Does God exist? Is there consciousness outside of the body, or life after death?

by Anny Vos on December 10, 2013

Stonehenge sunriseThe questions in the title of this post have always been asked by humanity. Spirituality and religion say yes to most of these questions, whereas science mostly denies it. For a long time matter was all that was real to science, although there are scientists who somehow manage to combine religion and science.

Science and spirituality are like mind and soul, like male and female, two opposites that have got out of balance since we ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is duality in action. It is right and left, whereby in the past millennia the left has got a bad reputation. Even the words say it. Right is being right, being in possession of the truth. Left is sinister, literally so, because the word sinister is derived from the Latin word sinister which means left.

Of course this is a very strange interpretation when we look at nature as it functions in duality. The human body has two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, two lungs, two kidneys etc. Are they supposed to fight over who is ‘right’ or are they created in order to function together and as such give depth to our vision, stereo versus mono to our hearing, and so on?

Even in politics I think right and left should stop fighting, each presuming they are ‘right’, because left alone each side would go off at the deep end, harping on one aspect only and forgetting the other. When they meet in the middle, there will be harmony and balance and a prosperous society.

And that of course is what the involution and descent of the soul into the world of duality and matter, and its evolution and ascension within the same is all about. This is also true for science and spirituality. They should not fight each other but also not behave like they are about two totally different areas of life that have nothing to do with each other. By now we are discovering that everything is connected, entangled as quantum physics calls it, and that we cannot expect the world to keep functioning as before when we are destroying one aspect of life after the other. Or when ten percent of the world population claims eighty percent of all resources, if not more.

The exciting thing is that the frontiers of science and spirituality are approaching each other, as Joshua already mentioned in his article Could God Really be Outside of his Creation?

In the context of spirituality it has already been mentioned that this world we live in is not real. It is called an illusion. Buddhists call it maya and the Bible calls it a deep sleep, ‘tardema’ in Hebrew. In my article The Inner Beauty of the Bible Stories: The Soul’s Journey Beneath the Literal Interpretation, I explained this sleep as the descent of Man into the world of duality and matter. It is, but the literal meaning is also true. The world of matter is a world of a deep sleep, a dream world, which was created for us to experience everything we wanted to experience in order to gain conscious awareness.


You could compare this dream world to a computer game, a virtual reality, in which we start to play a game but after a while get so involved that we totally forget it is a game. We become deadly serious about it and think it is the real world—the only real world.

In Reality there is no time involved in this game because all possibilities have already been programmed into it from the beginning and when you play the game, you determine what you want to experience by choosing one of the possibilities that are already there. These different possibilities are sometimes also called parallel realities or even parallel universes. In each of those ‘universes’ there already is a you who has made a certain choice. By choosing which one of them you want to play you close off some other possibilities for the time being, but you open up a whole new range of choices, and so on and so forth. At the same time the choices you did not select do remain part of the game, should your path lead you there again later in the game. Or in a new round.

Each player is the star of his or her own show and determines by the choices he or she makes how the other players will behave (from the numerous array of their choices / realities / universes). In that way we each create our own world with its own truth, which is sensible within its own frame of reference but not necessarily to another player who has created a totally different world, in which completely different things are true. Because we are all entangled however, we do tend to share ideas with other people and as such often make the same or similar choices, which will result in our worlds being largely (though not totally) the same, which causes us even more to think that we, our group / religion / political party etc, must be ‘right’.

As it is just a game, however, a world of illusion, it is no use to start fighting about who is right and who is wrong, as everybody is right in his own world and wrong in that of the one he disagrees with. But then again, fighting also creates experience, and through it, in the long run, greater awareness. That will only happen though when we let go of our ‘right’ to be right and start to look at other people’s views from a more open perspective.

Of course this dream world is not only about problems and difficult experiences. It is also an incredibly beautiful world in which we can choose to have amazing experiences by being appreciative of its beauty and its gifts and by being thankful and loving and willing to share. It is about letting go of judgment. By this attitude we will be steered in the direction of the centre of Unconditional Love and awakening, regardless to what religion or political party we belong (or not).

The concept of time, place and matter, cause and consequence, and karma and reincarnation, was created to be part of this game, because it gives us the possibility to define things, to give things a place and a meaning, to learn and grow by experience, which is after all the idea behind the creation of this game, this dream world. Maybe we could see the game also as a self-creating game towards the end, as its possibilities may have been pushed further than was originally intended, judging from the depths we have sunk to. But then again … when we wake up after all that, the conscious awareness we will have gained will be all that greater too!

