Merry Gnosis

by Mike Doss on August 8, 2014

journey of sunWhat kind of title is that? The answer to the title lies with the Sun. As I’m sure you have already guessed it has something to do with Christmas as well. From my last post I mentioned that the “mas” from Christmas is from the Egyptian “mes” which means birth so Christmas is the Christ Birth and “messiah” is the New Born god – us. From another post I mentioned that Gnosis is Enlightenment, Spiritual Transformation, and Christ Consciousness.  But how do all 3 (Sun, Christmas and Gnosis) fit together? One of the ways is through the Zodiac and is the story of the journey of our soul. There is a MP3 by Stephan Hoeller about this journey named “The Hymn of the Pearl” which I highly recommend. Can you guess what the Pearl is? In my view his version is very beautiful. There might be 1 or 2 things I don’t agree with but not everybody agrees with me either so just take what you want from any source and assemble the puzzle the best you can. That’s the whole point, have fun and explore.

This journey is the big one. It is our entire existence in the Physical Realm as human beings or, more specifically, the microcosm of the prototypal Celestial human Adam Kadmon. This existence is in the hundreds of millions of years, possibly more. Numerous, who knows how many incarnations. Sound fantastic? Of course it does when we grow up in a world of lies and illusion. There appears to have been a world-wide cataclysm some time ago in the ancient past and I have my thoughts on what caused this, a white dwarf star named Sirius B but we’ll save that for another time. Now, what we call the most ancient, classical societies, Sumer, Babylon/Chaldea and early Egypt/Khem all describe themselves as much-declined legacy civilizations. Much-declined and legacy from what? The criminal globalists and their henchmen don’t want us to find out so here come extremely misinterpreted scripture and history. They want us to believe we are just semi-thinking animals without purpose, except of course to serve them. But we know truth always comes out. There have been thousands upon thousands of discoveries of incredibly ancient artifacts all over the world. What happens to them? Stolen and/or locked away in the basement of some museum, Vatican or simply destroyed.  Artifacts found hundreds of feet down embedded in coal and sediment dating back to periods such as the Triassic, Jurassic and even earlier. Hundreds of millions of years ago. The Hindu say that Mother Earth has shaken many civilizations from her back.  Why isn’t this in their history books and equally corrupt mainstream media?  So we don’t know who and what we really are.  But with Uranus (Greek: Ouranos, Heavenly Father) coming through Aquarius like a fiery, spiritual wrecking ball truth is starting to finally emerge from the depths of the Piscean Age. These criminals are in a panic and are beginning to destroy themselves because they are slowly being squeezed by a heightening consciousness from us on the one side and the Universe on the other.  I actually feel sorry for these people to an extent, they’ve been used and duped to an (almost) unbelievable extent.

You have probably noticed there are many levels of interpretation for the Zodiac, Sun and just about every symbol, metaphor and allegory. H.P. Blavatsky, like Mr. Hoeller tells us, says there are 7 levels of interpretation based on the 7 levels of consciousness and all are correct for that level. The Zodiac is just one example.

We will consider the Summer Solstice, June 21st as the Celestial/Christ Plane, the 2nd Cause where our souls were created and first started out on their mission. In ancient times this was in Cancer so that’s where we will begin as well. This appears almost certainly to point to the Constellation Argo, the Ship. How did I come to this conclusion?  The first 3 words of the Bible gives us a clue, “in the beginning…” Argo is the Greek Argonaut which later became Noah’s Ark. Ark from the Greek arche` meaning beginning or seed, again, the seed ground of souls – the 2nd Cause. Very quickly, that mission is to raise up the lower conscious mind born in the Physical Realm to the 2nd Cause, united with the soul.  We all know that immediately after the Solstice the Sun begins to weaken. Not very noticeable at first but it’s starting. Our soul is beginning its’ descent toward matter/physical embodiment here. Remember, our soul is a unit of the Divine Mind of Adam Kadmon, the Macrocosm, and The Son but is not yet immortal. This is the 1st Causes’ conceiving of the Celestial human.  So in this respect the Summer Solstice is the womb, the Winter Solstice the tomb. We are using the Sun as a symbol of our soul because to the ancients it represented Light and Divinity. They didn’t actually worship the Sun, just what it stood for.

