An Esoteric Understanding of the Ten Commandments: Part 1

by Raymond Phelan on February 25, 2014

moses_received_the_ten_commandments_by_chrono_xxx-d5rz1hpThis two-part series will dissect the esoteric meaning of the Ten Commandments. At first I will give some background information, and then go into the meaning of the first three commandments. Part 2 will dissect the rest.

“To-day I give you a new commandment: love one another.”

In the above commandment is given a secret of consciousness and total brain functioning. It is the revelation of heaven through Christ consciousness.

Preamble of the Ten Commandments Awakening

The spiritual journey of humans is meant to go from left brain to right brain (ego to heart/soul). Man starts out as a Gentile (left brain) and through right brain/left brain metamorphosis (meditation) he gains God-consciousness through the Christ within.

When the lake became stormy the Apostles woke Jesus (our inner mechanism) at the back of the boat (deep inside the brain) to which Jesus replied:

“Where is your faith?”

The Apostles, which stand for the twelve cranial nerves, comprise the full brain. Previous to full brain functioning we’re operating as “asleep” left brain apostles.

Thus a dynamic becomes vital to awaken the cosmic kundalini at the base of our spines and awaken the full brain, which houses the mechanisms (Apostles) of Christ consciousness.

In this regard, Moses (you) went up the mountain (into meditation) and there received the Ten Commandments. Theses commandments are symbolic of instructional rights to permanent occupancy of the Promised Land (Christ consciousness). The Last Supper is also a depiction of meditation. Jesus said, “Do this (transcendence) in memory of me (soul unity).

The Peace that Passes all Understanding

The above could be translated, the process beyond all comprehension, or the transcendence beyond all intellectualizing.

It boggles the mind to consider the enormity of the process in regards to meditation and the brain coming into cosmic consciousness harmony. Vedic transcript states:

“Innumerable are the laws of nature.” As such, conscious assimilation of all the laws of nature is beyond human comprehension. Thankfully a method has evolved, which, when practiced daily, attunes the mind cosmically and naturally.

The Ten Commandments as dynamic guidelines to Christ awakening

Authored by the risen Christ within, the Ten Commandments are mechanism faculties of spiritual awakening. They are commands of the soul to know Itself as “I,” and to awaken out of spiritual hibernation. Without spiritual awakening, the setup of total brain functioning within the nervous system is not possible. Thus the opportunity of establishing the inner Christ permanently within consciousness is lost.

In their religious format, the Ten Commandments sadly do not achieve this outcome for the masses. The reality is they’re not a set of ten different do’s and don’ts in the physical world. They’re not dictates of morality, or indicators of breaking a law criminally or socially. While the words have been doctored to suite an institutional controlling agenda we must not confuse exoteric blindfolding with esoteric reality. In other words, conversion by persuasion does not equal cosmic truth. Conversely, when instigated within the brain, they represent a single dynamic which raises our consciousness like a tide that lifts boats. They are a formula for bringing the soul into divine harmony.

We must ask ourselves: in their present format how well have the Ten Commandments served mankind? When I was younger, they served as an introduction to a God or Deity somewhere “out there.” But they were also bereft of meaningful and mature direction in how and where to find an experiential God. Like countless others I was taught the sermonized version and indoctrinated into a controlling ethos.

Exoteric interpretation conveniently ignores the Scripture’s coded way/message at every opportunity. It conveniently side-steps the obvious reality of evolution of New Age or Awakened thought due to fear of losing control over the masses.

At literal face value the commandments present a list of outer moral behavioral standards. It has been part of an agenda which has caused much inner dysfunctional behavior (fundamentalism) world-wide.

What are the Commandments?

Rather than lyric-like sound-bites the Ten Commandments are symbolic of an inner process of transformation. It is the process which gradually transmutes consciousness within the brain and psyche without understanding with reason what that process is. It is a catharsis leading to a single gnosis revealing the whole range of soul-wisdom sourced of the laws of nature—Christ!

To this end meditation, via the brain, is the way of making the Ten Commandments’ ethos experiential within consciousness. It is a way of becoming realized in all the laws of Nature without need of degrees in quantum physics or universal mechanics; repeated experiences of transcendence accomplishes the Ten Commandments within us.

