A Deeper Revelation of the Serpent and the Messiah

by Anny Vos on November 16, 2013

Jesus and SatanEditor’s Note: Below is another article from Anny for all you numerology buffs out there. Anny packs a lot of information in a short amount of space so I suggest reading it slowly. Once I got to the end of her article I had a deeper appreciation for how rich and divinely inspired the Hebrew characters really are.

There is so much latent information in the deeper meaning of the serpent and the messiah. I was prompted to retrace the pattern of both after I started studying part 2 of Joshua’s article about the eleventh chapter of Revelations, which again featured the First Two Witnesses, the olive trees. I wondered if there could be a relationship between these two olive trees on the one side and the serpent/messiah on the other. Are they one and the same?

Let’s break down the deeper meaning of the serpent first.

In order to learn to really understand the concept of the serpent, it is good to return to the first two words of the Bible. ‘Bereshit bara,’ in the beginning created……

In numbers it is written like this:

  • 2-200-1-300-10-400    2-200-1

We need notice two things:

  • First: the first character of the word ‘beresjit’ is a very large bet or two (I have emphasized this by underlining it)
  • Second: the word ‘bara,’ meaning created, occurs twice

Do you see the enormous emphasis placed on the number two, duality? It is duality that is created here, manifested in pairs of opposites in the beginning of Genesis: heaven and earth, light Heaven and Earthand darkness, etc.

In the word ‘bara,’ or created (2-200-1), we already see the whole process of

  • (2) involution into the world of duality
  • (200) the point of the greatest distance from the world of unity and oneness and the pinnacle of separation
  • (1) the return to oneness

In the word ‘beresjit’ we recognize the same principle but there is also something else added:

  • 300-10-400

Three hundred and four hundred are the last characters of the Hebrew alphabet; together they form the name Seth. So Seth, whose birth means the completion of the first cycle of Adam, was already created ‘in the beginning.’ The jod (10) in between the characters is again the first character of the Name JHWH, which accompanies mankind during their journey through the material world. God is always with us, even in us, as you can see above!

Beresjit’ can also be interpreted as ‘with a beginning,’ and the beginning is the downward force of duality. In ‘resjit’ we also find the word ‘rosj,’ head, which in itself is also used as beginning, for instance in Rosj ha Sjana, the Jewish New Year. As such we will meet the word ‘rosj’ later again.

Now we will to have a look at the serpent, who is lying on a branch of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The first thing we hear about him is that he is subtil, ‘arum,’

  • 70-200-6-40

This you can read as the word ‘er,’ 70-200, which means awake, linked by the 6 of the character wav (which as a word means hook and as such is also used for the word ‘and’) to the 40 of the character mem (which as a word means ‘majim,’ water) that stands for the world of ego and emotions.

Serpent Garden of EdenThis word ‘arum’ is also used for Adam and Eve before they ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  In their case it has been translated as naked. It is important to note the following: Adam and Eve did not know they were naked. That means, they are awake but do not know that they have been linked up with an ego, an emotional body. Ego and emotions are not yet active, so the process of spiritual evolution cannot yet start.

About the serpent no such thing is mentioned. The serpent is also awake and linked to ego and emotions, but he knows it. This represents the downward force that brings Man down into the world of duality and matter.

The serpent is called ‘nachasj,’ 50-8-300. The total numerical value is 358.

Three hundred is the divine process of:

  • Involution and descent
  • the world of duality and matter
  • evolution and ascension

Once this process has been completed and the end of the material world has been realized (400, also the number of slavery and cross, which will be part of the process), then Seth is born and oneness/unity is regained.

This divine process (300) is lying and resting (‘nach,’ 50-8) in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil, until Eve, the female and creative side of Man, is ready to start the process!

‘Nach’ you can also turn around and read as ‘chen.’ Words with the same numerical value are always linked together and part of the same process. ‘Chen’ means mercy, grace, and love, which show what the motivation behind the process is, because even though it will become very difficult and even bitter, once all the fruits of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil have been eaten, man will have gained conscious awareness.