We need to set some things up before we continue. Since this is the big picture we’re using big, or macro, symbols for the signs of the Zodiac. There are 4 quadrants of macro signs with each quadrant consisting of 3 macro signs. You’ll notice that within each sign of the Zodiac there are a total of 4 constellations. This maps out to 1 big (macro ) sign having 4 micro ( small ) signs within it. We’re starting out in Cancer so:

Macro Cancer has:

micro Aries -> Spirit descends onto Celestial Plane inside soul/divine mind.
micro Taurus
micro Gemini
micro Cancer
Macro Leo has:

micro Leo -> Soul/spirit as Divine Spark.
micro Virgo
micro Libra
micro Scorpio
Macro Virgo has:

micro Sagittarius-> Conscious mind conceived.
micro Capricorn
micro Aquarius
micro Pisces –> Firmament on descent.

A couple of things going on here. First notice how macro Virgo ends with micro Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac. Pisces, a water symbol, is the Firmament, the waters dividing “Heaven and Earth”. Macro Virgo conceives the human microcosm (conscious mind), Capricorn is where the new Christ infant is born and macro Pisces finishes with the bringing forth of said human to adult deity and ascends from matter for good.

Next we have Leo, a Fire sign. This is going to be the Divine Spark from Heaven planted in the human body (lower conscious mind) represented by Prometheus and, yes, Satan. Jesus saw Satan fall from Heaven like lightening. We are the fallen angels, just simply our descent. I understand how some people might feel about me saying this but all indications point to them being one and the same. Please note, this is a No Fear Zone. Check your fear at the door, have a seat and enjoy the show. All through history a symbol that meant something positive to one group was demonized by another.  Look what those idiot, globalist controlled and financially funded Nazis did to the right- facing swastika. Going way, way back it had always been a positive symbol of a version of the cross. Now it’s hated because of some 2-bit criminals. We can throw Lucifer in there as well, Lucifer being the Light Bringer/Bearer.  You know, Lucifer and Satan have no connection in the Bible. It was Dante’s’ Inferno that sealed the fate of Lucifer and made that connection. If you’re uncomfortable with this symbolism then just think “Divine Spark”. The Sun rules Leo so this all fits, the Sun being one symbol of the Light in our soul. On this descent the spirits’ consciousness is being locked, the closing of the Third Eye.

Next we have Virgo where the conception of the human being/Microcosm (Conscious Mind) takes place. According to Pythagoras the 8th power of soul is manifestation. The soul will decide on the body to incarnate into depending on its’ needs so the sign, family, strengths/weaknesses etc. will be carefully chosen. The conscious mind is created in the Physical Realm in the next sign, Libra.  Between incarnations the soul will venture back to the 2nd Cause to determine its’ next course of action many times but what happens to the conscious mind? It cannot leave the Physical Realm until it unites with the soul. The conscious mind simply dissolves just like the body. We can view the conscious mind the same as the physical body. A new unit, whether it be mind or body, is created for use. The soul programs the newly created conscious mind to where it last left off and slips inside. Then what takes place in the conscious mind reflects out into the human body once it descends onto it and links in with the central nervous system.  The conscious mind is just a very dim reflection of the soul/mind for use in matter. The human body is also a very dim reflection of the Celestial body for use here. As Above, well, you know… Why do we need to unite both minds?  Because this process is what determines the immortality of the soul, it says that we have learned what we needed to learn and can move on. The immortality comes from the newly unified, Christ Conscious Mind becoming a part of the All, The Source. So this is the natural man, John the Baptist, etc. Whereas Cancer is the conceiving of the Celestial Man (Divine Mind), Virgo is the conceiving of the Physical Man (conscious mind). Note that Virgo is still in the Celestial Realm whereas Pisces is in the Physical Realm. I realize that Pisces is a constellation also but now we are dealing with symbolism here. Don’t try and grasp this in a literal sense, you will be lost and attempts at literal/historic interpretation will only lead to enslavement and bondage. Hopefully my crudely drawn sketch below will shed some light on this. So the Divine conception comes out of the Celestial Realm and into matter and the Divine completion, if you will, comes out of matter and back into the Celestial Realm. The Circle of Life.

