The Bible’s Divine Instruction: Watering your Mind, Body, and Soul in Meditation

by Raymond Phelan on January 12, 2014

Meditation ParadiseGod told Moses (ethical man/woman): “take up thy Rod”: (raise spiritual vibration, activate the chakra system).

As a meditator for over thirty-five years, I believe meditation succeeds in this Divine instruction.

Scripture says “know (experience) ye the truth (transcendence) and this truth shall set ye free (unbounded/liberation consciousness”). “Truth” or, Principle is that which never changes.

Intuitively (“Joseph”) we’re each driven to “know” what our life purpose is – coming upon “Truth” is our raison d’etre. Beneath life’s stormy lakes, momentary happiness and fleeting pleasures, there is a yearning for “something” beyond ordinary human consciousness, beyond physicality, time, space and “suffering”.

But, is not coming upon scripture-clarification “truth” sufficient? No!

The reality is, notwithstanding the fantastic non literal revelations by Josh and others on this amazing blog, there is indeed another step to be taken on our road to “knowing this truth” as in: “Man does not live by bread alone…”: intellectual knowledge itself does not alter the state of the soul.

Let us examine these last three scriptures closer against the backdrop of daily meditation or, consciousness development.

It has been said that man/woman uses about 1/5th of our available mind/brain capacity: scripture puts it: “that we may come into our full stature”. It is to this “full stature”, of accessing our total available mind/brain capacity, and its Nature, which scripture has symbolically been guiding for centuries. If we remain in the realm of intellectual/ritual knowledge only, yes we become wiser men/women but, deny ourselves “full stature”.

The question arises: how do we individually come into “full stature”.

Although decoding of scripture’s wisdom, beauty and confusion is vital, a time comes when we need to put the books down and commence its practical application. For me, the single “earthquake” scripture was: “be still and know that I am God” (meaning to go within). Intellectually we all know this but, do we enter/practice the spirit of it daily?

When I first came across this line, I could never fully grasp where exactly in the body this “within” was. Well, of course, it is “within” consciousness: coming upon our own indwelling Christ. But, “within” still remains in the realm of direction until we enter this “within” — knowing ABOUT is not the same as experiential knowing.

Non-experiencing of “within” consciousness is the single scourge on the planet today. It is the cause of 95% of all dis-ease, to include depression, alcohol and pharmaceutical drug dependency, etc. (I have known all three stations). Practicing meditation daily is truly to “know THIS truth”: our own “within” bliss-nature Presence.

Meditation for some can be any one of the following three: contemplation (“con”, to join with a “template”: reflect/review). Concentration (“con” joining our center “centrate” with something: mental focus/study). And, mantra meditation, my own practice, which this post is about: (effortless transcendence/direct bliss experiencing).

The human nervous system is God’s greatest creation: made in the image/likeness (bliss consciousness) of God. Our brain/chakras/nervous system are the most advanced in the universe – wow, let’s honor that!

Interestingly, the Pope’s Crosier or Staff, symbolizes this greatest creation. The Crosier represents the seven chakras (spinal column) and, the crook, the brain. Scripture is guiding to awaken this endocrine structure, for, truly it is the High Way to soul Glory or, conscious immortality.

Meditation is a means of birthing the seven chakras, thus is “within” consciousness made conscious Christ Nature: unconditional love (function of heart chakra) or “full stature”, full mind/brain/heart potential rather than the previously 1/5th.

When scripture speaks of “fractured consciousness” — Adam/Eve — it is really a description of the two brain hemispheres. “Fractured consciousness” is a metaphor for this split left/right brain dynamic.

As spiritual beings, we’re not the brain, rather, Spirit enters the brain: resurrection of kundalini Nature through the chakra system. From the mental/physical perspective, as sap is to the tree, kundalini life force is to the human anatomy. It heals and prepares the physiology for transcendence/spiritual awakening: “John” to “Rapture”.

But, how do we raise kundalini/”rapture”? Answer: “enter through the narrow gate”.

Now, Josh may well have another set of words to define “narrow gate” more esoterically, but, (with respect, Josh) what I have taken this to mean and practice, is: enter through the Pineal gland, or scripture’s “John” the baptist: leading to “the One who follows” — Bliss, Transcendence.

