He Restores My Soul

by Raymond Phelan on April 10, 2014

restores my soul“He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake. (Psalm 23:3)

One of my favorite lines, this scripture is saying: take to the practice of meditation for purification of the subconscious, thereby come unto Christ (“name’s sake”) consciousness (Love) : (“He”) inner Christ (“restoreth”) heals separation, thereby is “righteousness” (evolution in higher planes of consciousness) initiated in the soul: Jesus said: “In my father’s kingdom are many mansions” — levels of happiness-consciousness.

“Blind Faith”

Because of its rootedness in historical straitjacket paradigms, literal scripture is responsible for much of present-day’s falling church attendances globally. Many are heeding Jesus’ teachings that Christ (divine love) resides within our own consciousness and are taking to the practice of meditation for spiritual fulfillment. “Blind faith” in literal scripture is no longer fit for purpose regards soul evolution.

Jesus, the man, was never pointing to himself, or grouping, saying, “this way folks, follow me and my religion” rather, directing to where they’d find Christ experientially — within. The word religion simply means: re-connect, Yoga or Union with the divine. Religion or Self-realization is achieved not by persuasive sermons based on historical facts, but through direct Spirit experiencing.

By “Blind faith” is meant: following a literal doctrine or church teaching simply because such appears between two hardback covers. Literal dogmas bondage the soul to past events with a promise of “future” salvation somewhere, someday: a contrived event which our lower-self took onboard as trust rather than of Spirit-Belief.

“Family tradition” compelled countless seekers of Truth to adhere to belief systems not of their choosing — out of ignorance, families handed their children’s souls over to institutionalism for “baptism” into a religion. As with our given name, we accepted this title and it became our church or denominational identity. Until the loop is interrupted by awakening to our own inner Divine nature; until Spirit-You is acknowledged experientially of our own seeking, institutional ethos and church doctrines hold dominance in our minds. While religious homilies can be uplifting and even beautiful, Christ-consciousness doesn’t require substantiating dates and stories for validation, rather, Transcendental Silence.

Born into literal scripture, the multitudes, through intuitive “Joseph” (inner prompt of divine angel), are awakening out of this literal “blind faith” syndrome. They’re fleeing institutional programming which has governed their lives to the extent that such is triggered simply by the sounding of a bell or the hypnotic sound of a preacher’s voice through a loud-speaker system; a programmed mechanism resulting in our status being reduced to “followers” of a supposedly superior collegiate of teachers — like woolly sheep we followed drone-like — our free will conditioned over by sound effects and “conforming” fodder.

With maturity comes acceptance, yes, I/we’ve been misled, and dramatically so. Realization dawns that our soul development was stymied and repressed systematically. Labeled “saving our souls”, the approach amounted to control over hearts and minds maintained by a residual or imposed “fear”(of God). Indicative of this are those nations and religions still refusing to recognize inner Reality, settling instead for the same ‘outer god’ mentality of conquering and suppression of other souls at the lusting behest of personal greed and power.

Dec 21 2012 commenced the new Age of Aquarius for Mankind; it heralded a cosmic leap in soul consciousness awakening. Our spiritual mechanisms are now perceiving through a more cosmically coherent level of brain cell activity by which to “understand” or perceive in Higher Self awareness. But, ATTUNMENT is key.

Healing the mountain of sin

“He restoreth my soul…””   is trumpeting the necessity of a cosmic/meditational approach to facilitation of this attuning, of coming upon our own indwelling Christ Nature — transcendental consciousness — the instruction Jesus and other Prophets have been advocating esoterically in scripture.

Describing the practice which leads to this cosmic consciousness, the scripture is calling for individuals to seek her/his personal inner silence-closet and meditate; thereby “transcend” (a deeper “let go” or trance state) the outer phenomenon of time, space and causation thus accomplishing the biblical prerequisite of deconditioning of subconsciousness as referred in: “the wedding feast” guest — invitee to Divine consciousness — found not to be wearing a “White Garment” (purified subconsciousness).

Esoteric scripture is saying: make conscious (meditation) the accumulations of imposed thought patterns: societal, religious, tribal or otherwise. In doing so, we become aware of programming which, contrary to our soul’s natural evolutionary path, may be leading us robotically away from inner Truth, causal of much anguish by loss of personal spiritual identity. The practice transmutes earlier “agendas” which have held the global soul in a spiritual limbo (limp bow dynamic) for centuries. This scripture is proclaiming the method of past karmic debt/sin neutralization.

If a “church ethos” isn’t leading to, or accommodating of, individual spiritual, spatial and mental freedom, isn’t providing instructional teaching (not fundamentalism) in Higher Self-determination, it’s reneging on its razon detre. In this regard, beware of “religions” attempting ownership of You through glamorous ghetto-blaster “miracles galore” indoctrination, and congregational peer pressure. For, newer formats of greed and power are never more than an egoistic group-mindset away.

Seeing the Full Import

And even though some literal scriptures seem logical to the mind, such doesn’t remove the status of spiritual ignorance; such is still in the realm of “vested interest” or “conforming” rhetoric, and is not indicative of establishing cosmic consciousness consequent of meditation — the goal of esoteric scripture. Fulfilling the purpose of all scripture, regular meditation ensures the mind becoming wise to contrived dogma formatted towards dependency on a spiritual “fix”. Remember, intellectual knowledge alone does not alter the state of the soul: such fulfills the mind but not the heart.

Evolution is reminding: it’s time for universal minds to behave cosmically, to propagate in spiritual freedom and not soul internment by way of emotively-charged historical stories: we need to act by way of resolute intellect thereby evolve greater through established cosmic consciousness. We’re not designed to be institutionalized or soul-imprisoned by static, non-evolutionary paradigms. Biblical symbolism is intended for soul-freeing not compounding the Age of ignorance. That, All souls, regardless of creed or culture, get to “hear/see” as the Resurrected Christ now!

Remember the film: Born Free? : Elsa, the Lion, not bred for captivity — no matter how much she was loved — was released by her adoring careers, but returned every year to the same spot, of her own free will, for a pat and hug and then returned to the jungle and her natural family.

Deliverance of natural-to-the-soul scripture, combined with an instructional technique to spiritual freedom, requires cosmically-functioning beings of all cultural traditions and of both genders to impart this technique of gaining cosmic-consciousness – the “attuning” prayer/method to direct inner Christ. Inner Silence should be the first Teacher in all spiritual lessons! In this regard, non-denominational “quiet time” instruction would be a great starting point for all basic level school goers.

What is the Subconscious Mind

“forgive them father for they know not what they do”.

“Them/they”, (the roman soldiers) symbolize a soul’s subconscious thoughts patterns or compulsive mental activity. “Forgive them” is saying: due to the fact that our subconsciousness unwittingly carries out generational programming, we must first love (“forgive”) this state non-judgmentally — meditation. “Forgive” is of the Higher Self, unconditional love (“father”) — as in:“..He descended into (the) hell” of our subconsciousness – the desert of spiritual ignorance.

The subconscious is not a separate mind but a suppressed aspect of consciousness: cumulative misconception-content which survives on mental /physical tension premised on unresolved, unwarranted fear. Living this hypnosis (subconsciousness) daily, solidifies this illusion-relating nature or, the “fatted calf” egoistic mind. The false-to-the-world personality which the subjective mind accepts as your prayer or command (until reversed).

Some American inspirational writers in referring to “the subconscious” are actually referring to Infinite Being or Awakened Soul and not the subconscious ego/duality (Eve) from Adam.

