Part IV: Logos: From the Raven to the Dove

by Jakob Thelen on October 23, 2014

the arkSection One: Fibonacci and the Alchemy of Noah

Mem and The Flood

Returning to 7 and 33, aside from connecting the Golden Section to Creation and Redemption, they are also related to 13 through the Hebrew alphabet itself: 7+33=40; 40=Mem, the 13th letter (recall that the 7th Fibonacci number is 13, and the sum of all 7 is 33). It’s symbolic correlate is water, and its esoteric meaning is death – which brings us to the Flood of Noah:

For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth.” – Genesis 7:4

A Celestial Baptism. The Ark emerges from the sea, as the body emerges from the Womb, or the Baptismal Waters – the philosophical babe reborn of the uterus of purification, just as spirit emanates from the body after death – like the 8 passengers emerge from the Ark (See: Genesis 5:32, 7:7, 8:13, and 1 Peter 3:20). The “philosophical babe” and “uterus of purification” are loosely mirrored in the Freemasonic initiation rite: a theatrical allegory symbolizing the death and resurrection into the order, at which point one is considered a spiritual “new-born” (it should be pointed out that there is no true, literal baptism in the Masonic initiation). The Resurrection is the commencement of reunion with the Divine Self, and following this ‘baptism’ one must continue to cultivate Inner Christos. In examining Genesis we may see that The Flood lasted precisely one year and ten days. Assuming a 365 day year, this would be 375 days – however, given that the Hebrew months consist of only 30 days each, we then see that the Waters flooded the Earth for precisely 370 days. Recall that Christ performed 37 Miracles according to the Gospels.

Mem: The Forty Days of Noah, Gematria and The Ark

Noah is clearly connected to the numbers of Mem and transcendence of death: 40 Days + 40 Nights = 80; Noah + 3 Sons + 4 Wives = 8 passengers. We may also see that there are Four Women and Three Men under the guidance of The Builder of the Ark, reflective of the Seven Days or Planets under God. Before Adam sinned, he and Eve were perfect As One – in the image of God (therefore God is either both Male and Female, or Androgynous – the latter being the claim of esoteric Judaism and Orthodox Islam). We must reconcile the male and female aspects of ourselves to achieve any true sense of redemption or unity (comparable to uniting Matter and Spirit); before we can unite with God, we must unite with ourselves under God. All creatures entered the Ark two-by-two, male and female. All humans were married, signifying spiritual wholeness in Judaism (the male and female have united as one in Holy Matrimony).

The number 8 seems to have always been highly significant: The Efik Society of the Nigerian Ibo tribe prescribes 8 Calabar beans to all that have been accused guilty of a high crime. The Ga tribe of coastal Ghana baptizes the newborn just before dawn of the 8th day: First he/she is lifted to the heavens, then lowered to the Earth, after which time a member of the tribe pours water onto a rooftop that falls on the baby’s face like rain. This, on the 8th day, is the Baptism of the Ga people – the introduction of the child to Sky, Earth and Rain. You may recognize it from The Lion King, when the sagely baboon raises the lion cub to the sun. In Genesis 17:12 we read: “And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you, every man child in your generations…” King David, head of the Messianic lineage, is the 8th child of Jesse. Iesous=888. Since the material is complete in seven, eight is naturally the transcendence of material existence. Looking at the Classical Planets, the colour spectrum and the diatonic scale, this is a logical symbolic association.

The phrase Noah’s Ark as it appears in Scripture has a value of 870 (תיבתנח = Tau=400 + Yod=10 + Beit=2 + Tau=400 = 812 + Nun=50 + Cheit=8 = 870). If we subtract 6, we get 864 – 1/1000th the diameter of the Sun. If we add 18 (3×6), we get Iesous (888), transcendence on all planes (compare this with the full spelling of Aleph, yielding 111; the Beast, 666; the Curse, 777, and In the beginning + God = 999). Given the Solar aspects of Christ this is somewhat interesting. If we add four, we get the standard gematria value of the Covenant Ark (אָרוֹןהַבְּרִית= 874): though Tevat Nuach and Aron Haberit are completely unrelated words, they are loosely connected through their respective Biblical gematrias of 870 and 874 (on top of the dimensions of the two structures).

There are only two instances in all of Scripture where the word Tevat appears. The first, in the account of Noah building and entering the Ark; the second, in the account of Moshe being placed in the Teba – the basket – by his mother Jochebed (Heb., meaning “Yahweh is Glory.” יוֹכֶבֶד = Yod10 + Vau6 + Kaph11 + Beit2 + Dalet4 = 33). It is interesting that here, in the name of the Mother of the ‘one who pulls out of water’ (the meaning of Moses) we should find a gematria equal to the age of ‘the one that was pulled out’ (i.e. the Christos, Anointed, crucified at 33), as well as such similar names (Jochebed / Yehoshua = “Yahweh is Glory” / “Yahweh is Salvation”). It is certainly intentional that a man named “pull out of water” was placed in a watery basket highly comparable to the Ark. Also, the gematria of Moshe is 345. The gematria of God’s Full Name as revealed to Moshe is 543: 345+543=888=Iesous. Therefore: He who pulls out of water + I am that I am = Yahweh is Salvation = Iesous. Is all this the result of coincidence?

Tevat is intricately tied to the numbers we’ve been exploring, and the idea of a watery salvation: First, Noah goes in the Ark that goes in the Sea, to emerge and restore life that was washed away; then, Moshe goes in the Basket that goes in the River, to emerge and eventually become “The Lawgiver;” still later, the Head of Christ in the Water beneath John the Baptist emerges purified and eventually leads to the redemption of all life. The Floodgates of the Heavens were open for 40 days, Israel was forced to wander the desert for 40 years, and perhaps it’s no mere coincidence that, following the Baptism of Christ, he wandered into the desert to meditate for 40 days – after which time he ‘officially’ revealed himself to the world as a Teacher, to perform 37 Miracles just as The Flood endured for 370 days. You may recall that, after the Flood, Noah released a Dove – one of the many symbols of Christ.