The Pineal gland is a mid-brain corridor linking left/right hemispheres. Known as the third eye (of the mind), it is also the third ear (of the heart) which “hears” our mantra in meditation, which, in turn, activates the master Pituitary gland. Thus, metaphorically, all of scripture’s symbolism is decoded “within” simultaneously. Similar to Electricity making the whole ocean “live”, consciousness awakens to “All-knowing” potential at its point of conscious use. The Pineal gland is also symbolized as a Pine on the attire of the Swiss guards: the Pope’s dedicated minders.

The imperative of man/woman is to move beyond “within” signposting. In other words, once we know in which direction the Promised Land is, then, cease being a spiritual tourist in our own backyard, for, there is a “within” universe of bliss timelessness waiting “emergence”. Once understood that the journey-purpose is Transcendence, and it is “within”, then, let us transcend to Eden/Unity consciously – Luminescence Awareness, Transfiguration. Jesus said: “my kingdom is not of this world”.

Meditation removes the “veil” of ignorance (separation). Thus is the conscious experiencing capacity of the mind/brain/heart enlarged – expanded awareness: the “Alchemy” which purifies innate subconscious “junk” — the inherited “swaddling clothes” or, generational nervous system conditioning. Jesus said: “and the prince of this world calleth and findeth nothing in me”. In other words, his subconscious/generational conditioning was integrated, rendered harmless for future action. Our sins (conditioning) forgiven (integrated). The higher and lower self-functioning holistically. Thus is fractured consciousness (left/right brain) unified.

Due to the silence encountered when we close our eyes in meditation, we tend to notice incoming thoughts more than ever. The secret is in knowing we’re not trying to become thought-less. This cannot be achieved by mental effort for such thought production is a natural function of mind. Rather, we transcend thought, transcend the mantra — a thought/word sound — used only to still the conscious mind. When the lake is calm the moon reflects perfectly. We learn to simply witness upcoming thoughts without engagement.

For the mind to have a particular experience, a corresponding set-up must be in place on the nervous system. For the mind to experience bliss, the nervous system/senses must be cultured in bliss.

By watering the root we nourish the whole tree. Meditation is watering the root — mind/body/spirit.

In meditation, what happens is:

The respiratory system reduces to a minimum and the mind/nervous system attains natural equilibrium. Being neither active nor passive, the entire nervous system comes to a state of restful alertness. In other words, the whole brain is adapting to its new functioning role of simultaneous existence in relativity and eternality – the second birth – acclimatization to cosmic (all-inclusive) consciousness or “full stature” capacity. A state of being which cannot be experienced through any nature other than Itself, as in: “where I go, you (conditioning) cannot come, but I (meditation) go before thee and prepare the way (transcendence)”.

In meditation, we do not conquer the senses as such, rather they surrender, beginning when we close the master sense, the eyes.

As the five senses of perception begin gradually withdrawing from the objective, physical world, stress begins to dissolve and the conscious mind merges into “within”. This is how the physiology/nervous system/senses gradually acclimatize to withstand the bliss/“rapture” of transcendence. It is this voluntary withdrawing of the senses which heals the “swaddling clothes”, the subconscious addictive/repetitive thought patterns. Also “the fatted calf” — lower ego – is raised to Spiritual personality.

In practical terms, soul evolution is speeded up consequent of lowering the brain oscillations. Our “within” vibration becoming Divinely attuned. It works like this:

The brain, in meditation, goes from beta 14-22 cycles per second, through alpha 7-14 cps to theta brain speed of 4-7 cps. Theta is deeper than normal sleep hence we feel invigorated/renewed after “transcendence” meditation. While alpha also brings relaxation and healing (our morning waking state and, the play state of children) it is theta which vibrates the deep cosmic trance state needed for left/right brain harmonization: theta represents Pure healing. It is possible also to enter delta brain speed of 1-3 cps in meditation.

Initially meditation is noticing when we have drifted from our mantra, (vibration word/sound) coming back, and restarting every time. Every restart is from the drifted level – nothing is lost and benefits cumulative. Restarting interrupts the ego’s cycle of habitual wandering: memory referencing in search of sense gratification. Like a bee buzzing from flower to flower in search of honey, so too, the ego/mind wanders in search of happiness, of any nature. The lower ego refuses to entertain silence/stillness, for such represents its demise. Soon restarting merges to become transcendence.