If our personal universe is perceived through yellow-tinted glasses, then yellow is our ideology, our world-view paradigms. Until subconsciousness is detoxified, released, integrated, then “yellow”continues to be the conscious mind’s reality prism. “Yellow” cause and effect will repeat automatically to remind us we’ve not yet awoken to our spiritual personality — cosmic consciousness. As said earlier, neutralizing of subconsciousness ensures “payment” of previously incurred karmic “debt” — which is “””forgive them father..” in action!

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? (1 Corinthians 3:16). Note this scripture is not simply proclaiming God is “within” as Spirit, it also poses a vital question to the reader: have we realized the soul’s Bliss nature as our permanent consciousness: the immortality of Spirit-Soul. Are we witnessing as Temple Beings or ego constructors?

Subconscious Integration

Wherefore he saith, awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. (Ephesians 5:14). Transcend in mind, meditate — become soul transformed. “Arise from the dead(ness)” of lower-self thereby Ascend in consciousness.

Meditative Silence is the Dynamic which brings about subconscious integration: it’s tangible Presence. Integration is happening when the content nature of conditioning begins surfacing into conscious awareness: when “conscious now” and suppressed anxiety-filled “past” transmute as happiness-awareness: occupancy (in mind) of our “Promised Land” or present moment. The tombstone of fear/conditioning is rolling back and the soul’s healing love-light comes forth. Similar to the walls of Jericho.., as Temple-Consciousness begins to reign within our daily affairs, illusory perceptions begin to crumble. As compassionate love begins to permeate our every thought, word and deed, conditioning yields to the light of the indwelling Christ Nature: the five senses, nervous system and brain now perceive cosmically as intended.

Expanded Awareness

“He restoreth my soul…” : Meditation re-establishes, re-unites fractured lower-self nature: it re-arranges the brain’s chemistry cosmically thereby is the functioning capacity of the conscious mind enlarged. Christ-consciousness now reflects as our tangible “Temple of Spirit” status to which esoteric scriptures have been expounding, thus elevating these sacred texts from fictional-like soundbites to Chronicles in Higher states of consciousness.

Historical Jesus was a cosmically evolved soul: ‘he went up the mountain to pray’ : mountain symbolizes Higher state of consciousness. Faced with his own level of subconsciousness, he declared: the prince of this world cometh and findeth nothing in me: meaning, his own subconsciousness was purified.

Similarly as Mary (Virgin consciousness) and divinely inspired Joseph (inner voice or divine angel), “the just man/woman” soul in which individualized Christ dwells awaiting birth by conscious action, went to Bethlehem (state of meditation) to become “registered”: consummate mind/body/spirit cosmically through Meditative Union. Such is how each soul “births” Transcendentally or, “registers” in cosmic-functioning ability — thereby serve divinely, universally.

God’s plan is to make known his secret to his people, this rich and glorious secret which he has for all people. And the secret is that Christ is in you, which means that you will share in the glory of God. (Colossians 1:27)

Where is “..his secret..in you” ?

As spirit beings of divine standard and abilities, this scripture is saying: we each have Heaven already “within soul”, it’s our God-given inheritance. But, where specifically, and, how do we come upon scriptural “within” consciously?.

“..Christ is in you..” means: the soul’s cosmic Christ nature emerges from “within” the base chakra on “our” conscious contact with the Pineal gland in the center of the brain.

Vibrating initially from the base chakra, this cosmic intelligence (Kundalini) travels up the spinal column to the brain thereby awakening the twelve Apostles (12 cranial nerves): human consciousness becoming pollinated of “..his secret.., Divine nature. Thus, “his secret”, “the glory of God”, the Wonder Child Bliss Seed which, previously non experiential, becomes birthed as Christ-Love or Bliss in the heart chakra.

“..his secret..” Bliss Consciousness, is come upon when we enter consciously into the Spiritual Vortex of Soul Silence by way of meditation or similar Yoga centering practices.

As “his people” we’re each naturally drawn to Bliss Consciousness — the “Prince of Peace” — to the unconditional compassionate love waves which flow into our every life situation, resulting in healing, forgiveness and new beginnings for all.

My Book : Transforming Your Life — How to Be All That You Can Be, deals more comprehensively with this subject, while also providing a meditation instruction technique.


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Paul April 10, 2014 at 5:58 pm

Tremendous article, Raymond. Obviously, the subject of Christ consciousness within is very close to my heart, and I believe is the central theme of the entire Bible. I love the way you relate the restoration of the soul to meditation because, as you affirm in your article, it is among the yoga practices responsible for the restoration of the soul/awakening of the Christ.

Thanks for sharing this important information.


Raymond Phelan April 11, 2014 at 1:42 pm

Thank you, Paul, for your comment. Yes, I agree, meditation is the central theme of the Bible. Its resultant bliss establishes Christ-Consciousness within the heart and nervous system. Thus, our personal Vibration-Halo brightens to help bring about calm in our immediate surroundings, and all who occupy that divine space.

When large groups are meditating in one area, this can trigger even greater coherence. The practice then not only restores individual soul Unity but helps purify the planet’s natural chemistry of toxic build-up, thus creating an overall environmental well-being effect, not only for our ourselves, but for our cohabiting animal, forestry and marine neighbors in soul.



Paul April 11, 2014 at 1:56 pm

Raymond, I actually believe love to be the central theme of the Bible. I believe meditation is central to awakening the power to love. I know a person, for example, who is a 45-year meditator, but who is extremely full of hatred and condemnation. I used to wonder how it could be possible for a person to meditate and exhibit those kinds of manifestations. Now I understand. It is merely the Pharisaical idea that “I do all these things, and so I am better than you.”

However, as 1 Cor. 13 states, without love we are nothing more than sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal. I truly believe love is the goal, and meditation is a vehicle to take us there.



Raymond Phelan April 11, 2014 at 4:51 pm

Hi Paul, yes, there are people who claim to be meditating, but when asked about the involvement of the nervous system, senses and right side brain activity they seem lost to this understanding, and its active purpose. Many don’t grasp that Bliss requires a purified base through which to vibrate. It’s this capacity of nervous system “setup” to withstand bliss, and which takes practice, that makes others settle for an activity THEY term meditation. Without the gradual infusion of bliss into the mind certainly the clanging cymbal applies. Relaxation, while good, is not sufficient. There needs to be “transcendence” (of ego) — a totally “let go” experiential presence which unfolds gradually over time through constant restarts after drifting. Restarts are inevitable and valuable, for some are starting meditation practice from more active states of mind than others. Generally I find it’s improper instruction regards “how to experience” (in meditation) which leads to so much confusion.



Paul April 11, 2014 at 9:38 pm

And to piggyback off of your comment, there is so much “instruction” on how to meditate that, similar to the blind leading the blind concerning Bible teaching, it is easy to get thrown off by meditation instructors who don’t quite understand the nature of what it is they are actually teaching. Very interesting indeed. Thanks so much for your response.

Bernie Reutemann April 10, 2014 at 11:04 pm

Thank you for elaborating on this verse which is in one of my most repeated prayers. These thoughts you have brought up here, serve to deepen one’s understanding of the process of meditation-that yielding ( restoring ) to the Spirit. I’ll be mindful of these ideas as I recite this psalm.


Raymond Phelan April 11, 2014 at 2:42 pm

Hi Bernie,
Thank you for your insightful comment. Yes, Psalm 23 is indeed a banquet in soul-feasting. And you’re absolutely correct about deepening of understanding. The chief gain of regular meditation is undoubtedly the capacity of deeper comprehension ability into ALL spheres of life. Living our Bliss, our silent Wisdom personality naturally in our everyday affairs, perpetuates even greater happy soul activity through greater right side brain participation.



Dan April 11, 2014 at 7:45 am

Focus on love
Put expressing love
at the center of your very existence
And you will see it reflected back thousand fold
Where our heartmind is focused
informs the outward reflection
Of creation


Paul April 11, 2014 at 1:39 pm

Very powerful, Dan.


