The Lord’s Prayer: The Essence of Divine, Cosmic Expression

by Raymond Phelan on February 2, 2014

images The Lord’s Prayer: The Essence of Divine, Cosmic ExpressionThis article opens with insight to the Lord’s Prayer, followed by “how to” on sex-energy transmutation, concluding with kundalini “birth.” Hang in!

The Apostles (representing our inner seeking mechanism) went to Jesus (representing the process to Christ consciousness) and said: “Master, teach us how to pray.”

“Life is a prayer”

Spiritually this is true. Our every thought, word, and deed is a request for re-experiencing life consciously or unconsciously. Therefore it’s VITAL that we’re awake to the possibility that we may automatically be reaffirming lower-self mindsets and belief systems rather than the Christ nature.

To counteract this, the Apostles sought a formula of spiritual principals whereby the Higher nature would be realized within consciousness. They wanted a proven system whereby ordinary human consciousness would come to reflect Divine consciousness. This system would be a method of soul transfiguration, a way to crucify the ego, and to know Ascension.

Many (myself at one stage) initially misunderstand this request to mean: teach us to formulate better petitioning words TO God. In other words, what is the best way of squeezing out “goodies.” Praying then often becomes reduced to material begging. They confuse the Lord’s reply as a prayer for repetition, when, in fact, the words are intended metaphorically, to be INSTRUCTIONAL and directional. The words themselves are not the “praying.”

Of course affirmation through prayer plays a major role in consciously impregnating the Unconscious (soul) with intentions and commands, but, “master, teach us how to pray” is not a request for a formula of word-phrasing.

In its broader spiritual interpretation, the Lord’s Prayer is a complete formula of soul liberation, a method whereby soul awakening becomes experiential Reality. The prayer comprises SEVEN LESSONS, which, when practiced with inner-outer congruency (not aimless recitation) initiates Christ awakening.

Amazingly, we were taught to recite these words without the slightest insight and instruction to their esoteric value.

The mind boggles at the “confessional/penance” church: ‘for our sins, repeat six Our Fathers and six Glory be’s’. Thus was inner-empowerment of the soul lost to the “the needy and poor” who, instead, were fed the “wide gate” institutional brand.

Esoterically the Lord’s Prayer contains the entire Bible’s essence: love. In it’s fullness, it is meant to unleash the “Rapture” of boundless unconditional love within each soul.

Let us summarize what the Apostles requested and what Jesus was instructing us in.

Seven Clauses

The Lord’s Prayer, crafted in the PRESENT tense, contains seven essential clauses or, psychological/spiritual seeds, which, when germinated, lead the heart through and above the ego. This process reveals Mana to Christ (heart/mind/soul nourishment). Seven, as we know from this blog, refers to completeness of soul.

Based on these sanctified soul-awakening nuggets, Jesus became known as “The Way.”

The Lord’s Prayer — as it reads:

  • ·Our Father.
  • ·Which are in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
  • ·Thy kingdom come.
  • ·Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.
  • ·Give us this day our daily bread.
  • ·And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.
  • ·And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil:
  • ·For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

The last section, “for thine is the kingdom…” did not form part of the original text, but was added later.

Let us take each clause and paraphrase for its deeper spiritual value.

Our Father: Establishes Omnipotent status of God: Father/Son relationship: total dependency for all our needs: our unending/Only Source. God is God to every soul regardless of religious affiliation.

Which art in heaven: God is always in heaven, always Perfect and perfecting. “Heaven” is the term scripture uses for Presence of God and Cause. Without Presence/Cause there can be no expression. Man is manIFESTATION, which is God expressing as spirit through man.

Hallowed be thy Name: Holy, Happy, Healing is thy Nature. “Name” in scripture relates to the “nature” of that being referred to. “Name” of God is referring to the “Nature” of God which, in manifestation and expression, is unconditional Love, happiness, health, healing, prosperity, creativity, and abundance. It is a relative/Absolute status simultaneously.

Just as a spoonful of (relative) ocean contains the total ingredients of (Absolute) ocean , so too is God-Nature innately present in our soul’s DNA.

Thy kingdom come. Whenever and wherever we manifest Presence/Cause/Love, we’re expressing “thy kingdom cometh.” Declaring divine Nature IS our now experience, it IS our guiding Presence in presenting inner/outer circumstances.

Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven: “earth” means body, personal affairs: work, family, health, creativity, relationships etc: God-Nature be manifest in every area/situation of our life-expression. Divine Will is our only purpose.

Give us this day our daily bread: All our spiritual needs are included in “bread.” To receive daily bread (Mana), daily meditation must also be experienced and its fruits expressed. Whenever lack is reflecting in our mind, under whatever guise, we need to check if we’re outer dependent. To receive divinely we need to be Presently attuned, and thereby command our “bread.” Remember, God works through us not to us.

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us: Surely the Mater’s greatest teaching. It’s the number one “trial” we each face on a momentary inner/outer basis. We need to forgive others if we’re expecting forgiveness. In reality, we can only receive what we’re capable of giving. It’s not possible to know forgiveness unless there’s an inner “setup” of such.

To be non-forgiving, for whatever reason, keeps the soul in emotional bondage, thereby imprisoning ourselves deeper. Rather, use such past experiences as “crucifying” opportunities. Soon weeds wilt and sweet-smelling roses begin sprouting in the desert.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: In “awakening” we become hugely sensitive to the hurts by others and life’s situations. Little things which, before would not have bothered us greatly, now pose great potential for hurt and thus tempts the ego back to conditioned, reactionary dealing ways – ( as Peter drew his sword in Gethsemane). Jesus is warning against dealing with life-matters through not a fully deflated “fatted calf” mentality.

As anger and provocation is never more than a “temptation” away, realize that awareness delivers!

For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen. God is the Power/Cause manifest Glory in all creation. One Power/One Spirit.

Is repeating these wonderful words in the Lord’s prayer sufficient? No.

“…that we may be made (indicative of process) worthy (sufficiently purified of subconsciousness) of, the Promises of Christ (Pure Love potential).”

Jesus said: “no one can get to the Father except through Me.’ This means the Stillness / Presence of Your Soul “within.”

How and why is such process needed?

“and I, if I be lifted up from the earth, (ordinary human consciousness) will draw all men (divine manifestation/expressions) unto me (Christ within).” John 12:32

Are we alone in this process? No.

“Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end(s) of the world” (end of conditioning, duality, illusion).

“forgive them Father, for they know not what they do” (generational conditioning/animalistic nature/ignorance – hense suffering). It behooves each by intention to raise the small I (ego/duality) to higher I through divine means (endocrine system).

“Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom (be still mentally/commence the process: Jesus into Christ/ water into wine/suffering to bliss: know the joys of “heaven”).

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that Spirit of God dwelleth in you” (AS You).

Similar Definitions

1) First law of “heaven” is unconditional love. The first law of the universe is order. They are one and the same dynamic. To express unconditional love is to express divine inner harmony and cosmic order. In this regard, by contrast, we cannot live in isolation of daily visits to Golgotha (place of crucifying, meditation) and claim we’re expressing the law of heaven or the cosmos.

2) Joseph/Mary (inner awareness/intuition) became separated from Jesus in the marketplace (mental stress/material world) and went in search of Him (sought the higher self). They (you/me) found him in the Temple (within consciousness) amongst wise men (source of all wisdom).“They” (you/me) find Him AS OUR indwelling Christ. Joseph/Mary, being one and the same soul/person dynamic, needs activating: meditation.

Simplified Method?

As wonderful as the Lord’s Prayer is, is there a more simplified way to, “realize” in Spirit (roll back the tombstone of ignorance) without resorting to preambles and instructional prayer, every time?

Similarly as “the sign of the cross” is a tapping mechanism initiating divine reverence without formal prayer, wouldn’t it be practical if a similar method was presented whereby the Lord’s Prayer—soul awakening, the Promised Land (transcendent consciousness), and the Promises of Christ—was ALL inner- revealed automatically, in one “twinkling of the eye” activity?

Yes, it would, and there is; it’s called (mantra) Meditation! More specifically, it is referred to as “transcendence meditation,” which is a a step beyond “object” of concentration/contemplation, to include mantra eventually.

As Christ eluded:

“Unless a seed (ego) is buried and dies in the earth (the mind) it does not bear fruit (transcendence).”

Meditation fulfills the Lord’s Prayer ethos cosmically. It is the process of becoming transformed, (mass crucifixion within) whereby our soul “sees”/”knows” the Face of God. This is transcendence and the Transfiguration on the Mount: chaos to Cosmos, duality to Eden/Home. Alelluia State!

