The Journey of Being

by Mike Doss on September 25, 2014

Five Platonic SolidsIn Merry Gnosis I talked of the Journey of the Soul as the big one and it is – for the soul. But there is a larger journey we are all undertaking, a much larger journey. We’ll call this the Journey of Being. Here we view this journey on a dimensional basis.

Sacred Geometry comes into play here. The term Sacred Geometry was used by the ancients to describe geometric patterns found throughout nature, such as the hexagonal cubes of the bees’ honeycomb, the interior design of the daisy and sunflower and much more. The 5 Platonic Solids are geometric patterns and represent the invisible matter which visible matter ( elements ) are built from. Lower conscious mind and the soul come from this invisible matter as well. So we’ll start at the bottom, zero point. The progression of geometric patterns build on one another starting with point, then line, square/plane, cube, tesseract and finally, for this discussion anyway, penteract. When we extend a point we get a line. When we extend a line we get a square/plane. Extending a square/plane gives us a cube, extending the cube gives us the tesseract and extending the tesseract gives us the penteract.

When these shapes are extended they are always extended in a parallel, uniform, symmetric, convex fashion. So the point is what I’ll call the 0th Dimension. It can be viewed as the beginning of time in the 3rd Dimension. Scientists will call this the Big Bang Theory. Why they would believe that matter just forms on its’ own and then that matter creates form from itself without mind and intelligent design is beyond me, but they do. The line is the 1st Dimension and represents time. I realize that some scientists and science fiction writers like to call the 4th Dimension time but when we examine this we’ll find that it is not so. According to Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn and I believe others we descended from the highest plane of the 4th Dimension. Also, how can time be outside of the very dimension we are in? It makes no sense, to me anyway. But when we extend that 1-dimensional “time-line” out to form the 2 Dimension square/plane we immediately begin to see the connection between time and the physical world. That 2D plane we just extended out from the 1D time-line is the Physical Plane. The ancients tell us that time is a man-made invention. How do we get the 24 hour day? We divide the @1,050 mph rotational speed of the earth into its’ @25,000 mile diameter. We get the 365 day earth year through physical means as well. So time is really “earth time”, for any other universal body this will not work unless it meets this same criteria. We also hear of traveling forward and backward through time. Maybe this is possible but that travel is still along that same line. As far as we know there are not 2 or more February 14th, 2013s or any other multiples of some arbitrary date. Taking a look at the flip side of this, the 4th Dimension being time would contradict everything the ancients tell us. The soul would never be able to become immortal since our true existence would have been born in time. How can a soul or anything else be immortal having been born in time? Time claims all that is born within it except for the conscious mind after union ( yoga ) with the higher mind/soul. That’s why the soul is created above the spirit plane so it can eventually escape time.

Now when we extend patterns we can only extend from what is already present. The point extends to 2 points and we have the line in between. Did you catch that? 2 points are required to make the time-line which tells us clearly that there is a beginning and end of time in the 3rd Dimension. The line extends in a parallel manner and when we connect them we get the square/plane. The square/plane has 4 vertices or corners/points so we only get 4 more planes to make the cube. The cube has 8 vertices so we get 8 cubes in the tesseract. After the tesseract we deal in cubes, cubic cells etc. and no longer rely just on vertices to advance so there are 10 tesseracts that make up the penteract. Getting back to the 2D plane the 4 planes which are extended out to make the cube fits perfectly with what we already know about the planes of existence. Physical, Astral, Mental, Spirit and Christ make the 5 with the the 1D time-line being part of the 2D physical plane. The corresponding Platonic solids are thus:

Physical Plane – cube or Hexahedron. Dual – Octahedron.

Astral Plane – Icosahedron. Dual – Dodecahedron.

Mental Plane – Octahedron. Dual – Hexahedron.

Spirit Plane – Tetrahedron. Dual – Self dual. Christ Plane – Dodecahedron. Dual – Icosahedron.