Phi in The Ark

Most beautifully, through the Golden Section connection of 7/13/33 seen in Part I, and the letter Mem – water – which guided us to Noah, here we receive stark confirmation: Through the subtle allusions to Mem and its numbers 40 and 13 in particular (as shown above), we also discover the key to the construction of Noah’s Ark:

And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits.” – Genesis 6:17





Quite needless to say this reveals 666; there is no time for such a digression as to explore this, it will be examined in a later segment (fittingly, Part VI). The ratios embedded in the dimensions of Noah’s Ark reveal wonderful approximations of the Golden Section – the value of which is 1.618, and the inverse of which is 0.618. It is perhaps more than a tad graceful that the 7-Day Creation points to the 33-Year Christ, while these together point to the Golden Section – through which we are led to Mem and the 40-Day Flood – which in turn leads us back to the Golden Section in the Ark’s dimensions. This ratio has often been dubbed “God’s Fingerprint in Nature” for its omnipresent elegance.

The Ark is the Universe, the House built by God (that bears said Fingerprint – whether seen in the Plant, the Man or the Galaxy). On a Microcosmic scale, it is the Temple built by Man. And it is the Human Body itself, that must be refined into a Holy Place – rather than degraded to the state of a cage. When the Living Ark is perfected, whether the Human, the Earth or the Universe, the Spirit within is liberated. Man emerging from the Ark is synonymous with the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ: freed from the captivity of material the spirit emerges, cleansed, on the Path of Union.

The Ark is the Universe, the House built by God (that bears said Fingerprint – whether seen in the Plant, the Man or the Galaxy). On a Microcosmic scale, it is the Temple built by Man. And it is the Human Body itself, that must be refined into a Holy Place – rather than degraded to the state of a cage. When the Living Ark is perfected, whether the Human, the Earth or the Universe, the Spirit within is liberated. Man emerging from the Ark is synonymous with the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ: freed from the captivity of material the spirit emerges, cleansed, on the Path of Union.

YHVH and Phi

Not only is this ratio found in the dimensions of all Arks in the Pentateuch, it is also found in the very name of God, YHVH! Below may be seen a (Pythagorean) Tetractys-like arrangement of YHVH and the calculations revealing the ratios in question:

י10 10

יהִ10+5 15

יהִוְ10+5+6 21*

יהִוְה ִ10+5+6+5 26

י                                                      Φ

וְ / י         = Yod / Vau = 10 / 6 = 1.666

י / ו         = Vau / Yod = 6 / 10 = 0.6

( י + ו )    Vau+Yod / Hé+Hé

( הִ + ה )   = 16 / 10 = 1.6

( הִ + ה )   Hé+Hé  / Vau+Yod

( י + ו )    = 10 / 16 = 0.625

*In the sequence of YHVH’s unfolding we see two more mathematical points of intrigue: 10=1+2+3+4, the Tetractys, equal to the number of letters in this name (Four Worlds, Four Seasons, Four Elements). 15=1+2+3+4+5, and 21=1+2+3+4+5+6. Odd. If we add up the consecutive sums of the gradual unfolding of Tetragrammaton, we also notice the following:

י 10 = 10

יהִ 10+5  15 = 25

יהִוְ 10+5+6  21 = 46

יהִוְה ִ10+5+6+5  26 = 72

This reveals the total sum of Tetragrammaton as it develops (Y+YH+YHV+YHVH), and it yields the number of Names of God in Traditional Judaism!

A Golden Ark of Salvation

God created Man in His Image, and we are to make The Ark in ours, while keeping it in line with what may be that most Sacred of ratios – The Golden Section – a ratio found in human anatomy and throughout nature, Scripture and the Tetragrammaton. It is worth noting while on the subject that The Ark of the Covenant betrays these same numbers: One Ark of Noah is equal to Ten Covenant Arks. Therefore God’s Covenant with Man is not only the sevenfold colour spectrum giving us vision (the “bow in the heavens” following the Flood), but also the Fibonacci Spiral through which those colours came to be.

On the subject of The Flood and its relation to Salvation, we read in the alchemical Aureus, The Golden Tractate of Hermes:

O, blessed watery form, that dissolvest the elements! Now it behoves us, with this watery soul, to possess ourselves of a sulphurous form, and to mingle the same with our Acetum. For when, by the power of water, the composition is dissolved, it is the key of the restoration; then darkness and death will fly away from them and Wisdom proceeds onwards to the fulfillment of her Law.” – Aureus Sect. II

The similarities here are uncanny. Compare the “watery form that dissolvest the elements” to Genesis 7:4, which reads: “For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth…and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth.” Where it is said “then darkness and death will fly away from them,” in Genesis 8:7 we find further analogy: “And he sent forth a raven, which went forth to and fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth.” The Raven is the symbol of Death and Decay and the fact that it “went forth to and fro” definitively establishes this as Alchemical in nature, likely when the ‘calcined flakes’ subjected to heat fly “to and fro” across the vessel in Practical Alchemy.

We then read: “Also he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground…” This is the First Albedo (Whitening): following the calcination and ‘fluttering’ of the Raven, the receding waters of Heaven and Earth yield to the dusty surface that develops atop The Blackened Substance. Due to heat this slightly dusty material occasionally “flies” from the Ark, just as the raven did.

It is the false Messiah, the Stone only partially purified. This phase has deceived many an Alchemist indeed, as it is said: “And as he sat upon the mount of Olives…Jesus answered and said…For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” – Matthew 24:3-5 Recall that the Dove returns with an Olive-Branch in its mouth, a sign that the Earth is dry. As we see in Genesis, though the dove is mentioned twice – just as a Whitening occurs twice in the Magnum Opus, the raven is not mentioned again in this account because “darkness and death flew away from them,” and Wisdom proceeded.

