An Esoteric Understanding of the Ten Commandments: Part 2

by Raymond Phelan on February 28, 2014

imagesAC4QE213 An Esoteric Understanding of the Ten Commandments: Part 2In our first post we gave and introduction to the esoteric meaning of the Ten Commandments and then covered the first three in detail. Below we will discuss the other seven commandments.

Honor thy Father and they Mother

Growing up I always took this commandment to mean ‘love my biological mother and father.’ But when esoterically interpreted the emphasis shifts dramatically to the obvious. “Mother” represents feminine energy (not the female body), while father represents masculine energy (Yin/Yang). Both are simultaneously needed for a new creation—conscious awakening to Unity stature.

“Honor thy mother” is referring to our own physical body-mechanism, male or female, which births “thy father,” divine consciousness into awareness. In other words, the “mother/father” dynamic conceives the Christ-nature into the human psyche thus awakening and validating our Higher aspect of healing the human condition (Adam/Eve) to unity status. The body tabernacle (mother/father) is the birthing womb or combustion seed of divine spirit, the modes operandi to experiential eternity, heaven, and the Higher Self. “Honoring” transpires with the commencement of crucifying—transmuting by meditation—the innate realm of opposites (duality/ego).

We’re born physically in order to activate the mother/father, Yin/Yang energy thereby honoring our duty of re-birthing spiritually (of Spirit) thus fulfilling our purpose on earth. This is the Kingdom “within” awakening.

Thou shall not Kill

The Cain and Able dynamic fits perfectly here. The ego (Cain) kills his brother, our Higher nature (Abel) “in the field” or lower-self nature. By lower-self is meant the non-redeemed aspect of deeper mind running on automated negative programming. We’re reminded not to extinguish the seed our indwelling Christ which is endeavoring to birth within our virgin consciousness. “Killing” is when the ego is allowed to dominate our every thought and outer activity to the detriment of Soul-Spirit awakening.

“Killing” is also with regards to others’ indwelling Christ seed, their awakening process. Many situations are presented in life when inner guidance is attempting to reveal through wisdom, a change of mindset, heart direction, etc. The ego will want to “kill” these soul-sourced promptings for such represents the ego’s demise. Where ego thrives spiritual death is happening. It is termed the wages of sin.

Thou shall not commit adultery

Non-exposure of virgin consciousness to adulterous ego-adultery is our spiritual imperative.

Our true nature is bliss-consciousness. In this regard, substitution fulfillment through a non-purified spiritual system is deemed adulterous. Impregnation of virgin consciousness (spiritual mechanisms) for lower self-gratification is a defilement of the Christ.

As brides in Christ, our natural fulfillment is through inner contentment of bliss. When bliss, the unifying force of “David,” is realized “within,” then such nature, cosmic consciousness, is our non-denying fulfillment. Substitution does not arise. Adulterous soul activity is not an issue.

Remember, “To thine own Self be true.”

Thou shall not steal

It’s deemed “stealing” to knowingly experience a nature which does not belong to our true Christ consciousness nature. “Stealing” is experiencing through conditioning for ego gratification. The ego always manipulates to obtain by non-spiritual means that which is not Our but the world’s. Stealing is seeking fulfillment not sourced of Spirit. When contentment is filtered through natural-man or animalistic conditioning, it leads to a non-purified chakra system. Stealing is partaking of life’s bounties through a non-spiritual mind, senses, and nervous system.

To fortify the ego instead of expressing spirit is akin to the Biblical tax collector.

Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor

Jesus told Peter:

“Before the cock crows you will have denied me three times.”

This is the non-purified mind, body, and spirit.

Who or what is “thy neighbor?” Our neighbors are our spiritual mechanisms, Jesus: left/right brain, the five senses of perception and the endocrine system. The five senses are duty-bound (either heightened or asleep) to serve the mind, thus it is imperative that we’re not nurturing false, “asleep,” natures into our cosmic mind via the sense thus prolonging illusion and denying Christ. The five sense will serve to either imprison us due to addiction, or free us through heightened perceptions.

A “false witness” is symbolic of the misuse of divinely designed mechanisms for egoistic seed proliferation intent on destruction of our higher self (neighbor).

As spiritual beings, cleansed higher-self faculties are a requirement of not bearing falsely unto our own indwelling Christ.

We should “Love thy neighbor” (lower-self) as thy higher self and heal separation, accomplishing the integration of Adam/Eve duality to Unity.

Thou shall not covet they neighbor’s wife

“Darkness prevailed over the land.” This is the ego’s authority over one’s consciousness. It’s the loss of free-will.

“Wives” represent lower states of soul or conditioned senses and nervous system. “Thy neighbor” represents malfunctioning mechanisms of the soul, referred esoterically as “wives.” Each mechanism (spiritual system) needs to be functioning optimally at kundalini level. If not, then such has taken on a “wife,” or source of sorrow leading to emotional, physical and mental dis-harmony.

If the intellect is stalled in the left brain then we’re coveting the ego-nature, our neighbor’s “wife.” This is also Cain, or ego-predominance.

When bliss becomes established in consciousness our “core nature” becomes one and the same “flesh,” no longer wives.

Ogling of opposite sex through natural man or ego-charged sex energy would also be in violation of this commandment. Falling prey to the base-nature, sexually, emotively or mentally is squandering our divinity to ego. In Yoga this is referred to as “identification.” It’s a loss of Self-awareness to outer objective phenomenal life (Cain/Abel).

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods

Remaining “asleep” to our higher nature subconsciously ensures slavery in lower-self experiencing: compulsive thoughts, stress, worry, fear, artificial stimulation, etc. We “covet” automatically by being out of direct influence of higher self-brought about through non-fulfilling programming, e.i religion, society, “the world.”

Each soul journey’s from different levels of social, economic and generational conditioning. In this incarnation the single condition we all have in common is unresolved “something(s).” We each have amounts of not-so-good “past” to be made conscious—a harvest of Purity in need of reaping.

Regardless of how successful or otherwise our life may appear presently we each have an ongoing integratory process to perform consciously. Financial wealth, material goods or societal/marital status amount to nothing in deciding criteria of “success” transcendentally, rather, how purely our heart/soul is multiplying of love. We’re here to “rent the veil” of our ego persona mask; our non-reality; our own inner neighbor’s untruths (goods). Purity consciousness sourced of “transcendence” determines freedom of “neighbor’s goods.”

“Be still and know I am God within.” Awaken brain to Apostle-consciousness, catalyst to unity, and integration of lower-self “wives.”

“Before this day is out you too will be with Me in Paradise.” “You”: ego transmuting into Me, the Christ within. Inherent in meditation—the daily process of crucifying the ego—the soul Ascends in Christ-consciousness. Transcendental Bliss and Unity in Paradise!

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