The Rapture of the Saints: It’s Not About Flying!

by Joshua Tilghman on November 20, 2012

rapture 1 300x298 The Rapture of the Saints: It’s Not About Flying!In the last post I discussed why baptism is really about meditation. This week’s post will continue on the subject of meditation and higher consciousness by discussing what the so called Biblical “rapture” is really about.

The rapture truly is a strange doctrine that’s been going around for hundreds of years. Millions of people believe in it. Some are so sure of it that they are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to prepare for it, even quitting their jobs and selling all their worldly possessions. What scripture would cause someone to do something so foolish if the word “rapture” isn’t even in the Bible?

The rapture doctrine actually comes from a conglomeration of many scriptures, but the main scripture is found in Thessalonians.

“For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so we shall ever be with the Lord.” (1 Thess. 4:16-17).

Interesting! And so from the words “caught up” and “in the clouds” and “air” the rapture doctrine appeared.

Just like baptism, this description is about what happens during meditation. It has nothing to do with literal people flying in the air to meet Jesus Christ. People don’t fly. This fact is not going to change unless we grow wings and feathers. The ancient scripture writers knew this as well. They certainly didn’t mean that people would fly to the clouds literally.

Let’s review some aforementioned scriptures from this blog to get more of an accurate assessment of Paul’s meaning in Thessalonians.

“…the kingdom of God cometh not with observation” (Luke 17:20).

In other words, the kingdom of God is not something that you will observe with your eyes. You can’t look around and see it. No one will see anyone else fly in the air, either. No one will meet their past loved ones in the clouds. In fact, the whole event isn’t about anything that happens outside of you. So where does it happen?

“…the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21).

The entire Bible and all of its stories happen within you. If you’re going to understand the Bible, you have to see all of its stories and parables as something that happens within you.

Being “caught up” into the “clouds” and “air” is about higher consciousness. To elaborate on this point, we need to go over a little Greek history first.

There is the idea going around that the ancient Greeks believed the universe was made up of four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. This idea comes from the writings of ancient Greeks like Thales, Anaximenes, and Empedocles. For example, Thales emphasized that water was a fundamental element of the universe. Anaximenes, his student, seemed to place more emphasis on air. Empedocles stated that the universe consisted of earth, water, air and fire but that all four elements are eternal and interchange with one another.

Did these thinkers really believe that these literal elements made up the universe? Hardly. These elements represented different levels of consciousness usually experienced as a direct result of meditation.

Earth represents ordinary consciousness within the physical body.

Water is the second level of consciousness initiated by the act of meditation. Think how baptism in literal water is symbolic of initiating one’s spiritual journey in Christ by submerging the head (where conscious thought is channeled). This represents the beginning of meditation and the process needs to be continued in order to manifest Christ consciousness.

Air represents the third level of meditation where thought begins to cease. Ever wonder why Christ says that we should “Take no thought…” so much throughout the Gospels? Well now you do. It simply means that we aren’t to let the ego rule, for the ego is always worried about “me” and “mine.” Having complete faith in God is simply letting go in meditation and being filled with His Spirit instead. When one participates in meditation long enough, ‘Taking no thought…’ will manifest a surprisingly blissful state. It is truly a state of peace.

The fourth level is fire. It is the baptism with fire that John talks about when speaking of Christ’s coming. This state is brought about in advanced meditation.

So to rap this post up we can conclude that the event people refer to as the rapture discussed in Thessalonians represents this third level of meditation and resulting consciousness. Remember that the New Testament was written in Greek. The ideas and concepts are the same.

Some helpful information on meditation and its effects:

In deep meditation, the lower thoughts of man (emotions and ego) are metaphorically killed off. They essentially experience a death. They are “the dead in Christ” which must first rise. In other words, the lower mind that has been killed off will experience a resurrection. How exactly does meditating kill off the lower mind or man?

Meditation brings stability, peace, and wholeness to the mind. This is the “rising” of conscious awareness. Check out these links to see this for yourself. The first source is an excellent article on how meditation actually helps to balance emotions.

Meditation article

This next article is published on Science Daily and explains how meditation even helps with aging!

Meditation article 2

Paul also states the phrase, “we which are alive and remain,” will also rise to meet the dead in Christ first.  This aspect of your new awakening is simply your individuality living as the higher mind. Contrary to some thought, the individuality is not lost or taken over when meditate with no thought. Our individuality remains intact even though we walk in oneness with God, because we “ever will remain with the Lord.” This ever remaining with the Lord is to abide in and walk in the spirit continually, and no longer is the self under the delusion of the ego.

I believe this is what ELCUMEDIES truly meant when he stated that earth, water, air, and fire are eternal and interchangeable. In other words, consciousness manifests in different ways and on different levels. Spirit and matter are essentially interchangeable and two sides of the same coin.

How does this knowledge help us?

It seems that a lot of people in this world are now experiencing anxiety, depression, and “crazy” thoughts. Meditation is needed more now than ever. Granted, stress and a busy lifestyle has already done some damage to our internal glands that help regulate our body’s ability to channel higher consciousness. For example, many people have exhausted their adrenal glands and they are suffering to the point where it’s even hard to function every day, much less meditate! Many of us not only need to meditate, but change our diets and lifestyle too. I am also speaking to myself. I am continually challenged lately to improve my diet. It’s hard with work and everything else I have to do, like running this blog. But I know that’s its absolutely necessary, and you should too.

Do whatever it takes to make your body feel good and balanced again. Eat more raw foods and cut out the stuff you know is detrimental to your Holy Temple. Take more time for yourself and meditate. When you’re ready, you’ll know when it’s time to begin meditation for the purpose of higher awareness. Hopefully, you’ll experience the “rapture” and realize that all those people who are still waiting for it to happen are only deluding themselves. Then maybe you can help them see the truth if they become open to it.


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