusses how Adam and Eve is about the human mind and will get you jumpstarted into understanding how the Bible is really trying to teach us (e.g., through abstract spiritual principles, and not literalism).
  • Feel free to browse the archive section for topics that may catch your attention. Although my site is relatively new, I will be adding articles to it continuously, so it will fill up with new Biblical insights more quickly now that I am on summer break and can devote more time to its development.
  • If you like what you read, be sociable and share the article with friends and relatives so that you can help the world become less religious and more spiritual!
  • Realize that all the information contained within my blog articles are FREE for you to enjoy! I choose to place advertisements on my site because it helps me earn extra income to keep this site going for all my hard work. We all must earn a living somehow.