Ten symbolizes becoming Zero or Love. The Commandments therefore are the symbolic process of becoming total: 1 (Jesus) through 9 gains 0 (Christ): 1+0 = transcendence, Love.

In practical meditation terms, 1 to 9 comprises the unifying process of conscious mind journeying through all levels of deeper mind, finally to arrive at the Source of thought: Bliss, Love, 0, or Christ.

Moses (the moral man) received (awareness) the Commandment nature through raised “I” meditation (Mount Sinai). Cosmic revelation can only be comprehended through awakening the inner Christ (the full brain, Holy of Holies, the Pineal and Pituitary glands).

Going through the commandments one by one

“I am the Lord they God, thou shalt have no strange God’s before me.”

“I” (AM) is non-created present moment consciousness (always was-always will be). “Strange Gods” is life being lived through either past or future mind states. Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt for always looking back (a worrier). God is Love, thereby “strange gods” are mindsets or belief systems which anchor the heart in fear or untruth (personal power, greed, soul-destroying addictions).

“I” is the means of a conscious resurrection, the goal of Life. Raised “I” is our souls designed for functioning state. Non-Divine nature expressions denies the Christ within, which is mental activity alien to the Truth.

Do not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain

“Name” (or nature of something) at the soul level is bliss consciousness, or potential evolution expression, which, without conscious contact (meditation), remain dormant or “vain.” “Name” becomes “vain” when expressed negatively against our soul’s evolution, for such automatically rebounds against the expresser. In other words, it is self-sinning. “The Lord” means cosmic law, which, can be used for good or bad. “Thy God” is love sourced of purified soul or inner Christ.

Lord, Law, God, and Love many be termed by whatever titles we wish, but “vain” or negative misuse outcome remains the same reality: cosmic law works in perfect proportion to one’s subjective conditioning and attitudes of the heart and mind. The laws of Nature always produce responses (cause and effect) of positive or negative depending on our intentions, unwittingly or otherwise. Meditation is the surest method of gaining harmony with cosmic law or the laws of Nature.

This answers the age-old question of why God is said to allow so many nasty things to happen; it’s a violation of Cosmic Law at a personal level which is causal. It is partaking of life through subconscious thought patterns or negative conditioning.

Our purpose on earth is to awaken kundalini bliss, the evolutionary platform to higher states of Cosmic/Christ consciousness. Without direct contact of bliss-nature we live “Name…in vain.” Our innately present goal intention is to know and express our true nature, which is bliss!

Keep Holy the Sabbath Day

In its literal format we can see this as attending church one (rest) day per week. But, esoterically, the commandment is proclaiming soul development through Sabbath or raised “I” consciousness thus achieving permanent Christ consciousness within.

Saul had his “flash” conversion-moment on the road to Damascus. But “flash” represents only the dawn of spiritual growth. Keeping “Holy” the Sabbath is to live that “flash” experience every moment of the day.

The Sabbath is meant to be a continuous dawning process of the inner Christ instead of taking some hours longer for the “Midday sun” experience. Remember that Saul becomes Paul (fully awakened in Christ).

At the Last Supper Jesus said to the twelve Apostles (12 cranial nerves):

Do this in memory of me (meditation or Sabbath nourishment leading to transcendence).

As citizens of the universe, regardless of religion (or none), expressing transformed consciousness is our “holy” duty, not ritual reserved for church-going days only. In the grand scheme of the Creator, no person, whatever our social status or creed, is exempt from “keeping holy” (purity of consciousness) for the greater service of the All. We each have a duty to keep the Sabbath, which is daily soul purification and its expression to the wider universe and for individual soul evolution.

Jesus came from deep meditation from the mountain and found the Apostles asleep. Meditation needs to be regular thereby establishing permanent consciousness, otherwise previous meditation / Sabbath wear off. He states:

“Could ye not watch one hour with me?”

In part 2 of this post we will cover the rest of the commandments and what they mean for us esoterically.


Part 1 / Part 2

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Robert February 26, 2014 at 3:03 pm

Excellent post. A nourishing rain at the end of a 10-day dry spell. 10 days. Hm.

Good to have the progression of consciousness spelled out in such fine detail. I think the exoteric interpretation of the NT hints at this progression when Paul states that the law is a tutor that leads us to Christ.

