He Restores My Soul

by Raymond Phelan on April 10, 2014

12000020264 37beac2724 o 300x199 He Restores My Soul“He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake. (Psalm 23:3)

One of my favorite lines, this scripture is saying: take to the practice of meditation for purification of the subconscious, thereby come unto Christ (“name’s sake”) consciousness (Love) : (“He”) inner Christ (“restoreth”) heals separation, thereby is “righteousness” (evolution in higher planes of consciousness) initiated in the soul: Jesus said: “In my father’s kingdom are many mansions” — levels of happiness-consciousness.

“Blind Faith”

Because of its rootedness in historical straitjacket paradigms, literal scripture is responsible for much of present-day’s falling church attendances globally. Many are heeding Jesus’ teachings that Christ (divine love) resides within our own consciousness and are taking to the practice of meditation for spiritual fulfillment. “Blind faith” in literal scripture is no longer fit for purpose regards soul evolution.

Jesus, the man, was never pointing to himself, or grouping, saying, “this way folks, follow me and my religion” rather, directing to where they’d find Christ experientially — within. The word religion simply means: re-connect, Yoga or Union with the divine. Religion or Self-realization is achieved not by persuasive sermons based on historical facts, but through direct Spirit experiencing.

By “Blind faith” is meant: following a literal doctrine or church teaching simply because such appears between two hardback covers. Literal dogmas bondage the soul to past events with a promise of “future” salvation somewhere, someday: a contrived event which our lower-self took onboard as trust rather than of Spirit-Belief.

“Family tradition” compelled countless seekers of Truth to adhere to belief systems not of their choosing — out of ignorance, families handed their children’s souls over to institutionalism for “baptism” into a religion. As with our given name, we accepted this title and it became our church or denominational identity. Until the loop is interrupted by awakening to our own inner Divine nature; until Spirit-You is acknowledged experientially of our own seeking, institutional ethos and church doctrines hold dominance in our minds. While religious homilies can be uplifting and even beautiful, Christ-consciousness doesn’t require substantiating dates and stories for validation, rather, Transcendental Silence.

Born into literal scripture, the multitudes, through intuitive “Joseph” (inner prompt of divine angel), are awakening out of this literal “blind faith” syndrome. They’re fleeing institutional programming which has governed their lives to the extent that such is triggered simply by the sounding of a bell or the hypnotic sound of a preacher’s voice through a loud-speaker system; a programmed mechanism resulting in our status being reduced to “followers” of a supposedly superior collegiate of teachers — like woolly sheep we followed drone-like — our free will conditioned over by sound effects and “conforming” fodder.

With maturity comes acceptance, yes, I/we’ve been misled, and dramatically so. Realization dawns that our soul development was stymied and repressed systematically. Labeled “saving our souls”, the approach amounted to control over hearts and minds maintained by a residual or imposed “fear”(of God). Indicative of this are those nations and religions still refusing to recognize inner Reality, settling instead for the same ‘outer god’ mentality of conquering and suppression of other souls at the lusting behest of personal greed and power.

Dec 21 2012 commenced the new Age of Aquarius for Mankind; it heralded a cosmic leap in soul consciousness awakening. Our spiritual mechanisms are now perceiving through a more cosmically coherent level of brain cell activity by which to “understand” or perceive in Higher Self awareness. But, ATTUNMENT is key.

Healing the mountain of sin

“He restoreth my soul…””   is trumpeting the necessity of a cosmic/meditational approach to facilitation of this attuning, of coming upon our own indwelling Christ Nature — transcendental consciousness — the instruction Jesus and other Prophets have been advocating esoterically in scripture.

Describing the practice which leads to this cosmic consciousness, the scripture is calling for individuals to seek her/his personal inner silence-closet and meditate; thereby “transcend” (a deeper “let go” or trance state) the outer phenomenon of time, space and causation thus accomplishing the biblical prerequisite of deconditioning of subconsciousness as referred in: “the wedding feast” guest — invitee to Divine consciousness — found not to be wearing a “White Garment” (purified subconsciousness).