All this should make it a bit clearer why God does not interfere more in all that happens in this world.  Why there is no judgment. Do we interfere when our children play cops and robbers and do we take the robbers to the police when they come home afterwards? Do we interfere, as long as there is no Real damage?

Everything that happens, whatever happens, in this dream world is not Real, no matter how real it all may be to us. And we are slowly awakening to this Truth. Because the only Truth with a capital T in this game is Love, Unconditional Love, and that steers us in the direction of awakening again. And everything that steers us in that direction, even if it is not the Absolute Truth yet, is a step on the ladder as it were, because it leads us upwards. And the only thing we can take with us when we leave this dream world, is the conscious awareness we gained during the process of our awakening.


In science steps in that direction were taken with Einstein’s relativity theory. Everything is the same stuff: some phase or form of energy. I think it was also Einstein who came up with the discovery of the time-space-continuum. Time and space are not two different things but somehow one. So if the one does not exist outside of this dream world, as Joshua writes in his article, then the other does not either.

That leaves us with matter and also that does not exist objectively. It has been called a dense form of energy. But an eye-opener for me in this respect was the explanation I once saw on television about our five senses.

What we perceive through our senses is considered to be all that exists by many people, including many scientists. However, that proves not to be the case at all. Everything is some form of energy that vibrates on different frequencies, wavelengths, or patterns. I am no scientist and am sure to get details wrong because I can never remember them, but I am able to understand the principle behind the explanation. Of all these wavelengths and frequencies our five senses pick up only a very limited range (extended a little by what can be measured by our measuring devices). Even many animals either see, hear or smell more than we do. This should make us more humble in this respect, as it severely limits our possibility to perceive everything there is with our senses. But there is more…

What we do see for instance is not the actual ‘thing’ we are looking at but a selection out of, and interpretation of, all incoming signals by the brain, received by the senses (limited to the frequencies we can receive) or otherwise (e.g. intuition), and based on memory, expectation, assumption, imagination, beliefs, prejudice, focus etc.

Some examples:

  • Memory; when Columbus approached one of the Caribbean Islands with his fleet, it is said that the native people there did not see the ships coming, as they had never seen such large ships before and did not know they existed. So their brains filtered them out. The brains tend to filter out what they do not know (or do not believe).
  • Prejudice/assumption; when one of my daughter’s friends, who is Moroccan, went to help a woman who had had an accident, some bystanders who arrived later on the scene attacked him because they were convinced he wanted to harm her. Prejudice automatically sees an enemy and a threat in everyone who is different. And is answered in kind eventually which to those with prejudices proves them ‘right’ to begin with.
  • Focus on something; when you are pregnant (or desperately want to be), all of a sudden you see pregnant women everywhere, whereas you hardly noticed them before, when you focussed on other things. This is proved by ….
  • Focus on something else; I once saw a test being taken, where people in shirts of different colours were running around and passing balls to each other. The people who took the test had to count the number of times the people in the red shirts were passing a ball. Once the test had started, a man in a gorilla suit entered the picture and started walking back and forth between all these people throwing balls to each other. Afterwards the people who were taking the test were asked if they had seen the man in the gorilla suit. Almost half of them had not! Their focus on the people in the red shirts caused them to see nothing but that.
  • Expectation; I myself had a similar experience. When I visited one of our national parks for the first time, where there are woods, heaths, sand dunes, wild life and also a museum of modern art, I did not see a huge blue shovel, more than man high, which stood outside the museum in between the surrounding trees. I did not expect a blue shovel in a wood, so I did not see it, even though I was standing right in front of it.

What we perceive after the interpretation of all these signals has been described as a hologram. On the internet you can find explanations about that under the title The Holographic Universe. Everything we see, hear, smell, taste and touch is not real but an interpretation of signals and is called a hologram, projected, on a screen as it were, on some area at the back of the brain. However, our bodies and our brains themselves are also not real, but part of that hologram.

What remains and is the only ‘thing’ that is Real is Consciousness, experiencing itself in a multitude of ways in this dream world.

The only Being is God, Who is All that Is and can never be totally described by any One Name.


So it appears we have been asking the wrong questions. We have asked ‘evil’ questions. We got Live backwards.

