Clearing The Way to Christ-Consciousness

by Raymond Phelan on February 4, 2015

wisdom meditation, solar plexus“The Apostles got into the Boat and went to the other side.”

 —Matthew 14:22

Keep this scripture in mind as we weave our way through this article. We shall return to it later.

For centuries, like beavers, man has been building dams, blocking his or her divine nature. Consequently, so many people in the world today are living their soul-potential unconsciously, as conscious ignorance or inverted bliss. We have all heard the term, “ignorance is bliss,” but how is this latter expression to be understood spiritually, or is it simply a play on words?

“Ignorance is bliss” could be interpreted as, “what we don’t know won’t hurt us,” in that, the mind is spared the need of digesting unpleasant facts such as negatively charged TV and Radio news bulletins. On the other hand, “Ignorance is bliss” can translate as unconscious bliss potential awaiting integration.

In reality spiritual ignorance is the sub consciousness in need of purification — an aspect of mind waiting to be made conscious. In other words, while “life is bliss,” life requires a certain conscious awareness to reflect the nature of bliss: unconditional love, compassion, creativity, etc.

The Barrier

While spiritual ignorance indeed poses the obvious barrier to realization in God-Consciousness, ignorance is a necessary dynamic which we must all undergo to unravel the soul’s non-serving belief systems (sin seeds) which have become embedded in the subjective mind or soul. Otherwise, under law, evolution continues replaying these previously established sin molds — our non-consciously dealt with “cause” (of effect) thought patterns.

By way of automatic behavior, our sub consciousness controls our human value system and world perceptions: our every mental activity in daily life. In other words, through acceptance in the deeper mind, negatively charged thought seeds (sin nature) travel from the brain to the solar plexus, where they germinate to be “manufactured” as our physical / mental environment. Thus cyclical reincarnation programming is maintained.

In effect, ignorance (of the spiritual nature) serves only to reflect that which is unnatural to our eternal and immaterial spiritual nature. To knowingly endure the status quo of spiritual ignorance — partake of its fruits — is to consciously choose pain / suffering. On the other hand, sin / ignorance is Grace or healing-forgiveness in waiting — a calling out for conscious integration. “Sin” — the manifestations of ignorance — should be grasped willingly thereby allowing Divine Light to shatter its basis. Doing so allows the soul to come under the direct influence of our own inner Unifying Christ Consciousness.

How Sin / Ignorance is Processed Within

This sub-level nature of “hell on earth” or “hell of our life” is created when the subjective mind is negatively charged with fear, stress, anger, worry, bias, judgment and so on, to include excesses of unnatural sense gratification, or our thought processes becoming automatically aligned to the “junk in, junk out” cycle. Thus, the unconscious, taking these engraved emotive patterns to be our conviction desires or command, manifests these patterns into our physical form and life experiences. What we sow in the mind so shall we reap in our experience.

As the saying goes: “what a man / woman thinks about all day becomes their reality”. In this context, consciously watching our dominant thoughts — inner / outer dialogues — is prerequisite to keeping our “sin bank account” – sub consciousness — pure or non-existent, thus keeping the unconscious (soul) naturally attuned with Higher-Dimensional Consciousness – the Christ within. In progressing to this level, conscious choice is the imperative as opposed to subconsciously obeying the dictates of the lower-self. This is what Jesus meant when he said: “The prince of this world calleth and findeth nothing in Me.” John 14:30 — no sub consciousness, no perennial “sin seeds” to be dealt with repeatedly.

Inner Self-awareness or, capacity of Love Presence, is like spiritual weighing scales, where our mental-emotional processing is filtered through Cosmic understanding. In living Presence, we’ll have found the secret of blissful life participation — freeing the soul off the merry-go-round of sub consciousness. Sub consciousness, as mentioned here, is not the Subconscious often referred to by American inspirational writers who are in fact referring to Infinite Being or Soul.

Awakening out of Death and the Time Dream

“So get rid of your old self which made you live as you used to…”

—Ephesians 4:22-23

Because the event cannot be “experienced” as a reality in consciousness, the most common reminder or nudge to spiritual awakening is the bed-time dream. Here we’re confronted with a “death” confrontation — a no choice scenario but to awaken from that dream. In this situation, we’re required to “push” or birth ourselves out of the cocoon of utter fear, and wow, how exhilarating “the arrival” of the awakening experience. This dream revelation (which is real to us at the time) was necessary in order to consciously face the fear illusion which death poses, but which has no reality basis for experiencing except as experiential sin. In other words, conquering death is a realization born of Higher-Self or Christ consciousness.