 Summer Solstice

(Christ Mind/Soul conceived in Macrocosm)

                        CELESTIAL REALM

(Divine Spark – us)

Virgo                                                           Aries
(Conscious Mind conceived)  (Christ Adult)


Libra                                                           Pisces
(Conscious Mind created)



(Christ Mind/Soul born in microcosm)

Winter Solstice
This would be a good time to define the
human body in general as well:

Aries -> Spirit Plane, Pineal Gland.
Taurus -> Mental Plane, Pituitary Gland.
Leo -> Mental Plane ends, heart.
Virgo -> Astral Plane, stomach/solar plexus.
Scorpio -> Astral Plane ends, generative.
Sagittarius-> Physical Plane, base of spine, top of legs.
Pisces –> Physical Plane ends.

Now we descend into Libra, an Air sign which corresponds to Mental where the lower conscious mind is created and encapsulates the soul/spirit. This is also the Black Horseman of the Apocalypse. Black because of dark, unenlightened mind. This is the intellectual energy of the lower conscious mind which operates through the left hemisphere of the brain. The soul still hasn’t completely dimmed yet but the conscious mind is operating entirely on only the 7 potentials at this point. These 7 powers of the mind in potential point directly to the Pleiades in Taurus (human body as just described). So even though this is the case we still have somewhat bright light of the soul to help the conscious mind. Remember this light is consciousness – awareness and recognition of value. This is a direct ratio but only to a point. The soul is increasingly becoming dimmer while the conscious mind is ever so slowly turning the potentials into potencies but the light of the soul is dimming too quickly. Fortunately the sub-conscious has been storing value for the conscious mind to draw on while the light of the soul dims even further. This is one of the balancing acts going on, Libra is, among other symbols, balance. It’s getting very dark for the conscious mind and will be for a while.  We have fallen into the deep sleep of Adam and cannot remember who we are, where we’re from and what we’re supposed to be doing.  That’s the job of the conscious mind, to help find this out, as it brings life experiences in and allows the sub-conscious/soul aspect to store value.  So the souls’ light is declining, the conscious mind is very slowly acquiring value to help it out. There is always going to be a balance of sorts, we’re not completely left alone although it sure feels like it sometimes. The rest of the 7 vestments have been loaded on – lower mental and lower emotion and by the time we get to the end of Libra the conscious mind is very dark. We are dealing with 2 minds here and I’ll map this out further down after macro Sagittarius.

Up next Scorpio, the Red Horseman of the Apocalypse. Red because Scorpio is a water sign and water equates to emotion plus we all know that emotions can rage like fire. There are 3 animals associated with Scorpio, the scorpion, the serpent and the eagle/phoenix.  Since Scorpios’ focus is primarily emotions we can quickly see why these 3 animals were chosen.  Because of the situation just described with mind and soul in Libra we start out being the scorpion, very negative (Judas). This will be our most negative behavior period as the soul/Sun has dimmed almost completely and the conscious mind has not yet turned from potentials to potencies. Then we start to wise up – the serpent. Scripture tells us to be as wise as serpents. This is the Kundalini energy of our DNA which we lift up from our lower regions along the spine to the right side of the brain (cast your net to the right side). This is the 2nd of the 3 Horsemen/energies climbing toward the Pineal Gland. Think of the medical Caduceus here with the staff (spine), the interwoven serpents (Kundalini/DNA energy) and, what else, the pine cone (Pineal Gland) on top. When we gain in consciousness to a certain level we fly (eagle/phoenix) out of lower emotions/behavior. Here is where the conscious mind is starting to wake up a bit. We begin to realize that this world is not what it seems. Most things are just illusion like the only thing backing the dollar is debt, most governments are controlled by the globalists, who the police are really “serving and protecting”, how the American people are being set up by the same despicable scum who set up the German people so they will be hated by as much of the world as possible and on and on…