What the mind is seeking outwardly already exists “within”: bliss, and, bliss lies BETWEEN the thoughts – the Gap between one thought and the next. But, the undisciplined mind, in its search for worldly happiness, does not recognize this Gap — “and the world did not know Him”. This is why, because of ego’s never-challenged dominance, some find themselves giving up meditation saying: “I cannot still the mind”.

It is this alternating experience (twice daily practice) of unconditional silence (flip-side of unconditional love) then normal activity after meditation which cultures the physiology: infuses permanent unconditional love/bliss into the conscious mind/nervous system: heightened sensory perception. Thus, the mind wanders no more through the junkyard of subconscious conditioning for its pittance of worldly pleasure.

As scripture is the symbolism mechanism of “intellectual” soul awakening, meditation is the opening “heart” technique which brings about “make straight in the desert a High Way for thy Lord” — our own in-dwelling Christ: impregnation of the virgin soul: baptism leading to “the One who follows” — kundalini awakening and, “the peace that passeth all understanding”– Transcendence!

I have published a book (2013) titled: Transforming Your Life – How to Be All That You Can Be. It deals with much of this subject. Should you wish to read/learn more, here are the links: Transforming Your Life

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Joshua Tilghman January 12, 2014 at 11:56 am


Thanks for this contribution. Very nicely done, especially your ability to add so much meaning to Jesus’ words which mainstream religion has yet to grasp. I also appreciated your knowledge on meditation and how it relates to our physiology. I am sure my readers will appreciate it too.

Very perceptive about the “narrow gate” and the pineal gland. I agree with you, and also believe the pineal gland is where consciousness exits the physical vessel at death.



Raymond Phelan January 12, 2014 at 3:26 pm

Thank you, Josh, for your always supportive comments on this blog: positivity is so refreshing and uplifting to come upon! It’s strange, Josh, when we reflect, how, at certain points in our own lives, we needed and depended so much to hear and read others’ positive words, reflect others’ courageous actions with regards our own unrelenting “cross”. Little do we ever thing, notwithstanding scripture’s Magnificence, that some day OUR words may be of help to others bearing their “cross”. When I started meditation way back in the mid seventies, I started from a driven need — like us all — to be free of my “cross”. At that time, I didn’t “see” very spiritually or understand remotely, much of what I now write on! It was only after supportive assistance and words of encouragement from dedicated professionals, combined with accumulated meditation practice that THINE inner “Gates” (understanding) began to pour forth Divine assistance — spiritual insight — wisdom to consciously know the difference (between “the fruits”). But, I’m sure this is how it’ll be for each who make that conscious decision to soul freedom. Once decision has been made to be “free” we’ll find the keys of our prison hanging unguarded in the gate –(as Peter did when the guards — his lower self thoughts — fell asleep), and, that they’ve always been there. We just need that extra little “push” and we’re reborn screaming and yelping in joyous freedom, and for some, we’re still yelping! Thus Christ Nature reveals our Son of God status in all His Love.


Sheila January 12, 2014 at 3:05 pm

Great post. Thanks very much.


Raymond Phelan January 12, 2014 at 3:32 pm

Thank you Sheila for your positive comment. Delighted you found it interesting. Blessings.


Sheila January 12, 2014 at 4:11 pm

I know what you mean in your reply to Joshua about starting with the driven need to be rid of our cross. Also, that it’s not until we look back that we see just how dark was the glass that we saw through. It’s such a joy to realise that the glass is now much less dark, and that as we progress on the way our focus and vision will become even more clear. It’s all about working with lighted understanding. Many blessings.


sparks January 13, 2014 at 5:05 am

Thank you Raymond! for your fantastic writing on meditation & Scripture.
I plan on purchasing the book soon, I went there and read a little bit more on the content.