But the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot…And he stayed yet other seven days; and again he sent forth the dove out of the Ark…And the dove came in to him in the evening; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf plucked off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth.” – Genesis 8:9-11

This shows us that Scripture is in many ways based on the alchemical Great Work. It is more than a little likely that the Biblical Waters and the Hermetic “blessed watery form” are one with Aqua Regia, the Royal Water that is indeed “Key to the Restoration” in Alchemy. Compare Matt 24:3 to Mark 13:3-4:

“And Jesus said to him, Do you see these great buildings? Not one stone will be left upon another which will not be torn down. As he was sitting on the Mount of Olives opposite the Temple…”

Here we see that Jesus’ Prophecy of the “Destruction of the Temple” is compatible with “The Dissolution of Elements” by Aqua Regia. The first purification of The Black Stone (Adam), Saturn, or Kaaba.

Elijah: Mercurial Avatar of Alchemical Purification

As was just noted, after the Flood Noah sent out a Raven and a Dove. The Alchemical Process is broken down into a number of stages, the number varying depending on the particular era and author of the treatise (ranging from three or four to twelve or fourteen stages, sometimes even more than this). I have drawn up the following chart organized in order of Alchemical Process (please refer to the chart in Part III for the deities and their respective days):

Planet                Vedic Colour          Alchemical Phase                  Animal

Saturn:                 Black (Shani)             Nigredo     (Putrefaction)           Raven

Venus/Moon:     White                           Albedo       (Purification)            Swan (Dove?)

Mercury:              Green                           VITRIOL   (Dissolution)            Dragon / Lion

Jupiter:                Yellow                           Citrinitas  (Coagulation)           Golden Rose

Mars/Sun:           Red (Surya)                 Rubedo     (Completion)            Rose / Blood / Phoenix                                                                              

Shani and Surya may be equated with Adam and Christ. The Raven (or often the Crow, both symbols of death) is the Vahana of Shani, the Vedic deity of Saturn’s-day (Vahana: Sanskrit, “that which carries” – a living vehicle). The significance of Shani in relation to Saturn and the Fall of Man was seen in Part III, and we now see definitively how it relates to Alchemy. As can be clearly discerned, the order of the planets is not accurate. This could be because we are looking at Western Alchemy, as opposed to Hindu – they may well have designated the stages differently, though it’s worthy of mention that even in China we find legends describing a giant Green Dragon guarding a vast treasure, only to be accessed following its defeat (we find analogy in the West with the conquering of Typhon).

Also, in the Vedic system we see the Seven Green Horses associated with Surya – synonymous with both the Planets and the Chakras (or the glands seen in Part I, possibly even the facial orifices). The attribution of Green to the Sun as well as Mercury demonstrates not only that Mercury is closest to the Light celestially, but also that The Green Lion (or Dragon) is that which extracts Sol from Saturn, Gold from Base. This is why Muhammad – purportedly Green – purified the Black Stone and, also, why there exists a Legend that it should turn White following its Baptism: it is a large-scale reflection of an elemental or alchemical event.

There is another relevant aspect of Islam, one stating that the soul of the believer is a Green Bird. Birds, symbolic of spirit due to their freedom of flight, have been associated with the Soul or Spirit in many cultures – such as Egypt or India (Thoth and Horus of Egypt, for example). Green is, of course, that same symbol of Purity seen on the Flag of Pakistan (beyond The Crescent Luna and her cradled Stella Maris), as it is the colour of Islam.

Noah releases the Raven and Dove, and Elijah the Prophet later eats the meat and bread of the Raven. Christ – The Dove, born of Saturn the Raven – is Baptized or delivered by John the Baptist, whom Christ declares to be said Prophet reincarnated (in Matthew 11:14 Christ states: “And if you are willing to accept it, John himself is Elijah who was to come.”). In this way one could postulate that Elijah / John is, much like the Green Muhammad, the ‘purifier’, consuming the raven and delivering the dove of the Great Work. Consuming the Base Metal, the Saturnine Black Sun, we see the Flood; the Spring of Cherith; delivering the first sign of Elixir Vitae, the Redeemed Sun of Eternal Life – Christ, the Dove, we see Noah’s releasing of White. John, as will be seen, is affiliated with the Planet Mercury and the alchemical Green Lion. The word Raven in Hebrew (oreb) doubles as a word for Black: Greek Logos (Christ The Word, The Dove) equals 373, while Hebrew Oreb (Adam the Fallen, the Raven) is 372.

Recall that Shani is highly comparable to Cain, as Yama is to Abel: The Curse of Cain (777), epitomized in Shani and his role as Judge and twin-governor of Death, has been lifted by the alchemical baptism of Christ at the hands of the reincarnated Elijah. It is worth pointing out that Elijah has been termed the “Herald of Redemption” by the Jewish People, and it is believed that he will re-appear on Earth in the time of Messiah (this is John the Baptist for Christians). Elijah also receives a special glass of wine on every Jewish table during Pesach (Passover). This is a most important point. After supper has been consumed, a child eagerly opens the door in anticipation of Elijah-Prophet. Matzah, or Unleavened Bread, is also consumed during this time. Sadly, it is likely that most are unaware of this most unifying connection between Orthodox Judaism and Christianity. The connection deepens, as will be vastly expanded upon in Part V.

(For those likely now wondering if Christianity embraces reincarnation, an excellent article on the subject may be found here: The short answer is Yes, Christianity most certainly accepts reincarnation as fact. Contrary to popular belief among followers, all three Abrahamic faiths accept reincarnation in some form or another: In Judaism it is found in Zohar and Qabalistic theosophy, called Gilgul Neshamot – “cycle [of] souls;” Rabbi Elijah of Vilna declared that the entire Book of Jonah is an allegory of reincarnation. In Christianity it is seen in Elijah-returned and the Second Coming of Christ, among a number of other examples; a surprising number of Catholics accept reincarnation. In Islam, belief in the concept is most commonly seen among the more mystically inclined Sufi Muslims, but it does appear in the Qur’an and, in the Sahih al Bukhari Hadith, it is said that Idris-Prophet [Enoch] returned as Ilya [Elijah]. According to the three faiths that allegedly reject reincarnation, Enoch came back as Elijah who returned as John the Baptist. The Jews reject John the Baptist, but nonetheless they believe that Elijah will return.)