“hedron” means base. I’m going to include the rhombic dodecahedron here. It is not a Platonic Solid but it is, as you’ll soon see, extremely important. Rhombus is a parallelogram with all edges/sides equal, like a slightly flattened square or diamond. The “Dual” of each is the inverse of the faces and vertices. For example, the icosahedron has 20 faces and 12 vertices. Its’ dual, the dodecahedron, has 12 faces and 20 vertices. The hexahedron has 6 faces and 8 vertices whereas its’ dual octahedron has 8 faces with 6 vertices. Something interesting about the self-dual tetrahedron. When 2 are stellated ( extended ) together they form a 3D Star of David. The Star of David is composed of 2 triangles, one facing up and the other facing down. Since this is the spirit plane and the spirits’ consciousness is locked/unlocked on this plane these can be viewed, in this respect, as directional arrows in and out of time/incarnation – Capricorn, Saturn, Pineal Gland. The relationship of the duals is interesting as well. First there is the octa/hexahedron dual, mind in body just as the Noah character in the Bible ( Greek: Noe` – mind, Hebrew: ah – body ). Next the other dual, dodeca/icosahedron. When our souls incarnate we are operating under the umbrella of destructive emotion and after Gnosis/Transformation we will perfect the newly acquired Light/Consciousness in our souls with constructive emotion.

When we refer to mixed dimensional objects, say a plane within a cube, we refer to the lesser ( n – 1 ) object as hyper so a 2D plane in the cube would be referred to as a 2D hyperplane. The 3D cube within the 4D tesseract would be a hypercube and so on. Our 1D time-line is a hyperline within a 2D plane – the physical plane. Speaking of planes, how are they filled in the 3rd dimension? There are 3 solids which can fill 3D space, the hexahedron ( cube ) and a combination of the tetrahedron and octahedron. 2 tetrahedra plus 1 octahedron or 6 tetrahedra plus 1 octahedron. The filling of a plane is called tessellation, just like tiling a floor in your home. Really the only conditions are that the tiling objects do not overlap or leave gaps. The cube is the easiest to visualize, think of a big box with proportionately sized smaller boxes filling it completely without gaps/overlap. So the cube corresponds to the physical plane which is earth, not the planet but solid physical material. Let’s take a look at another aspect of the Platonic Solids :

Earth – Solids.

Water – Liquids.

Air – Gases.

Fire – Light/Plasma.

Aether – Dark Matter.

The tetrahedron/octahedron combination is light/plasma/gas. Here we have solid objects like planets and every kind of solid which make these planets up. Then we have the stars, nebula, etc made up of gas and light/plasma. As a matter of fact look at the gas giant planets right here in our Solar System beginning with Jupiter, then Saturn, Uranus and finally Neptune. It’s interesting to note that they all have something to do with higher mind and consciousness, Jupiter being the 6th level of consciousness, Saturn the 7th. Uranus ( Greek: Ouranos ) which translates to Heavenly Father and Neptune relating to Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, the completing of tasks, the Red/Reed Sea with both Pisces and Neptune symbolically representing water and so on. The icosahedron ( water ) will fill a space but not the way we’re dealing with here. We have earthy-solid planets and light/plasma/gas stars, planets etc. but we don’t have celestial bodies of water by themselves. We don’t have planets made up entirely of water nor do we have stars or any other stand-alone body being composed of just water. There are ice-covered planets but as far as I know they all have a rocky mantle/core. The same holds true for its’ dual, the dodecahedron which forms the element of aether. What is aether anyway? It’s the mysterious Dark Matter we hear about and which scientists still do not understand. Since we’re looking at the Christ plane here it is going to have something to do with consciousness. It is the visible, physical part of the invisible consciousness. Basically it carries consciousness in a physical way to us as temporary physical beings. When we’re out of embodiment we won’t need that physical element. Visible matter is from the atomic level up and invisible matter from the sub-atomic level down so when I refer to aether as a visible element it doesn’t mean we can actually see it, at least not without a tunneling electron microscope.