It surely can only help me at this present time in my life, having much pain due to illness has freed me not from suffering, but for learning, which I believe to help me to become more perfectly, my higher self.
Your book will help me do this. Am meditating now, 3 to 4 times during the day and that has helped me with pain relief, but I would like to delve further into a meditation that is more meaningful.
You spoke about the pineal gland, which I also believe is the “narrow gate”, also I have entertained thoughts of it being the “Holy Grail” that Jesus drank from, supposedly this gland is more of a rock type gland and sheds a fine sand or dust, which sits in a “cup” that holds the gland in place, between our two hemispheres.
Perhaps during the type of meditation you are practicing releases these sands throughout the entire body. I also have a feeling that many are releasing these “sands”, at times without knowing it, they will feel a deep sense of peace & bliss. it is as if becomes overfull cup and thus pours out spontaneously.
Depending on the individual and what God feels they can handle, it can be a slow & gradual or long and flowing. But, yet still has to have a release, like hidden emotions and the like.
Funny…how all these stories are created about the Holy Grail and it may actually be “within” us activating the entire process of Transcendence!
For anyone wanting Raymond’s book, enter a search with the name of the book Transforming your Life and Raymond Phelan.
Thank you again Raymond!
With Love,


Raymond Phelan January 13, 2014 at 2:10 pm


Thank you, Sparks, for your kind comments on my article and book. Bless you!

Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head throughout your comments re the pineal gland being the Holy Grail. I believe this to be where non literal Scripture/Jesus has always been guiding. When we say “within” I’v taken this to be within the pineal gland, and, this direction symbolism to the pineal is depicted in some crucifixions with Jesus’ eyes rolled upwards and the tummy empty (of thoughts). Thus meditation becomes more than just meaningless word-recitation which Jesus cautioned against – there needs to be action of conscious mind initially, (mantra/meditation) leading to inaction (transcendence). Thus, meditation/silence becomes our loudest and most effective/”heard” prayer.

And yes, you’re right about “my cup runneth over”… of the pineal gland Nature: bliss, happiness contentedness, to INCLUDE perfect or optimum health!

Simply be aware, that, whatever the kundalini Life Force flows through (i.e. our body, mind, soul) becomes THAT Nature. Thus is healing from “within”(consciousness) generated, thereby reflecting (without) within the body: as Above, so below. As the Life Force knows only perfection and perfecting, Jesus was prompted to say: “be ye perfect as my father is in heaven”. In other words, become unified/awakened/quickened AS the Nature of the Holy Grail within the pineal gland: be perfected BY Perfection. In practice then our individual stillness/meditation is taken Above, resonating as our act of faith. Gradually, as resistance to mental/physical stillness fades, we become “let go”, thus stillness becomes established in the nervous system reflecting as bliss/well-being throughout the entire physiology/structure of the Temple.

Combining gentleness and innocence in the use of the mantra in meditation, is like the Child knocking on the pineal gland AND WAITING to be drawn upwards: Transcendence beyond the influence of time, space and causation.

Sometimes in life we just swallow the drinking water and while subconsciously we get its benefits, we don’t consciously experience its taste, flavor or texture. Daily meditation allows the cellular body experience/reflect life consciously and healthily in our every momentary awareness.

Blessings, love and health, sparks!


anny January 14, 2014 at 10:07 am

Hello Raymond,

Thank you for this brilliant article. It gives so much information about meditation that I had seen in bits and pieces but never all together in one article. It makes it much more clear. And it is very nice to see you as a new contributor to this blog yet again.

I have seen a picture of a stone image of the pine as a symbol of the Pineal gland also. It is somewhere in the Vatican gardens I believe, where ordinary visitors are not allowed to enter. I remember being very surprised that the Vatican obviously knew about this connection and I wondered why the people in the church knew nothing about it then.

The symbol itself I already knew for a long time as it is part of many images of the Buddha.

I do have one question: why do you see esoteric knowledge as intellectual knowledge only? The name itself already says that it is inner knowledge as opposed to exoteric knowledge.

I myself have very little intellectual knowledge of Bible interpretation, esoteric or otherwise. I get my insights purely from focussing on and contemplating a certain word or text in a meditative state in which I am in an altered state of consciousness. The terms I use in my articles are simply building blocks I use to somehow give words to such an insight and not something I learned by studying books. My guideline is always unconditional love, which of course has to be put into practice as well.