The question should not be, “Does God exist?” It should be, “Do we exist as separate entities? And if so, what are we exactly?”

My answer to that is, no, we are not separate entities in Reality. We are entangled aspects of the ONE that is experiencing itself as separate entities in this game. During our descent into this dream world we left most of our faculties behind and put a blindfold on (we became ‘blind’ to the Oneness and unity of the Real World, as I explained in The Significance of the Biblical Shepherd in order to be able to play the game. We took on the form of a hologram, a fractal hologram. When a mirror breaks into a multitude of pieces, you can still see the whole picture in every piece. As such, we, as a piece of ALL THAT IS, of God, still have in us all the potential of God. It means we are of divine origin. We are sparks of the Fire that God is, or drops of the Ocean that God is, to name but a few analogies, and remain part of the whole, even if we appear to be separate for a while.

It should not be, “Is there consciousness outside of the body?” but “Is there a body besides consciousness?”

My answer is, only in this dream world, where it is a fantastic tool for us to experience things. Seen from Reality however, it does not exist.

Again, the question should not be, “Is there life after death?” It should be “Does death even exist, or is it just a doorway on our way home to the world of higher awareness where we came from?”

I think both birth and death are doorways to a world of another frequency. Birth and death are one really, two sides of one coin. When you die in (leave) one world, you are born in (enter) another and when you are born in (enter) one world, you must have died in (left) another. At least, that is how we would experience it from here but it is very well possible that in the Real World we exist in all worlds at the same time, as I have heard we do, but that concept still escapes my comprehension at this ‘time’.


With a view to all this we should maybe remain more aware of the fact that, even though we are awakening, we are still a part of this dream world. We may have left the world of slavery but we are still in the desert, fully engaged in the struggle of the crucifixion of our ego, and all the realities of this dream world are still very real to us. However, even if we do not experience it as such yet, we are now able to comprehend that this dream world is not real.

As such we should also be aware of the fact that we do not yet know the Absolute Truth and we should not pretend we do. Everything that we learn and that points in the direction of the only Truth in our dream world, unconditional Love, is not necessarily a Truth in its own right yet but it is a step in the right direction. It is a step on a ladder of consciousness. All we can do is climb the steps of our own ladder, and remain aware of the fact that they might be different from the steps of someone else’s ladder. And that is okay!

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Joshua December 10, 2013 at 9:01 pm


Another post I have thoroughly enjoyed! I see you didn’t use any numerology. I didn’t know if you would be comfortable venturing outside of that arena, but I can see you are.

It’s also very funny that you wrote this article now, because the movie the Matrix was on the Science Fiction channel (122 for my area) for the past two days.

This post brings up a lot of topics for discussion. I have been meditating and contemplating a lot lately about non-being and being. The “nothingness” of non-being as some like to call it really isn’t some-“thing,” and yet it contains all possibilities that become “things” within it. Non-being is a truth we can never understand with human thought, but I do believe we can understand always what it is not. And what it is not is any label the human mind likes to put on it.

The closest thing I can come up with in words is simply pure potential that MUST MANIFEST, not because it is contingent upon anything, unless that contingency lies within itself. It’s almost as if non-being and primordial consciousness inherently contains tension. In other words, there can never not be BEING, and nothing is simply a figment of the human imagination. Even when we meditate on nothingness, we must come to something-ness, which I believe is the inherent tension of consciousness itself.

Perhaps a good analogy would be PI. Consider this statement made by BBC.

“Pi conjures a sense of mystery, so the symbol makes regular appearances in popular culture – it’s the secret code in both Alfred Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain and the Sandra Bullock vehicle The Net.

And while pi is a number, its importance goes far beyond simple geometry. Pi represents a deep universal mystery – how is it that something this basic, this fundamental to maths and science, could turn out to be so incredibly difficult to pin down?

In fact, it’s literally impossible to know what pi is, because its digits rattle off into infinity.

While there are many infinitely long numbers in maths, pi is the only one in which an infinitely simple idea – the circle – unfolds into an infinitely complex value. This paradox drives many people to distraction.”

And consider another quote from a CNN article:

“Mathematicians know that pi is irrational — it cannot be represented as one number divided by another — and transcendental, meaning it is not algebraic. That means, theoretically, that its digits will continue on indefinitely without ending in repetition — in other words, the digits won’t suddenly continue infinitely as 5s after 3 trillion digits (Pi’s digits were calculated out to a record 2.7 trillion places in December by French computer scientist Fabrice Bellard).