At this point we have built up our geometric existence to a 3-space or 3D level and all is as it should be. It’s been filled with solid, 3D objects but let’s look at this from another perspective. I think most of us are familiar with this bottom-up approach so here it is from the higher 4th Dimension. When the 3D cube is extended and its’ vertices/corners/points are connected the 4D tesseract is formed which is an 8-cell/4-cube or consisting of 8 3D cubes, all symmetrical and the same size. Find an example of a tesseract because the cubes are bent in a 4D type of way which is somewhat difficult to visualize. When it is unfolded or “net” it resembles a cross made of cubes with 4 being vertical and the other 4 around the faces of the 2nd cube from the top. So far this 4D tesseract doesn’t help us very much until we project it back into 3-space. This is where the Rhombic Dodecahedron makes its’ appearance. Here is a definition: A projection of an 8-cell/4-cube ( tesseract ) onto 3-space. They can also fill 3D space. It has 12 diamond faces ( parallelograms ), 14 vertices and 24 sides/edges. 8 vertices in the middle form a cube and 6 on the outside form an octahedron. Can tessellate 3D space like a hexagon fills a plane. It is a vertex/corner/point first projection of a 4D object onto a 3D surface and now things really start to get interesting. We begin by first dealing with the name, dodecahedron which in our 3D cube universe is the Christ or consciousness plane. The rhombic dodecahedron or “R.D.” as I’ll call it is, as you’ve seen, composed of 2 Platonic Solids, the octahedron and the hexahedron/cube. Think about this in an esoteric way, Christ or consciousness R.D. surrounding these 2 3D solids. In this 3D universe the Mental Plane corresponds to the octahedron and the Physical Plane with the hexahedron. The cube is composed of 5 planes up to and including the 2nd Cause so where is the 1st Cause as relates to our 3D existence? It is still located on that 4th Dimensional Plane but is only what I’ll call a Lesser Absolute, not the Greater. Think about it, we as Being in the 4th Dimension are a fragment of the Greater Absolute. This R.D. is just a projection which casts a solid shadow onto 3-space just as Plato and others tell us. We live in a world of shadows and do not experience the true objects but rather only dim reflections of them. Stephan Hoeller talks about this in his “Hymn of the Pearl”. The Pearl, BTW, is immortality for the soul. Ok, so now we’re viewing existence from a top-down 4th Dimensional viewpoint. We see the top of our 3D cube universe looking down on the 2nd Cause/Celestial plane. Those are the fixed stars/constellations of the universe. All of the ancients tell us that this is the outermost layer of “Heaven”. The octahedron portion of the R.D. is the inner most layers. The octahedron corresponds to the Mental Plane in the Physical Realm so this is the Mental Plane of the stars. Just as we, as Light/mind have a physical representation
in the physical universe so do higher consciousness beings – As Above, So Below. This is the Unity of Being bifurcating or splitting into its’ 2 constituent parts, Spirit and Matter. This occurs right where we started from, in the 4th Dimension. We project a physical/matter existence in the form of the R.D. onto a 3-space platform which the other half of Being, Spirit, will then descend into/onto and first land on the Macro-octahedron. We then already know the rest, Spirit descends onto the 2nd Cause/Celestial Plane and is encapsulated by soul potential, descends further down and the duo are encapsulated by lower conscious mind on the Mental Plane, final descent to the Physical Plane, embodiment, etc. Also just to point this out the Eve allegory with the “rib” is supposed to be “riff”, as in mid-riff, a split down the middle. Take note of the Macro order of things here, the 4th Dimensional 1st Cause, the consciousness 2nd Cause R.D., the macro-octahedron Mental Plane and the 3D Physical Universe – spirit, soul, mind, body. The only thing we’re missing here are the lower emotions of the Astral Plane and who needs those anyway? The higher emotions, if we want to call them that, of love, compassion, patience, harmony etc. reside within the sphere of soul/spirit.

Once the Spirit makes its’ first descent into/onto the R.D. 3D surface/world 2 of the 3 triadic foundations of Creation are present, Spirit and invisible matter. Here are the 7 steps of Creation according to the Hindu:

1 – The Mahatattwa, the creation of universal soul as an abstract principle; Infinite Intelligence or Divine Mind.

2 – Bhuta or Bhutasarga, elemental creation, giving the first differentiation of primary indiscrete substance.