Raymond Phelan January 14, 2014 at 3:51 pm

Hello Anny,

Thank you for those beautiful words of appreciation for my article on meditation. Bless you!

Yes, formal religion seems heavy on the dogma/ritual and zero on the inner mechanics of spiritual awakening i.e. the brain/ endocrine/ senses/ nervous system. Why they don’t speak publicly in praise of God’s greatest creation (inner faculties) to Unity consciousness, is mind boggling. They seem interested only in the scaffolding rather than the structure beneath. That’s why, I feel, the literal interpretation of scripture suites their approach.

My point, Anny, regarding intellectual knowledge in the article was not meant to include esoteric knowledge gained in the manor you describe, i.e. contemplation. For, without such practice we would be denied the amazing esoteric revelations on this blog by yourself, Josh, Paul and others.

My comment was in the context of the article’s overall intention regarding the need of meditation practice, globally. It was about society in general putting down the books, reading tablets, and switching of the internet for periods of time in a day. It was simply qualifying: “man does not life on bread alone”. That, the inner spiritual realm needs to be developed, not only for ourselves but, for the National, Global, Planet and Universe’s benefit.

Like yourself, Anny, If I didn’t experience that altered state of consciousness daily, I too would not have much wisdom to offer the world. It was to non meditators whom I was respectfully endeavoring to reach.

Yes, I totally agree, unconditional love is that level of heart-centered consciousness we’re all called to experience and express.

Looking forward, Anny, to reading more of your fantastic, insightful articles!




anny January 15, 2014 at 10:18 am

Hello Raymond,

Thank you for your reply. In the meantime I had also already figured out that that was probably what you meant. Sometimes I need to put a question on paper in order to be able to tumble to the answer some time later. Interesting progresses. Of course I agree with you.

Somehow new questions seem to arise about the Vatican. If they know about the process, why do they not apply it then? Because if you do, I cannot imagine they would act the way they have done for such a long time. It makes me wonder. Have they perhaps not known themselves for a long time already what this really stands for? Just like with the connection between the sacraments and the chakra’s? It is just a question that popped up. Perhaps this new Pope will figure it out again.




Robert January 17, 2014 at 11:56 am


This article about a group of Catholic bishops warning on the use of the esoteric practice of the Enneagram may help explain why the Vatican has been reluctant to publicize esoteric resources. . But you will note in this article that the Vatican will NOT OFFICIALLY PUBLISH drafts of articles from its bishops that are negative towards these esoteric practices. I sometimes attend a new age Christian church that has many members from Catholic backgrounds, and where esoteric Catholic author Richard Rohr is greatly revered. I’m not a Catholic and my brain seems like a lump of lead when I try to read Richard Rohr. Raymond’s book is more my cup of tea. On the other hand, the new Pope has overturned the tables, so I am interested in where he is going.


anny January 17, 2014 at 12:39 pm

Hello Robert,

Thank you for the link. I have read the report. It always seems to be fear-based. The comments too, the few I have read.

I must admit that I do not know much about the Enneagram itself. I have heard what it was about but it never really appealed to me. However, to see something bad in it is just plain fear. I am sure you can use it in the wrong way but your can use everything in the wrong way. You might as well forbid to read books, because there are decidedly books with a bad influence, or to watch movies, or anything whatever.

Actually I am not so surprised that, as things stand, the church always was against publishing things about esoteric practices as they would lose their grip on the people once they would seriously start practicing these things. What I am surprised about is that they obviously did not practice the meditations themselves if they knew what they would lead to. That is why I came to the conclusion that they probably did not know anymore what it all meant and that it was purely symbolic ritual without knowing what the symbols referred to.




Robert January 17, 2014 at 2:53 pm


Interesting that you can detect the problematic spirits behind the anti-Enneagram article without being very favorable yourself toward the Enneagram. My interest in Enneagram practice is that it provides an analytical introvert like myself with a paradigm to understand myself and grow, to learn to trust my instincts more, while learning to respect and understand people with other personality types., ESPECIALLY THAT WOMAN THOU GIVEST ME, OH GOD :). It’s not perfect, but it is scientifically validated (right down my ally) and it’s better than pop astrology, the industrial version of Briggs-Myers, and the NT biblical models for giftings and talents. It seems to work well with people who practice meditation and seeking to raise their level of consciousness.