After the first fruit has been eaten, however, the four feet of the ‘nachasj’ are taken away by God. He will no longer be a force that leads us further downwards, as we are already entering the world of matter in that stage. The ‘nachasj’ will still be edging man on by biting his heels, by getting at him in his most vulnerable place. However, at the end of the process man will crush its head. And with this we return to the ‘rosj’ again. Man will finally destroy and kill the force that wants to keep leading us downwards.

The last and seventh fruit to be eaten is the ‘tamar,’ ‘400-mar.’ ‘Mar’ means bitter. The ‘tamar’ is the bitterness of enslavement and addiction, it is the bitterness of the cross. To eat is ‘achal,’ 1-20-Oneness and Unity30, or ‘1-kol.’ Eating means reconnecting ‘kol’, everything, to the unity and oneness of the beginning, by digesting and processing everything you have absorbed during your journey through life. It means the crucifixion of your ego.

The numerical value of the verb eat is 51, which is three times seventeen. Seventeen is the numerical value of the word ‘tov,’ or good. This word and that numerical value have become the symbol of the last difficult phase of a period, which despite all its bitterness is still good because the result will be a radiant new world. The three which is also part of fifty-one is of course the divine influence which helps us through this process.

Joseph was seventeen when his brothers sold him into the slavery of Egypt, the realm of the ego, but because he crucified his ego he finally became ruler over Egypt.

This interpretation of the word ‘good,’ which involves processing all the ‘bad,’ leads of course to a Good with a capital G that is not part of duality any longer. It has no opposite. Oneness is regained. Judgment is no more. Only unconditional Love remains.

Once you have completed this long process, then you will discover that this ‘seventh’ fruit, the ‘tamar,’ actually was a date. It is not bitter at all; it is sweet. But you have to ‘eat’ it in order to discover that.

‘nachasj’ and kundalini

In the beginning of this article I wondered what the relationship is between the force (‘nachasj’) and the two first witnesses, the olive trees.

I had looked at the ‘nachasj’ from the perspective of 300 + 58, but suddenly I also saw another possibility which makes everything very clear indeed! You can also see it as 350 +8. And with 350 we are back at 3½. It is the involution process phase of the Kundalini, which during the second phase of the process lies dormant at the base of the spine in 3½ coils. And it is clearly including the eight of the oil, ‘shemen’ (‘shmona,’ 8) which will be produced by the two olive trees after the gruelling phase of Gethsemane, oil press, Golgotha, and the crucifixion, which will result in the resurrection.

Raised SerpentAfter this phase the ‘nachasj’ will have turned into the messiah, ‘masjiach,’ the anointed one who will start the ascending phase for us by being the upward force. The numerical value of ‘masjiach’ is also 358 and we can clearly see the love, mercy and grace (58) in this divine process (300). The messiah will raise us to our feet and bring us to the point where the serpent as the Kundalini/Holy Spirit can rise!

Editor’s Note:

As I finished Anny’s article, I began to think more about the messiah, the Holy Spirit / kundalini.

It is clear why the Old Testament and New Testament writers describe God as a consuming fire (Deu. 4:24), and Christ as a star / sun, (2 Pet. 1:19), which are all analogies of the masculine solar force or energy rising within the individual. This is energy is a conscious, consuming energy that transforms, purifies, and burns up the lower ego that the force of the serpent presents us with. Grace, love, and mercy come into the picture because it isn’t we who vivify this energy. When we crucify the lower ego, this conscious energy rises on its own.

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Betty Alark November 18, 2013 at 12:59 pm

Thank you! Excellent.


sparks November 20, 2013 at 7:48 am

2 is a Heavenly number!
when ones sees or hears the same 2x’s, you are in the universal 8
hence, the universe is communicating its divine wisdom
Matthew 10:16
Behold , I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.
Mark 8:18
Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember?


Kim July 19, 2017 at 6:09 pm

As a seeker of Truths, I have to say after reading this, that I have never been so confused in my life so far on Earth. So the serpent the majority of people view as evil is actually the Holy Spirit that lay dormant until “activated” ? I research with an open mind and so many approaches I have come across to the Ascension process are similar and seem very connected which is why I seek for Truths instead of what some claim to be the one and only Truth. Maybe this all confuses me so much just for the fact that I am absolutely horrible at anything that involves numbers. It’s almost like my shuts down and completely stops processing any information whatsoever when it comes to numbers lol. Thank you in advance for any feedback.


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