Raymond Phelan April 11, 2014 at 2:58 pm

Thank you for your reflection of Wisdom. You have it so right, my friend: love is the Great Multiplier: the more we give away, unconditionally, the more we receive, abundantly — WOW!



Paul April 11, 2014 at 1:44 pm

I just want to add here that the definition of Christ is “the Power of God and the wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:24). The “power of God and the wisdom of God” means the “power to love and the wisdom to love.” Unconditional love doesn’t come naturally to man, and meditation is the “force/energy” that can awaken that power, or resurrect the Christ, within each one of us.


Raymond Phelan April 11, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Thank you, Paul. Yes, unconditional love requires activation, and, meditational silence is the dynamic or life-force energy to this awakening. Pollinating unconditional love of silence is to release the Christ essence of Compassion, Wisdom, thus Ascension into Love.

Thanks for the time and effort you put into posting (and comments) the fruits of your own inner Christ Wisdom. Greatly appreciated!



Paul April 11, 2014 at 4:16 pm

Very powerful, Raymond. I love the way you phrased your comment, as well. Thanks. I wish you could register that last sentence and make it your own (“Pollinating unconditional love of silence is to release the Christ essence of Compassion, Wisdom, thus Ascension into love”). WOW!!! Very deep!!


Justin April 14, 2014 at 9:32 am


I have do disagree that Unconditional Love does not come naturally to man, though I agree that it does appear this way.

I say this because I look at my son, who is 18 months old, and I see that even when someone upsets him to the point where he stops breathing due to crying, that once the crying stops he will walk up to the person who just upset him and want to play. In looking at other children I see the same thing.

Its seems this all ends once the child develops a sense of self (that starts of occur around 24 months of age).

I think a more accurate expression would be: Conditional Love is naturally learned trait of the world. And once it is learned, we must learn to set aside fear so that Unconditional love can rule again.

I have learned so much about love from my son. Not only my capacity for love, but also how love looks when it is truly unconditional. Growing up my father always said “You can’t even begin to fathom God’s love until you have a child of your own.” While I don’t agree with the statement 100% I will say that it having a child can be an immense aid to understanding love.



Paul April 16, 2014 at 9:30 am

Hi Justin:

I understand where you’re coming from. Consider, though, the limited range of a child’s attention span, and how easy it is for a child’s mind to move rapidly from one thing to another, from one thought to another. This is why, for example, as parents we are counseled to take a child’s mind off of his pacifier by giving him a toy. This doesn’t work nearly as well for adults. I believe the scenario you give of your son merely represents the need for him to play at that particular moment, and therefore is simply the desire of the ego, especially at such a young age. It is all part of its developmental phase. But remember, we are born into this world naturally. It is the spirit (love, itself) that we must cultivate.

I don’t believe unconditional love — Divine Love — is possible without a conscious awareness of what we are doing, and certainly humans, in general, don’t understand this type of love. When someone does something to us, we want revenge. When someone does something awful — to us or to someone else — we want to see that person pay for his or her actions. “For the wrath of man works not the righteousness of God (love)” (James 1:20). Divine Love works much differently than natural “love.”

This is the reason why the Bible counsels us to be “born again” — born of water and of the spirit. Born of adversity, born of Divine love. At least that’s my take on it.

Thanks, Justin. Blessings!


Robert April 16, 2014 at 9:44 pm


Would you think that meditation to quite the mind, balance the body , and strengthen intuition might bring about a better experience and expression of love than simply acting on precepts?


Do you believe the meditation by itself would cause a person to show unconditional love, even if that person had not been previously exposed to the precepts concerning it?


Paul April 17, 2014 at 7:05 am

Robert, please define for me what you mean by “precept,” because I don’t understand how it relates to any previous comments I may have made. Thanks.


Robert April 17, 2014 at 2:16 pm

Paul, Justin, Raymond

PRECEPT: a general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought.
(example: “moral precepts”). Synonyms: principle, rule, tenet, canon, doctrine, command, order, decree, dictate, dictum, injunction, commandment; mitzvah; formal prescript.
(example: “the precepts of Orthodox Judaism”).

There has been a discussion about whether unconditional love is natural, whether it comes from meditation which awakens the higher consciousness, or whether it is learned as part of moral instruction from an external source of authority, (or even that it is natural but after being unlearned by environmental conditioning in a toxic culture it needs to be restored).

The NT is somewhat confusing about this because it states in some places that love does not have to be taught to us by men because God teaches us (by mystical anointing of the Holy Spirit or by Jesus’s example to us), but then in Corinthians Paul presents an entire discourse on love, just in case we missed that lesson, and Jesus warns repeatedly about being overly judgmental and unforgiving, and he repeats his exhortations to love one another. Paul also teaches that the law is a tutor that prepares us for Christ consciousness.

When I first started practicing mindfulness, I noticed that in opening up my senses to direct experience of the here and now that I sometimes lacked awareness of ethical restraint. So I became more cautious. It puzzled me until I started reading about Buddhism, and learned that even though Buddha prescribed meditation and mindfulness as the most primarily essential, he also prescribed seven other essentials, all eight essentials working in unison – the eight-fold path. Some of those essentials were precepts (principles) for guiding moral behavior. After I dabbled a little with learning about other religions, I discovered that all of them had an infra-structure of precepts, no matter how intuitive the end result of these religions were. The infrastructure differed from one religion to another, but they all had some kind of foundation of law and order spelled out and taught. The individual was not left in a vacuum to develop higher consciousness on ones own. The precepts were a necessary stepping stone. They were necessary as part of both the biological stages and spiritual stages of growth. The first words an infant says is usually “mama”, not “om”.

So that is what I had in mind when I asked the two questions in my last post. It appeared to me that Paul was more “precept oriented”, and Raymond was more “intuition oriented”. I used to use “left brain” and “right brain”, but these terms are now outdated by the latest neurological research that proves analytical and intuitive processes are from both sides of the brain.

Any thought about this?


Paul April 19, 2014 at 10:09 am

Hi Robert.

The way I see it, divine love IS the higher consciousness to which we aspire. I don’t see meditation as the goal, but as the vehicle that transports us TO the goal. Many religions teach precepts as part of the path, as you mention. I’m not so certain precepts are really necessary, although, technically speaking, meditation itself could be interpreted to be a precept. What we, individually, believe is of course subject to our interpretations of the data at which we are looking.

As I mention in my suffering article, I believe divine love to be THE “Messiah” (the “Christ within us”). It is this power within us that needs to be “resurrected.” I think Raymond does an excellent job of explaining this in a prior comment. However, I believe the ultimate path to the “Kingdom of God” goes through suffering. All of the scriptures of the world are in concert concerning this point. The purpose of suffering is to wake up our faith, which is of much more value than wisdom and understanding. Spiritual life is not about how intellectual we are — about how much wisdom we possess or can acquire. Cognition is not spiritual life. Suffering, along with meditation, leads to awakening. But we have to use it for its intended purpose, otherwise our suffering is wasted. Unfortunately, religion does a very poor job of explaining how it all works, primarily because religion believes suffering to be the result of some sin on our part. However, the scriptures tell us to fear none of those things which we suffer. It takes a living and active faith to be able to do this.

As to whether I am “precept oriented,” I don’t personally see myself that way. I am a former professional musician (a “right-brain” activity, as it was previously called) and have had tests done on myself. Those tests actually show me to be equally balanced in both “brain areas.” For this I feel very blessed, if the data are correct.


anny May 4, 2014 at 12:59 pm

Hi Paul,

I was just browsing through all the articles and comments I did not yet read and this quote of yours:

“However, I believe the ultimate path to the “Kingdom of God” goes through suffering. All of the scriptures of the world are in concert concerning this point. The purpose of suffering is to wake up our faith, which is of much more value than wisdom and understanding.”

is confirmed by Genesis 3 : 17-18 : “…. cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; thorns also ….”