The Flood is also an Alchemical allegory telling of the uniting of opposites in harmony, of dissolution and the fusing of the Two Waters, while the eating of the Raven meat and delivering of the Dove are emblematic of the purification of Matter. In releasing the Raven, Noah caused “darkness and death” to “fly away from them,” and in doing so he liberated the Dove, Albedo. The Creation Account in the beginning of Genesis is reflected negatively in the story of Noah: Eve is extracted from within Adam just as the Earth emerges between “Above and Below.” This, too, is reflective of the Great Work. Further in Genesis, Noah and the other descendants of Eve are placed within the Ark, like the Earth buried by the waters. Just as the waters dissipate following the Flood, so too does the Spring of Elijah dry up.

Section Two: Reichian Sexual Theory and the Breath of God

The Two Waters and Reichian Dualism

As we can clearly see, the entire process revealed in the early chapters of Genesis is self-reflective, in the sense that “In the beginning” God spoke and Creation became manifest physically: he divided the waters; he gave life. Then with Noah, the same process in reverse: God spoke to Noah, The Good Man of the Earth – the Earth being that which divides the waters; the Two Waters came together and crashed upon the Earth for 40 days and 40 nights, effectively ‘rewinding’ the Creative process after which time the waters recede again. After the waters recede, life re-emerges from within the Ark. This is also comparable to the Rainy Season, when the world is flooded – leading to the rebirth in Spring-Summer.

(40 Days + 40 Nights = 80. The letter with a value of 80 is Pé, פ, symbolic of Mouth and Immortality – closely related to the Water and Death of Mem. Using just two letters we can describe the entire Flood: By the Immortal Mouth of God [pé] the Waters of Death [mem] came together. This letter is often seen in words involving emergence of the inner to the outer, such as פאהה, pekht or “extension,” andפרפר, parpar, “butterfly” – that which emerges from the cocoon, renewed.)

Aside from its inherent Cosmic and Alchemical implications, The Flood is also in many ways a Sexual Mystery.The Waters Above are the Phallic Waters of the Solar Man that fertilize the Earth, while the Waters Below are the Frothing Uterine Fluids of the Celestial Womb that is Mother Earth, absorbing the seed of Sol. The Earth is therefore impregnated by the Solar Man, and in receiving His Rain life emerges as though Gaia has given birth. This is likely one of the oldest ideas in human history, perceiving Sun and Earth as Man and Woman (though Jewish Theosophy may agree that this is a Sexual Mystery, this is not Traditional interpretation). Genesis 7:11 reads:

In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.”

Immediately prior to the Creation of Man, in the 37th verse, we read: “But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.” – Genesis 2:6. This “mist from the earth” refers to the Feminine Creative Fluids just mentioned, and is one with the Fountains of the Great Deep that erupted and flooded the Earth. The Mist will re-appear throughout this and the next segment. As the reader may hopefully be able to discern, these are very profound allegories – with connections stretching from the (Al)chemical and anatomical to the personal and celestial, encompassing all major spheres (Elemental, Human, Divine; or, to Qabalists, the Material, Formative and Creative respectively).

Symbolically, the Flood could be perceived as a demonstration of the semi-modern Thesis and Antithesis (Hegelian Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis), totally synonymous with the contractive-expansive principle revealed in the separating and reuniting of the waters prior to the Ark’s emergence (when they are separated yet again). Wilhelm Reich discovered this universal truth in his search for the biological foundation of the libido (he claimed to have discovered it: an energy he called Orgone, comparable to the Oriental Chi or Vedic Prana; ether). His bioelectrical equation defining sexuality is as follows: tension → charge → discharge → relaxation. This is a profoundly simple and accurate formula that may be applied to virtually anything, including the birth of the Universe. This is also the principle revealed in Genesis, the ebb and flow of all things.

First there is expansion, separation of the waters, positivity or “sexuality;” the Creative or Sexual Act of God. And God saw that it was good. Then there is contraction, uniting of the waters, negativity or “anxiety” – revealed in God’s regret prior to the Flood. This is perfectly miniaturized in Noah’s releasing of Black and White – Yin and Yang, Death and Life – Contraction and Expansion. Given that Reich’s work was quite popular in the 1960s, John Lennon’s philosophy of “Fear and Love” as the root of all is likely derived from the former’s theory of Anxiety and Sexuality (See: A Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety by W. Reich).

This concept of interplay between positive and negative is seen throughout Scripture, and is actually a cornerstone of all literature and entertainment ranging from the Yoruban Egungun festival, in which a great suspense is built through the continuous interpolation of fear and humour, to the Greek theatrical principles of Comedy and Tragedy seen all over the world.

The Dualism of Creation and Spirit: Breath

The grand ebb and flow revealed in day and night, birth and death, hot and cold and all other spectra including emotions, is Breath – the very root of the concept of Spirit the world over! Below may be seen the words for Breath/Spirit in five languages (also given in religious context):

Sanskrit: प्राण = Hinduism: Pranayama = Breath-Control

Prana: Breath; life / life-force

Hebrew: רוח= Judaism: Ruach Ha-Kodesh = The Holy Spirit / Ruach Elohim = Spirit of God

Ruach: Wind; breath; mind; spirit*

Arabic: روح = Islam: Al-Rouh Al-Quddus = The Holy Spirit

Rouh: Breath; soul; life

Greek: πνεῦμα = Christianity: Pneuma Christou = Spirit of Christ

Pneuma: Breath; wind; spirit; soul

Latin: Spiritus = Roman Catholicism: Spiritus Sancti = Holy Spirit

Breathing; spirit

*The Hebrew word commonly used to describe the human soul is Neshamah, or plural Neshamot. Nishamat is the Hebrew word for breath used in the creation of Adam.