Robert January 17, 2014 at 11:31 am

Hello Raymond,

It must have been a challenge to condense your expertise into a blog article. I am impressed and am interested in purchasing your book “Transforming Your Life: How to be All You Can Be”. I think I am running on 2/5 of my brain/soul capacity, and I think your book will motivate me to stretch that, simply by reassuring me that I can, and then explaining “how to”. It was useful to include a link to your book. FYI, the link works, but I have a suggestion. The link takes me to your website Then when I click any of the links on it to buy/order the book, it takes me to your “Buy the Book” page, and when I click on “Order A Copy Now” I get linked to the “AuthorHouse” home page. Unlike the bestseller “Scruffy the Dragon”, your book is not showing on that page, so I have to use AuthorHouse home page “search”, which then directs me to another page with your book on it and others, and then if I click on the book image, I finally get to the page just for your book at . I think you might sell more books if your original reference link went directly to this last link, or at least skipped a few steps. It’s more marketable to have a more direct link which shows you the book and prices for the different versions (ebook, paper, hardcover). The more direct process is what most of us are used to on, and when the ebook pops up on the screen for only $3.99, becoming all I can be is immediately irresistible.


Raymond Phelan January 18, 2014 at 2:21 pm

Hello Robert,

Really nice hearing from you. Thank you for the helpful information re the book links. I will include BOTH links next time.

Yes, you’re correct about writing and condensing a wide-ranging article into blog format: it’s akin to performing stretches in a phone booth. The book format, by contrast, offers the mind/heart a highway of soul space in which to develop and express newer paradigms of spiritual understanding.

I hope my book helps in awakening the other 2/5 brain/soul potential you mentioned. I’m sure it will. In this regard, daily, regular meditation is vital. Enjoy the read and, spread the word!

Great hearing from you, Robert, and your post/links to Anny, bless you!



Pedro January 19, 2014 at 11:25 am

Much thanks to all who contribute to this blog. Not only do I always learn something new with every visit here, but I often find that the entries coincide with my own studies and practices, providing further insight and clarity.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this TED talk, but it came to mind reading this entry.



Joshua Tilghman January 19, 2014 at 11:32 am

Thanks for providing the link for all of us, Pedro!


Paul Young January 20, 2014 at 12:00 am

Incredible article, Raymond. Talk about decoding scripture!! The way you tied everything together in this article brought this subject even more to life. I personally engage the Sohum Meditation practice, something which I enjoy tremendously, and find that I am often meditating even while I am not formally doing so. It is an amazing practice.

I shared with Josh that the scripture revelations I have experienced probably came during my period of intense meditation (a few years ago). At one point I had ceased the practice, not sure if it was working. Upon reflection, it is clear that it had a profound effect on me on many levels. Clearly, the “Christ” within heals our blindness.

On a separate note to those of you who may feel a little inundated by the amazing information presented in this article, although it is a great help to those of us who need to “know the details,” you don’t really have to know the intellectual side of all this in order to experience the effects. Like plugging in an electrical appliance, you don’t have to know how it works. Just plug it in and turn it on.

In other words, plug in to meditation and the “appliance” (your “being”) will automatically begin to recharge. You really have to experience it in order to understand it. In fact, you won’t understand it until you engage it.

Thanks so much for this article, Raymond.


Raymond Phelan January 20, 2014 at 12:51 pm

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your very positive overview on my article. I must say your own insightful article on Jan 1st was a great read and hugely beneficial, as I’m sure it was for all readers of this blog! So, well done you!

Yes, you’re correct, Paul, about not having to intellectually understand meditation before commencing its practice. It’s as you say: just “plug in” first, and, let meditation happen!

Looking forward to reading more of your enlightened posts, Paul.




Paul January 20, 2014 at 4:50 pm

Thanks, Raymond. What a community Josh is building here!


Dan April 7, 2014 at 4:54 am

Just want to say thank you Raymond. Perfect article at the perfect time!


Raymond Phelan April 7, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Hi Dan,
Thank you for your comment, delighted the article was helpful. Great to hear from you!


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