That also means, mathematicians theorize, that any string of numbers you can imagine is somewhere in pi — for instance, look for your birthday. Coincidentally, “360,” the number of degrees in a circle, occurs at digits 358 to 360.”

If we consider the concept of a circle, it seems perfect and complete, at least to the senses. But it’s infinite! The exact number cannot be pinned down. It’s like an inherent tension that causes infinity but cannot really be explained or understood by the senses. It just IS.

Ultimately I believe consciousness is sort of the same way. Existence IS because the natural state of God and consciousness is permanent change and expression. We are but parts of this expression as you have stated.

It was easier for me to except that we are each individual expressions of a greater consciousness when I read about the fractal universe as you also stated in your post. It seems that some of the ancient philosophers and early spiritual masters believed something similar as well.


anny December 11, 2013 at 9:26 am


Thank you for your comment. I am glad you recognize so much in it as it is very difficult to speak about this in words as words just are not capable of expressing the essence.

This must really be an important issue now as I felt the urge to write about it even before you wrote your article that is more or less related. And as you said just now the film The Matrix is being shown again in your area (Do you know I never even saw that movie!).

Melody Fletcher also wrote a more or less related post this weekend with an audio interview, which you can read/hear at .

I love what you have to add to the article, although I must admit that Pi has always been beyond my understanding. You might not believe this but math was my most hated subject in school and who would have thought it that I of all people should turn to numerology. I never understood why people sent mathematical formula into space in order to get into contact with any intelligent civilisation ‘out there’, as I would make nothing out of it if I had received such a message at that time. Only now, now that I have been discovering patterns for myself, I see how beautiful it is when in the end you can summarize it in a formula, because that must mean that you are at least on the right track. It took me ages to get that far however.

Personally I believe that the ancient philosophers and spiritual masters were a lot more advanced than most people in later ages and that only now people are returning to (and maybe surpassing) their level in greater numbers. When you only look at the Gothic word for body, ‘lic hamo’ (which we in Dutch have preserved as lichaam), which means something like shirt or coat of flesh, you see they still knew about incarnation (entering into the flesh) and not only that, it was common knowledge.


Dayna December 10, 2013 at 11:25 pm

Hi Anny,

This article is fantastic! I loved how you so plain & clearly explained what I have thought to be a rather complex subject. Like Joshua, when I began reading this I immediately thought of the Matrix. That movie is what actually opened my mind to thinking along these lines….that and The SIMS video/computer game. 🙂

My question is this, if we were created perfect in God & came from a place of higher awareness (to which we will eventually return) what is the purpose of our descent into matter? Since we came from “All” why do we need to experience anything here? If we were fully awake there, why did we have to come here to awaken? I cannot connect these dots. Is that part of the mystery?

Thank you for sharing Anny!


anny December 11, 2013 at 9:43 am

Hi Dayna,

Thank you for commenting on my article. I am so glad it proved to be understandable to other people.

As to your question about the purpose of our descent into matter, I think that while we were fully awake before, we were not yet aware of what that actually meant and were not able to appreciate it fully. I have also heard it explained as: God got bored. I kind of like that one!

My own experience has been that I was born with the knowledge that God is Love and I just took it for granted that other people saw and experienced it the same way. If I heard words in church that pointed to something else, I must have filtered them out because it only dawned on me that other Christians believed in a Jealous God who threatened us with hell and damnation and stuff like that, I was utterly astonished and wondering where they got that from. I was already in my teens at that time and only then I discovered texts in the Bible that might have given rise to that, and doctrines that pointed that way. After a short time of doubts however, I did not let it influence me any longer and was more than ever convinced of the Love of God but this time with conscious awareness of it, so to speak, and that made that Love so much deeper. Before I had just taken it for granted.

And as it was with this, it is with everything. It is a journey of discovery in a world of contrast.

I hope that answers your question.




Dayna December 11, 2013 at 11:32 am

Thank you for responding Anny. What you stated about us possibly needing the experience in order to fully appreciate being awake resonates with me. The fractional amount of awaken-ness that I’ve attained is proof of that. The more conscious I’m becoming the more compassion and patience I have for those who aren’t because I was once where they are. It says in the bible that even Jesus (as awakened as He was) learned while here on earth, and because of it He is able to sympathize with our human plight. So yes, your answer helped! And, I like “God got bored”. 🙂


anny December 11, 2013 at 11:42 am

Hi Dayna,

I thought you would! I’d put a smiley here if I knew how to do that, but I don’t, computer genius that I am.