From these definitions we see that no less than four of the world’s largest religions (of India, Israel, Arabia, Greece and Rome) derive their concept of spirit at least partially from the act of breathing and all that it entails. It is the invisible substance that sustains life! This word in Arabic is intricately tied to the concept of spirit and all positive mental states that accompany the notion of Enlightenment, while the Sanskrit word is associated with concepts of sound, motion, life, and the like.

Every great act of God in Scripture begins with Breath: It was ‘wind’ upon the primeval waters in the original Hebrew; He spoke light; He breathed into Adam; He spoke to Noah and Moses; He Caused a Great Wind before and after the Flood; He divided the Sea; etc.

The Rhythm of God

Epitomized in the Taoist symbol of Unified Opposites, this concept of cyclical dualism is also seen in both the name of God as given to Moses and in the Tawhid of Islam (Tawhid is the Declaration of Faith that all Muslims recite regularly).

La illaha illal Lah, meaning “There is no god but Allah,” reveals this principle: La illaha = There is no god. This is the negative aspect, here equated with anxiety or contraction (sterility, void). Illal Lah = But Allah. This is the positive, comparable to sexuality or expansion (fertility, occupation of void). We see something similar with Al-Lah, the Name of God in Islam: While Al (or El) can be either God or simply “The,” La is “No” in Arabic. From this we see that Al-Lah is reflective of La illaha illal lah (the former is Positive then Negative, while the latter is the reverse).

The full name of God – Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיהאשראהיה) – is generally translated as “I am that I am” (recall that Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh + Moshe = Iesous). In Sanskrit there is a similar word, Soham, literally meaning “I am that.” It is a contraction of so and hum, and these two are often chanted as So=Inhale, Hum=Exhale – because they are said to mirror the sound of breathing. Thus: So-Hum-So = Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh = I am-That-I am = Inhale-Exhale-Inhale. The same process in Genesis is seen here in God’s Name. Comparing this to the Reichian sexual formula seen above: I am-That-I am = Contraction [Tension-charge] – Expansion [Discharge-relaxation] – Contraction [Tension-charge]. This is the Formation (Tension), Creation (Relaxtion) and Re-Assimilation (Tension) of the Universe: The Alpha and The Omega, The First and The Last, The Birth, Life and Death of All; within The Name of God.

The End is in the Beginning. God’s name is a Mantra, a meditation on Breath and Existence. When Moses received this name, the message was not just “I am that I am,” or “I exist.” The message was that God is Breath, God is the Life within all life! He is the ever-present and infinite flow of united opposites (I Am and That): He is The All yet analogous to none. The name of God, understood through the above concepts, illustrates that death is rebirth, the Death of this Universe will simultaneously constitute the Birth of the next. This is the eternal flow of Logos.

This elegant philosophy describing God’s omnipotence, so adequately conveyed in His Name, is also seen in His more common designation – The Tetragrammaton. In the following permutation we see The Beginning, Middle and End:

היה HaYah He Was (20)

הוה HoWeh He Is (16)

יהיה YihYeh He Shall Be (30)

The Past, the Present, the Future. The First, Ever-Existent, Ever-Becoming, “He Creates.” This is the meaning of YHVH, gleaned through a very basic expansion of His Name – HaYah-HoWeh-YiYeh.

Only the material has beginning and end. Within His Creation exists the pendulum-swing of the spectrum, the “then” and “now,” the day and the night. Eternal “is” can be mentally ‘awkward’ for some, and simply saying He Was, He Is, He Shall Be puts this concept into more materially understandable terms. He Existed then, He Exists now, and He Shall Exist indefinitely. It is a simple way of saying God is Ever-Present (from before the beginning to beyond the end). God never was and never shall be: He forever is!

Creation Through Breath and Word

While we have seen that Yahweh / Logos is the Beginning and the End, we have not yet seen just how pervasive the interrelated concepts of Wind, Breath and Word really are. For the sake of comparison, note the similarities between the following Scriptural verses spanning three major faiths:

God said, Let there be light; and there was light. And God saw that it was good…” – Genesis 1:3

Since He Himself Spake, and it was done.” – Psalm 33:9*

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” – Genesis 2:7**

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – John 1:1

There was neither death nor immortality then. There was no distinguishing sign of night nor of day. That one breathed, windless, by its own impulse. Other than that there was nothing beyond.” – Rig Veda, Creation Hymn Nasadiya, 10.129:2

When the high waters came, pregnant with the embryo that is everything***, bringing forth fire, he arose from that as the one life’s breath of the gods…” – Rig Veda, The Unknown God, The Golden Embryo, 10.121:7

To him [The Creator] the ancient sages together sacrificed riches, like the throngs of singers who together made these things that have been created, when the realm of light was still immersed in the realm without light.” – Rig Veda, The All-Maker Visvakarman, 10.82:4

* It is in The Book of Concealed Mystery 1:31 that we are directed to Psalm 33 in relation to the Birth of Light in Gen 1:3. Christ, Light of the World, was 33; the 37th Word in Genesis is Light, reflected in Jesus’ 37 Miracles; Jesus is The Word; also recall Alpha-137 and its myriad connections to Light and The Word: “The Tongue speaketh great things.” – Sephira Dtzenioutha 1:37

** This verse is rather poetic when read in its original Hebrew: הָּאָדָּםעָּפָּרמִׁןהָּאֲדָּמָּה– Ha-Adam Apar Min Ha-Adamah: The Man Formed of Dust of the Ground, is the exact translation of this excerpt. Adam – Man – was formed of Adamah – the ground. He received the Nishamat – נִׁשְּמַת– The Breath – and became Lenephesh –לְּנֶפֶש– a Being. Soul or Spirit, as noted previously, is Neshamah [or pl. Nishamot].)

*** Note the correspondence to the Flood, where life encapsulated within the Ark (Seed or Embryo) is ‘consumed’ by the “high waters” (Earth or Womb). This further emphasizes the Sexual implications of the narrative of Noah, as well as the Ethereal or Spiritual meaning.