Transmuting sex energy

By way of merging the double theme of this article, “Master, teach us how to pray,” and its goal of transcending through consciousness and meditation, I’ll deal briefly with the term “transmuting of sex energy” and how it forms part of Christ-nature “birth.”

The experiential nature of the Life Force initially is sexual, but when transmuted through awareness/meditation, it alchemizes to Bliss and unconditional Love.

Take the tree as an example. Respectfully, as a guy, this analogy is interpreted through the male perspective.

A tree draws sap/sex energy from the earth through the instrumentality of the root. The sap/sex energy rises upwards from the earth and root thereby nourishing the whole tree: trunk, bark, leafs, branches, and fruit. Think what would happen if the tree decided, through a lower-point (genital) configuration, to “spend” its sap, what then would happen to the upper tree and eventually the entire tree?

Likewise, “male” is in constant supply of sexual energy. The sex energy rises from the earth to the genital or base chakra area. Through a combination of imagination/ stimulant arousal/ animalistic expression/encodement, this earth sex energy travels no further then this genital area. It does not rise to the brain and thereby express spiritually and cosmically. Thus, one’s animalistic desire (urges) become an activating source of addiction, depression, and, soul/root deprivation.

This ignorance remains until conscious awakening into the spiritual kingdom (cosmic nature) is established within consciousness through kundalini raising. The human mind/body/endocrine system is an Evolved mechanism to cosmic existence. Thus is even greater soul evolution gained for “Divine Will.” We’re not designed for remaining at the base animalistic level.

“If thine eye (senses) bothers you, pluck it out (purify)”. In other words, conscious “crucification” of non-serving desires/urges in our everyday “confrontations” is an ongoing process. Male needs to grow out of interpreting female through sex – this, guys, is OUR biggest challenge!

Concentrated awareness in sexual arousal is a “must do” activity. Post meditation requires active attention to sex energy presence for channeling to the upper body thereby transmuting as kundalini. Truly then does our spiritual mechanism flourish to serve Divinely (cosmically).

All-Consuming Emotions.

Similarly, as sex energy is transmuted, so too (by the same awareness) is the “hell” of our all-consuming emotions. Scriptures’ “fires of hell” is not referring to that nonsensical religious “hell”, rather, it is referring to transmutation of emotions through the “fire” in the solar plexus (Solar/Sun “fire”). We drop all hurting/disturbing/hell situations into the “fire” of awareness (inner Christ/ solar plexus “flame”: ( John: “the One who follows”).

“Faith without action, is no faith” it is said.

“It moves upon the face of the deep” (conscious direction to our soul).

Emotion transmutation remains difficult only in proportion to our “burning” desire, intention, and commitment to wholeness of Being.

And, of course, it’s all very fine in the comfort of meditation to be “perfect”. That’s why Jesus invited Peter out the boat (of comfort zones) to walk on water. This represents facing his emotive “urges”, sexual or otherwise. He had to square up to his “feelings and perceptions,” his awkward situations, and then transcend his (natural man) animalistic encodement through Gethsemane understanding, actively.

“Before the cock crows you (ego) will have denied Me (inner Christ) three times”. Without crucification/transmutation/meditation the cock can crow MANY times in a day!

Second “Birth” (spiritual)

Spirit descends downward through the spinal column to the base chakra, thereby, mating with upcoming (sexual) energy (matter) from the earth. This is the “Immaculate Conception” achieved. It is individualized Christ Consciousness, the birth of Spirit and the Love-Nature, which is also cosmic, transcendent existence.

This “birth” can be natural or “induced.” In other words, if we ignore promptings of our current inner environment, addictions, and ego dominance, life will eventually lead us to this birth over time through many incarnations. Or, we heed  in-tuition/inner-scripture teaching and meditate daily thereby save much unnecessary soul suffering. We cannot remain in the labor ward of ignorance forever!

When: “Master, teach us how to pray” has been put into practice (meditation) we’re well on “the Way” to uttering Jesus’ Crowning (ego-shattering) words:

“Into Thy hands I commend my spirit” (soul in process of purification! Inner-outer congruency/ fulfilling Life’s purpose! : Awakening to Christ within!

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