Esoteric scripture is saying: make conscious (meditation) the accumulations of imposed thought patterns: societal, religious, tribal or otherwise. In doing so, we become aware of programming which, contrary to our soul’s natural evolutionary path, may be leading us robotically away from inner Truth, causal of much anguish by loss of personal spiritual identity. The practice transmutes earlier “agendas” which have held the global soul in a spiritual limbo (limp bow dynamic) for centuries. This scripture is proclaiming the method of past karmic debt/sin neutralization.

If a “church ethos” isn’t leading to, or accommodating of, individual spiritual, spatial and mental freedom, isn’t providing instructional teaching (not fundamentalism) in Higher Self-determination, it’s reneging on its razon detre. In this regard, beware of “religions” attempting ownership of You through glamorous ghetto-blaster “miracles galore” indoctrination, and congregational peer pressure. For, newer formats of greed and power are never more than an egoistic group-mindset away.

Seeing the Full Import

And even though some literal scriptures seem logical to the mind, such doesn’t remove the status of spiritual ignorance; such is still in the realm of “vested interest” or “conforming” rhetoric, and is not indicative of establishing cosmic consciousness consequent of meditation — the goal of esoteric scripture. Fulfilling the purpose of all scripture, regular meditation ensures the mind becoming wise to contrived dogma formatted towards dependency on a spiritual “fix”. Remember, intellectual knowledge alone does not alter the state of the soul: such fulfills the mind but not the heart.

Evolution is reminding: it’s time for universal minds to behave cosmically, to propagate in spiritual freedom and not soul internment by way of emotively-charged historical stories: we need to act by way of resolute intellect thereby evolve greater through established cosmic consciousness. We’re not designed to be institutionalized or soul-imprisoned by static, non-evolutionary paradigms. Biblical symbolism is intended for soul-freeing not compounding the Age of ignorance. That, All souls, regardless of creed or culture, get to “hear/see” as the Resurrected Christ now!

Remember the film: Born Free? : Elsa, the Lion, not bred for captivity — no matter how much she was loved — was released by her adoring careers, but returned every year to the same spot, of her own free will, for a pat and hug and then returned to the jungle and her natural family.

Deliverance of natural-to-the-soul scripture, combined with an instructional technique to spiritual freedom, requires cosmically-functioning beings of all cultural traditions and of both genders to impart this technique of gaining cosmic-consciousness – the “attuning” prayer/method to direct inner Christ. Inner Silence should be the first Teacher in all spiritual lessons! In this regard, non-denominational “quiet time” instruction would be a great starting point for all basic level school goers.

What is the Subconscious Mind

“forgive them father for they know not what they do”.

“Them/they”, (the roman soldiers) symbolize a soul’s subconscious thoughts patterns or compulsive mental activity. “Forgive them” is saying: due to the fact that our subconsciousness unwittingly carries out generational programming, we must first love (“forgive”) this state non-judgmentally — meditation. “Forgive” is of the Higher Self, unconditional love (“father”) — as in:“..He descended into (the) hell” of our subconsciousness – the desert of spiritual ignorance.

The subconscious is not a separate mind but a suppressed aspect of consciousness: cumulative misconception-content which survives on mental /physical tension premised on unresolved, unwarranted fear. Living this hypnosis (subconsciousness) daily, solidifies this illusion-relating nature or, the “fatted calf” egoistic mind. The false-to-the-world personality which the subjective mind accepts as your prayer or command (until reversed).

Some American inspirational writers in referring to “the subconscious” are actually referring to Infinite Being or Awakened Soul and not the subconscious ego/duality (Eve) from Adam.

If our personal universe is perceived through yellow-tinted glasses, then yellow is our ideology, our world-view paradigms. Until subconsciousness is detoxified, released, integrated, then “yellow”continues to be the conscious mind’s reality prism. “Yellow” cause and effect will repeat automatically to remind us we’ve not yet awoken to our spiritual personality — cosmic consciousness. As said earlier, neutralizing of subconsciousness ensures “payment” of previously incurred karmic “debt” — which is “””forgive them father..” in action!