The similarities here are but a small handful of the examples that could be provided. Every philosophical system in the world suggests a sound-based creation, whether Om or Logos, Breath or Word. Just as Logos is the Alpha-Omega, with God and one with Him, Om is the Primordial Vibration containing within it all that exists from beginning to end (Adi Anadi, the Vedic equivalent of Alpha-Omega). Om is The All, Saguna-Brahma – The Form of God.

In Him the Seed of Omniscience has reached its utmost development which cannot be exceeded. He is the Teacher of former teachers, because with Him there is No Limitation by Time. The Sacred Word designating Him is the Mystic Syllable OM.” – Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, 2:25-27

The word adi means beginning, while anadi means eternal or without beginning. Logos is The Beginning and The End, One with God, and Om is Beginning without Beginning, Saguna-Brahma – the Form of God. One is Word while the other is Vibration. The root an means primarily breath (like Prana – or Pra-an), while Anadi means live, move, breathe and sound (they are all spelled slightly differently, but pronounced the same and derived from the same root).

The etymological relation between breath and spirit, motion and sound, sound and life in Sanskrit, mirrors those same relationships seen in both Hebrew and Arabic – and is surely no accident – as will soon be seen. This relation also finds analogy in Navajo philosophy, where the word nil’chii means wind, but is intricately linked with ideas of motion and life. Sacred or Holy Wind would be more accurate, and it is seen as a living being that gives life to others.

It is in the Oral Tradition of the Navajo people that we find the key to understanding this universal notion of Wind, Breath, Word, Mist, Light, and Creation. Compare the following:

But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.” – Genesis 2:6-8

While they were waiting for strength they saw a Cloud of Light in the east which kept rising and falling…When the winds appeared and entered life they passed through the bodies of men and creatures…and the Wind was creation’s first food…The mists came together and laid on top of each other, like intercourse, and Supreme Sacred Wind was created.

The word Eden literally translates to vapour. Therefore, the Garden of Vapour existing in the east is one with the “Cloud of Light in the east,” Dawn, bringer of the day’s First Wind. The dualism explored above is also partial key to the birth of Wind. When the Sun rises it heats the surface of the Earth in an uneven manner, causing slight differences in temperature. As the freshly heated air rises, the night’s cool air comes to take its place – creating airflow. The Morning Earth is watered with dew; the Sun rises in a cloud of mist; a gentle breeze blows; Man is given the Breath of Dawn, and becomes a Living Soul. This interpretation is somewhat confirmed by the Navajo:

We started existing where Darknesses, lying on one another, occurred. Here, the one that had lain on top became Dawn, whitening across. What used to be lying on one another back then, this is Wind. It was Darkness.* That is why when Darkness settles over you at night it breezes beautifully. It is this, it is a person, they say. From there when it dawns, when it dawns beautifully becoming white-streaked through the Dawn, it usually breezesWhat was thinking, what was Wind, became Words.

* Compare this Navajo “Wind that was Darkness” to the Vedic verse: “There was no distinguishing sign of night nor of day [pure Darkness]. That one breathed, windless, by its own impulse.”

The Light of the Sun gives Breath to the Earth in the Mists of the Eastern Morning. There, in the Garden of Vapour, is found the Creation, Fall and Redemption of Man each day: Dawn, Creation; Noon, Completion of Creation, Paradise; Dusk, The Fall; Dawn, Redemption. This is the Hindu Trimurti, a Sanskrit word meaning Three-Forms: Brahma the Creator is Dawn; Vishnu the Preserver is Noon; Shiva the Destroyer is Dusk. These, in turn, are reflective of the Seasons: Brahma is Spring; Vishnu is Summer; Shiva is Fall-Winter. This could also be said to mirror the Catholic Trinity.

A similar concept (not restricted to the Sun) existed in Sumeria, likely the oldest known civilization on Earth: Anu, Sky-God and King of the Year; Enlil, “Lord Wind;” Enki, Water-God – part goat and part fish (the significance of this will be seen in Part V; there is also Ninhursaga, “Lady of the Stony Ground” – opposite of Enlil). Anu plays a remarkably small role in Sumerian allegories. Enlil, Lord Wind, appears both as hurricanes or intense wind-storms and the breezes of Spring: both of these have been called The Breath of Enlil, later to become His Word.

Section Three: The Power of Logos

Cymatics and Sonoluminescence

Speech is music! It is only natural that we should proceed from Word to Sound. According to a number of traditions, it is from the birds that we inherited the original musical scales (called The Language of The Birds or The Green Language; recall that the Spirit of the Islamic believer is a Green Bird). Within the Word or Sound exists the potential for creation – whether this creation is ideological or material in nature.

The word cymatics may stand out to some readers: derived from the Greek Kyma, or “wave,” it is the study of the effect that sound has upon material objects, typically sand or water. It was dubbed Cymatics by Hans Jenny, a 20th century researcher and physician who “pioneered the field” as so many continue to assert – in spite of its ancient origins. Much like the “Fibonacci” spiral or the “Pythagorean” theorem. The structures formed by their corresponding sound-waves are nothing short of awe-inspiring: there exist leopard-fur patterns, turtle-shell structures, and many prehistoric creatures embedded within specific frequencies (frequencies that -by necessity- predate the creatures they resemble, as, The Sound was Made before the Beast was Formed: Since He Himself Spake, and it was done – Ps 33:9). This is the Word, Emanation Everlasting, the Primordial Om containing within it all that is to come.