The word sorrow in the Hebrew text is ‘itsavon’. You can read this as ‘etsev’, ‘ets-2’ + nun (50). This means the tree of duality (that man had just eaten from) + higher awareness. God tells Adam that they will have to keep on eating from the tree of duality but promises that this in the end will lead to higher awareness. Immediately following it says that the earth will also bring forth thorns. Thorn is ‘kots’, which can be seen as the root of the verb ‘hakets’ which means to wake someone up. Both ‘itsavon’ and ‘kots’ imply suffering and both promise to wake us up and to lead to higher awareness/the Kingdom of God.


Paul May 10, 2014 at 9:49 am


Yes, I agree with your assessment. The “thorns” are the reason why Cain’s offering (an offering from the “ground” that only produces thorns and thistles) is unacceptable, and why Cain then slays his brother as a result. We must awaken out of our deep sleep, and suffering is the path to doing just that. Thanks for your comment.

Raymond Phelan April 17, 2014 at 1:40 pm

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your excellent question. From my understanding, the answer, is yes!

Jesus said: “No one can get to the Father except through Me” (process of transforming : water into wine, base metal to gold.)

Bearing in mind this scripture I would like to elaborate on the term “unconditional love”, if I may.

We (including myself) tend to the term “unconditional love” as a quality of love WE (group ego) extend to others without conditional attachment. We say: I’m loving you, this, that or whomever without any trace of judgement, malice or resentment on my part: my love is strictly unconditional, we say or hold an attitude of.

While this is to be praised, it remains in the realm of egoistic consenting based on cultural or societal precepts. Therefore, the question arises: on what level of mind/heart or personal consciousness is “my” unconditional love based? Is it : “I love because I, they, see no faults (even though there may be”) i.e. I’m loving because (morally) it’s the thing to be seen to be expressing.

It’s important to remember that, unconditional love is NOT a ready-to-go, on-tap, state of love on standby for whenever WE wish to extend some: a commodity to be used like an umbrella on a rainy day!

Previous to experiential “unconditional love” it is consciousness without the love/bliss Nature. Through regular stilling of conscious mind in meditation, our consciousness BECOMES this cosmic/love Nature : stillness is the conduit (to Christ or cosmic-consciousness) : thus (our) consciousness becomes bliss-consciousness, or, as colloquially termed, “unconditional love”.

By way of the intellect, consciousness needs to be pollinated of conscious deep silence (crucifying of ego, or, raindrop into ocean). ONLY upon this conscious contact of ego-less silence, or transcendence, is “unconditional love” birthed (within consciousness) thus we’re “born again” spiritually to Transcendental Cosmic/Christ-consciousness.

Gradually, the heart on contact with transcendental silence transforms to become the state of love permanently in cosmic-consciousness: the universe knowing Itself consciously through You-awareness. In other words, Divine Love is automatically, or unconditionally present, as Love/Silence Presence, separate from the outer “world” of activity. Consequent of regular meditation, to say “I’m (ego) expressing love unconditionally”, is incorrect, for, selective expression of ego-based love is no more.

While we understand “unconditional love” from the historical “Jesus” perspective, it really isn’t the appropriate description – rather, omni-present bliss or cosmic-consciousness.

Nor would we say a child’s “unconditional love” is really the correct comparison to spiritually evolved love. A child’s love, while precious of course, is very much dependent on its “Parent” being present, thereby making this “conditional love”. In other words, the same love wouldn’t be so-forthcoming to a stranger, as would established bliss-consciousness.

So-termed “unconditional love” without Actualizing through Silence meditation, is not the same dynamic, notwithstanding that some may already be expressing “unconditional love” of sorts. Meditational Silence (inner Christ) transforms the heart to withstand bliss to such a deep degree that the consciousness assimilates and reflects as bliss/love naturally : the Sun is present in our life regardless of the clouds.

“Unconditional love” of course doesn’t mean we’re “emotively loving” everyone and everything, rather, through our Heightened, bliss-perceiving senses, nervous system and newly awakened brain cells we become magnanimous, compassionate, all-encompassing in our dealings. The Divine is experienced in all creation unconditionally, as SEPARATE from the world of time, space and phenomenon.

Blessings to all!


anny May 4, 2014 at 1:50 pm


I think this article of yours is great; there are so many aspects of it that I do not really know yet. But I would like to comment on the last four paragraphs of your comment above.

I completely agree to your description of unconditional love but that does not automatically mean that what other people call unconditional love is not true. For instance the concept of Jesus giving his life for us (to what purpose is a matter to be debated) does qualify as unconditional love for me and might indeed have included this bliss after the last remnants of ego had been conquered.

Today here in Holland we had our yearly remembrance of the dead for the people who died in World War Two and of course in this time of year the stories of those heroes who died for our freedom are told again and again. Especially from the concentrationcamps you hear the stories of those people who (through suffering, as Paul said, and conscious decisions on how to perceive that suffering) had literally grown into saints and who spread love all around them, including to those who maltreated them and were going to kill them in some cases. If that is not unconditional love, I do not know what is. But it is also true that they probably had lost all fear and may indeed have experienced that bliss already.

So do you not think it might be two sides of the same coin?


Robert April 17, 2014 at 3:23 pm


That was an excellent clarification and inspires me to pursue meditation much more as a main ingredient instead of just a supplement. It also addresses another lingering doubt I have occasionally had, that the spiritual benefits of meditation and esoteric beliefs might have been humanly “contrived” by exploiting a kind of mild physical high to make up all kinds of myths about it. You have been very convincing to dispel much of that notion.


Robert April 17, 2014 at 10:55 pm


Can Bliss Consciousness be realized by an individual without practicing techniques?


Raymond Phelan April 18, 2014 at 12:52 pm


Thank you for your reply, comments and question.

Practice of some form of seated “centering” technique (meditation) I believe is necessary.

Scripture says: “First seek (PRACTICE) ye the kingdom (transcendence) and all else shall be added unto you (process of transformation to cosmic bliss-consciousness”) — finite to Infinite.

Somewhat like, “..raindrop into ocean.. and back again AS Ocean (Consciousness). But, it’s the “CONTACT” with Ocean’s transcendental silence which is the Bliss; the Ocean Itself is not Bliss, that’s our “seeking/pollinating” / consciously contacting work. Thereby we bring Unmanifest Divine into the realm of “worldly” affairs.

For the mind to have an experience there must be a corresponding “setup” in the nervous system. This is facilitated when the brain, through regular meditation, experiencing “transcendence”, retains the altered state of consciousness.

Don’t be put off by “transcendence” as being overly mystical or non achievable. It’s normal and natural. It’s simply the connect-effect of experiencing utter bliss-silence in the prolonged “let go” state.

For many initially, in meditation, out of uncertainty and improper tutorial, “let(ing) go” can be inner structured, a “holding back”, but, like the Child learning to walk, confidence grows when the Child feels Mother/Father’s love with each new expanding “let-go” step.

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. In this regard, it’s important therefore, when we come out of meditation, to engage in normal, relaxed activity for our “new”-consciousness to root-establish physiologically.