If we don’t awaken from this time-based existence, this material / ego dream, we’ll never know it to be a dream: “hellish existence” would be taken as natural leading to unnatural means of coping. In this regard, life-situations are constantly presenting as “choice of evolution” moments. Lifestyle behaviors, which are alien to our true nature, are constantly challenging us to awaken unto our innate Higher Aspect, gained through mediational techniques. Prior to spiritual awakening, everything that is happening in our life is there through our unwittingly requesting it – through ignorance or, disobedience to the prompts of our own indwelling Christ.

The Present Moment

The single most contributing factor to spiritual ignorance — a consciousness paralyzed in time and residual fear — is absence of experiential Present Moment. While the conditioned lower-self ego is at home in the time-based world, such is not the soul’s domain, which is Transcendental – a level of consciousness attained while alive on earth. Therefore, some preparation work is needed to acquaint the physiology and consciousness in timelessness, transcendent, present-moment functioning.

The purpose of time, of course, is to reflect the dream-like scenario in the brain in order that we transcend time or the relativity domain, and, in the process, neutralize previous incarnations’ sin mounds. If there were no time how could we know it’s opposite, timelessness? Time is the dynamic from which each soul must gain its own freedom, and, we do this by birthing a NEW space dimension within: culturing a unifying of diversity consciousness. A level of conscious awareness that encompasses the everything / everybody in Creation. This time / dream dynamic remains our repeating reality only as long as our time-anchored “I” battles to maintain the status quo: a mind needing to be dragged kicking and screaming to the Transformation realm. For, an educated intellect is not the criteria of right or wrong action, rather a transformed cosmically-aware consciousness.

Pineal Gland Meditation – Portal to Bliss

Residual mental / physical tension is the dynamic which holds sub consciousness in place. In creating this NEW space in consciousness, the secret is to first rid the mind of tension / fear: “First seek the Kingdom.” By focusing the awareness between the eyebrows at the Pineal Gland in center of brain, thus the mechanics of tension, which support our deeply-held fears, are demobilized, desensitized – fear / tension becoming exposed to Awareness.

In focusing at the Pineal Gland, the virgin point of our own divinity is penetrated, incubated, thus fertilizing the root seed from which Eternal life emerges — the soul is freed out of Egypt, out of the time / fear / tension hypnosis and into bliss – the Promised Land or Divine Consciousness. Thus, at the individual level, the unconditional love nature of our indwelling Christ becomes knowable.

Let us clarify Pineal Gland penetration. As the Pineal Gland is a tiny physical structure in the brain we don’t physically enter into it, rather, our consciousness is recipient of its Bliss Nectar. By way of Kundalini, or life-force rising up from the Base Chakra, it’s the Kundalini which activates the Pineal, out of which eternity consciousness emerges to become our Realized Christ Awareness. Our work is firstly: conscious intention to Kingdom Nature then, commitment to THE PRACTICE: Pineal / Kundalini practice is the matrix through which divine nature is revealed unto consciousness.

The process, while unravelling deeply rooted time tracks or crystallized sin triggers from automatically replaying non soul-serving mindsets, simultaneously activates the Pituitary Gland. Pituitary Gland activity is needed for Human Growth Hormone production to maintain the physical body, which, among its other vital benefits, the hormone stimulates the immune / nervous system to optimal functioning thereby aid divine nature experiencing. After middle-age the Pituitary reduces HGH output, thus meditation is vital for re-balancing the deficit. Meditation also makes the body-system alkaline from acidic which helps reduce cellular oxidation or premature aging of the organism(s).

New Conditioning

And although, between meditations, the mind / nervous system are again exposed to further conditioning, such is transient, potency is shallow. Any new conditioning becomes integrated in the conscious living moment — not re-sown, recycled for future mental digestion. In fact, challenges, or negative thought attacks, represent opportunities of establishing greater Self-awareness leading to greater bliss levels in our nervous system. Bliss must be lived or acted upon consciously in our daily chores, this is how bliss is made permanent in consciousness:

Enlightened Consciousness

Due to the ego’s death during this interactive Pineal / Base Chakra period, the mind gets to know Transcendental consciousness – think Crucifixion / Resurrection (of consciousness). But remember, Pineal convergence-familiarization takes committed daily practice of bringing the intellect to Pineal focusing. This convergence environment is not taken kindly by the finite mind, even though, paradoxically, mind is being led to what it’s actually searching for – Bliss consciousness. How unwitting is that!

Pineal meditation transcendence also enhances a brain function known as neuroplasticity. This process allows for new neural pathways or nerve connections in the brain to form, thereby enabling development of greater exploration skills into newer frontiers of Creation, beyond our present human capabilities. By way of the brain’s new organizational ability, our cosmically-orientated Pineal consciousness can potentially find ways into previously unimaginable states of creative consciousness. Pineal orientation spiritualizes the neuroplasticity harvest thus “guaranteeing” the fruits of consciousness development are mutually beneficial to both mankind and Planet Christedness (in its reestablishment).