It seems that since at least the time of the Assyro-Babylonian civilizations, man has been keenly aware of this principle. Shamash, the Babylonian Sun-god (compare the Hebrew word Shemesh, sun, of same spelling), is generally considered as the giver of Law, Justice and Salvation to humanity. Due to his association with Law and Salvation, we may equate him, in a sense, with the concept of Om or Logos:

picture of Shamash

Here we see the Tablet of Shamash with his seal at center. You may notice that it is very similar to the Cross. The reason I have equated Shamash with Logos is threefold: He is the Sun, Light of the World; he is the bringer of Law (Word) and Salvation; his symbol is the Cross. But, the main reason is because his seal is an exact replica of a cymatic figure: AND THE WORD WAS MADE FLESH

cymatic figure

Picture above: This Cymatic Eightfold Path, or Double-Cross, is often also seen in Christian stained glass art

This is not coincidence, it’s understanding! We see a very similar figure in the Noble Eightfold Path, the eight major moral tenets of Buddhism arranged in a wheel of eight spokes.

The myriad powers of Sound include the forging of form out of chaos, levitation, and the generation of Light. (And God said, Let there be light! and there was light. I am the Light of the World. “By the Logos [Word, Reason] of the Lord the heavens were made, and by the Pneuma [Breath, Spirit] of His Mouth all their host.” – Ps 33:6. etc.

sea turtle

Picture above: Brown Sea-Turtle Shell. “The turtle shell is a highly complicated shield for the ventral and dorsal parts of turtles, tortoises and terrapins.” – Wikipedia

cymatic turtle

Picture above: Sea-Turtle Shell; Right: Various analogous Cymatic figures (seen on a Chladni Plate).

5000 hertz cyma glyph

The caption reads: Left: A 5000-Hertz CymaGlyph reveals a pattern of radial cells; Right: Diatom ‘Arachnoidiscus’ first appeared in the Jurassic period.

Hear The Word manifest among us, and offer your joy to The One Most High!

Logos: The Reasoning Word

Cymatics reveals the power of sound insofar as its ability to manifest ordered or geometric forms through an incoherent medium (such as a disordered pile of sand), but its power to levitate is revealed only when one causes two sound-waves to interfere with one-another around a given object. If this is done from opposing sides, once trapped in the waves the two sound-sources may be brought side-by-side and the object is suspended in what may be called a resonant-zone. It is truly quite remarkable (it may be seen here:

According to Greek myth, the songs of Orpheus’ golden lyre were so beautiful that they drew all walks of life, man and beast, even rocks and trees. There is another legend of Arab origin stating that the builders of the pyramid of Cheops on the Giza Plateau used this exact technology, a technology that was allegedly not in common use at the time. (It was the “Arab Herodotus,” or Abu al-Hasan Ali al-Mas’udi, who preserved for us this legend in 947 AD, when he completed his historical opus; the legend was already quite old.) A man named Ed Leedskalnin may have rediscovered this occult technology, and many believe that he applied this knowledge in the construction of his Coral Castle – a structure so monumental that it is difficult to conceive of any one man building it by hand. It is debatable that Mr. Leedskalnin could have lifted even one of the hundreds of stones used, as even the smaller slabs surely weigh over a ton, raised 10+ feet above the ground (according to him, no industrial equipment was used and he worked alone).

Sonoluminescence (from Latin sonus + lumen = sound + light) is another astonishing aspect of Logos. This phenomenon occurs as follows: an air-bubble submerged underwater is subjected to exterior sonic pressures, until the bubble finally bursts releasing a minuscule spec of light. This is mirrored in Genesis where, after creating Above and Below, God Breathed atop the primordial formless waters and, Speaking, caused order and light to emerge from chaos and darkness.

While on the subject of the role of Sound in our world, it is worth pointing out that Music Therapy has been an established practice for at least four to five centuries – thriving in the Ottoman Empire (for those who would like to learn more, this website – source of the image below – is a valuable source: As is also noted on this website, Sound has been used all through human history as a means of accessing the Divine while still on Earth (we see this in the Mantras of Asia, the Gregorian Chants of Europe, the Chants of the Native Americans, and in many other cultures around the world).

musical therpy persian

Picture above: A mentally ill patient is treated with Musical Therapy in the hospital of Bayezid II

Scriptural Demonstration of Tonal Creative Principle

Not only does the New Testament claim that The Word is the cause of form, it demonstrates this concept for us directly (just as Genesis demonstrates Sonoluminescence). While the birth of light through sound and water is ethereally described in Genesis, the transition from base material to cymatic form is given throughout the New Testament. We know that Jesus had 12 disciples, one of which was originally named Simon and later became Peter.

(Jacob had 12 sons, became Israel and had 12 Tribes, Jesus had 12 Disciples, and Muhammad had 12 Imam descendants. This spans the entire Abrahamic family of religions, and they are likely designed to mirror the 12 Signs of the Zodiac – 12 being the number of Perfect Government both Above and Below.)

The name Simon means “He who has heard,” while Peter means “Stone.” “He who has heard” “The Word” became “The Stone.”

This is an excellent ‘personification’ of the process of cymatics: a substance exists; it responds to the external frequency; it becomes a distinct form. This Biblical evolution of Name demonstrates the Cymatic shift from Chaos to Order. It is indeed rather ‘unique’ that He who has heard the Word would become the Rock. Let us substitute Rock for Peter:

I also say to you that you are Rock, and upon this rock I will build My Church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.” – Matthew 16:18

Given that the Church is the crutch upon which so many lean, we may read the above as:

“I also say to you that you are Rock, and upon this rock I will build My Rock…”

Such literary devices as this (and that seen in Genesis 2:7) are very common in both Scripture and secular literature.

This concludes Part IV. While this segment predominantly focused on Alchemy and The Word, Part V will focus on Cosmology and Astrology.


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Joshua Tilghman October 23, 2014 at 2:18 pm


Stunning! There’s so much to take in. I especially enjoyed your knowledge on Sonoluminescence, a concept never before explored on this blog. You keep adding new esoteric information to which my readers would never have had the chance to read up on had you not included it. Thanks for another great addition.


Jakob Thelen October 28, 2014 at 7:09 pm


Thank you! I will try to condense the following segments to make it easier to absorb. I’m glad to hear that these have been worthy contributions to SOS, it’s been a pleasure.