Robert April 18, 2014 at 3:19 pm


Yesterday I experienced what I have interpreted as Bliss Consciousness for several minutes after just letting go. It was not during meditation. My meditation lately seems like a struggle to be passive, not allowing thoughts to cling, and seeing how long I can do this before it becomes too uncomfortable. But when I experienced what I think is Bliss Consciousness, I didn’t try to do anything. No focused breathing or posture. I just got let myself space out. At first I felt part of my body vibrating pleasantly, but I willed myself to stop it because it reminded of the Pentacostal flush, which I have very little confidence in. I did not want to associate with that past-programming. Then I just got quiet and I sensed happiness. I became aware that I was effortlessly smilinBlg, which I don’t normally do unless I try hard. It lasted a little while and afterward I noticed I was generally calmer and felt healthier. Today I have had success in invoking the same effect for short periods, just by remembering to, without any preparation. Is this Bliss Consciousness?


Raymond Phelan April 18, 2014 at 4:17 pm


From what you’ve described it sounds “bliss” to me. What we CALL natural happiness is not so important as how we feel from engaging it, particularly in the effortless manor you’ve outlined. “Letting go” unconditionally of all mental effort is truly blissful indeed.

Try get hold of a copy of my book on Amazon : Transforming your life..how to be all that you can be — it should prove beneficial to overall well-being generally. It explains HOW to meditate using a mantra and the whole area of incoming thoughts during meditation.



Robert April 20, 2014 at 8:37 pm


Reading it on Kindle, best I can. Getting new glasses next week.

Robert April 23, 2014 at 3:08 am


Got my new glasses now. So far I have read some sections of your book in detail and with great interest, and the rest I skimmed through to see what you covered. Very impressed.

One of my pet peeves with esoteric literature is that some of it leaves out the issue of life after physical death, what I call immortal life. I accept that eternal life may refer to experiencing some of our immortal nature now while we are alive on earth. But I have reserved the word immortality to refer to life (consciousness) after the physical body dies. In your book, you have equated your version of immortality with eternal life now. This is a frustrating point of confusion for me, because your version of immortality is not mine. Although you go into great detail about experiencing eternal life now (bliss consciousness), I did not see any mention of what happens to consciousness after the body dies. Perhaps I missed it when I was skimming. I would enjoy your comments regarding this.


Raymond Phelan April 25, 2014 at 10:54 am


I’ve read your fine comments on you finding Bliss, (Yippeee!) Keep the successful routine going! And, thank you for purchasing my book on Amazon.com.

The questions you raise on Immortality and Eternality are covered in my book, but, skim-reading, you will agree, does not clarify (in mind) in the manor/order which we seek such.

I would like, if I may, develop “Immortality” a little further, metaphysically.

When we consider the Big Bang over 13.7 billion years ago, it’s astonishing to realize that, after all the elapsed psychological/evolutionary “time”, the Consciousness which caused the Big Bang (a sort of cosmic ejaculation, if you will) has not aged one moment : that Immortal “genesis/beginning” moment of Cosmic Light is the same moment we call the Now or the Transcendent. Though veiled to some degree by individual conditioning, It’s the essential unbounded Reality-nature, or basic constituent of every soul. Time/evolution is the vehicle-dynamic back to Cause (of big bang) Consciousness, the Immortal, eternal Transcendent Being beyond the relativity state of outer world : time, space, action/reaction.

Immortality is not a belief “in” version of versions, rather it’s each soul’s Essence. Man/woman, in spiritual makeup, is both relative and absolute nature simultaneously (matter/spirit).

Individual realization in Cause Consciousness or Immortality, initially manifests as intuition (tuition from “within”), then gradually becoming established Cosmic/Bliss-Consciousness. Previous to this, the term Immortality remained solely at the intellectual level due in part to our inner spiritual mechanisms and understanding being insufficiently purified and awakened (nervous system/ brain cells, senses, chakras..) by which to EXPERIENCE and withstand Immortality or, intense, concentrated Bliss, consciously.

Human life is regarded as the gateway to all planes of higher consciousness, or, the worlds of the righteous. Although eternal (non-created), the Now/Immortal moment emerges as soul “I”consciousness from “within the Transcendent” or Cause (of big band) consciousness. Also known as Transcendental Consciousness.

In this regard, to facilitate conscious higher Self or raised “I” Awareness”, (Soul Ascention), the instrumentality is through mind-(intellect), body, spirit, or, subjective, objective, transcendental, – or biblical, James, Peter, John. Soul purity is which determines our planes of happiness in “after-body” or other body-structure, life. Bliss-silence quickens the soul’s evolution to Unity Consciousness, (unified field of intelligence) ignorance retards leading to human suffering (a costly reminder).

Inherent in “the Now” moment or “here-after” (psychological time) there is no such thing as “death” for there is no separation. “Death”, in a sense, is generational addiction to psychological “time”; of creating “time” to live suffering via contaminated senses; it has no reality other than the self-inflicted suffering through misuse of mind and spiritual mechanisms. “Death” is simply a means of awakening. The term is used by some as a referencing word to a phenomenon, an event without follow-through clarification-understanding : “death”, time and evolution are each one and the same activity process to Unity consciousness.

Cosmic vibration is the Sonar Notation of awakening the soul to Self or Bliss-consciousness. Thus, meditation, or a mind-stilling technique, is the natural process of “dying” to psychological “time” consciously, while retaining inner awareness and alertness. It’s a means of transcending the forces of nature which carry out the laws of karma, of cause and affect, of individual suffering causal of spiritual ignorance.

The soul, while on earth, needs vitally to transcend this karmic process of time “(death”) and rebirth (suffering).

While matter is ever-changing, Transcendental Bliss-consciousness remains ever-unchanging, Immortal, Immutable. Our soul’s mission is to conscious Immortality through the process of “dying” to time/ego consciously, followed by activity, thereby acclimatize the nervous system to cosmic nature. In other words : evolution through Timeless Divine Consciousness while simultaneously experiencing in psychological time. Meditational silence, leading to “let-go”, transcendence, or altered state of consciousness, achieves this dual brain function : experiencing Immortality-silence as tangible Presence alongside the “mental noise” of the market place : we acknowledge “the world” while taking our awareness Que from Presence or (Christ within).

As Spirit beings journeying to Divine Realization (God-consciousness), we’re each given a spiritual Parachute (soul). But, to activate, you’ve guessed it, we must pull the “transcendence” ripcord “within” thereby activate timelessness AS experiential consciousness. In other words : a Parachute which lifts rather than lowers. Alas, many, albeit unwittingly, sabotage their own ‘chute through soul defilement. They live their bliss unconsciously as suffering, while others, consciously, as ever-increasing plumes of joy/happiness. Scripture puts it: “to him that has, more shall be given, to him with least, even that shall he lose” What do they say? — follow your Bliss!

Like the Autumn/Fall flowers, depending on how well nourished/purified the soul while “in Growth” determines it’s level of bloomage-happiness next season (next life, wherever, and in whatever “body/reality” habitation).

Dissolution of the body is a natural phenomenon : see it like this. While “H” and “O” (hydrogen and oxygen) are both separate gasses, but which, when combined, manifest as water, vapor and ice : H2O. The Integrity which allows both gasses change to water, vapor, ice, without losing their separate gasses identity of “H” and “O” is the Unified field of Transcendental Being or Cosmic/Cause Consciousness, the quest Union of our spiritual journey. Through that same principle, we may or may not (depending on our purifying work-rate) undergo a change of body many times on the soul’s journey to Unity, but Our underlying soul Consciousness remains : the Kundalini outpourings of the awakened 7 chakras continues eternally as our Immortal “experiencing” consciousness. There can never be a time when You are not!

Bliss-consciousness is “the” Key, thereby Ascention from “the world” of suffering/separation. Jesus/Christ said :“My kingdom (Cosmic/Bliss Consciousness) is not of this world”. In this regard, soul purification is the spiritual imperative leading to established Bliss or, conscious Immortality — the Risen-Christ consciousness.