3 – Indriya, or Indriyaka; organic evolution. ( These three were the creations of basic substance for later organic formulations, Prakrita creations ).

4 – Mukhya, the first creation of perceptible things, which makes it from our commonplace point of view the first of visible creations.

5 – Tairyagyonya or Tiryaksrotas, the creation of animals.

6 – Urdhwasrotas, or that of “divinities”.

7 – Arvaksrotas, or that of man.

Source : Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn.

The 3rd leg of the triad of 3D life is the soul itself and here’s why. The Light from The Ultimate/Greater Source is the purest, whitest Light imaginable. The 7 powers of conscious mind or the 7 physical energies of nature are associated with 7 colors, the 7 Rayed god. There is only 1 way to break white light up into its’ 7 constituent colors and that is by sending the light through a 3 sided prism. This is Life in its’ 3 overall attributes, namely 1 – it abides on its’ own plane, 2 – it energizes and affects everything under it and 3 – it returns. Those 3 are spirit, soul and invisible matter. We say that we are “descending” but in reality we are really projecting downward. Remember Being splits into spirit ( electricity ) and matter ( magnetism ) to bring forth Beings’ latent powers through the resistance of opposites and the soul itself is form. Just as the conscious mind is derived from the Platonic Solids ( octahedra ) so is the soul ( dodecahedra ). This pure white Light of the Ineffable hits the triad of spirit, invisible matter and soul on the Celestial Plane, breaks up upon contact and produces our 7 powers/colors of mind which then shines downward ( Let there be Light ) to create our visible, elemental Physical Realm. When nature has paved the way for mind/soul/spirit by evolving an animal with the capacity to handle such vibrational frequencies we descend ( project downward ), link in to the bodys’ central nervous system and animate the body. Only the human body is capable and complex enough to handle this Trinity so when you hear people talk of souls, which are mind, incarnating into animals, plants, rocks, rivers etc. you will know that such a thing just isn’t possible. Animals, the 2nd highest life forms, operate on instinct, not mind. Matter/natures’ evolving and our incarnation is of course the mythical story of Adam and Eve. Eve, representing matter, must be ready ( eating from the Tree ) and then encouraging Adam ( soul/spirit ) to incarnate into that matter. It is this knowing ( eating the fruit of the Tree ) that will make us gods – notice the small “g” and the Greek word Gnosis translates to – knowing. The knowing of both good and evil which can be much more accurately defined as knowledge and ignorance. The serpent has a dual role in scripture and this is the “good” serpent ( readied DNA ) being completed for this task. Adam and Eve were the first generation of humans in etheric form, this would correspond to the Macro Cancer/Leo time frame of descent. Their “sons” Cain and Abel represent soul and body. The Abel symbol should be female  and was in scripture before the Bible. This will represent Macro Virgo when the Sun-Light of the soul was still shining brightly and the soul still had dominance over the still etheric body. The 3rd generation of humanity, represented by Seth-Enoch is sometimes referred to as the Lemurians. This is in early Macro Libra when we fell into more dense bodies. The 4th generation are the fictional Atlanteans whose 10 light-covered islands ( Sephiroth of the body ) sank beneath the waves ( the human body is 7/8ths water ) in a single day/night ( densest bodies, sun/soul light dimming ). We are in the last of the 5th generation now so things should be on the upswing before too long. Generations of humans are not to be confused with Aeons/Days of Genesis, this is something entirely different. BTW, how can Adam and Eve be literal humans with 2 sons? How would the human race have propagated and continued? We have 3 choices here and none are too pleasing to think about but the question must be asked. First, Eve and her 2 sons copulate. Second Adam/Eve have a 3rd female child and, well, you know or third someone copulates with monkeys/apes. Like I said, not too pleasing…

Once embodiment commences you know the rest, we descend/project into, well, hell to learn value and earn the soul its’ immortality. When we are finished with the human body by passing through the Red/Reed Sea of Macro Pisces we enter Macro Aries and for a duration become stars. When finished there we dissolve our physical presence entirely and return to our 4th Dimensional home to, I suspect, ascend to the higher 5th Dimension. But we’re still not finished because there are 10 4D tesseracts within the 5D penteract so that is going to produce 10 R.D.’s and 10 3D cube universes. Then there are 12 5D penteracts within the 6D hexeract to produce 120 3D cube universes. 14 6D hexeracts combine to produce the 7D heptaract with 1,680 3D cube universes and so on… Then the idea of multiples of us residing in different universes with possibly differing physics, laws etc., doppelgangers and the rest come into view. Geometry, who knew! The ancients did and the way this all fits together is astonishing.