We now enter Sagittarius, the pale Horseman of the Apocalypse. Pale because the sun is so dim. This is also the 3rd type of energy (physical) we take up the spine. Earlier I talked of the Winter Solstice being the tomb of the soul. The soul “dies” here but of course it doesn’t really die. This just means that the soul has reached the very bottom descent of its incarnation in matter and its’ light is at its’ weakest. The word “Solstice” itself has some significant meaning. Dec 21st-Dec. 25th is when the Sun appears to not be moving in the sky. This represents a standing still, an equilibrium of opposites (spirit/matter, electricity/magnetism). This is stability and where are Jesus and the rest of the
saviors born? In a stable. Animals are brought into a stable to stand still just as the human ( animal ) body ( conscious mind ) and soul ( Divine Mind ) are at this point. So “sol” of Solstice in Latin means Sun an “stice” from its’ root of “sto” meaning “to stand still”. When are the saviors born? At MID-night, again an equilibrium. Where do animals and natural man eat? In a manger because it is here where the Celestial food ( wheat ) is ground up in the teeth of the animal/natural man to be turned into the finer aspect of flour. Coarse animal nature being refined into the finer Divine nature. The Celestial food is the wheat, the Christ or consciousness, the star Spica in Virgo. It is assimilated into natural man to lift up the animal nature and thus the eating and taking of this Divine food leaves us hungering no more. It is during the latter part of Scorpio and all of Sagittarius when the conscious mind is turning around the 7 powers of the mind and opening the 7 Chakras/Seals of the soul. As the conscious mind ascends upward toward Aries, the spirit plane/Pineal Gland, it opens them one by one. This is also when both minds begin to realize the trouble they are in and our plight in the Physical Realm. This is the part of the previously mentioned Gnostic verse about how truth is disturbing and all of the pain, anguish, suffering and darkness which accompanies this awareness. Not darkness in terms of unenlightened mind but the general feeling of hopelessness. We’re left with a feeling of no way out. Just as we are at our darkest point it strikes midnight on Dec. 24th-25th, so to speak. The 2 minds are now united and filled with Light, the Christ Consciousness. Not the absolute pure Light of the 1st Cause but probably pretty close. This is the Hindu Enlightenment, the Spiritual Transformation.
So we can very accurately say “Merry Gnosis”. It’s the Christ Birth in us at Christmas. This
is why the colors of red and green are synonymous with Christmas. Red for fiery spirit and green for nature and water. The Greeks have the word Metanoia, the turning about or great
change. Moses, a Sun symbol, meets God at the burning bush on Mt Sinai. The bush is
the Pineal Gland on fire from the Fornix/furnace. Mt. Sinai means the turning and returning, in this case, of spirit to the Father. NOW, we get to enjoy the fruits of our labors. The unconditional love, happiness, peace, compassion and all the rest of the rewards of our very hard work. The Apocalypse ( Revealing ) has occurred and all of these positives are
revealed to us. We had them all along but we did not realize it. We were experiencing
very dim aspects of them in the form of emotions but these emotions were only
reflections of the true condition. We moved from individual love where we might love a
person(s), things etc to a universal love of all, equally. You cannot get the true rewards until you make the effort and know yourself. THAT’S where it’s at. Once again, how do we get there? You got it, truth->consciousness->awareness->enlightenment, then everything else falls into place. Let’s go ahead and map this all out now:

Conscious                 Soul/Divine
Mind                             Mind

Macro Libra has:

micro Pisces            micro Aries
micro Aquarius       micro Taurus
micro Capricorn     micro Gemini
micro Sagittarius    micro Cancer -> root

Chakra/Seal, Moon
Macro Scorpio has:

Micro Scorpio    micro Leo -> generative

Chakra/Seal, Mercury.
micro Libra        micro Virgo -> Solar Plexus

Chakra/Seal, Venus.
micro Virgo        micro Libra -> heart

Chakra/Seal, Sun.
micro Leo            micro Scorpio-> throat

Chakra/Seal, Mars.