If one has not completed the purification process sufficiently during this life-time, then he/she simply returns to earth and carries on from the previous level of purity. The purity gained is retained, nothing of “registered” love/bliss-nature is lost. Once embarked upon, (process of purification, Jesus) the target-journey of Bliss/Unity Consciousness or conscious Immortality becomes unmissable, automatically!

And, Finally, Robert, while it is said, “many births” are prerequisite to Enlightenment, which is true, but, this translates : each completed meditation session constitutes “a new birth”. So.., “many births” means many meditations, which, when conscious Immortality or Cosmic/Bliss consciousness becomes the permanent experiential “within” state, is easily achievable in this lifetime!

Immortality blessings !



Robert April 25, 2014 at 1:15 pm


Thank you for that detailed explanation of immortality. I would say that it is not that different than the idea of reincarnation on earth until the perfected quintessential soul is formed which then goes on to a new and higher calling in changing time and space. But what is different is that instead of going on to a new and higher calling in the system of changing time and space, our individual cosmic essence becomes purified enough to find a final, happy home in a different system that is boundless, timeless, and unchanging. I other words, we get bliss consciousness instead of harps and halos. The taste of bliss consciousness (a timeless, boundless happiness) we have on earth is an awakening to continue seeking bliss consciousness and purification from the illusion of time and space, fear and consequences, the psychological awareness experienced after naturally partaking of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, a form of suffering that is necessary for purification in order to partake of the tree of life.

I think illusion is not the perfect word here. I think it is used as a metaphor, just like awakening from a dream is used as a metaphor. And I think we can be easily become confused by interpreting the word illusion as literal, rather than metaphor. On earth, we are in transition, living in space and time with its causes and effects, and capturing a glimpse of eternity. If we say that living in space and time is a literal illusion, we can deny parts of that experience that is necessary for purification, not eat, pay the rent, suffer, and block out the suffering of others. But if we say that it is a metaphorical illusion, then we understand that we cannot deny that form temporal existence, but we can follow a path to transcend it, not deny it. We live in both worlds as long as we are on earth, and while we are here, our taste of bliss consciousness becomes a new source of positive energy that helps us purified acts of courage, compassion, and contentment. We do not leave the world of metaphorical illusion (corruption), but become disciples of bliss consciousness in it… for now. Something like that. It is similar to the teachings of NT.


Robert April 28, 2014 at 4:10 pm


Again I apologize for not having finished carefully reading your entire book yet. An interesting issue came up when my wife and I saw the new faith-based movie “Heaven is Real” which premiered in the States. For a 16 million budgeted movie, it grossed 28 million this first weekend. It got good reviews and has some features about it that appeal to people outside the church and religion.

It’s about a near death experience (NDE) of a 4-year old boy. You can catch the movie plot summary from Wikipedia. I did a word search in your book for words and phrases related to NDE and did not come up with any matches. But that does not mean it was not covered.

I also did an intensive study of NDE on the web and discovered that people have had them when they were not oxygen deprived. All sorts of people of various beliefs and non-beliefs have had NDEs, to the tune of 700 per year in the US. Since 2010 they have been very well documented and statistically analyzed. These are usually very graphic, colorful experiences, sometimes meeting relatives who have passed, sometimes meeting Jesus, usually following the expectations of their religious and cultural backgrounds, all with a message of hope or, very rarely a warning, which causes their lives for the good when they “go back”. These are all well documented by people who interviewed these patients soon after they came back. There was not one well documented description of a fiery hell with eternal torture.

I wonder if you could comment on your take on NDEs.


anny May 4, 2014 at 2:56 pm

Hi Robert,

I also saw the trailer to that movie you mentioned and I liked it, though it did not really tell me anything I did not know already. I have been interested in NDE’s since the first time I heard about them – and that might be twenty years ago or more – because I had one myself in 1960, when I was 13 years old. But I never said anything to anyone because I did not have the faintest idea how to explain what I had experienced, there just were no words for it that I could even try to explain it with back then. I think there must be many more than 700 people in the US who experience this as not all cases are documented and not all people talk about it. As I said, I did not.

I must say that my experience was different from all those I ever heard about. There were no tunnels, or meetings, or messages, or beautiful landscapes. I was just crossing the street during lunch break at school and got hit and thrown by a car. Before the car hit me however my consciousness had already been whisked away and I instantly found myself in what seemed to be a sea of shimmering energy, light and not light, no-thing, no-body to be seen or heard. Not even myself. I was that sea, that energy, that consciousness and it can only be described as love and bliss of an intensity that our physical bodies could not possibly tolerate. There was total acceptance as well. Right now it reminds me somewhat of what I once read somewhere about the source energy of the beginning. There was no shock, I immediately knew that I had died because of the accident I had not even noticed. And I was exhilarated and never, ever wanted to leave again. So yes, I know what unconditional love/bliss feels like.

I must have been in that state of consciousness for at least five or ten minutes and then just as suddenly I was back on earth, bleeding and in pain and totally shocked, with the driver of the car that hit me bent over me and seemingly all the pupils of the two schools in the neighbourhood crowded around me.

Nobody ever asked me any questions about what I had experienced because nobody had ever heard of something like NDE’s and I also said nothing. I did not even get to a hospital because the driver just whisked me away into his car and brought me home where he more or less dumped me because he had driven much too fast. Our general practioner came and checked me out and miraculously I proved to be only bruised and bleeding but not seriously wounded after all.

Some people might call this an OBE instead of an NDE but I believe that the experience is the same in either case. I do agree that up to a point NDE’s might be influenced somewhat by the religious background as far as meeting Jesus or Buddha or things like that but there are manu other things that people are not prepared for at all. And as far as my experience is concerned, there was nothing in my religious background (orthodox Protestant) that could have me prepared for that.

These experiences are for real and you never forget them but it is impossible to describe how they really were as there are just no words for it.


Robert May 4, 2014 at 4:42 pm


I appreciate you relating your out of body or near death experience. I had something similar when I was in a car accident 40 years ago, like you, not with the tunnel of light, etc. That experience is still teaching me something and has taken on different levels of meaning through the years.

I think I mentioned there are about 700 documented near death experiences PER YEAR in the US. That surprised me, that they were so common, and this study only captured the documented ones, where a doctor or nurse cooperated with a nationwide research study to investigate and document these experiences in their patients. There is a lot of individuality in these experiences, but there are a group of about 7 or so different patterns of experiences that happen most frequently. Skeptics have in the past automatically attributed the most typical patterns (light at the end of the tunnel, etc.) as due to certain physiological conditions, for instance, when the brain was starved of oxygen. But the statistics on records since the study started in 2010 show significant instances of these effects occurring when the physiological conditions were not present. There is no record of anyone going to fiery hell. Agnostics sometimes go to a dark place where they are taunted by disembodied spirits. In almost every case people had a life changing transformation at sometime in their life after the experience, related to the experience.

In this movie, the 4-year old child saw Jesus who introduced him to his older sister in heaven who had died in the womb, who he knew nothing about. When he came back he knew her name and questioned his mother about it. He also was able to identity the face of Jesus in a picture that was painted by a girl and unlike most of the typical renditions.

From other accounts about this I have read, there is some consensus that this is for real, but possibly embellished slightly as time has gone by.

So I think there is something very real about these experiences… an opening to the spirit world of some kind, not just an artifact of stressed physiology.

I wanted to know if Raymond had an opinion about NDEs because his book stresses that we can connect to eternal consciousness through meditation. I have experienced some of that recently. That experience is different than the mystical but tangible NDEs that seem to be a hint of what will happen after our physical body dies. Perhaps it is comparing apples and oranges.


anny May 5, 2014 at 9:10 am

Hi Robert,

I think in the end the question is really: does consciousness exist outside the body? If you accept that NDE’s are real, then you you will have to admit that this is the case. And that is precisely the problem because many scientists have made the idea that consciousness is just a part of the physical body into a dogma, and of course if you believe that, you cannot possibly accept the idea that NDE’s are in fact real.