When the inner booster rocket of transcendence is ignited, thus the ignorance gravity field and limiting mind paradigms are conquered: consciousness moves on from base camp level of understanding to Summit Thought – think Star Trek: warp 5, (within) Mr. Scotty”.

From previously spiritually asleep souls, (the Biblical concept of the “son of man” or “natural man”) now, through consciousness development, new frontiers in spiritual evolution are crossed, no longer are we resigned to degenerative or diseased thought patterns. Rather, spiritual man / woman is destined to plow the higher planes of cosmic consciousness: universes which God has ordained unto each soul.

As a starter to Pineal Gland meditation may I suggest the following breathing technique:

First, (closed eyes and seated with straight spine) breath out fully through the mouth. Then, when breath is exhaled, close the right nostril with your thumb and breathe in fully through the left nostril. Then, swiftly, close the left nostril and breathe out fully through the right nostril. Breathe in through the right nostril, close right nostril and breathe out through left. Repeat this alternating breathing for about five minutes before settling onto gentle Pineal focusing. In practice, the inner gaze may drift upwards.

This is fine, but allow this happen naturally, this is transcendence maturation. Do not strain the eyes in this exercise.

Returning to the Bible quotation mentioned at the beginning: “The Apostles (spiritual faculties within the brain) got into the boat (meditation) and went to the other side” (Transcendence).

The Bible is here talking about traversing from left-side brain – egoism logic — to creative, inspirational right-side brain via the boat of transcendence. In this process both the Pineal and Pituitary glands, plus the brain’s twelve Cranial nerves become spiritually active, leading to total brain and optimal organism functioning – consciousness aware in Higher logical perception.

Combined with neuroplasticity activity, Pineal meditation presents the brain with “reconfiguration” opportunity, thereby advancing out of the present primal five sensory awareness to cognition in multi-sensory cosmic perception. With this level of expansionary Awareness, Spiritual Realization, that seemingly impossible to overcome sin, or addiction-based lifestyle, no longer looms as the Goliath in our life. Now, just as the Biblical David, we too have the Pineal White Light Marble to spiritual freedom and self-expression in our spiritual Hearts to once and for all slay the dragon(s) of limitation. Our Pineal Gland runneth over of Enlightened consciousness.

My Book “Transforming Your Life – How to Be All That You Can Be” covers this subject more comprehensively.

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Joshua Tilghman February 4, 2015 at 7:06 pm


A phenomenal post! Not only did you provide us with some great meditation techniques, but I thought you did a great job explaining what happens on the physical and spiritual level when we do penial gland meditation. Very thorough and thought-provoking. This post should move us all to practice meditation daily.

You spoke of how this meditation technique induces neuroplasticity. So true. I would also like to add a link to a Harvard-research study involving how meditation builds brain cells and grey matter. Now we do not have to just “talk” about these effects on spiritual websites where only meditators believe, but we have actual scientific proof from a reputable source that skeptics cannot deny.

You also stated:

“The single most contributing factor to spiritual ignorance — a consciousness paralyzed in time and residual fear — is absence of experiential Present Moment. While the conditioned lower-self ego is at home in the time-based world, such is not the soul’s domain, which is Transcendental – a level of consciousness attained while alive on earth. Therefore, some preparation work is needed to acquaint the physiology and consciousness in timelessness, transcendent, present-moment functioning.”

Your above quote and the subsequent paragraph explain perfectly what Eckart Tolle has tried to tell us in The Power of Now, and while Eckart’s book is meant to be simple and easy to understand, you have gone a step further in providing us with the key to understanding the soul-mind-body connection. Brilliant!

I appreciate the information on the pituitary gland as well. So often the pineal gland is the only one focused on, but we know the ancient Egyptians included as the third eye the entire third ventricle system to be bathed in kundalini which cannot leave out the pituitary gland.
Thanks for the knowledge and technique to practice, as well as breaking down the very important spiritual concept in Matthew 14:22 for us. A much-needed post. I think this one will have to be read through a few times by us all to really integrate everything that is being said here.


Raymond Phelan February 5, 2015 at 3:59 pm

Hi Josh,

Thank you for your most perceptive comment. Coming from a respected biblical scholar as your good yourself, I’m indeed honored with your overview words on Matthew 14:22.

Yes, it’s true this post (as does most posts here on SOS) requires re-reading a few times to anchor the understanding, for truly the brain needs to be challenged in depth regularly. In general, “re-reading”, I feel, is the surest way to make concrete that which initially appears abstract, and in the process, induces the neuroplasticity effect in the brain, as mentioned in the article, and by yourself in comment.