A quick look at some of our words. Take geometry for instance. Geo meaning earth but not necessarily this planet but earthy-solids and metry from meter which is a measurement of light. So we have earthy/light, body/consciousness-light, matter/spirit. Then there is the word constellation. Stellate is to extend a geometric pattern. When the 2 tetrahedra are stellated they form what is called the Stella Octangula, stella meaning star. The word con appears to have derived from the Middle English connen which means to know, study and understand so constellation in this respect means to know/study/understand the stars.

Also I want to quickly review the planes and their density which we can do by looking at the human body.

Aries        – Spirit Plane, Pineal Gland.

Taurus     – Mental Plane, Pituitary Gland.



Leo            – Mental Plane ends, heart.

Virgo          – Astral Plane, stomach/solar plexus.


Scorpio       – Astral Plane ends, generative, base of spine.

Sagittarius – Physical Plane, top of legs.



Pisces          – Physical Plane ends, bottom of feet.

Notice how dense the physical plane is with around half of the body of Adam Kadmon ( legs ) representing that plane. The higher we ascend the less dense the plane and this is representative of the coarser animal side of our existence here compared with the finer, Divine side. The physical plane will be composed largely of hexahedra, astral plane icosahedra, mental plane octahedra and spirit plane tetrahedra. We can view this by looking at our planet Earth as the base to its’ core, water residing on top of this base, the atmosphere around and on top of both this base and the water and finally the sun above all. We can view this in architecture. When you see a building with a dome the 4 corners of the building represent the 4 corners of the Earth and the dome is the Dome of Heaven. According to Manly P. Hall most medieval cathedrals, especially those of the Lombard builders, were built using the constellations as guides/patterns.

Here are the Polychora, the 4th Dimensional equivalents of the 3D Platonic Solids:

4D 5-Cell – 3D tetrahedron.

4D 8-cell – 3D hexahedron. This is the same 8-cell/4-cube/tesseract described earlier but it is not being projected to 3-space, just a direct equivalent.

4D 16-cell – 3D octahedron.

4D 120-cell – 3D dodecahedron.

4D 600-cell – 3D icosahedron.

There are no equivalents in the 5th Dimension and above, they are only set up for our task here. Earlier I started from the point and built upward but only for demonstration purposes. We really should be viewing this as a dis-assembly from the top ( 4th Dimension ) down. The polychora are bounded by 3D polyhedra so for instance the 4D 5-cell is bounded by 5 3D tetrahedra polyhedra, the 3D tetrahedron is bounded by 3 2D triangle polygons, the 2D triangle polygon is bounded by 3 1D lines and the 1D lines are bounded by 0D points. It seems some irony is being played out here for we must project downward to ascend upward. The end result? Another piece of the tesselation/tiling/puzzle falls into place.

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Joshua Tilghman September 25, 2014 at 6:19 pm


A really interesting post. I have always been interested in the Platonic Solids, but never got to an in-depth study of how they relate to creation and spiritual consciousness from the mystic viewpoint. Thanks for posting and giving us all something to ponder.


Tommy September 29, 2014 at 8:57 am

Hi Mike,

I haven’t studied occult geometry in depth, so please pardon my ignorance. I understand there are set patterns and structures we can identify and use as esoteric symbols. Knowing them is certainly intellectual wisdom. How does this intellectual knowledge bring positive effect to our salvation, in the gnostic sense, of course? Is there a practical-spiritual application for returning to spirit being from material non-being? I haven’t been able to grasp the ‘journey of being’ part of this. I’m trying to decide if this is a ‘good to know’ thing or a ‘need to know’ thing.

Thank you for sharing your expertise,



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