Here in Holland there is a cardiologist, Pim van Lommel, who because of his work had the possibility to meet many people who had an NDE and he took what they told him seriously and has made an extensive study of all cases, both here and abroad. He is one of the known experts in this field now. He published his findings as a scientific vision on the NDE which caused an uproar in the scientific world as many of his colleagues posed that this study could not possibly be scientific. Of course that does not say anything about his research but a lot about the people who uttered that opinion. Almost always in a very unpleasant manner, which always seems to happen when people run into something that threatens to upset their paradigm. The only defense seems to be to make the other person look ridiculous or worse. Pim van Lommel also published his findings in The Lancet.

It seems that research in the US and Germany showed that during a period of fifty years 4,2% of the population of both countries had reported a NDE, which means that even more must have had one. That means millions of people worldwide.

Pim van Lommel claims to have proven that consciousness outside the body exists. I am not in a position to judge whether that claim is true or not, but I have already written in other comments and articles that I do not need proof. For me what he says is true. My consciousness was outside my body for a short period of time as the intensity of the love/bliss I experienced at that time could not possibly have been tolerated by my body. It is as simple as that. Whatever I have experienced since that time has always been less in intensity. And when it came close sometimes, during a mystical experience for instance, it lasted only fractions of a second because then my consciousness was still inside my body and it could not tolerate that experience for longer than that.

The point is (in my opinion at least) that the common denominator in all these experiences is not whether the body is (clinically) dead or not but that the person’s consciousness is outside the body during the experience. Whatever they experience then is of course related to their level of consciousness. However, if we had actually died during the car accidents we had, I suppose that our experiences would have been more like those of other NDE’s because I do not think that we are that far advanced yet that we would go straight to the ultimate source, what my experience reminded me of later on. I still have not the faintest idea why or how I could end up in something like that but it certainly taught me a lot about love.


Mike April 29, 2014 at 5:57 pm

Raymond, excellent article. Please elaborate on your date of 12/21/12 for the beginning of the new age. I would like to hear your thoughts as to this time table.




Raymond Phelan May 1, 2014 at 2:33 pm

Hi Mike

Nice to hear from you and thanks for your positive comment.

12/21/20012 represents the commencement of a new zodiac cycle as charted/calendered by the ancient Mayan tribe of South America: the date marks the end of the Pisces (Fish) era (fisher-man/ifestations) to Aquarius (Enlightenment).

Rather than me going in to detail here, Mike, I feel you would gain more were you to Google a search under : New Era Based on Mayan Calendars. Or, : What is the Mayan Calendar. Or, : Significance of 12/21/2012, or combination of these words. Or, start with the link below which I think is good and informative.




Robert May 1, 2014 at 7:17 pm


What I find also really interesting about 12/21/12 is that it also marks an astronomical event that occurs once every 25,700 years (due to precession of the earth around its poles resulting from the gravitational pull of the moon) at the end of which the sun as seen on the winter solstice, appears to cross the center of the path of the milky way. There is actually a window of 36 years when this happens from 12/21/1980 to 12/21/2016, but roughly corresponds coincidentally to Mayan calculation of 12/21/12. Also the precession rate is slowing down slightly as the moon, because of tides, moves slightly further from the earth.

The Mayan cycles occurred every 13 x 144,000 days, or 5126 years. This last cycle ended on 12/21/12 and represents the end of the 5th cycle, or the end of 25,630 years.

According to astrology, during the 25,700 year precession cycle. there are 12 periods of 2150 years each during which the sun changes its position and starts to appear in another constellation on the Spring equinox. The last 2150 year period the sun appeared in the constellation Pisces (fish) and corresponded to the Christian error. The next 2150 year period the sun appears in the constellation Aquarius. Because the transition year corresponds to when the sun crosses the boundary between two constellations, and the assignment of that boundary has changed over the centuries from one culture to another, this makes the year of transition subject to a lot of uncertainty. According to a recent assignment of the boundary between Pisces and Aquarius, the transition year is 2012. Western culture has been anticipating this transition since 1967 when the pop song “Let the Sun Shine In” ( chorus: “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius”) appeared in the musical Hair. The new age counterculture popped out of the pressure from the Vietnam war.

I favor the theory of Ray Grasse concerning the transition for Pisces to Aquarius:

Ray Grasse proposes a “wave” theory of the shifting Great Ages, suggesting that the Age of Aquarius will not arrive on a given date but is instead emerging in influence over many years, similar to how the tide surges forward incrementally rather than all at once. He identifies certain historical periods as especially significant points in that unfoldment, such as the French Revolution or the 1960s, but notes that the full-blown expression of the Aquarian era may still be centuries away. Grasse regards the Aquarian Age as neither inherently positive or negative, but as having a wide range of possible expressions in different areas. Just as the Age of Pisces gave us both Jesus and the Spanish Inquisition, so it’s possible the Aquarian Age could bring us extraordinary technological or humanitarian breakthroughs side-by-side with a world beset by corporate greed and environmental challenges.

Whichever way it turns out is not set in concrete, though, since we have free will in how we choose to manifest its potentials, or at least in the way we choose to respond as individuals. That said, the determinist view is that there is no actual free will, just the appearance in a cosmically predetermined existential order. To help navigate through the emerging challenges, Grasse offers a set of suggestions one can follow, including: leave room for silence in your life; resist the deadening of your world by making room for living organic things into your environment rather than entirely manufactured or artificial goods; maintain a compassionate heart; avoid being hypnotized by the “group trance”; and become more self-reliant and take control of your everyday attitudes (i.e., do not depend upon external events for your inner fulfillment). This last point is relevant because, as Grasse states, “How do we know if the Age of Aquarius will be ‘a utopia or an Orwellian nightmare?'”[18]


anny May 12, 2014 at 8:40 am

Hi Paul,

As there is no reply button to your comment of May 10th., I just quote it here, so nobody will have to search for what I am answering to:

“Yes, I agree with your assessment. The “thorns” are the reason why Cain’s offering (an offering from the “ground” that only produces thorns and thistles) is unacceptable, and why Cain then slays his brother as a result. We must awaken out of our deep sleep, and suffering is the path to doing just that. Thanks for your comment.”

I do not really want to link this statement of yours about Cain to my explanation about the meaning of suffering. In that statement, taken literally, I feel judgment again and my intention is to get away from that. As far as I know Jesus did say repeatedly: Do not judge.

Taken esoterically the meaning of Cain must be also positive. One sign of this is that the characters of his name: 100-10-50 are all positive and pointing to eventual unity and higher awareness, just like the characters of the word satan, 300-9-50 (the involution-evolution process that gives birth to higher awareness) and nachasj, the serpent, 50-8-300 = 358, which is also the numerical value of the word masjiach, messiah.

Like Eve in the Paradise story, Cain is the one who takes the road of the descent into the world of matter, which is necessary in order to gain conscious awareness in the end. That is why I think that just like the judgment and punishment of Adam and Eve did not really prove to be a punishment but a promise that in the end the result will be acquiring higher awareness, the same is true for Cain, as the numbers of his name already imply. That is why I do not want to see Cain and Abel on opposite sides anymore, as in Reality there is only Oneness and Unity and the separation in the world of the deep sleep is not real. It is just a tool.