A great link also to include, which, does indeed validate so much research by dedicated people wishing to spread the secret of inner and outer happiness and contentment globally. The proof of meditation was always in its simplistic approach and practice, which, simply is a step beyond opinion and ego-referencing to arrive at Experiential Life and its living at personal level.

Thank you for the comparison with Eckart Tolle, a long-time hero of mine.




Vernon McVety Jr. February 4, 2015 at 10:54 pm

Nice article Raymond. Especially your passages on the pineal gland, “new conditioning” and “enlightened consciousness” bringing us to some of the stages of the contemplative process. It’s a break to see it in Biblical & Christian perspectives on this site. An interesting youtube show worthy for us biblically-minded readers who want to expand beyond the Christian limitations is here:

Blessings, and keep up the good work. – Vern


Robert February 5, 2015 at 4:57 pm


Loved this video. Thanks. A commenter on the You Tube suggested something I would like to follow up on, since I have a scientific interest in consciousness”

Haigh Jamgochian,jr.2 days ago
Love the stuff your into, but why does everyone have the pineal and pituitary glands confused? The pituitary gland is associated with the brow chakra, or third eye, NOT the pineal gland. It’s associated with the crown chakra. Activation of the pituitary gland allows for clairvoyance. Activation of the pineal gland allows for direct communication between the soul, and the personality (lower mental body(concrete thought), astral body(emotion), and physical body(etheric, or energy body, and flesh body)), of the particular lifetime that soul is living. There is a vast amount of development which takes place between those two distinct levels of consciousness, and all 5 major lower chakras must be be activated first. All in one single lifetime. Even if you open your Kundalini, and correctly run it through 6 of the 7 centers in one life, you still must complete the entire process in the course of a single lifetime, although each time you try, you are born with a greater predisposition to complete the process, and achieve enlightenment. It usually takes 2 to 4 lifetimes of honest effort.

I will let you know what I come up with about the pituitary vs. the pineal. They are both parts of the “interior brain” of course. If the pituitary is responsible for clairvoyance, then it would be stimulated by a different process than the sixth sense functions of the pituitary. I already know from reading elsewhere that DMT is released in the body by other processes besides death and death-like experiences.

The video’s emphasis on our eyes becoming a source of life-giving radiance parallel to the electromagnetic (physical light) radiance of the sun is very interesting.


Vernon McVety Jr. February 5, 2015 at 11:23 pm

Thanks Robert. That’s a good explanation in showing us the distinct functioning of each, in its own place, while at the same time it’s true that they’re not entirely separate from each other. I think the commentator in this video on the Eye of Horus elucidates in such a way as to let us connect the dots by ourselves, drawing our own lines to what we feel could be related. The Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote a very potent truth in a small verse on the intimate interdependency of the human being: “Nothing in this world is single. Everything by a law divine in each others being mingle.” – Vern


Raymond Phelan February 5, 2015 at 5:37 pm

Hi Vern,
Thank for your valued comment and youtube link, and for highlighting the article sections of real interest to you. It’s always good to read your inspiring insights here on SOS.

Yes, I agree, whenever the contemplative / meditational language is interwoven into biblical literature, then a more connective understanding of inner reality certainly becomes more easily discernible — more spiritually “reachable” or compatible at individual level.




Vernon McVety Jr. (Bro. Vern) February 5, 2015 at 10:58 pm

Beautifully stated. I couldn’t have said it better myself. That’s the reason I used the word “passages.” The inner esoteric meanings beneath have a way of meeting and intersecting for us, somewhat like cross-references throwing light on similar translucent realities elsewhere in the bible, and other sources of the ageless wisdom. Thanks.


Willow February 5, 2015 at 4:13 pm

Hi Joshua,

Very interesting article. Powerful intuitive diagnostics and energetic analyses.
Question: Aside from direct “pineal gland meditation,” how does prayer, art, music and reading of scripture figure into the transformative process? Can these activities also produce desired results?




Raymond Phelan February 6, 2015 at 8:00 am

Hi Dave,

Thank you for valued comment. You posed the question: “Aside from direct “pineal gland meditation,” how does prayer, art, music and reading of scripture figure into the transformative process?

Josh’s response was indeed most helpful to us all, as always.

Can I say, Dave, at their own level of conscious participation each of the above in your question represent a form of meditation or the transformative process. For example, music is processed through the right side brain, which is entry into our soul nature. Formal prayer readings, or vocalizing our favorite piece of literature, (or mantra) similarly creates “the chant effect” or inner vibration which stimulates right brain activity. Also, I’m sure, for art to be appreciated at a deeper level it must be a right brain process.