Kevin December 11, 2013 at 1:19 am

Wow Anny… tremendous piece..


anny December 11, 2013 at 9:46 am

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your comment. I am glad you appreciated the article.



Justin December 11, 2013 at 11:57 am


You should take a look into Wayne Dyer, his teachings on I AM are phenomenal and I think you would appreciate them. He has several books out but one entitled “Wishes Fulfilled” expresses what is written here, and attempts to give a piratical application of what it means to actually be a piece of God. One idea of his that I find to be particularly interesting is that the name of God is I AM. As such any time you say, or think, I AM {insert negative word/emotion/thought} you are taking God’s (and your) name in vain. This also means that saying, and believing, things like I AM Healthy, I AM Happy, and I AM Holy invokes the name of God into manifesting those realities.

To tie this in with a more literal biblical view; I follow another blog called Escape to Reality which focuses on the Gospel of Grace (basically it is looking at the bible literally but through the lens of Grace and Love instead of Sin and Judgement). There is a particular post, the name escapes me, in which the author states that asking for a blessing is useless (why ask if God knows what you need?) instead you should state your need and live like your are blessed (this would require faith).

Be Blessed;


anny December 11, 2013 at 12:19 pm

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your comment.

I know Wayne Dyer but I do not know the book you mention. I’ll check it out.

The I am part I do know about. In Hebrew in fact it is written as a future tense. Rabbi David Cooper calls God a verb. I am, I shall be is a creative process and indeed you are in the act of creating when you utter such a phrase. So, we’d better beware of what we say, or think for that matter.

I like what you write: “There is a particular post, the name escapes me, in which the author states that asking for a blessing is useless (why ask if God knows what you need?) instead you should state your need and live like your are blessed (this would require faith).” and I agree with that. Recently I have begun not to ask anymore but to thank for the reception of what I would ask for previously, like peace and harmony in the world. Whatever else it does, it certainly raises my vibration. That is something I can feel. And as such something that influences the whole of All That Is, so an answer to my unspoken prayer.




Joshua Brown December 11, 2013 at 4:36 pm

I really dig how you put this all in this perspective!!! This is an excellent read, one that all with open minds should have access to!


anny December 12, 2013 at 9:57 am

Hi Joshua,

That is exactly what I meant to do. I am glad I succeeded.

Thanks for your comment.



Mike Pinkston December 12, 2013 at 9:04 am

Great nob Anny, keep them coming.


Mike Pinkston December 12, 2013 at 9:22 am

Sorry Anny, great job. Lol


anny December 12, 2013 at 10:02 am

Thanks for your comment, Mike, I’ll do my best to write more articles like this one, I can only do that however when I get the inspiration to do it.

And I know the problem of only seeing your typo’s after you have submitted the comment. I’ve been known to do that more than once!




Janine December 20, 2013 at 5:05 pm

Thanks for the post, I particularly liked the mirror analogy 🙂


anny December 21, 2013 at 7:46 am

Hi Janine,

Thanks for your comment. I too liked that analogy very much because it immediately makes clear what is meant by a fractal hologram. It is not just something broken into pieces, but the fact that each pieces contains the whole.




Phil Harker April 2, 2016 at 12:27 am

Way back in Dec 10 2013 Dayna asked: “My question is this, if we were created perfect in God & came from a place of higher awareness (to which we will eventually return) what is the purpose of our descent into matter? Since we came from “All” why do we need to experience anything here? If we were fully awake there, why did we have to come here to awaken? I cannot connect these dots. Is that part of the mystery?”

I have just discovered by accident (?) this site in the last few days and it resonates with my own evolving ‘journey’ of the past forty years — hence the late response to Dayna’s question.