Robert October 27, 2014 at 9:18 am


I was interested in your mention of Aqua Regia because I am a retired chemist. It is one part nitric acid and 3 parts hydrochloric acid, producing red and yellow fumes. We used to use it in organic chemistry lab to clean carbonaceous residues from glassware. It is so strong it dissolves gold and platinum. It was first mentioned by Muslim alchemist, and the most famous of all alchemists, Jabir. Here is a passage from Wikipedia describing how Aqua Regia was used to foil the Germans from confiscating gold Nobel Prizes.

“When Germany invaded Denmark in World War II, Hungarian chemist George de Hevesy dissolved the gold Nobel Prizes of German physicists Max von Laue and James Franck in aqua regia to prevent the Nazis from confiscating them. The German government had prohibited Germans from accepting or keeping any Nobel Prize after jailed peace activist Carl von Ossietzky had received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1935. De Hevesy placed the resulting solution on a shelf in his laboratory at the Niels Bohr Institute. It was subsequently ignored by the Nazis who thought the jar—one of perhaps hundreds on the shelving—contained common chemicals. After the war, de Hevesy returned to find the solution undisturbed and precipitated the gold out of the acid. The gold was returned to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Foundation. They re-cast the medals and again presented them to Laue and Franck.”


Jakob Thelen October 28, 2014 at 7:50 pm


Yes that is correct, I’m no practical alchemist but if I were to guess, these fumes would likely correspond to the Citrinitas and Rubedo stages, the latter being the reunion of that which was separated during the first purification (Albedo). I have never conducted any experiments myself, I would be very interested in reading of your experience if you are willing. It would be of great assistance in confirming or refuting my personal speculations on Alchemy.

That’s an interesting historical instance, one I was not familiar with; I had no idea that Aqua Regia had been employed for such purposes. Thank you for sharing that.



Robert October 27, 2014 at 1:18 pm


Thought this might be helpful.

Tevat is Hebrew for Ark.

Tevat Noach is Hebrew for Noah’s Ark.

Don’t know if this is relevant: yhe largest nuclear collider in the world until 2011 was called the Tevatron. the Tev part stands for tera electron volts. Tera is a 1000 times larger than giga. 10^12 electron volts, or 1000^4 electron volts.


Robert October 27, 2014 at 6:55 pm


Some of these reoccurring numerical patterns are fascinating to me. The whole idea of 137 and “alpha” in Part I was so accurate. I think 666 and the Phi pattern 618 are not so close, maybe about 8% difference. The number 616 as an alternate sign for the anti-Christ is closer to 618, isn’t it, but still a tad off? Intuitively I can sense these patterns matching somehow, even if the calculations are a little off. My intuitive sense is not yet as developed as my calculator, but I guess if someone borrowed $666 from me and paid me back $618 and I liked them or they were struggling, or the Giants just won the World Series, I’d probably be OK with that.


Robert October 27, 2014 at 7:33 pm

Oops, I get it now. The dimensions of the ark were given in tens and hundreds of cubits instead of to the nearest cubit, so falling close to the Golden Ratio as can be expected. For all we know Noah or his sons missed a cubit or two. 50/30.9= 1.618. Why does the Golden Ratio occur so much in nature and in aesthetically looking human architecture, or even in human proportions? Everything is all connected, and our bodies are arks. I should not have been so flippant about this. By the way, are there any SOS readers out there who are Giants fans and who could to lend me $666.


Jakob Thelen October 28, 2014 at 8:06 pm


Sorry, I missed this post. Also a fair deduction, such would be only a minor error. I agree, though, this pattern is all-pervasive and very unifying in so many ways.


Jakob Thelen October 28, 2014 at 8:03 pm


That is a fair conclusion, though it is purely a result of the simple numbers used. As we progress through the Fibonacci sequence, we see progressively closer approximations of Phi – with the closest below 100 being 89 / 55. I trust you know how to obtain the formula, 0+1=1, 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8 etc. Here is the gradual development of Phi in these numbers:
2 / 1 = 2
3 / 2 = 1.5
5 / 3 = 1.666666….
8 / 5 = 1.6
13 / 8 = 1.625
21 / 13 = 1.615..
34 / 21 = 1.619..
55 / 34 = 1.617..
89 / 55 = 1.6181..
And so on, it becomes more accurate as one proceeds. I’ve switched the order so that it offers Phi rather than the inverse. 616 is close, certainly, and these numbers will be explored in Part VI.



Robert October 28, 2014 at 4:46 pm


I really enjoyed learning from you about the names of (and phrases about) God and breath in the various cultures (Hebrew, Indian, Islamic, American Indian), how they are similar and how they convey a deeper meaning to what we know as divinity, including the Talwid and Om.


Jakob Thelen October 28, 2014 at 8:18 pm


That’s great! I’m so glad you’ve gained from it, I’ve always found that correspondence to be particularly intriguing. Especially in the Sanskrit word, Breath is intricately associated with Ether – the Universal Life-force, the Ever-Present In-Dwelling aspect of Deity. Hopefully you also enjoy the following segments, something tells me you will like Part VI for its mathematics.



Jakob Thelen October 28, 2014 at 8:30 pm

To All Readers,

First I would like to say that I am more than open to any questions if one is having difficulty with parts of this article.

Anny has graciously brought a number of grammatical errors to my attention, which I feel should be recognized:
Tevat is only correct when it precedes Nuach or another word/name, and is teba when standing alone. I accidentally wrote tevat more than once in this article, which is incorrect. The same applies for Nishamah, or Nishmat-Adam. It should be pointed out as well that the word for “rib” in the creation of Eve may also be rendered as “side,” which would mean that she was taken from the ‘side’ of Adam – rather than from ‘within.’

She also called into question a gematria that I unfortunately miscalculated and apparently never double-checked: Oreb is NOT 372; I must have mistaken the value of Resh (200) for that of Shin (300). My sincerest apologies for these errors, I will correct them in the article but I wanted to explicitly acknowledge them here.

Thank you again Anny for bringing these to my attention.



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