As far as suffering is concerned, I would not really want to call that the path to waking up. More the wall that will turn the ship. I think that it is the descent into the world of matter itself that has created suffering, at the deepest point resulting in the suffering of the 400, the slavery/addiction and the cross. This experience of suffering can be overcome by a conscious decision to look at it from a different, always loving, perspective and to see the possibility of growth in it. Suffering in itself is no use at all. As long as you remain a victim and do not take responsibility for what happens to you but always blame others for it instead, then you will only create more suffering and there is nothing positive in that. Not that I think you imply that.

In my view the decision to overcome suffering is the beginning of the path to awakening and of course suffering itself will stimulate you to do that if you are willing to listen.

As suffering itself is part of the world of illusion, it is not Real in the world of the Absolute Truth. I suppose that is what Pedro meant also. But in my view the experiencing of suffering in a positive way, and the conscious awareness that you can gain by seeing everything as Good after all (no more duality and polarity) and by taking positive action towards your fellow man who is still suffering, I see as very real. That leads to unconditional love and is the essence you can take with you when you finally awaken and ascend from this world of illusion into a world of a higher frequency.

Seen from the viewpoint of that world suffering is not real but I feel that the Bible is meant for people in this world of illusion, who see suffering as very real indeed and therefore the subject should be interpreted in a way that serves the people who still feel that way. And we also still live in that dream world, even if we have become aware of higher worlds. That is why I agreed with your take on suffering.


Robert May 14, 2014 at 5:20 pm

Thanks for the clarification. Your explanations are very balanced and inclusive. I sometimes lose sight of the big picture. “The bible is meant for people in the world of illusion”. I haven’t heard that before, but it makes a lot of sense.


anny May 14, 2014 at 10:58 pm

Hi Robert,

I had not heard that before either but it just came as a flash of insight and I thought: of course!


Chris July 4, 2014 at 12:20 pm

Hi Raymond,

I commented on your article, “Be Ye Perfect,” about putting your book on my “to get list,” and then Sparks went ahead and made a donation. When I said I had a “list” so to speak, I don’t. Yours was the only one on it. So I’m going back to this article, because I think it is the first one that I read of yours on this site, and it was the reason I said, “Oh yea, this book is next.”

About seven or eight years ago when Eckhart Tolle became world known on Oprah, my mom bought his book “A New Earth.” She read a little bit of it, but then said I could take it and read it while I traveled on the railroad. So pulled it out in a hotel in Atlanta, GA and read the first chapter. It was beyond anything I had ever considered or known about. You see, I was a new church member, after leaving a rather mind hypnotizing cult known as JW’s. I immediately knew that the book had some concepts that I wanted to contemplate, but I wasn’t ready. So eventually the book got thrown away.

Move forward to a couple of months ago (May 2014) and I’m down visiting my mom and step dad at Myrtle Beach, and the commercials keep coming on about Eckhart Tolle and his website and “soul travel” and things of that nature. I tried to insist to the voice in my head that I absolutely could not handle anymore “knowledge” or guidance right now. Well the voice was too overpowering and I bought it and read and understood it. I’m still going back to places that I underlined, because I read it slow, soaking in everything that would fit in my sponge at the time.

I was ready for his book this time, and had already been studying metaphysics and phsycology and other teachers who taught about “Being” and “pure consciousness.” So I got it. BUT… when I read this first article of yours on here, it also was a bad day, but after I read this, I went out on the balcony and sat for about an hour and more peace come over me than I could remember in a long time. I actually was able to leave the realm of form and truly meditate… not contemplate, which is what I’ve done my whole life, since I’m an only child and spent summers alone while my mom worked and such.

So my hesitation in buying your book was because I am very off balanced in living right now. Since I was introduced to these types of teachings four years ago, it’s like I’ve been seeking a knowledge that I felt I somehow lost, and was having to play catch up. I’ve basically worn myself out, become unable to function in society, work, take care of family, and family fell apart and home was lost and all sorts of stuff.

So I was hesitant because I actually feared “more knowledge right now. I’m not living an example of what this soul saving science can do; I’m living a life similar to Solomon, which not coincidentally my ex-wife used to compare me to: knowledge and wisdom that is somehow self-destroying. When I actually read the Bible and studied it on my own (versus being handed what to believe and how to believe it in the cult I grew up in, which leads one to believe there’s no need to read and study for yourself, because you’ve been handed everything there is to know) about six seven years ago, the book of Ecclesiastes almost destroyed me. I’ve really not been “right” in the head since to be honest. I’m honestly like, “What is the point?”, and “What is it all for?”

One thing Eckhart did say at the beginning of his book is, “One thing we know, life will give you what is necessary to promote consciousness and self-awareness.” (probably misquoted a little there, but you get the point). It’s funny that the commercials stopped immediately after I bought the book, ha. Now I’ve been led to yours, which I will have to read slow. I hope there really is some soul saving, life changing pointers and guides that you have provided. That’s a lot to put on your shoulders, I know. But, it’s either that, or leave the world a little early, which honestly, I see no problem with either if a person has become a burden to others rather than a help.

I see Mary Magdalene as the prostituted mind/soul that has finally been healed, but still, we have to tell her, as Jesus did, “Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father.” It seems that the more knowledge is floating around in the head, the harder it is to silence Mary Magdalene, and thus, become total dis-identified with, and rise above, the world of form and images.

Sorry if this turned into a negative comment. But what’s the use in putting on a mask? Also, it just hit me that this not the first article of yours on this site I’ve read. I forget about the esoteric interpretations of the ten commandments, which was also great.

So long story short: I downloaded the Kindle version of your book, and judging from the table of contents and the things you’ve written here, I look forward to it, and hope to God I’m able to practice what I read.

Thanks and Love to all,


Raymond Phelan July 4, 2014 at 4:07 pm

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your well-expressed comments, and for purchasing my book.

You mentioned a few points which I totally concur with : ‘ too much knowledge floating around in the head is confusing ‘. I too was at that station in life around your age. But I found as soon as I started to make DAILY meditation the highlight of my day, then I really didn’t have to depend on ANY book knowledge for mind comfort. When we’ve established a degree of regularity with our practice, and begin experiencing the subtle bliss of inner silence, we tend not to be bothered by the intellectual stuff from whatever book source. Remember, Chris, we rid darkness (unhappiness/confusion) by introducing light or bliss. But it’s not overnight, it requires committed twice daily practice. But, believe me, it is worth it!

After the Bible and Bhagavad Gita, I have never read any of the other scriptural books mentioned on this blog. Once we come into expanded mind and bliss consciousness we have attained the purpose of all scriptures — finding our own Christ / Bliss Self within.

Meditation is the great Revelation.

I find mantra meditation really excellent, that’s why I practice TM twice daily (you’ll find a suggested mantra in the book under “Meditation Technique” Chapter 14). But equally beneficial is : sit down and let your awareness rest gently between the eyebrows at the Pineal gland. If the eyes or mind wonder just keep bringing them back to this point. It’s all very simple and innocent, Chris : simply develop mastery over the wondering intellect. In this regard, meditation makes the intellect resolute to withstand bliss silence.

As my book is wide-ranging in subject matter, I suggest shelving all other books for now and focus mainly on its content. Rather than depending on memorized sound-bites or intellectual knowledge to be happy, make perfecting your meditation practice of gaining bliss-consciousness your number one goal. Then let the spirit of post meditation understanding be your new guidance. And then put this creative bliss to work positively in your daily life through one of your many innate skills.

Blessings and love,



Michal September 16, 2014 at 8:31 pm

Remarkable things here. I am very satisfied to see your post.
Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to contact you.
Will you please drop me a e-mail?


Raymond Phelan October 1, 2014 at 2:12 pm

Hi Michal,

Really glad to hear from you. Delighted you found the article helpful, and thank you very much for your positive comments. Have noted your contact email.


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