Glad we have modern science to provide us with models of brain functioning (left-brain, right-brain , cranial nerves). It’s great when science and spirituality converge.


Raymond Phelan February 27, 2014 at 11:51 am

Hi Robert,
Thank you for those positive comments. Yes, I like your term “progression of consciousness”. It’s a really good way of expressing soul evolution through inner Christ. Certainly daily meditation makes immortality-consciousness the feasible experiential reality. An Awesome Potential inviting each to the Helm of our journey in bliss or cosmic consciousness. In this regard techniques which bring about left/right brain harmonization is the individual imperative: the fulfilling of personal Scripture.


Sparks February 27, 2014 at 6:54 am

Hi Raymond,
Your thoughtful wisdom shines like a bright sunny day! I really enjoyed reading this, and as I was reading so many connections were made, this certainly filled my understanding with a heart and soul knowing…wanted to keep on reading, so am looking forward to part 2!!
I also personally want to thank you for your fantastic book,” Transforming Your Life”, I received it last week and am almost finished with my first read, and plan to read again.
Also, already practicing the techniques you share in this book and am receiving the benefits of it! This is truly a Godsend for me!!
It’s interesting as well, I take it along with me to read if I have to wait, etc. and so many people have asked “what are you reading”? and they actually are writing it down, and I add “search Author House”, this is different as to other books as they usually don’t write it down! Is the book only available through Author House?
Thanks again for all your writings here on SOS and my book!


Raymond Phelan February 27, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Hi Sparks,
Thanks for your fantastic comments, delighted you enjoyed part 1 of the post. I’m sure you’ll also enjoy part 2. Am really impressed, Sparks, at your daily dedication and application toward consciousness development, this is super, super: you are so doing the right thing!!

My niece also brings the book with her when getting her hair done.

Thank you so much for these and your previous sincere good wishes for the book. I’m delighted your finding the techniques therein beneficial. Certainly repeated reading selective chapters deepens the understanding thereby infuse even greater ‘practice session’ benefits.

It’s available also on
Just type in book’s full title and author’s name.

Wishing you every health and bliss-happiness!
Love, Raymond


Robert February 27, 2014 at 2:52 pm

The amazon page for this book is

And there is also a Kindle edition.


Raymond Phelan February 27, 2014 at 3:25 pm

Thank you so much for locating and posting this link. It’s very thoughtful of you and I really do appreciate it!


William Glover February 27, 2014 at 8:54 pm

Do these have any correlation to commandments in the Book of the Dead from Egyptian mythology


Raymond Phelan February 28, 2014 at 1:15 pm

Hi William,
Thank you for your question.
The short answer, from my understanding, is, no. ‘The book of the dead’ represents ancient Egyptian funerary texts: rites and rituals of that religion.


William February 28, 2014 at 4:38 pm

Thank you. The reason I asked the question because I read that a lot of Christian elements comes from Egyptian mythology and other religions. Do you think that the 10 Commandments may have been enfluenced by Spell 125 from the The Book of the Dead? I’ve read both text and the biggest difference that the 10 Commandments were set in an imperative form, while Spell 125 has 32 other moral codes set in the form of negative confession


Joshua Tilghman March 1, 2014 at 11:19 am


I actually believe there is a connection. There are some parallels which cannot be ignored. On a scholarly level, I think Raymond makes a good point. It may be impossible to prove the connection, but esoterically it is there. I’ll do a post on this in the future. I have been thinking about it for some time.


Robert February 28, 2014 at 3:50 pm


I liked reading this post the first time, and I also found my understanding and revelation increased dramatically by slowing down and reading it a day later in a calm but alert state of mind, even making notes. As I did so, the concepts began to relate to my personal experiences, and then I really got it. Kind of like meditating on scripture.

The post includes parables and allegories that span from one end of the Bible to the other, and chock full of symbolic meanings and esoteric explanations. So it is a lot to take in all at once during one post. It took some work on my part, but it was well worth it. I am now able to see unifying elements between seemingly unrelated parts of the bible. It’s a neat experience, seeing the big picture. Biblical issues that once seemed conflicting to me, now converge instead of clash. It’s all about waking up and evolving God consciousness of the Christ within.


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