Macro Sagittarius has:

micro Cancer   micro Sagittarius-> Pituitary

Chakra/Seal, Jupiter.
micro Gemini  micro Capricorn -> Pineal

Chakra/Seal, Saturn.
micro Taurus   micro Aquarius -> Uranus,

Heavenly Father.
micro Aries      micro Pisces -> Into the


What we have is the conscious mind traveling backward through the Zodiac and the soul traveling forward, still descending. See how the conscious mind is ascending from its’ dark depths of micro Pisces (Physical Plane) to micro Aries (Spirit Plane)?  This is that minds’ turning the 7 powers of the mind from potential/negative use to potency/positive use, bringing up Kundalini/DNA energy to the Pineal Gland in micro Aries. We have beginning of conscious mind at its’ darkest point throughout the latter half of macro Libra and the first half of macro Scorpio, approximately. When we first move into macro Scorpio we have micro Scorpio opposed to micro Leo, which represents what is in our hearts. The back-biting, betraying unscrupulous Judas-type of behavior of the scorpion, symbolically speaking, until we open that Chakra/Seal. Not a very pretty sight. But at the end of macro Scorpio we have the reverse, micro Leo opposed to micro Scorpio.  In this case it is the wisdom of the serpent (Kundalini/DNA energy) in our hearts along with the rising up out of this negative/Judas-type behavior, a much more pleasant person to be around.  Once we have made it to conscious-mind micro Leo we are flying (eagle/phoenix) out of the Astral Plane and ascending onto the Mental Plane where the 2 minds are being blended together. When we hit conscious-mind micro Taurus (Pituitary Gland) this is our return to the Demiurge/Zeus or Elohim/Jehovah where the blending is complete and the now unified mind is ready to be raised to the Spiritual Plane of micro Aries where, like Elton John sings about in Philadelphia Freedom, we get zapped right between the eyes.  Philadelphia, in Elton Johns’ case, is not a city in PA but is 1 of the 7 Churches in Asia, the Pineal Gland.  Conscious-mind micro Aries is opposed to soul-micro Pisces and when the Pineal Gland is opened the soul-micro Pisces, being the last sign of the Zodiac, tells us we’re finished with that part of the journey.  We stable (ize) in equilibrium for a duration then, after the Gnosis we (the unified minds) are ascending from the depths of matter to perform the 12 Labors of the Zodiac. Let’s take a look at this particular quadrant we’ve just entered: Macro Capricorn has:

micro Aries —> Christ Birth, courage over aggression.
micro Taurus—> Open to change, steadfast.
micro Gemini—> Mental unity, not divisive.
micro Cancer—> Keep our moods in check.
Macro Aquarius has:

micro Leo —-> No pride or force.
micro Virgo —-> Service.
micro Libra —-> Truth, principle above all else.
micro Scorpio—> Listening, quietness
of mind.
Macro Pisces has:

micro Sagittarius–> Accepting guidance
and instruction.
micro Capricorn —> Wisdom, prudence,
micro Aquarius —> Aspiration, single
gentle steps of progress.
micro Pisces —> Patience, humility,
Firmament on ascent – Fin.
The same type of setup as macro Cancer and macro Libra earlier but notice how the Christ Birth happens in micro Aries, the head of our upside down Zodiac at the feet of Adam Kadmon ( A.K. ). Before the Gnosis the Pineal Gland was opened in conscious-mind micro Aries. BTW, these 3 signs are Gold, Incense and Myrrh – the 3 Wise Men bringing gifts to the adult deity emerging at the Vernal Equinox. According to Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn Gold emblems the highest life of spirit, incense is the sweet odor of balsam treated with fire, the symbol of nature transmuted by soul and Myrrh is the sweet-savored vegetable that typifies the natural contribution to the life of spirit.