In making meditation (or excursions into right brain via the Pineal) a daily regular activity, we’ll find that formal prayer, art, music and reading participation to be an extension of meditation consciousness. Or, as Josh said, it may be that we first seek the kingdom through scriptural esoteric interpretation which will eventually reveal to the seeker the importance of formal meditation. While music, art and reading represent spiritual engagement certainly, I feel, soul connectivity or Presence will be greater through seated meditation. Inner Silence is our loudest prayer, it’s always answered through the quiet mind at soul level thus leading to direction-in-life mode. ALL action performed through established or cultured present moment consciousness represents soul connectivity, thereby enriching our cultural and heart attractions divinely.

Hope this has been of help, Dave.




anny February 9, 2015 at 11:47 am

Hi Raymond,

You quote Josh as saying: Or it may be that we first seek the kingdom through scriptural esoteric interpretation which will eventually reveal to the seeker the importance of formal meditation.

It might very well be the other way around also. I only see esoteric interpretations of Bible texts when in a meditative state. This is another kind of esoteric interpretation than Josh is pointing at, I believe, which often is a result of study and research (mind). It is all entangled however, no matter what comes first or last.


Raymond Phelan February 9, 2015 at 2:32 pm

Hi Anny

Thank you for this comment. Yes, I do see the distinction you make, and yes, I totally agree with you it could well be the other way around. In fact, in my own case, it WAS the other way around. Prior to learning meditation practice, esoteric Scripture was totally beyond my comprehension — representing merely a collection of the primary school, Church-imposed literal teachings. Thankfully now, like yourself, Scripture’s deeper wisdom is revealed through the consciousness development process of meditation.




Joshua Tilghman February 5, 2015 at 6:04 pm

Hi Dave.

Thanks for commenting. Just to set the record straight, Raymond wrote this post, and I’m sure he’ll chime in and add additional info, but I do want to say that yes, absolutely, prayer, art, music, and reading scripture produces results. However, meditation is much more productive for producing the kind of results Raymond addresses in this article. In fact, for most of us, meditation is the ONLY direct route. But the others you mention often must come first because of where we are in the evolution of our souls. For example, I would have never learned of the benefits of meditation had I not studied the scriptures first. It was only after studying esoteric interpretations that I realized the Bible was largely about meditation and the kingdom within. It was the scriptures that opened my mind enough to even entertain the idea of higher consciousness and how one can embark upon such an important spiritual path. Like Raymond mentioned briefly in the article, our shortcomings and life experiences place us in certain circumstances which provide impetus for balancing psychological energies.


Robert February 6, 2015 at 6:02 pm


About three quarters through my second reading I began to understand that you were showing us how to go from self-limited potential over to the other side to potential unlimited by self. From being directed by the sub conscious and its addictive habits and sensory perceptions to being directed by the conscious and extrasensory perceptions

Besides regular practice of meditation (as you say “silence is the loudest prayer”), it also occurred to me that correct diet and physical activities could make a difference in making sure the endocrine system functions to its fullest. HGH, DMT, and other enzymes are needed by and for a well functioning pituitary and pineal connection to consciousness.

I am also thinking that enhanced creativity does not only give rise to artistry, novelty, and outside-the-box problem solving, but also unlimited potential for recreating the environment in a way we were used to calling “mystically”. Not just the power of positive thinking that optimizes one’s focus and actions to compete better in the environment, but the ability to create opportunities that did not exist before the intention gave birth to it. Unlimited potential. Correct me if I am going too far out on a limb with this.

Besides that I got a little confused about the relationship of bed-time dreams and facing death. You may have left a step out that is explained in your book. I did get the analogy of awakening from a bed-time dream and awakening from materialistic illusion. I know there is a transition during awakening form a bed-time dream in which the brain has to determine that the dream that seemed so real is not reality at all. But I don’t get the death thing.


Raymond Phelan February 7, 2015 at 4:46 pm

Hi Robert

Thank you for this great comment (Feb 6th) — in fact, you could well have written this post. Your wonderful brain enables you grasp so much of the spiritual dimension.

On the dream death issue, can I elaborate.

Over the years many people have conveyed to me how they awoken from a bed-time dream, the content of which was a death-facing scenario: like falling over a steep cliff or a terrorist looming in front of them about to pull the trigger, or our hiding place being discovered by an ensuing murderous mob, etc. On asking: what happened next in that death-threatening moment? they replied “I WOKEN UP”!

When the sub conscious fear content becomes silently dominant or overpowering in our life through neglect, the unconscious creates a “face the fear” dream scenario, (usually of a death nature) thereby defusing a potential coping with life inability. In other words, each time we face fear directly, whenever and wherever, we deepen in awakening unto soul love, the opposite of residual fear. In this way, Illusion can never proper or reestablish at subjective level.