I suggest a very simply answer to the question. ‘God’ is Love and so are We (as creations by extension, we must be the same). But Love demands a choice, otherwise it is nothing but ‘robotic’ in nature. But Love’s ‘choice’ could not be to change anything within Itself for to do so would be to destroy Itself along with Its Origin. But without ANY choice, how could it ever ‘Know’ why It was the way It was. So the ‘choice’ is to ‘see’ [fully experience] to absolute opposite to what It is – and to do so in a cosmic dream that, as Anny has indicated, is ‘unreal’ within the timeless/spaceless Reality the Infinite Mind we call ‘God’. The Divine Singularity contains all that can be Known (and is Real) and all that cannot be Real or Known, but can be ‘perceived’ in an ‘arena of consciousness’ so that Love will then Know that what It IS is all that could be worth Being (if that makes any sense). In other words, though I can find no Real ‘meaning’ IN this world, I do find a purpose and meaning FOR this world (this cosmic dream of separation) — it gives Us [Love] that one-degree-of-freedom that lifts Us above robotic life, and the awareness of this allows fear to be removed from the experience through this prodigal journey, Knowing that it has a superordinate purpose. We [as One, imagining we are separate and “legion”] can always ‘come’ here to ‘see’ what will never work! Only Oneness [which, I must add, should never be understood within the simplistic scary and lonely concept of ‘one’ the egoic mind would scare Us with] — a very complex ‘supra-personal’ Oneness — can ever be Real.




Joshua Tilghman April 5, 2016 at 1:41 pm


Your answer of robotic following vs. love is a good one. I share the same sentiment. Another thing to consider is the possibility that we did not choose to come here or were forced by any higher entity to come, but that the process is automatic. Matter and spirit are two sides of the same coin. Spirit cannot manifest individual consciousness unless it has a vehicle to develop this through. We also have to consider the possibility that God, through us, is continually evolving. Blessings.


anny April 9, 2016 at 9:02 am

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your comment. It is nice to see that even after such a long time new people discover the blog and read old articles. I did the same when I first discovered the blog earlier in 2013.

Your comment is very interesting but I do not think that it is really different from the reply I gave Dayna. You give new words to it and show a different facet of the same diamond, I think.

I thought in terms of contrast and by becoming aware of the contrast between two possibilities I had to make a choice between the two and I did. And I also became aware of the fact that there were possibilities to choose between. I just did not think of it in those terms. But I like very much the way you describe it. Before I became aware that there actually were two possibilities to choose from I was not really aware of anything and my feeling of love could be termed robotic.

Josh, I do not like to think of it as an automatic proces. It sounds cold and loveless somehow. I do believe in conscious choice. After all, when according to the story God creates heaven and earth, and all the other sets of two opposites – which means duality – that automatically means the creation of choice and contrast as well. But I see it as a conscious creation and not as an automatic proces, even though I do not see ‘God’ as a ‘Person’.

I like your answer to Joshua, Phil, and I understand what you mean but it is very difficult to put it into words. These are concepts that escape words somehow. At least for me. I am not a trained scholar or philosopher.



Phil Harker April 5, 2016 at 4:53 pm


I understand your point, however, if We (not Phil) as the extension of the metaphorical ‘Father’ (the infinite Ground or Source of Being) did not ‘choose’ to come here and take the ‘prodigal journey’ through separation and materiality, do We (the God) have any real ‘choice’ at all? If there is no choice anywhere, all is without meaning. If there is real freedom of choice anywhere, where is it? Guilt is an egoic fiction, so there can be no real choice ex nihil at the level of material being. I think the question of “who am ‘I’ and what choice do ‘I’ have” is not only the fundamental question, but might just be the same question – and having one-degree-of-freedom – to ‘choose’ when we take the ‘prodigal journey’ and how long it takes to reverse this ‘choice’ is the return journey of evolution. Just a thought.




Phil Harker April 14, 2016 at 4:15 am

Addendum: The phrase “do We (the God)” in my previous comment should have read “do We (or God)”

And I could add; without any real choice Love is a meaningless fiction! And if we have a real choice to separated from our Source in the Father, then God “who is above all, and in all, and through all” is a fiction!

Yes? No?


anny April 14, 2016 at 9:58 am

Hi Phil,

I think the answer to both is yes.

Only the choice to be separated from our Source can be IMAGINED to be real, which is then experienced as the real thing but is not.

Then the meaning of God remains what it is. This imagined separation gives us the experience that we were looking for but we remain One with All that is at the same time.


Vinícius Otaviano July 4, 2017 at 9:41 am

Anny, incredible writing! So much joy and shining, loved it! I do agree with you when you say that one of the reasons we’re here is that God would be bored lol it really resonates with me! Blessings!


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