Now micro Cancer is the entrance to the Halls of Amenta/Amenti, I’ve seen it spelled both ways. The judgment of the soul. This happens after the Christ Birth in us. Osiris is waiting for us at the depths of his Hall in micro Libra where our soul will be weighed on the Scales against that feather. We will still need to finish the 12 Labors of the Zodiac and brighten that Light of the Soul a little more but now the Light shines at the end of the tunnel, or Hall in this case. See how Macro Pisces and Micro Pisces come together at the end of incarnation? Pisces is the Red (Reed) Sea. It is the souls’ final exit from the tomb of the body. If we take the notion of Red Sea then the Red symbolizes our blood with the soul passing through at exit. However, if we take it the way it was originally meant then it is the water of the body we exit out of just as the Egyptian Christ-child Horus emerges from the Reeds. Why Reeds? It all comes from 2 Hebrew words – Iam Suph.  Iam means water or sea, Suph is a marsh land or grassy swamp land. The Egyptians actually referred to this as the Great Green Sea but, well, you know. Certain people did certain things to scripture about 1,800 years ago… So this macro/micro Pisces is the Firmament on our ascent just as the micro Pisces in Macro Virgo is the Firmament on the descent. The vestments started out as the 7 Deadly Sins when in potential then became the 7 Cardinal Virtues when reaching potency. We then discard the vestments completely by outgrowing them. When we have no need for them they simply disappear and we are left as pure Light.  This is how we ascend out of the Physical Realm once and for all. Our soul will have no desire to return for any reason.

Now we can get to the illusion of death.  We are all fragments of the Divine Light Source. How does one kill Light? We can’t shoot it, can’t starve it or have it die of thirst, exposure or anything else. We technological primitives can’t even trap it let alone kill it. What vibrational frequency are we, not the body, vibrating at. Can the lower conscious mind even conceive of it? Light is defined as electro-magnetic waves of any length and the only way I know of to shut it off is at The Source. We, or at least I, can’t even comprehend The Source so turning it off doesn’t seem too likely. Would The Source, of which we’re all a part of, shut itself off? To go through all of this learning and storing of value, not to mention the conditions listed above, and simply shut itself off doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, to me anyway. So just in case you’re wondering all of our loved ones who have transformed into another state of being (died) are absolutely fine. The only “punisher” is the soul itself, punishing itself as needed with as many as needed incarnations of difficult lives so we don’t make the same mistakes again and again. It really is for our own good whether we realize it or not.

Now to the physical body. Everything physical is made up of the elements as we all know.  These 4 elements are themselves made from the Polyhedrons, the 5 Platonic Solids. So when we are finished using these bodies they, like all matter, simply dissolve back into the universal pool of matter to be re-used again for another physical item. Along the lines of Legos, just re-usable building blocks.  That’s pretty much it about the illusion of death.

Ok, now we have made it back to the Celestial Realm where we have Macro Aries. Earth is in the Constellation of Pisces, we’re in the tail of 1 of the fishes. That’s the heel of 1 of the feet of Adam Kadmon. The stream of life heads directly to the base of Orion, our Celestial Pineal Gland – macro/micro Aries.  Orion is a star nursery where stars are being born all of the time. That’s our destination and that is what we are to become. A beautiful star in the Heavens to continue learning and growing but in a much more positive environ.  The ancients called the stars Fountain Fathers of Life and believed (or knew) the stars are live, sentient, benevolent, thinking beings. Take a look at the nursery. Those stars used to be humans. Orion isn’t the 2nd Cause yet because we’re not finished learning and growing yet. So, ascending and traveling forward through the Zodiac we have:

 Macro Aries has:

micro Aries -> Celestial Pineal Gland, Orion.
micro Taurus
micro Gemini
micro Cancer
Macro Taurus has:

micro Leo
micro Virgo
micro Libra
micro Scorpio
Macro Gemini has:

micro Sagittarius
micro Capricorn
micro Aquarius
micro Pisces -> Ultimate completion.