Continuous anger is a good barometer of our fear base level. Each time we express anger-ridden thoughts we’re guaranteeing ourselves future anger experiencing, similarly, when we behave fearfully to events or others we deny soul nature – pure love — into our consciousness.

The point about the bed-time dream is that, if we continue to ignore the outer lessons of life to soul awakening, then, from the established mish-mesh of sub consciousness, the Unconscious (soul) formulates a dream – presents us with a scenario where we’re no longer in conscious control — and, just as death is about to happen in the dream, we waken up from the dream, our fear base is conquered, which, from the soul’s perspective is taken to have actually happened: that we faced the illusion and came out the other side knowing that fear is only real so long as stay soul asleep.

The bed-time dream of facing death was more about facing FEAR rather than fear of physical death.

Like unrelenting Nature, our soul nature is constantly seeking multiplication (of love — go forth and multiply) achieved through resolution of residual inner conflict, resolution of patterned generational contradictions in the sub conscious — the unconscious attempting to bring roses to our inner desert (Isaiah).

Regards the diet, Robert, you’re spot on!! Regular exposure to transcendence naturally gravitates the mind away from devitalized junk foods and piousness liquids. Also, daily supplementation of Complex Antioxidant is hugely beneficial to the cellular body. Daily walking “in the now” is also a way of exposure to soul nature infusion into consciousness.

When we consider that the brain is akin to a muscle, it too needs regular flexing which is achieved in meditation, particularly the restarting process after each mind drift. While many people are dis-heartened by this, “drifting” and coming back, restarting is actually the secret of progress in meditation practice. Coming back after each drift flexus brain muscles — strengthens or creates new neural pathways or enlarged conscious capacity of mind.




Joshua Tighman February 6, 2015 at 7:27 pm


Awesome comment and observations here. You’re delving into the meat of what Raymond is unveiling.


Robert February 7, 2015 at 10:44 am


I think many of the artistic, musical and literary expressions related to the conscious mind are part of community consciousness, which are also vital, but not a substitute for experiencing transcendence on an individual level. Community consciousness is a whole other thing. This blog is a form of it. A painting with a spiritual theme is another. A poignant poem describing a special experience of an individual, whether painful or exhilarating, when read aloud to a group, can temporarily dissolve individual separation within the group. Cavemen started this by painting walls. The architecture at Stonehenge still mystifies us and connects us with the spiritual journey of the ancient culture that build it.


Robert February 7, 2015 at 12:16 pm

Left Brain to Right Brain,

I hope I am being helpful here in bringing providing an update on the right brain/left brain theory. Some of it is still valid and useful, but as of 2013, a scientific study demonstrated that we think with the entire brain. The gist of what Raymond is stating is still absolutely valid. So it is only a minor point, maybe even a mute one in regards to this post.

Here is one article that describes the technical aspects of the scientific study
Here is another that describes the impact on our culture

I think the good news of this new finding is that each of us has the potential to integrate analytical thinking and intuition to enhance our consciousness and abilities. We are not limited by a preference for one or the other that we develop early in life. This is also what Enneagram theory says, that our personalities mature as we integrate personality traits that are new for us. When the type 5 introverted thinker gets in touch with intuition, a quantum leap in consciousness occurs.

It is still important to recognize one another’s early life preferences so we can accommodate and appreciate our differences.


Raymond Phelan February 8, 2015 at 6:12 pm

Hi Robert,

Thank you for this comment. I do take it in the “helpful” vain, of course, my friend.

It’s generally accepted that, while we think with the conscious mind, it’s the intellect which decides. While “thinking” (as per the second link in your comment) may involve right and left brain, in spiritual terms this is not the same as Total brain functioning. As we’re NOT the brain, but that Spirit enters the brain, the brain as such needs to become spiritualized, soul-infused, thereby function cosmically or Total brain. While, prior to Pineal, Pituitry activation, there may be left/right brain activity, this level of mind functioning can still be of an egoic finite nature. In this regard, the relevant point is: what we’re thinking through, or, what we’re thinking with – Spirit or conditioning, ego or Enlightenment. The imperative being, that, to function through a Resolute intellect, or Self-nature capacity focusing — a cosmically-infused brain — then spiritual unification of both brain hemispheres is needed, which, is the function of meditation leading to this soul-nature identification in the brain.



Robert February 9, 2015 at 2:57 pm


Thanks. Your explanation is further enlightening, and motivating toward pursuit of meditation.