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? (1 Corinthians 3:16). Note this scripture is not simply proclaiming God is “within” as Spirit, it also poses a vital question to the reader: have we realized the soul’s Bliss nature as our permanent consciousness: the immortality of Spirit-Soul. Are we witnessing as Temple Beings or ego constructors?

Subconscious Integration

Wherefore he saith, awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. (Ephesians 5:14). Transcend in mind, meditate — become soul transformed. “Arise from the dead(ness)” of lower-self thereby Ascend in consciousness.

Meditative Silence is the Dynamic which brings about subconscious integration: it’s tangible Presence. Integration is happening when the content nature of conditioning begins surfacing into conscious awareness: when “conscious now” and suppressed anxiety-filled “past” transmute as happiness-awareness: occupancy (in mind) of our “Promised Land” or present moment. The tombstone of fear/conditioning is rolling back and the soul’s healing love-light comes forth. Similar to the walls of Jericho.., as Temple-Consciousness begins to reign within our daily affairs, illusory perceptions begin to crumble. As compassionate love begins to permeate our every thought, word and deed, conditioning yields to the light of the indwelling Christ Nature: the five senses, nervous system and brain now perceive cosmically as intended.

Expanded Awareness

“He restoreth my soul…” : Meditation re-establishes, re-unites fractured lower-self nature: it re-arranges the brain’s chemistry cosmically thereby is the functioning capacity of the conscious mind enlarged. Christ-consciousness now reflects as our tangible “Temple of Spirit” status to which esoteric scriptures have been expounding, thus elevating these sacred texts from fictional-like soundbites to Chronicles in Higher states of consciousness.

Historical Jesus was a cosmically evolved soul: ‘he went up the mountain to pray’ : mountain symbolizes Higher state of consciousness. Faced with his own level of subconsciousness, he declared: the prince of this world cometh and findeth nothing in me: meaning, his own subconsciousness was purified.

Similarly as Mary (Virgin consciousness) and divinely inspired Joseph (inner voice or divine angel), “the just man/woman” soul in which individualized Christ dwells awaiting birth by conscious action, went to Bethlehem (state of meditation) to become “registered”: consummate mind/body/spirit cosmically through Meditative Union. Such is how each soul “births” Transcendentally or, “registers” in cosmic-functioning ability — thereby serve divinely, universally.

God’s plan is to make known his secret to his people, this rich and glorious secret which he has for all people. And the secret is that Christ is in you, which means that you will share in the glory of God. (Colossians 1:27)

Where is “..his secret..in you” ?

As spirit beings of divine standard and abilities, this scripture is saying: we each have Heaven already “within soul”, it’s our God-given inheritance. But, where specifically, and, how do we come upon scriptural “within” consciously?.

“..Christ is in you..” means: the soul’s cosmic Christ nature emerges from “within” the base chakra on “our” conscious contact with the Pineal gland in the center of the brain.

Vibrating initially from the base chakra, this cosmic intelligence (Kundalini) travels up the spinal column to the brain thereby awakening the twelve Apostles (12 cranial nerves): human consciousness becoming pollinated of “..his secret.., Divine nature. Thus, “his secret”, “the glory of God”, the Wonder Child Bliss Seed which, previously non experiential, becomes birthed as Christ-Love or Bliss in the heart chakra.

“..his secret..” Bliss Consciousness, is come upon when we enter consciously into the Spiritual Vortex of Soul Silence by way of meditation or similar Yoga centering practices.

As “his people” we’re each naturally drawn to Bliss Consciousness — the “Prince of Peace” — to the unconditional compassionate love waves which flow into our every life situation, resulting in healing, forgiveness and new beginnings for all.

My Book : Transforming Your Life — How to Be All That You Can Be, deals more comprehensively with this subject, while also providing a meditation instruction technique.


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