What does this quadrant have for us regarding meaning? It seems to tell us, with macro/ micro Aries coming together that we are now a complete being but still growing.  Aries ( I think ), Taurus ( I Speak ) and Gemini ( I do – Action ). Passing through macro Pisces at the end of incarnation was the Red Sea and passing through macro/micro Pisces is, I believe, the Sea of Glass written about in scripture as well as the Firmament on the ascent. This is the coming together of spirit and the unified minds as one whole being on our way back to first, the 2nd Cause and then the 1st Cause where the unified minds become a part of the All. It is during this time, spring, when the Sun is gaining in brightness and nature experiences this ever increasing glory, just as our souls do.

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Joshua Tilghman August 8, 2014 at 8:32 am


Still amazed at all the knowledge you have amassed about astrology and the relation man has with the heavens. It has been stated that the Word is written in the heavens, and I can see how that would apply. How long have you been studying this stuff?

Thanks for the knowledge to think about and further assimilate.


shawn August 8, 2014 at 11:14 am

Love your articles. So much depth. A true blessing to the soul.


Sparks August 8, 2014 at 2:21 pm

This is so much work you have put into this amazing astrological/symbolic/astronomical braid.
Our lives in daily motion with all of creation shines through in your writing/work.
I will read again to better understand all of this knowledge that you have given so freely here for all of us.

Thank you!


tmothy hobbs August 8, 2014 at 2:24 pm

All I can say is wow!.
This makes so much sense to me based on what little I know about astrology.
thanks for the great article and look forward to more/


Vernon McVety August 10, 2014 at 2:22 pm

Beautiful article Mike. It’s always good to enlighten our visions about the macrocosmos. I like your ways of explaining it, and bringing together our esoteric points of light. And Josh, I’ll have to admit going outside the jurisdiction of the written Word may do us some good in cultivating an open mind. However, Mr. Doss, I would also like your opinion, if possible, on what Paracelsus meant as “the inner star” as he refers to it as Divine imagination. Is this “inner star” the same thing as the pneumatic spark, or grain of light, which is the most original aspect of our being? Or can this “inner star” be equated with one, or more, of our chakras? The esoteric traditions, as far as I have read, (east or west) don’t seem to have much of a clue on what Paracelsus’ exact meaning is, other than imagination. Although there are a few modern sources to glean from such as Jungs speech about Paracelsus in his Collected Works; and Alexander Roob’s book “Alchemy & Mysticism” on page 20. Divine imagination is invisible spirit, and it is obviously an active element of God, but what part of our being can we equate this “inner star” with as it’s light source? I hope I haven’t compounded confusion. Thank you.


Rick Kline August 10, 2014 at 3:47 pm

This is amazing information. What other posts did you write? Also, where did you learn all of these things?


scripture bracelets August 27, 2014 at 12:19 pm

It is very interesting how religion is just another depiction of human existence. That is when you really get down to it through all the ancient beliefs and textual structure. Often times people get wrapped up in what the words mean when really it is just another novel telling the story of people who lived before us.


Tommy September 18, 2014 at 11:26 am

“Next we have Leo, a Fire sign. This is going to be the Divine Spark from Heaven planted in the human body (lower conscious mind) represented by Prometheus and, yes, Satan.”

I’m not clear on this point. Are you equating the ‘divine spark’ with Satan? If so, I hope you can direct me to the source for making this connection. I’m familiar with Hoeller who synthesizes a number of Gnostic streams in his teachings, including Blavatsky’s whom you cite, as he serves on the board of the Theosophical Society.

In the forms of Gnosticism I’ve studied more carefully, Satan is ignorant of the ‘divine spark’ in the human ones, distorts the Light and opposes the human one’s (microcosm) re-assimilation with divinity (macrocosm), he of an inferior race of fallen angels — being of a magnetic field with lower vibration than the human one’s with Gnosis in this life cycle). I’m very interested in your connection between the two and how the conflicting viewpoints can be reconciled.

Thank you,


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