Miriam February 8, 2015 at 1:02 pm

I have a question for those of you who practice meditation. Do you really find that medication has made you a more loving and compassionate person? Tangibly so, I mean? Not just a euphoric feeling or a “knowing”, but actually acting on it boldly courageously? Has it changed how you interact with others?


Raymond Phelan February 8, 2015 at 5:17 pm

Hi Miriam,

Thank you for your interesting and valid question.

If, say for example, a person is already happy and loving in their life and someone suggested to them they take up practicing meditation, they most likely would say no thank you, I’ve no need to. But, if say, your life was riddled with depression and addiction-based life style and someone suggested meditation may help, (as was my own case 38 years ago), would you say no out of certainty that it wouldn’t help? In my case, I didn’t think twice about giving it a go. I didn’t take up meditation back then to be compassionate and loving, I took up the practice to be free from the suffering due to depression and the hell of an addiction-based lifestyle! Did it work…. absolutely yes! And yes, happiness, creativity and a more compassionate loving nature toward others is most certainly my experience, and, I still meditate twice daily.

Blessings and love, Miriam



Miriam February 9, 2015 at 3:09 pm

Thank you for sharing your experience Raymond. I appreciate it.


Robert February 9, 2015 at 4:54 pm


I like to follow the scientific research on meditation and mindfulness. One after another Government sponsored studies at leading universities have confirmed that this practice improves health and well-being. There are now modes of psychotherapy that integrate this practice. I have suffered from depression and snappyness and have seen a lot of improvement in my own life from meditation in the last three years. You can learn it on your own, find a meditation or yoga instructor, join a meet-up group, go to a free program at a local church, or enroll in an eight week standardized meditation program at a research university or meditation training center.

I don’t know what pills you have tried. Sometimes it is a hit and miss thing for the individual. Some boost brain enzymes. Some are more calming. The old saying is “hurting people hurt people”. So the source of the hurting (or suffering) needs to be dealt with. Meditation and mindfulness can help with that process.


Miriam February 8, 2015 at 2:12 pm

Ha! I meant “meditation”, not ” medication”. But hey, if you know of a pill that makes you more loving, I might try it. 😉


anny February 9, 2015 at 11:59 am

Hi Miriam,

I love the way you caught your typo and reacted to it.

However, if we would be able to take a pill that would make us more loving, it would mean that we were to skip the digesting process that I wrote about in my articles, with as a result less gain of conscious awareness and probably also less loving kindness.

So, if we do want to take medication, let us swallow the bitter pill of that process, shall we?




anny February 9, 2015 at 8:01 am

Hello Raymond,

I thank you for an interesting article with a lot of depth and content that I could only grasp after reading it carefully several times.

I might be able to add some information about what follows going “to the other side”, which I learned to interpret exactly the same as you do.

The disciples cast out their nets. A net in Hebrew is “reshet”, 200-300-400. These are the last three characters of the Hebrew alphabet; the last three possibilities to express yourself in this material world of illusion we still live in. So maybe you might see it as using your last resources or your last strength in order to accomplish your task.

The total numerical value is 700, which means fulfilling this task is the completion of this world of the seventh day.

The result is that they catch 153 fishes. The fishes here are a symbol of everything that was still lying hidden in the water that is a symbol of ego and emotions. They bring it all up to the surface to be looked at and examined.

There are several ways to come to the number of 153. One is based on the number seventeen as the last bitter phase before something new and beautiful starts. When you add up all numbers from one till seventeen you get one hundred and fifty three. It means going through all seventeen phases of your life and examining them, processing and digesting them and then call it all good, tov, 9-6-2 = 17.

In the story the process is explained/executed again as they put the fishes on a fire (purification) and “eat” them, which is again processing and digesting.

All this of course, following the voice of the Christ Consciousness that finally had woken up in them. I believe that this might also be the phase that they change from disciples to apostles, from students to teachers.




Raymond Phelan February 9, 2015 at 3:36 pm

Hello Anny,

WoW, thank you so so much for this comment. Not having the Hebraic numerology knowledge as your good Self, this is indeed is a beautiful interpretation regards “going to the side” — of facing our demons consciously.

I love this what you write:
“The result is that they catch 153 fishes. The fishes here are a symbol of everything that was still lying hidden in the water that is a symbol of ego and emotions. They bring it all up to the surface to be looked at and examined”.

What a wonderful expression of sub consciousness integration!

And your wrap-up comment:

“All this of course, following the voice of the Christ Consciousness that finally had woken up in them. I believe that this might also be the phase that they change from disciples to apostles, from students to teachers”.

Or, can we say,
From seekers to Seers.

Love and blessings,



anny February 10, 2015 at 7:19 am

Hello Raymond,

I love your phrase: “facing your demons consciously”. That is exactly what it is. It is not such a dry expression as processing or digesting (which of course relate to the meaning of the word “eat” in the Bible texts) but shows the emotions and feelings involved.

As far as my last sentence: “I believe that this might also be the phase that they change from disciples to apostles, from students to teachers” is concerned, I phrased it in this way because I noticed that in the Bible text that you quoted, they were already called apostles, which I thought to be a little prematurely.

But of course “from seekers to Seers” is also true.




J.C. Tilton February 22, 2015 at 2:20 pm

I just came across this today, when reading Neville Goddard (who is worth your time reading if you haven’t yet). I trust it will be of help:

From “At Your Command” (public domain):

I am nameless but will take upon myself every name (nature) that you call me. Remember it is you, yourself, that I speak of as ‘me.’ So every conception that you have of yourself – that is every deep conviction – you have of yourself is that which you shall appear as being – for I AM not fooled; God is not mocked.

Now let me instruct you in the art of fishing. It is recorded that the disciples fished all night and caught nothing. Then Jesus came upon the scene and told them to cast their nets in once more, into the same waters that only a moment before were barren – and this time their nets were bursting with the catch.

This story is taking place in the world today right within you, the reader. For you have within you all the elements necessary to go fishing. But until you find that Jesus Christ, (your awareness) is Lord, you will fish, as did these disciples, in the night of human darkness. That is, you will fish for THINGS thinking things to be real and will fish with the human bait – which is a struggle and an effort – trying to make contact with this one and that one: trying to coerce this being or the other being; and all such effort will be in vain. But when you discover your awareness of being to be Christ Jesus you will let him direct your fishing. And you will fish in consciousness for the things that you desire. For your desire – will be the fish that you will catch, because your consciousness is the only living reality you will fish in the deep waters of consciousness.

If you would catch that which is beyond your present capacity you must launch out into deeper waters, for, within your present consciousness such fish or desires cannot swim. To launch out into deeper waters, you leave behind you all that is now your present problem, or limitation, by taking your ATTENTION AWAY from it. Turn your back completely upon every problem and limitation that you now possess.

Dwell upon just being by saying, “I AM,” “I AM,” “I AM,” to yourself. Continue to declare to yourself that you just are. Do not condition this declaration, just continue to FEEL yourself to be and without warning you will find yourself slipping the anchor that tied you to the shallow of your problems and moving out into the deep.

This is usually accompanied with the feeling of expansion. You will FEEL yourself expand as though you were actually growing. Don’t be afraid, for courage is necessary. You are not going to die to anything by your former limitations, but they are going to die as you move away from them, for they live only in your consciousness. In this deep or expanded consciousness you will find yourself to be a power that you had never dreamt of before.

The things desired before you shoved off from the shores of limitation are the fish you are going to catch in this deep. Because you have lost all consciousness of your problems and barriers, it is now the easiest thing in the world to FEEL yourself to be one with the things desired.

Because I AM (your consciousness) is the resurrection and the life, you must attach this resurrecting power that you are to the thing desired if you would make it appear and live in your world. Now you begin to assume the nature of the thing desired by feeling, “I AM wealthy”; “I AM free”; “I AM strong.” When these ‘FEELS’ are fixed within yourself, your formless being will take upon itself the forms of the things felt. You become ‘crucified’ upon the feelings of wealth, freedom, and strength. – Remain buried in the stillness of these convictions. Then, as a thief in the night and when you least expect it, theses qualities will be resurrected in your world as living realities.


Joshua Tilghman March 13, 2015 at 9:41 am

Thanks for this, Josh


David March 5, 2015 at 12:27 am

I love this website. I called it “The Tree of Life Spiritual Market”. Its aways fresh spiritual fruit here, and I enjoy every bite. Every bite I have is giving me spiritual vitamins and minerals to the Christ forming in me :-)! Keep this good work coming Josh.


Joshua Tilghman March 13, 2015 at 9:35 am

Thanks David, I appreciate the encouragement. I have to thank all the greats who have studied scriptures esoterically before me.


Megan Sullivan March 31, 2015 at 9:48 am

I’ve finally come to realization that I control how I feel. As humans, society has programmed and socialized us to feel and react to certain events in certain ways. When we experience or hear certain things, we have an expected reaction that we usually follow. I don’t want to be this person any longer. I want others to realize the complete control one can have over their own feelings. Internalized, programmed reactions cause many people to react in ways in which they don’t even want. For example, I am all about preaching peace and love. Yet, when faced with adversities I often react how “any one” would and often disregard peace. Even if I look silly, to others who expect a negative reaction, I want to stick to personal positive feelings. The best feeling is being in touch with the inner self and emotions.


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